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Toyota 4Runner



  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    I actually picked up my 4Runner at John Elway Toyota way down southeast. But since I live way at the other end of town, I get it serviced up here. I got mine serviced at Mountain States (US36/Broadway) and it seemed OK...but that was just a regular service, the vehicle had no problems. When I picked my vehicle up (after buying) the salesperson at Elway, knowing I wasn't going to trek 35 miles or so back down to their dealership to get it serviced, suggested Boulder Toyota, since I'm about equidistant between there and Mountain States - though MS is directly on my way to work and thus a little more convenient. I have only dealt with their sales staff at BT, though, who were pretty good. Dunno about the service, but it might be better than what you've experienced, and I did have a recommendation from another dealer to that effect...
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I bought my 4Runner at Elway. The sales experinece was maybe a 3 or 4 on scale of 10. They didn't know much about the vehicle and didn't return my phone calls, even though they knew I was buying. They offered me $4,000 less on my trade than what I sold it for myself.

    For service, I've only had two service visits in 9 months, for a squeaking belt and an oil change. On service they were better, but nothing like the way I'm treated when I take my BMW in for service. I may try Burt on Broadway for my next service, just to see how they do. It seems Toyota dealers have a terrible reputation and they aren't doing much to correct it.
  • I purchased my Toyota through H M Brown, a car broker in the area. Best car buying experience I've ever had, it was painless. The Toyota came from Camelback Toyota in Arizona, so maybe that's part of my problem with Stevenson Toyota which was the closest dealer to me.

    I called my broker about their choice of dealers and they recommended Burt on Broadway, so that's where I'll be going next. I've heard that floating from dealer to dealer to get things fixed can affect the customers credibility in Toyota's eyes, but guess I'll just have to chance it. Thanks for the input vodgut and bmv323is.
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    I pretty much only picked up my vehicle at John Elway. I bought it through Maybe 6-7 out of 10 for sales experience. I only dealt with the fleet guy at Elway, when I picked the vehicle up, and he was decent. Price was about as good as I think I could do at the time from any other dealer, plus I got the vehicle/color I wanted.
  • I am seriously considering buying a new 4Runner (the competition is an Endeavour) and took one on a very impressive test drive. However, the second time I sat in one a few weeks later it seemed that while there was plenty of headroom, the top line of the windshield was somewhat low (I am 6' 1" tall and it felt like my eyebrows were lining up with the top of the windshield). This 4 Runner had a sunroof and was at an auto show where adjusting the seat may have been inhibited.

    I'll go sit in another one but I'm curiousl whether any of you 6 foot tall current owners found this to be an issue? Is it better without a sunroof or do the higher trim lines have a seat that sinks lower?

  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I have the Sport, so I can't comment about other trim levels. I am 6-1 also. I have the seat all the way back and it adjusts to me very well. I have plenty of head room with the sunroof. I see out at the correct eye level. My experience at auto shows is that the vehicles are trashed by visitors.
  • smf42smf42 Posts: 6
    I just purchased a '04 SR5 4X4 a few weeks ago in
    Cincinnati. Got it for $3000 below MSRP. It had 300 miles on it. It now has 1300 miles on it. I have noticed a high pitched squeaking noise when I go up a steep hill from a stopped position. The noise gets louder the more I accelerate. Once I reach the top (the hill is only 50 feet and not very steep), the noise goes away. Has anyone else had this problem? bmw323is is this what your squeaking belt sounded like?
    thanks for any input.
  • I recently bought a 2004 Limited 4Runner without a sunroof because my head hit the roof on the sunroof models. (I am 6'4.")The no sunroof option has about 2 more inches in the headliner and the power seats have terrific adjustability. The low window/visibility concern will disappear almost immediately after driving the vehicle for a brief period.
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    I really don't have any problems. I'm 6'1, too. I have the seat as low as it will go, though. There's not a lot of extra space between my head and the headliner, though. I can see where someone who was 6'4 might want it without the sunroof.
  • I had some concerns about my ht. in a 4runner (I'm 6'4", and long bodied). After I did an extensive drive in an SR5, V8, without a sunroof, I decided there was no issue, because I liked it so much. The windshield header is a little lower than I like, but that means I stop a little further back for overhead stoplites. I ordered a V8 Sport, 4x4, with the only option being the side airbags. Looking forward to del in May.
  • Well, after just a bit over 4 months, my special order 4wd Sport V8 with side air bags (the details: GY PN RF EC CM NA RL WL Z1) arrived.

    What should have been simple -- Sport (with X-REAS - the point of it), side air bags, no moon roof, no sound upgrade -- was just not to be had.

    I got very little info from Japan except that the order was accepted, which happened about two weeks after I ordered it. Then, 4 months later, it showed up on the dealer's computer as "F" - ie - freight category. After that, it took about a week to get delivered.

    About 90 miles so far, and it's working like a dream. I not tested lots of things (ANY off-road features, VSC, ABS, haven't even put the rear seats down.) So far, no sulfur smell - my biggest worry as I could not get the dealer to put in writing (or even say) that if the car came in and I did not like it - even for sulfur - that I'd not lose my deposit. Tank came filled, not sure with what. I intend to fill it up with 91 BP (low sulfur, as I understand).

    Might have made a mistake with the double decker cargo option. I'm thinking I'll be just folding it down all the time. Maybe not, though.

    V8 is as smooth as silk. Very nice, steady power. Thanks to all you folks who have been posting good info/comments on all aspects of the 4Runner. Actually, I nearly bought a 2004 Highlander (3.3 L, v6, 5 speed), but my son (who has a 2003 2wd v6) convinced me to look at the 4Runner.

    Looking forward to some off road, but, at the moment, it being so new, about all I'll attempt is a few speed bumps.
  • mgabel2; Your order sounds like mine; Silver V8, 4x4 Sport with side and curtain air bags (GY), and no other options. Did you order all that other stuff, or was it added on, either at the factory or the port? I told my dealer that if there was a lot of added stuff, I would turn it down.
  • Pat,
    I ordered those other options. I choose them for safety, security, and funtionality. I bet there will not be any extra stuff - only if there is an error would there be. But, if there are other things, maybe the dealer would just throw them in or at least offer them very very cheaply.

    Actually, though, I really did not want, at any price, a moon roof or the upgraded sound. Not only would I not use them, but they have a down side, in my view. The moon roof can leak, make noise, get stuck, and the fancy audio takes out those nifty mirrors on the back of the cargo area.
  • Regarding the moonroof - those were my thoughts also. The ML430 I have now, has a moonroof, and I'll wager I haven't opened it 3 times in 5 years. As for upgraded stereo, I plan to upgrade the speakers (if necessary) myself, and add XM sat radio. Depending on the tires it comes with, I may upgrade those to Michelin cross terrains, which I have now, and find are excellent in snow. Down here, we have to deal thru SE Toyota, which has a tendency to add high profit stuff, at the port, but my dealer has said he usually gets what he orders. Keep us all posted on how your new ride is working for you.
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    i cannot understand why everbody say ,buy the v8. i now have pathfinder v6, and it runs like a v8. the 2 older 4runners with v6 were poor. i cannot beleive the new v6 toyota would not do the same, or better than a pathfinder.
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    The V6 in the 4Runner should be comparable to the Pathfinder V6. I haven't driven the new Pathfinder, but I notice that the transmission in the V8 4Runner seems smoother and has more low end torque. Depending on your application, either should be ok. I have a V8 4Runner myself.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    I traded a 240 hp Nissan Pathfinder (2001 model) for a V8 4Runner. Although the horsepower is similar, the V8 is much quieter, and runs at less rpm at highway speeds than the Nissan. The V8's torque is better, as the Toyota does not shift down on familiar grades, as did the Nissan. I've had the 4Runner for almost 2 months and like the vehicle. I have the SR5 model that does not come with electrically heated mirrors, which the Nissan did. I miss the heated mirrors on the damp foggy nights of late.

    I am patiently waiting for warmer weather to try towing my travel trailer with the Toyota. At one ton, loaded, the Nissan did an admirable job, but the Toyota should do even better.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    This problem has been well described here by myself and others, and the audio system of my '03 4Runner Limited (with DVD/Nav/surround sound) has now exhibited this problem on at least 6 separate occasions. As I and several others have attested, this problem is typically solved (until the next occurrence) by simply shutting off the vehicle, then restarting, as if a gremlin within some computer chip is being successfully rebooted. My vehicle then seemed free of this problem for the past two months, until it just recently happened again, and I was once again able to temporarily overcome the problem by simply restarting the vehicle as described.

    I've now spoken with my dealer about this problem on several occasions, but they say they're not yet aware of any TSBs from Toyota regarding this complaint. Fair enough. To the dealer's credit, each time I've mentioned this elusive electrical problem, they've invited me to bring my truck in for further evaluation, and also offered a free loaner vehicle. However, I feel that until a TSB (along with a definitive fix) exists that clearly acknowledges this problem, I'd really be wasting my time to leave the truck with them, since the chances (luck) of having this fleeting electrical problem occur while they have the vehicle is probably quite slim indeed. And even if it did occur in their presence, what are the chances that a service technician would be able to isolate, trace, identify, and correct the problem?

    If any of you have knowledge of any TSB or other memos from Toyota regarding this issue (which my dealer may not yet be aware of), I would appreciate any reference #s or links you can provide, which I will then pass along to my dealer for further consideration. Before I ask them to replace my audio amp, etc., I would like to have more documentation if possible. Thanks!
  • I am planning to get a new 4R Limited and need to decide between the V6 and the V8. Consumers Reports says the V6 has poor reliability and the V8 has excellent reliability. What are people actual experiences?
  • I am thinking to order the nav system (with rearview video camera). Those who have them; how do you find the nav system and is the rearview camera useful?
  • I have the V6 & can emphatically state that Consumer Reports has poor reliability. Just pick whichever engine meets your needs-you'll be happy.
  • Consumer Reports evaluated V6 when it just came out (a brand-new engine) and had a few glitches.
  • The major issue is that the 2003 V6 was the subject of a recall related to a problem with the fuel system that created a risk of fire. It is a new engine design I believe so there isn't a lot of history on it.
  • Other than towing it seems like the main advantage of the V 8 is greater acceleration, especially when travelling at a good clip. Is this a correct assumption?
  • gleo2gleo2 Posts: 3
    I was looking to get out of an unreliable vehicle so when I saw that cs was claiming poor reliability on the v6 I looked for why and only found the recall. So I wrote to consumer reports and about 2 Weeks after I bought a 04 V8 Limmited I heard back. Basically the complaints were to do with fit and finish. In otherwards all the squeeks from the first 6months. I assume the V8 was in limmited supply during this time period. Basically there really has not been any reliability issues with the engine.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    My squeeks form my drive belt only ocurred when cold until the belt warmed up (a couple of minutes/miles). Going up or down hills did not make any difference.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I haven't seen performance comparisons between the V6 and V8. The V6 has slightly more horsepower (245 HP) than the V8 (235 HP) while the V8 has more torque (320 ft-lbs) than the V6 (282 ft-lbs). Given those figures, I suspect you are more likely to notice a difference at low speed (right of the line) rather than at high speed. The V8 model is about 200 lbs heavier than the V6 model.

    Given the different transmissions and weights, it's rather hard to predict the exact difference in performance. I suggest you test drive both.

    I will say this, my V8 really moves off the line with authority. I do notice that acceleration drops off significantly above 60 mph, which isn't surprising, given that it has the aerodynamics of a brick...
  • I was surprised to discover there is no under hood light in my new '03 Sport. Was this a design oversight or am I missing something under there? Also, I've seen a couple of strings discussing various methods of plugging all those holes in the engine compartment. Have any other owners come up with solutions? It sure gets filthy under there!
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    The V8 was released months before the V6 so I don't think that explanation holds water. Plus the two are I dentical except for the powertrain. If they rate one worse than another the difference would have to be in the powertrain.
  • gleo2gleo2 Posts: 3
    I agree. But the explanation from consumer reports only had to due with fit and finish issues, that they for some reason tied to the V6 models only. After reading there response I was a little dissapointed in them.
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