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Isuzu Axiom Transmission Problems



  • tasha87tasha87 Posts: 1
    I have a 02 isuzu axiom I am having problems with my Transmission rebuilt new solenoids put in well After that my 3rd gear went out what could it be please anyone have this problems 1st n 2 nd gears works just fine
  • My fiancée has 02 Axiom...and has been having an issue with the car starting every time. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. She had the tranny re-built by AAMCO, and the problem started about 3 months after the re-build. She took it to AAMCO, they said it was the battery. She took it to Autozone. they tested the battery and starter, and they checked out fine. Of course, as Murphy's Law clearly states, neither shop could locate any problem.

    She tried to start it produced only one loud click, but wouldn't start. I jiggled the automatic transmissions shifter a bit and it started for me. She went out today to start the car...same problem. Again I jiggled the shifter, and again the car started.

    I suspect that there is an issue with the switch which only allows the car to start in "park" little else makes sense...the battery is fully charged, and the connections are clean and tight.

    Any thoughts on how to locate this switch and test, adjust or fix this switch? Or does anyone else have a suggestion?
  • I had the transmission rebuilt in my 2002 Axiom in October 2013. Since then the check TOD light has been flashing constantly. It has been back to the transmission shop, kept for another week, and they can find nothing wrong. The gear indicator lights on the dash occasionally go out. When they do, the car shifts hard between first and second, up and down. 4WD works. I'm looking to sell this thing, but I can't believe it's so hard for any mechanic to figure out what the problem is. If I sell it, I'll take a bath. $2200 rebuilt tranny plus $3100 payoff. There has to be a fix. I'm open to your ideas. Thanks.
  • I just had the transmission rebuilt on my 2003 Axiom. The mechanic called and said it still will not shift down to first gear. It starts out in 2nd gear and will not shift to third. He says the transmission is not getting a signal from the computer to change gears. I bought a used computer and when he installed it the vehicle will not even start. Does anyone have any suggestions on resetting the computer or fixing the problem?

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