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Toyota 4Runner



  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I know that was my original raction. Why are my cupholders lit ?
    I have earned by touch, which window control I have my finger on.
      Every vehicle has different lights for various funtions. At least the ignition key is lit with a green circle. I've had vehicles without that. That is one light I like.
  • scootnyscootny Danbury CTPosts: 8
    Probably trivial, but I noticed that at the bottom of the dash, near to the fuel door release, there is a small tab with a hole in it, kind of sticking out. It looks like there should be a bolt or something screwed in there, or it should be connected to something. Has anyone noticed this or have any information on what it might be? I'm just concerned that something might be missing or gotten loose there. Thanks.
  • no one in Toyota Corp wants to pay several million dollars to a driver who lost the use of his/her privates after spilling a hot beverage in a dark vehicle
  • baki44baki44 Posts: 24
    I guess you guys have a so much free time!!!
    You guys complain from anything???
    I was wondering about your cell phone quality, TV and home stereo system quality??? etc...
  • Right on the head.
  • Absolutely. Future & current owners will find useful information here, & hopefully Toyota will make some changes to make the 4Runner the best vehicle it can be.

    And since you inquired, the cel phone quality is fair, the cable TV is excellent, & the stereo can always be better. I'm happy to see you also have lots of free time to air your grievance.
  • likalarlikalar Posts: 108
    Does anyone know if these new 4Runners have clear coated paint jobs? Thanks.
  • All are clearcoated except black, white and red. I'm 99.9% sure about that-(red might be clearcoated).

    Silver, Grey, blue and green are clearcoated. 100% sure about that.
  • likalarlikalar Posts: 108
    <<All are clearcoated except black, white and red....>>
     Thanks, Terrafirma. (so that's why my black truck had the price reduced, but goes a bit faster than some other colors)..... I just tried some black colored Turtle wax on a few scratches. Results were pretty good at hiding them, (but you should see my hands), then got to wondering about clearcoats.
       This thing drives so great in these storms, I can't imagine going without it.
  • Im so damn confused............torn actually.....I really luv the Lexus GX, but at 50K+, its so steep. I also luv the 4runner, but I really want NAV and the 3rd row seat option, which Toyota doesnt do, now anyway.........................wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........I was hoping to have my new wheels before winter ended.................Im just venting........
  • Why don't you just get the Runner and purchase a hand-held nav system.
  • likalarlikalar Posts: 108
    2 years ago we got a Garmin Street Pilot 111, a color screen, decent size downloadable GPS with voice prompts. We use it on a motorcycle, the 4Runner, the Subaru, and occassionally a rental car or on a fishing trip on SFBay (Great for marking the hot spots). It runs on batteries or plugs into 12v plug. I feel I made the right choice avoiding built-in GPS. The best part is that I don't have to re-learn a different instrument every time we switch vehicles. The velcro patches on the instrument panels aren't the best looking modification, but for some, this approach to GPS makes sense.
    P.S. Anyone tried the new Garmin 2610 with touch screen? Nice looking unit.
  • renshorensho Posts: 42
    I have one on my 03 sr5. the bean bag works very well as a mount, other than going steep uphill and gunning the engine.
    There is little to not like about the 2610. It is very intuitive, reroutes quickly, good buttons, and remembers your routes when the power is cut. It now uses compact flash, so you can drop the whole western US on 512mb CF. CA is about 100mb.
    I change it from car to car as well.
  • My 03 Sport dash is the same way, a tab sticking down by the gas release lever. The dash looks unfinished like some other panel is supposed to be bolted in place. Since you also mentioned this, I guess mine is not unique.
  • I have a tab by my fuel release door. Don't know what the tab, with hole in it, is designed for?
  • Has anyone noticed how accurate the "outside temperature" gauge is? I keep driving by other signs and they are somewhat consistently 4-5 degrees lower than what my display says. Not that I trust bank signs more than Toyota, but I'd like it to be fairly accurate so I know when to expect black ice and frozen conditions on the road.

  • likalarlikalar Posts: 108
    Have you had the 2610 Garmin for awhile? The flashcard idea is a good one; I wish I had that!
        KScott, my temp guage seems to agree with most thermometers. This morning it's spot on at 23 degrees, the same reading as the electronic therm. here at the cabin.
        Winter update on the 4Runner's rear wing/airfoil......Two nights ago we had 6 inches of wet snow. The rear window was kept clear, thanks to the wing. The down side? After a warm afternoon yesterday, the temps dropped last night. The partially melted snow on the roof of the truck froze real hard last night. When I tried to open the rear hatch, the ice was jammed up in the airflow space, and the hatch would open only a few inches. I spent a few minutes picking away the ice jam, and the hatch can finally open. If this happens a lot, I'll probably remove the wing.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    My 4Runner's temp. gauge seems pretty accurate, and typically agrees quite closely (or maybe +/- 1-2 degrees) with the weather reports from sources such as local radio stations, the local "time and weather" phone line, bank signs, etc.

    Also, keep in mind that if you park your vehicle in a fully enclosed garage, its outside temperature probe will usually display an initially different temperature (that being the temp. in your garage) until the vehicle has been driven at sufficiently high speeds to allow the probe to re-equilibrate with the outside atmosphere. This process may take 15 minutes or more to complete, during which you should notice the temp. display gradually changing to an outside reading that's more accurate. I do believe the outside temp. probe is located in the front grill area, just forward of the engine (and its radiant heat). Therefore, any situations causing decreased airflow over the probe (such as periods of idling, or moving only at low speeds, or having a protective vinyl hood covering in place) may cause the temperature gauge to temporarily read higher than the actual outside ambient temperature, since the probe is being influenced by the warmth coming from the engine. Again, the probe must have enough outside air flowing over it for a sufficient period of time in order to render the most accurate reading. On the other hand, your truck's temperature gauge might need recalibration, and I would think this is something your service advisor should be able to address.
  • scootnyscootny Danbury CTPosts: 8
    Thanks 69mach1.

    I checked it out on another '03 4Runner and it was the same. It does give off an unfinished look though - compared to the '03 Land Cruiser I also looked at.
  • scootnyscootny Danbury CTPosts: 8
    I park outside and have noticed that the value is usually about 10 degrees higher when I just start the vehicle. After about 10 minutes of driving, it gets to within 2 degrees of what I believe the actual temperature is.
  • I can confirm from the repair manual that the location of the external air temp sensor is behind the grille. On mine it seems to give an accurate value after a minute or two of driving. Of course, many garages are warmer than ambient and will throw off the reading, and the reading will also be too high in a vehicle after a hot engine is stopped. However the readings seem accurate when the vehicle is idling, probably because the fan is still drawing in fresh air.

    As for the tab under the dash, I've got one too, it's clearly there for a specific purpose. It's even reinforced with metal, as if ready for a screw (rather than a bolt) to be driven in. I've no clue what that purpose might be, though. It seems to hang too low to install anything permanent. Perhaps it's there to temporarily anchor a sensor for brake pedal depression during testing or calibration of some kind?
  • You can get NAV and 3rd row on '04 Runners. Checkout Toyota's website.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Although this tab (and screw socket) under the dash seem a bit flimsy, I wonder if it might be intended for mounting a small electronic trailer brake controller? Just a thought.
  • NOPE.....if you click on the JBL/NAV, there is a number next to it....that refers to any restrictions. It says that 3rd row seats are NOT available with the NAV system. A few folks here wrote its because of the extra speakers, something like that. Makes ZERO sense. I hope they addrees this for '05..............
  • I have a 2003 SR5 4X4 with a sliding moon roof. On the passenger side there is a grab ring that is above the door opening mounted on the inside of the roof. I am not sure what good it serves. On the drivers side there are brackets for the same grab ring, but no grab ring is mounted. Is this the way it is suppose to be or is the fixture missing on my vehicle. Not sure I have given the correct names for this item, but any help will be appreciated....
  • The assist grips help the passenger off road on odd angle/bumpy terrain.

    The driver's side doesn't have one because you use the steering wheel for that.
    It is blank for Japan where the steering is on the right side.
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    I can't see the interest in a Lexus GX470 unless you were dead set on having to have the third seat and the Nav (which is ridiculous that they can't offer both on the 4Runner, but that is another story). All I can see extra that the GX470 offers offers over a loaded Limited would be the memory seating and the multi-disc player(with the Nav). The "sideways" rear door hatch on the GX470 would be a real drag.

    If you can afford the GX470, why not consider the Land Cruiser? I would imagine you could get one outfitted like you want, close to the price of the GX470, if you worked at it.
  • jfegerjfeger Posts: 38
    I *wish* I had memory seating!

    And light the window and door lock controls!

  • I have a 2003 V8 Sport w/JBL 10 speakers. I purchased my children a set of wireless headsets. They love them. I don't want to lose the wireless feature and decided to install a 2nd deck (Alpine 9815) that plays MP3's and is a much better deck in my opinion; a 2nd subwoofer for this 3rd party deck and also swap out the back speakers. Before I do any of that, I'm going to install a good quality Clifford alarm as these standard door alarms are pretty much useless as a thief can bust a window and climb on in to clean me out without a peep.

    My plan is to use a DB25 printer A/B switch (removed from the bulky metal case) and solder most of the JBL and Alpine wires into it which should allow me to listen to one or the other, while leaving the kids with the wireless headsets listening to JBL -- not that they'll hear much with the alpine thumpin' ;-) I haven't decided what available accessory slot I'll use, but possible just under my right arm in the console.

    Has anyone pulled the dash or console apart yet? Anyone have any tips or gotcha's to look out for? According to a service fellow at the dealership, he warned that all the panels are in place using clips with little to no screws. He went on to explain that the 4-Runner is very snug (obvious) but that it's not an easy chore to disassemble/reassemble. They seem to dread having to work behind the dash.

    I don't have a concern with the wiring side, but surely don't want to break any panels. I'm curious if anyone else had any projects along this line and can offer some first hand experience.
  • but GX470 is more reliable than 4Runner per JD Power.

    It looks much more bland, though
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