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Chevrolet Equinox Oil Changes



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi the3dolla,

    I am sorry for any inconvenience. Generally if there is a recall we will alert you via mail. Please let me know if you have any other concerns. I am here and more than happy to help:-)

    Crystal L. GM Customer Care
  • Just checking to see if you got my pm about 2010 chevy equinox using oil
  • tibbtibb Posts: 3
    No I did not. Scott
  • fgayfgay Posts: 2
    I just bought my 2012 LT2 last month, I noticed the "oil change sticker" said it had been almost 3 months since an oil change, and asked why they would sell me a car with an oil change almost due. I was told by salesman that the oil change indicator would tell when one was due. Yet when I met the service tech, he told to ignore the manual instructions and the oil change indicator and get the oil changed every 3000 miles! I want to do what is necessary to keep car in warranty, but do not want to spend unnecessary money changing the oil more than it needs. What is your opinion?
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 372
    It all depends on your driving style!

    The OLM should give you an idea if it's updated. If you were told to ignore the OLM, which I do that might be wise due to issues with too infrequent OCIs on this engine.

    While I'm not an advocate of the 3K OCI if using a good oil, oil is cheap compared to chain replacements and everything else that could happen.

    FWIW my last OC was at 3,200. The OLM was at 35% before it was recalibrated and this was mostly short trip driving.
  • fgayfgay Posts: 2
    Most of my driving is less than 50 miles per trip, maybe once or at most twice a week.. The oil used was synthetic as suggested in manual per sticker. I have had car 5 weeks and have not put 500 miles on it! Car I traded in was 13 years old and had only 69,000 miles on it, and I drive less now that I am retired. So maybe I will have oil changed soon and have tires rotated . Thanks for your input!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    The "Oil Consumption Test" is just a "delaying tactic" on the part of the dealer, and GM! ------ Both GM, and the dealer know what the problem is, and the problem centers around the "high pressure direct injection fuel pump" leaking raw fuel into the engine, thus thinning out the lubricating oil causing timing chain problems, main bearing problems and cylinder wall & piston ring damage. ------ With the additional "blow by from the combustion chamber" the PCV system is pulling wet fumes from the crankcase, and this is how the engine oil is being consumed. ---- The engine needs to either be remanufactured or replaced. Here are the questions to think about! ---- I do most of my driving "over the road" to see my customers. How am I going to bring my vehicle back to the dealer for this "Oil Consumption Test?" If I am on the road, I would have to add oil, or I would eventually run out of oil! ----- Are we all living in a "dream world" where the automotive customer becomes part of the warranty repair? ----- Pure and simple, the engine needs to be replaced! ----- What is the problem? ----- In life what goes around does come around. ---- I am driving a 2010 Chevrolet LTZ Malibu 2.4 purchased new from an outstanding dealer, and a 2007 XLE Toyota Camry V6 purchased new from an outstanding dealer. ----- I almost purchased a 2010 2.4 Equinox when I purchased the Malibu. ------ THANK GOD I DID NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE! ---- (My 2.4 is NOT a direct injection engine, and he in lies the defect of the Equinox engine, and it's problems!) ---- I would never allow myself to be treated in this unprofessional fashion, since my vehicles are my office on the road. ----- As a customer I expect a high quality product from the manufacturer! ------ I understand that vehicles today are "high Tech," so as such, I will purchase a "top of the line" new vehicle extended warranty from the manufacturer. ----- I will service & change my oil and filter twice as often as necessary because "clean engines are happy engines, " ---- I will give the selling dealer all of my service business, --- but when there is a problem with the vehicle I expect timely / professional / outstanding service with NO EXCUSES! ----- My vehicles are my office. I need them to earn a living. My job is to pay the bills, and the dealers job is to fix the vehicle and keep me on the road in a safe manner. ---- I do not want to be a part of the repair / trouble shooting process. --- If something is wrong just fix it. ------ All I want to do is check the engine oil on a daily basis, fuel up the vehicle, and drive it 24 / 7 / 365. ----- I do not want to have the dealer tell me that the "manufacturer is working on a fix for my vehicle's problem!" ----- If the dealer wants to sell me another vehicle they had better fix the problem. If the vehicle did not have the problem when I picked it up new, and now it has a problem, something happened between the two points in time. ---- FIX THE PROBLEM! ----The dealer had no problem taking my money at the time of the sale, so now when there is a malfunction they should have no problem troubleshooting the problem. ----- Sometimes you run into dealers that are less than professional. ----- That is why the customer should do research about the dealer before they walk into the showroom. When I walk into a new car showroom and I meet and greet the sales person, I ask to see the service department, and meet the service manager and service writers. I want to get a "feel" for the total operation. While I am doing this, I watch the "body language" of my sales person and the service personnel. "Body Language" can tell you a lot about the operation. If I do not like what I see, I thank the salesperson for their time and I walk! ----- If after the purchase, the service department tries to "stone wall me " with warranty repairs like an "oil burning engine," I would have no problem going to a "magnetic sign company" and having two signs made up saying; ----"This NEW vehicle burns oil! Purchase from; XXXXXXX" ---- QUESTION: ----- What is the dealer going to do, ---- take me to court? ----- That is what I want! ----- Where are his / her attorneys going to find 12 people who have not been abused by a car dealership? ----- I happened to like the looks of the Chevrolet Equinox, and I am starting to look for a replacement vehicle for my 2007 Camry, but why should I purchase the Equinox when GM is not being "proactive" about the repairs. ----- At least Toyota is doing something about the problems with the Rav4! ------- Some ideas to consider when making your next vehicle purchase! ------ Dwayne
  • it's really amazing this problem is still on-going and GM is just getting away with the crime.

    We're 10 months into our 2013 CR-V and love it. Best move we did was cut our losses with GM. Saved our sanity big time. Can't put a price on that.

    I come from a long line of GM owners and I have owned nothing but GM in my 18 years of driving and I'll never buy one of their cars the rest of my life and neither will my wife and neither will our kids because I'll tell them the horror of dealing with Chevy and GM Customer Service.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    This is a VERY SAD state of affairs. ----- GM is being advised by people who; 1.) Do not understand that "high quality / timely service" sells future vehicles. ---- 2.) Do not understand that being "pro-active," in terms of warranty repairs is being professional. ------ They "think" that they are saving money by putting off warranty repairs, but while this might be true in the "short run," in the long run, they are loosing future sales of both "present" and "future customers." ----- I have a 2010 LTZ Malibu that is an outstanding vehicle, and because of this, I will look at another Malibu, but I would be hard pressed to look at an Equinox, even though that I like it as an SUV. ------- At the present time, Toyota is having some problems with the Rav4, but they are "out in the open with their problem," and they are working with the dealers and the owners to make things right! They are not stalling the customer. They are pro-active! This is what customers expect from both the manufacturer and the dealer. ------ QUESTIONS: ------ Why is this so hard for GM to understand? ----- Why is GM ignoring the customers with these vehicles? ----- These customers purchased these vehicles in good faith. They expected a high quality vehicle! They never expected this nightmare! ---- Just something to think about, ---- before your next vehicle purchase. ------ Dwayne
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Your might want to add Chrysler & Jeep to that list of "never," ------- as they have some poor warranty / quality / service issues in their past! ----- I had a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was a vehicle from hell with operational issues and poor dealer service. (Electrical Problems & Drive Train Problems) ---- Dwayne.
  • Caron,

    I would like to open a case with GM as well. My 2010 Chevrolet Equinox VIN (2CNALDEW7A6215671) has been consuming oil at about a rate of a quart about every 600-700 miles. By the time I got to my first oil change after purchasing it (just happened to check), there was no oil registering on the dipstick. Even with a synthetic, the car exhibits the same behavior. I recently had to have the timing chain replaced because it broken and caused the vehicle to run hot. Further, it was giving it this clunking sound that everyone keeps referencing, making it sound like an old Model T. Once they replaced the timing chain, it sounds like a completely different vehicle. I was told that I could pay for an "oil consumption test" but I have been around and working on cars my entire life, and if there is not a leak or evaporation occurring, most of the engine oil you put in there will be still be there 3000K miles down the road. I have seen a number of forum members talking about GM having to replace the engine because of this defect - if that is the case, I want to get that process started before I am outside of my warranty. This is a pretty pathetic state of affairs when an American company that WE the American citizens bailed out, is willing to allow a defective product to remain on the market and not make it right. Please let me know how to proceed with opening a case.

    All the best,

    Paul Brager
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    edited December 2013
    Once the fuel pump dumps raw fuel into the engine oil and thins out the oil, the timing chain assembly goes first, and damage is done to the main bearings, cylinder walls and rings. More oil is dumped on the cylinder walls from the damaged main bearings, and "cylinder blow by increases," and the PCV system then pulls out wet oil fumes, and directs them to the engine intake. ------ This is where your engine oil is going! It does not take a "Rocket Scientist" to figure this out! ---- I am sure that GM and the dealer network understands this most basic concept. ----- Now for the BIG QUESTIONS! ----- Does GM and the dealer network want to correct the situation the right way? ---- These vehicles need new engines, or at least GM factory remanufactured engines, ----- if it is possible to re-mufacatured the 2.4 aluminum engine. My guess is that no body cares about the Equinox Customer! Now the Equinox customer has to "PAY" for a "OIL CONSUMPTION TEST!" What is wrong with this picture. The Equinox is a poor quality vehicle, and the customer has to pay for the service to correct the problems! ---- This story belongs in a child's fairytale book! The problem is simple. The engine has been damaged by a poorly designed / defective high pressure fuel pump. Correct the fuel pump problem and REPLACE THE ENGINE at no cost to the customer. ---- YES, it is that simple! ----- But this will never happen, because what we are seeing is a "big waiting game." -------- Equinox owners need their vehicles for "work" and "pleasure," and they cannot continue to operate them in their present condition, so they will trade them in, take the low trade financial hit, and purchase a new vehicle. ---- Then dealers, (because they have purchased the vehicles at a very very low price), --- can put an engine into the vehicle, and sell in on their used vehicle lot. ---- The manufacturer gets to sell a new vehicle, and the dealer gets a used vehicle to sell. ---- The only one who is hurt is the customer! ---- The only place the the Equinox owner can trade the vehicle is at a Chevrolet dealership because everyone knows about the problems, and other name plate vehicle dealers DO NOT WANT to take a four cylinder Equinox in trade. ---- The manufacturer "might" offer some incentive to purchase another new GM vehicle but this "coupon value" will be washed away in the deal by the "low trade in value" of the Equinox. ---- Don't you just love the American Car business? ------ Dwayne.
  • Curious what you guys think about this. I had the fuel pump go at about 33k miles. I'm at 47k now, thus out of warranty. The engine is groaning a bit when going up hills and the check engine light is on. The dealers here in Hawaii have a back log of about a week, so I couldn't get an appointment until October 1st. The error codes for me are:

    P0011, P0016 and P0017

    I found: #PIP4716C which said "This may be an issue with the cam phasers not parking properly. Once the noise is verified as the phasers, they must be replaced. If the cam phasers are replaced, remove the CMP actuator solenoids to inspect for debris. If debris is found, clean and inspect for torn or loose screens and replace solenoid if necessary." after checking a belts allignment.

    More so, I also found #PIP4469G which seems to point to the "if you're experiencing issues" recall on the timing chain. It talks about " Intermittent DTC P0011 P0014 P0016 P0017 Or Hesitation / Stall " I'm definitely having hesitation at lower speeds. Maybe this "The technician should inspect each CMP solenoid valve and cam phaser actuator for debris. If debris is found on the solenoid valve screens inspect for torn screens then clean or replace as necessary.
    When debris is found on the solenoid valve screens, thoroughly inspect the cam phaser actuators for debris and clean/replace as necessary. If the DTC continues to reset after thorough inspection and cleaning of the cam phaser actuators, replace the affected camshaft actuator(s) depending upon the DTC(s) that set.
    Note: When debris is found change the oil and filter before returning to service, in some instances it may be necessary to change the oil/filter multiple times. The filter can be inspected afterwards to ensure no additional debris is present."

    What are the chances it's the timing chain and I can get it fixed under the extended warranty/recall? I pulled my oil filter and it was clean, no debris or anything.

    The annoying thing is the dealer here says you have to get a $150 diagnostics which will not be "forgiven" even if you get work there. lame..

    I still feel like I should have gotten some kind of extended warranty or gotten rid of this thing. However, I still like it and it's in great physical shape inside and out. The engine? well, that's a different story.

    Thanks, Nick
  • You will be shocked as time goes by at the oil the Equinox uses. It will get excessive. We owned ours since 2011, and oil has been changed every 5k for certain. Never missed an oil change. It uses 3 quarts between oil changes now sometimes more ( 78,000 miles) GM doesn't think that is excessive...LOL. IT will also die or stall when oil is low.
  • My equinox has decided to gulp oil instead of just sip it dry. I was driving with about 1900 miles since my oil change and the engine sounds a little odd, then check engine. Turns out I was down to about 1.5 quarts if that is believable. So, it was eating nearly 2 quarts / 1000 miles. I took it in, timing change was changed and I started my oil consumption. I had to add a quart every 900 miles. The pistons have been ordered, so hopefully that will fix the issue. I went home for Christmas and found out my cousin has the exact same 2010 Equinox 2LT all the same options and at about 100k miles he had this done and he said it runs much much better. Btw, I only have about 49k on mine. Hopefully the parts come in soon and it runs like it always should have. I've always felt my car burns too much oil, hopefully I won't be thinking about that any longer.
  • htmac1 said:

    how come my dealer wants me to have the oil changed every 3k miles?????

    Because he wants more of your money. Go by whatever your Owners Manual says, and report your Dealer for lying to you. I caught mine not replacing my filter two times in a row when I took it in for an oil change.

  • car1969car1969 Posts: 4
    I also have a 2011 Chevy Equinox and since the last oil change we have put three additional quarts of oil in the stupid thing. It also is very fumy and I took it to my local dealership and they told me they were unable to duplicate the problem, but it happens every time I'm in the car...imagine that! We have always changed the oil before the change oil indicator reaches 50% and when the oil is low there are no dashboard lights alerting me of such...and one would certainly thing that low oil or check engine light would come on. I think I've owned the last Chevy. :(
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    car1969 said:

    I also have a 2011 Chevy Equinox and since the last oil change we have put three additional quarts of oil in the stupid thing. It also is very fumy and I took it to my local dealership and they told me they were unable to duplicate the problem, but it happens every time I'm in the car...imagine that! We have always changed the oil before the change oil indicator reaches 50% and when the oil is low there are no dashboard lights alerting me of such...and one would certainly thing that low oil or check engine light would come on. I think I've owned the last Chevy. :(

    Hey Car1969,

    We understand your frustrations with this, and we would be happy to look into this further for you. Please send us an e-mail at along with your VIN, current mileage, contact information and preferred dealership. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Patsy G
    GM Customer Care
  • nisaranisara Posts: 3
    I look to be in the same boat here 2011 chevy equinox with 60 k miles . Oil changed when OLM prompted to do so . On the Memorial Day weekend engine sounded funny and have up 100 miles from home . Had it towed to dealer and as I understand the lubrication was down to very little which has caused the engine to break down . The oil change was done less than 3000 miles ago , I am at a fail to understand how such a high tech engine can burn so much oil and never display the engine light . Does GM know about this and have they done enough to reach out to customers and atleast ask them to be proactive about checking engine oil levels ? I really liked the equinox and GM in general but like others have commented this makes me wonder if I made the wrong choice . 
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,651
    nisara said:

    Does GM know about this and have they done enough to reach out to customers and atleast ask them to be proactive about checking engine oil levels ?hoice . 

    Should be in the manual to check the oil, pretty much always has been there, for almost every vehicle I suspect.

  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 372
    ray80 said:

    nisara said:

    Does GM know about this and have they done enough to reach out to customers and atleast ask them to be proactive about checking engine oil levels ?hoice . 

    Should be in the manual to check the oil, pretty much always has been there, for almost every vehicle I suspect.

    Yup yet many don't do it!

  • We have a 2012 Equinox, bought it brand new. It now has 61,000 miles on it and since about the 10,000 mile mark it has run louder than it should and the oil needs changed at short intervals, short being around 3,000 miles, on Mobil 1 fully synthetic it should last longer than that. I have followed the instructions of the manual on oil changes since I bought the car, the instructions are to change the oil when the monitor tells you too but not more than 10,000 miles, that car has never gone 10,000 without an oil change. Took it to the dealer about how loud it is, they told me it's no louder than normal, I do my own oil changes, of late I have been changing it at 30-40% spent because every time I change it, it is charcoal black and reeks strongly of gasoline, the oil should come out fairly clean at these intervals, the last couple of changes have only drained 3 quarts, 5 quarts went in. I am changing oil at 2,000-3,000 miles just to try and make sure the engine doesn't get damaged by the bad oil, going to take it to the dealer for the next oil change and see if they will do anything about the oil consumption, if not I can't keep it past the warranty, afraid it will eat the motor at 100,001 miles. Going to be time for a Toyota at that point. Used to be a hard core Chevy guy the quality has gotten so bad I don't think I will ever buy another one.
  • @cmhj2000 a person should check the oil regularly, but most don't expect to need to check the oil in a new car, I am disappointed I have to check mine as much as I do with only 61,000, and checking it doesn't help the fact that when you add it, the new motor just eats it when it shouldn't, the oil consumption is a symptom of a much larger problem that so far it looks like GM has no desire to address.
  • christoperchristoper PennsylvaniaPosts: 2
    Our 2013 Chevy Equinox has 46,000 miles on it. This past weekend my wife notified me that the car had a noticeable rattle when moving from a complete stop and accelerating. I gave it a test drive and certainly found that issue to be true. I checked the dipstick in the dipstick was dry. We had just gotten an oil change about 1700 miles prior and I immediately suspected that the dealer never put oil in a car. I purchased a gallon of dex and proceeded to pour three and a half quarts of oil in the crankcase until the dipstick read full. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the dealer wish me luck.
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