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Toyota 4Runner



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Hehe, that's a good tactic Alfster!

    Steve, Host
  • When comparing vehicles, I saw the 4Runner needed Premium Unleaded vs Regular Unleaded, but the salesmen had been telling everybody it uses regular unleaded. What's the real story, and will it matter? The Honda Pilot uses reg. unleaded, but the Acura MDX, same engine, uses prem. unleaded.
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    Heh works everytime...especially on a Saturday or towards the end of the month...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I'll have to borrow a cell next time I go car shopping :-)

    Steve, Host
  • 4runner uses regular unleaded too.
    I use mid-grade 89 octane all the time with good results.
    almost never have used premium. Manual says to use premium if you experience knocking, otherwise reg. gas will do you fine
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    Should I get one ? I never corner at high speed here in Houston, Freeways are flat and straight. Are there other benefits from X-reas such as ride comfort, leveling (tail heavy) when towing a boat.
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    I thought the computer in the car detected preignition and then prevented knocking by retarding the ignition timing enough to eliminate it? Maybe there is a limit to its ability to retard the timing and the engine may still knock under some circumstances. (?)
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Could you possibly be one of the last 10 people in America without a cell phone?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I'm too important to carry a cell; I got flunkies to do that for me. ;-)

    Heck, we just broke down and got a TV for Christmas after being without one since '99.

    I'm not sure if that's a lifestyle improvement either....

    Steve, Host
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    Well,at least you don't "live in a van down by the river" :)

    Another tactic that may work at the dealership if you don't have a cell phone is to ask to use the dealer's office phone to make a call to your spouse, for example. It's important to not to pretend to make a call as the manager or another dealer may listen in on extension. Speaking in another language helps, especially if it's a bit obscure, such as Latvian. The dealer will really freak out. LOL. Gesticulating wildly with your hands is a neat trick too....Draw your own conclusions and good luck getting the best deal...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    hehe, check my profile. We lived in a tent out of our van for 10 months for our millennium road trip (same time frame we dumped the TV and most everything else, including my bombproof Toyota Tercel).

    These tactics are pretty funny; almost makes me want to go car shopping! Lots of people swear the phones in the sales cubicles are bugged.

    Steve, Host
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    Of course their phones are bugged! LOL Some believe sales reps have ESP as well. :)
  • I just purchased an '03 V6 SR5 2WD Black, with 17" wheels, no cladding, rack, spoiler, moonroof, extra mile C4, audio controls/steer wheel leather, double decker cargo for 22K. There are good deals to be found in the Gulf Coast region, as they have a $3,000 rebate on all '03's. Sticker on the car was $31,183.

    I purchased the truck over the phone, and found every dealership was starting at most $100 over invoice. There are not many SR5's left (I wanted a Sport, but couldn't find an '03.) There are MANY '03 Limiteds, and they should be easy to find. I spent 4 hours looking at dealer inventories on, and found the truck in Bryan, TX. That was their last '03 on the lot. If your looking for a Limited in S. Texas, try looking at inventory at Don McGill Toyota in Katy. Right now that have 7 on the lot.

    I love my truck...
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    What is extra mile C4 ?
     The C4 I am familiar with would get you a few extra miles. C4 is military plastic explosives as I remember. You could cook C rations with it if you just lit it with a match.
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    I was at Don Mcgill they just don't have a V8 4X4 titanium w. moonroof. Several 03s selling for $7500 off sticker. Tejas has a couple 03 left also. Plenty black 03s I saw at dealer. Must be the most unpopuler color.
  • Save your pennies indeed. My wife has picked that as her next vehicle, but I wonder how many pennies we'll need. A Prius base msrp is 20k, with options more like 23-25k. What do you think the msrp of the hybrid Highlander will be?
  • abcabc Posts: 9
    Re #8436, Nov. 8, 2003. Thank you all for your excellent replies. I didn't dare hope to be so fortunate, particularly with the Australian barriers that are sold in North America. Best regards.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    When I asked the service representative what was included in the 15 K service. He said, "We add oil and gasoline supplements ....and clean and adjust the rear brake drums."
     I said "Do not add any supplements to the oil or gas. And the 4 Runner has 4 wheel disk brakes. "
    So after a 2 hour wait, I go to pay my bill. There are two charges of $5.38. One for for oil supplement and the other for gas supplement. They also charged me for brake cleaner.
     I asked to see the service manager. I told him what had happened and why I was totally dissatisfied with their service dept.
     I ended up saying "I was very sorry I bought a 4Runner from this dealer."
     His only comment. "I'm sorry to hear all this"
     I am calling Toyota USA today to complain.
     As standard procedure, the service dept. has greasy mechanics drive vehicles in and out for service. They don't use paper or any thing to protect my interior. The steering wheel and shift are all greasy when I pick up my 4 Runner. The interior reeks of grease.
      Is it just my dealer who sucks or do all Toyota dealers screw over their customers, like this.
  • pat84 - sounds like you have a bad dealer/service dept. They are not all like that. I am lucky as I have a good one, and have been with them since 1991 when I bought by first 4-runner. I feel that I do not get taken advantage of when I go there for service, even for the recommended service checks(15k, 30k, 60k, etc.)
  • The sticker on the C4 package says, Custom tape stripe, Cargo net, Carpet mat set, Carpet floor mats? (aren't they the same,) Rear trunk mat (where's the trunk?) Night vision mirror (I still can't drive w/o my headlights) first aid kit, fabric guard, and door edge guards, Security system upgrade, roadside assistance, tires (6yr/100K.) MSRP is $1196, DLR invoice says $741.

    Don't limit yourself to dealerships in or near Houston. Try Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, McAllen, and other surround cities. Most of the mid-sized to large cities in So. Texas have a few '03's on the lot. I think you have to purchase and receive your 4runner by Jan. 5th, to receive the 3K rebate.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    Did you get one of the Aussie barriers?

    If you did could you tell us a little about it?
  • "As standard procedure, the service dept. has greasy mechanics drive vehicles in and out for service. They don't use paper or any thing to protect my interior. The steering wheel and shift are all greasy when I pick up my 4 Runner. The interior reeks of grease.
      Is it just my dealer who sucks or do all Toyota dealers screw over their customers, like this. "

    Do you use Fred Anderson Toyota in Raleigh!? That is the worst dealership, actually Toyota of Durham is worse, but both treat you and your car like crap. Don't get me started.........
  • pat84: You sound like me. When I take my Runner in for the big service (15,30,45K), I always chuckle at the crap the dealer tries to sell you for the 'package price' of $400+, including a FREE rental for the day.

    If you read the fine print:

    1.They drain your tranny oil, not flush it as recommended a $100 difference.

    2.They adjust your air cleaner filter, instead of replacing as recommended.

    3.They always want to pour a bottle of Techron in the tank and call it 'valve re-conditioning'.

    4. They check, instead of drain, the oil in the diffs.

    Basically, I am paying the dealership $400+ to 'check' my fluids and half-as$ change my fluids. The dealership treats me like crap because I know how to play their game and instead of taking what they want to give me, I request what I want. Really pisses them off.

    Check all work like a hawk. Sometimes I wonder if they are really replacing my oil filter, I'll mark the next one. :)
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I have somthing like your C4 package. I don't have the door protectors, the stripe, the 100 K mile tires, or fabric protector.
     I should have got the fabric protector for the greaseball mechanics at Toyota of Waldorf, MD.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I traded in a Honda Odyssey on the 4Runner.
     At Honda they always used paper fabric protectors, always washed the Honda even for oil changes. They did the work on time at the agreed upon price. The Sales Rep knew me and talked to me by name. Everything they ever did to my van was in their computer. And they did the work they were supposed to do. No attempt to rip me off. They spoiled me. The Odyssey had serious transmission problems.
     I'd rather have a poor service dept. and a reliable vehicle, than the Honda situation.
     I think I'll call Honda and see if they'll service my 4Runner.
  • cmo1cmo1 Posts: 2
    I live in an area (st. louis) that's terrain can be described as flat to rolling hills with snowfalls rarely over 6-8". Also, I doubt I will be doing any off-roading. I'm looking at an SR5 but am on the fence over 4WD or RWD. Any thoughts? I'm also wondering about resale on a RWD as opposed to a 4WD. Thanks.
  • Based on the experience in my household, Toyota Dealers, in our area, provide the worst service compared to dealers of certain other brands. The Service personnel, at the Toyota dealers that we dealt with, were less knowledgeable, rude and veracity challenged. It seems to me that Toyota does not "manage" its dealers as well as other manufacturers.
  • Unless you live along the coast of the southern states, the 4X4 or AWD will hold much better value than the rear wheel drive model.

    We average a little over 25" of snow a year in South Jersey so the most we usually have to deal at any time is about the same that you have, 6" - 8" amounts. Of the 20 4Runner's on my dealers lot when I purchased mine this month, none were rear drive only. Not sure if you could find one in my area and South Jersey is really flat. But we are very close to the mountains of North Jersey, PA and NY and do get the occasional 2 feet of snow in one storm.

    Many folks do fine with the rear drive 4Runner's, depends on your needs and 'what you want'. You may save on the initial purchase buying the rear drive but when ready to sell or trade may lose on the higher resale value of the 4X4.

    Go to:

    This should give you an idea of what 2 wheel vs. 4 wheel drive 4Runner's are selling for in your area.
  • glb5glb5 Posts: 39
    Does anyone out there know where the dipstick is for the 5 speed auto tranny behind the V8 on an 04 runner. Also has Toyota gone the Honda route on the fuel filter and not put one on the vehicle, as i'am unable to locate it.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    After recently having innumerable bad experiences with a 2002 Ford Explorer, as well as innumerable problems with dishonest and miserable Ford service shops, I gained a better appreciation for just how extensively one's ownership experience is affected by the overall quality, integrity, and level of customer care provided by a given dealership, regardless of the name brand of the vehicle.

    In my humble opinion, I feel it may be unwise to make an initial selection of a dealership based primarily on who's offering the lowest purchase price. There's no free lunch in the real world, and if a given dealership is offering a rock-bottom price on a vehicle such as the new 4Runner, one really ought to wonder about where and how they might be creating profits and reducing overhead elsewhere in the operation of their dealership business. Might the deal be too good to be true once they have our money? In the long run, is such a "dealing" dealership really doing us any big favors by offering a rock-bottom purchase price, if their subsequent "AFTER-THE-SALE" level of service and customer care proves to be wretched, shoddy, deceitful, unsatisfactory, careless, etc.? And among those 4Runner's that are being sold at rock-bottom prices, just how much does the buyer really know about the detailed history of those vehicles since they've left the factory?

    Through previous experiences with Honda, Chevy, Ford, and now Toyota, I have finally learned that the relationship between the customer and a given dealership may often set the tone for the entire ownership experience. In my opinion, the crucial aspects of a great ownership experience have little to do with how many wet kisses and seductively great deals we might be wowed by at the time the deal is closed. Rather, it's the AFTER-THE-SALE level of integrity, customer care, and professionalism of a given dealership that's most important in the long run.

    With the above thoughts in mind, in early 9/03 I decided to trade my Explorer (at a financial loss due to excessive depreciation) in order to buy a new 4Runner. After doing some research, I decided to do business with Toyota Direct (Ohio) not only because of their excellent word-of-mouth" reputation and the integrity of a particular salesperson I was referred to, but also because Toyota Direct has earned Toyota's coveted "Presidential Award".

    I'll freely admit that I purchased my 2003 4Runner Limited from Toyota Direct at not much less than the MSRP on the window sticker, but they were very generous on the trade-in of my 2002 Explorer. Since then, my 2003 4runner Ltd. has been to Toyota Direct's service shop about 5-6 times for both routine maint. and warranty issues (e.g., squeaks, noises) and so far their service dept. has ROUTINELY given me a fantastic level of service and attention.

    Toyota Direct's shop is clean, well-run, efficient, and very professional. Thus far, I've found their service managers, service advisors, and service technicians to be very enthusiastic, courteous, professional, responsive, helpful, and reasonable. And when I want to speak with the service manager, I typically either reach him directly by phone, or get a call-back the same day. When I have questions and ask for honest opinions, I feel strongly that I get straight and honest answers. For example, while their "service menu" offers and suggests a "premium package" that includes Krex additive products, their service advisors have been frank with me in saying that so long as I regularly change the oil, etc., most such additives probably aren't necessary, and they've NEVER verbally mentioned or tried to sell me these products!

    And, when I receive my truck from this service shop, it has always been as clean as a pin, which is how I keep my 4Runner in general. In addition, when I've had concerns or when my truck has been shopped, I've been highly appreciative of the regular and timely phone calls I've received from both the service mgr. and his various service advisors and "team leaders". These professionals have not only kept me informed as their diagnostics have unfolded, but they've also always carefully explained their impressions and recommendations, and then requested my authorization to proceed. On several occasions they've consulted by phone with Toyota field engineers in California, as well as picking the brains of seasoned technicians at their sister dealership in Cincinatti. The service mgr. has either rode or driven with me on several occasions, and has directly acknowledged a given problem, noise, complaint, etc., so that there's been no disagreement as to what might need to be fixed or addressed. And I'll say again that thus far, whenever I've wanted to speak with either the service mgr., team leader, or the technician who has worked on my 4Runner, I typically either get through directly or I get a timely call back.

    Finally, I want to mention that whenever I've talked with these professionals at Toyota Direct's service shop, I've noticed how they all seem to be so genuinely enthusiastic, "in love" with, prideful of, and eager to "talk shop" about the new 4Runner. These Toyota Direct service men and women love this new SUV, and in fact one of their team leaders owns a 2003 V8 Sport, and I've found his advice and opinions to be extremely helpful and reassuring.

    And before I close this long-winded(!) opinion, let me also say that Toyota Direct has been EXTREMELY generous whenever I need a loaner vehicle while my truck is shopped, and they will try to give me either a Sequoia or 4Runner if possible. They treat me like royalty, and I treat them the same! I feel much trust, affection, and appreciation for these hard-working professionals, and I don't hesitate to express those feelings to them. If you feel I was a sucker for paying a higher purchase price for my 4Runner, I disagree. Indeed, my higher initial purchase price seems to be paying back ongoing dividends in the form of the EXEMPLARY, "PRESIDENTIAL" SERVICE I've so far received from Toyota Direct, and with my Toyota Platinum extended warranty, I expect this level of service and good working RELATIONSHIP to continue for a long time. And once you find a dealership/service center that you like, treat them well; show respect and appreciation for their expertise and opinions; their get to know them on a first-name basis, and praise and thank them often, since we're all human.

    So before anyone else might try to categorically bash and trash most any Toyota dealership and paint most of them with the same brush, know that so far, my dealership has thus far been TOP FLIGHT, and in my opinion they've been the equivalent of a Mayo Cinic for my vehicle.
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