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Toyota 4Runner



  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    You put 2000 lbs. in the back of your 4Runner! Wow! I think you exceeded the GVWR by a 1/2 ton. That has to affect safe handling.
  • cpm496cpm496 Posts: 7
    Canddmeyer - The sunroof is not standard on the Sport Edition; it is an option. Yes, the Sport is more $, under 1k, but for it you get not only the XREAS, but different exterior painted effects, an upgraded [darker] interior, 17" wheels & tires unique to the Sport, leather wheel w/ audio controls, telescopic wheel, 8 way drivers seat, and, of course, the hood scoop. After financially disecting both [SR5 & SE], there is no comparison: it's the best grand you can spend.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Like others, I've carried way more than 250 lbs in the back of my 4Runner. I've got XREAS. That kind of weight is not a problem.
  • feralferal Posts: 23
    Thank you all for the feedback!

    I went for 2 test drives today. The first to a shop that can lower the seat by 1", then later for an extended drive in the V8 Sport.

    I just dont fit into the darn thing with the moonroof and i dont think the lowering of the seat by 1" will do it considering the specs say that the moonroof takes away 1.7".

    That really sucks cause there are MANY things in the sport package that i really would like, X-REAS topping that list.

    DOH! I guess i have some thinking to do.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    If any of you reading this are from Toyota, PLEASE BARE IN MIND that Americans ( and Canadians like me ) are TALL and seem to be getting TALLER!!!

    Sorry, had to vent. :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    We frown on intellectual nudity in the Town Hall! ;-)

    Seriously, did you try tilting the seat a little further back? You can shave off a couple of inches when you do that but comfort and safety come first.

    tidester, host
  • Toyota would offer more stuff on SR5 (at least as an option) with each consecutive year. Especially with Pathfinder being all-new in 2005, Hummer H3 coming out, etc. So, wait a bit, maybe 2005 would give you something to cheer about
  • cpm496cpm496 Posts: 7
    Tall & still getting taller? Either you're still young & growing or it's all that exercise you're getting motocrossing! You must race a KTM! Seriously, my experience with putting different seats in different cars is that there really is quite a bid of leeway - you just have to find the right guy to do it well for you. Have you actually test driven a 4Rnr w/o the sunroof?
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    Americans are getting wider not taller. :)
  • feralferal Posts: 23
    cpm496, sorry for the confusion, I just meant in general, Americans ( and Canadians ) seem to be getter taller with each new 'generation'. As for me, i have hit my peak ( 6'4" ) and am patiently waiting for gravity to take hold to start shrinking me back down to a decent height. J

    I haven’t yet test driven a 4runner without a moonroof, but last year I sat in an 03 base w/o moonroof and had sufficient headroom. Most dealers in the area don’t carry models without the moonroof so I have to do a little hunting to try one without.

    tidester HOST, I played with the seat for about 10 minutes to get into the most comfortable position possible, but to have my head not hit the moonroof, well, lets just say I would be looking out the REAR window, not the FRONT window. L

    kinda sucks, I have wanted a 4runner since I was in high school, at the time I COULD fit into them, but couldn’t afford them, now that I have a higher enough paying job to afford one, I cant fit into it! Figures!
  • stove1stove1 Posts: 53
    just recline the seatback ,its quite comfortable that way.
  • ukblokeukbloke Posts: 7
    I'm also 6'4" and there is no way that I could fit comfortably in a new 4Runner with sunroof. It is really surprising as to how short the body of the car is --- much less room than my wife's CRV for example. In the end I bought an SR5 with no sunroof and the extra 1.7" of height makes all the difference. I actually managed to find a V8 with the most bizarre set of options that works well for me. Note that I like to sit tall in my cars, and generally have the seat in the most vertical position. Some other tricks are to rotate the rear view mirror 180 degrees and to remove the extra-thick visor to reveal an extra inch or so of windshield!

    The other concern for us tall folk is with the seat height and finding a way to get enough cushioning under the legs. For long journeys (eg. 8 hours +) I found a wedge shaped cushion works wonders. Others suggested an upholsterer to put extra padding into the seat.

    Hope this helps,

  • clseibclseib Posts: 8
    I'm planning to purchase a 2001 SR5 that I hope to drive for a long time, maybe 10-15 yrs. I'm wondering if leather or cloth seats will hold up better over time. I've seen some older vehicles with leather seats that now look like crap. Does anyone have any insight on the durability of leather vs. cloth seats in 4runners? Thanks!
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I've had both leather and cloth seats in vehciles and I usually keep my vehciles for 5-8 years. I prefer cloth. I keep my interior very clean and am pretty easy on them (no kids/dogs, etc.)

    Cloth Advantages
    -Cost less.
    -Leather requires more cleaning and conditioning.
    -New cloth seats are very tough compared to the cloth of years ago.
    -More comfortable in hot/cold weather.
    -Leather starts to show 'wear' sooner. Some people prefer the look of worn leather - I don't, I think it makes the interior look old.

    10-15 years is a long time considering most people use there vehicles every day. But I'd still buy cloth.
  • My personal preference is leather. My current car is now ten years old and I've had it since it was brand new, the leather has some cracking on it but it's definitely better than most I've seen. Personally, I lived in Florida and now currently in Virginia, I have never had a problem with my interior being too hot or cold b/c in the summer I always keep a sunshade on my windshied at work, it's garaged when I'm at home and my windows are tinted. In the winter I'm wearing pants anyway so I can't feel the "coldness". However, cloth has it's advantages in that it's cheaper and requires less maintenance. That however of course depends on your use. Most of my friends with children prefer leather because it does not stain like cloth and I have two dogs and I prefer leather because I find it doesn't hold scents as much as cloth. But you do have to condition your leather to keep it clean, although I don't really find it to be troublesome, just a part of the maintenance. Lastly I would say the wearing of leather over time depends alot on the manufacturer as well. I know a couple of Pilot owners complaning that their leather seats are already sagging in less than a year. My husband has a lexus now 7 years old with black leather and it looks brand spanking new and he hardly ever conditions his. Personally, I found the cloth seats on the 4Runner/Highlander to be very hard and not comfortable. But that again is opinion. You seem to keep your cars as long as I do so I say get whatever you could be satisfied with 5,6,7, 8 years from now. Goodluck!
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I have a 2000 LTD with tan leather. I've never cleaned or conditioned my leather. I'm sure it could use it but I just have never done it. That said, I can also say that my leather looks almost in mint condition. My truck is garaged at home but at work in DC, I park in a huge, treeless lot for 9 hours a day. On some summer days the internal car temp reaches 100+. Not often but it does happen. Just be prepared if you have to park outside for a long time.

    Also just and interesting side note. Once last summer, a service person at my local Toyota dealer left three long blue ink marks on my front passenger seat. I cleaned one my self with dawn dish washing liquid. That stuff can clean just about anything. It took some scrubbing and didn't completely remove the mark. I left it alone after that and was going to search for a leather cleaner and ink remover. When I check the mark after a few days, it was completely gone with the two remaining marks almost totally faded away. I believe the sun faded the ink away. I'm not sure what that says for the quality of the leather, but where the marks were looks just like the rest of the seat.
  • mgabel2mgabel2 Posts: 37
    In my son's 2003 SR5, with the head lights off, the cluster lights are off. With my 2004 Sport, the cluster lights are always on. What this does is that I think my headlights are on when they are not. A number of times I've left a lighted area at night without my headlights on, for I'm used to connecting lit cluter lights with on headlights. The always-on cluster lights make sense with the Limited's AutoOnHeadlights, but my Sport does not have that. I'd love to have those cluster lights go on only when my headlights are on. What is with other 2004's? Was my programmed wrong? [It was a special build.]
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    This was added in 2004 probably because of complaints that the gauges were hard to see. You will also notice that you have a green light that comes on in you cluster gauges when the low beams are turned on which the 2003's did not have. Both have the blue light for high beams but only the 2004's have the green light.
  • mgabel2mgabel2 Posts: 37
    Toyboxx, thanks for the info. I guess I need to train myself to look for that green light. Or just remember to turn the lights on when it's dark!!
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I have a 2003 SR5 and was one that complained that the gauge lights were hard to see in daylight - especially with sunglasses on. I've tried turing on the parking lights (headlights) to see if that made the guages easier to see and it really had little impact. On the 2004's are the gauge lights easier to see in daylight when they are back lit? I wonder if they changed the actual gauges any?
  • I just got a 2004 Limited V8. What I have noticed is that the cluster guage lights are lit extra bright when the headlights are off. I mean they are brighter than when you turn on the headlights. I guess this was done to improve visibility of the guages during the daylight. At night you don't really need them backlit as bright so the light dims as soon as you turn on the headlights. Overall, I am very pleased with the lighting and the visibility of my guages. I have had no problems seeing them in the daytime or nightime.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    My '03 4Runner Limited is the second SUV I've owned with leather seats, and although I'll spare you the details, I most definitely prefer leather rather than cloth. That said, it is my opinion that Zaino offers the absolute FINEST leather care and cleaning products. For example, Zaino's Z-9 "Leather Soft Spray Cleaner" will amaze you with how quickly, thoroughly, and gently it will remove most any stain from automotive leather. In addition, Zaino's
    Z-10 "Leather In A Bottle" is an "aromatic" leather conditioner that not only conditions and gently softens automotive leather, but also restores a "new car" leather aroma to leather interiors, and this aroma must be experienced to be believed. In addition, Z-10 is highly effective on interior VINYL, and is vastly better than Armor-All, etc. in this regard. Simply put, if you have a leather interior, get thee some Zaino Z-9 and Z-10, and you'll be amazed. You'll also love the aroma!
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    I like leather. Sounds silly, but consider a driver's seat cover, if you don't have the side air bags built into the seat. Estimating 90% of your wear is to that seat. me.

    The 2003 and up seems like it has true leather, not PVC coated like previous 4Runners which could stand up to a beating. Never get this new stuff wet. It will ruin it. Kheinz, you seem reasonable. You give Zaino some validation to what I though was a multi-level marketing product. I am looking for a one application wax for the 4Runner. Not any show wax, just something that lasts...any suggestions? Previous long time Raindance user. Can't find it any more.
  • glenski01glenski01 Posts: 44
    Have only had my 04 Sport edition a few days, vehicle is sound and great, power is smooth, build quality appears great. Some minor complaints, features that do not cost much, and were on my 01 Pathfinder SE: 4 Runnner is easy to leave lights on, gage lights on all the time so hard to tell if lights are on/off, No lights on buzzer, no automatic lights (except on Limited models), driver's side only has one touch electric window control (pass side should too), all window & lock controls should light up at night, just minor, but irritating features I find hard to believe missing in a $35K vehicle.
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    I agree that there are a bunch of little extras that should be included on the 4Runner (at least on the limited models), but I guess this is Toyota's way of saying "if you want it, buy the Lexus GX470." Overtime, they will probably add features that are lacking now.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    If you were to accidentally leave your lights on they will go off automatically after 30 seconds. That is on all models. Try it. Auto on/off on the limiteds works on light conditions but all models will shut off 30 seconds after you leave the truck.
  • glb5glb5 Posts: 39
    You are absolutely right Toyboxx, I have an 04 SR5 and it will turn the lights off automatically. When all else fails READ THE MANUEL.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I read it in the owners manual and tried it once. It does work .I still turn them off manually. Personally, I don't mind the one touch down button, but it is very difficult to adjust the driver's window to only open slightly with a one touch close button.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    Who's this Manuel guy? I read it in my manual. :-) j/k
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    Manuel is a nice guy....leave him alone :P
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Regarding Zaino products, I would urge you to review their web site in order to gain a brief overview of their products before you decide whether or not to try any of them. At first glance, Zaino's wide array of products may initially seem a bit intimidating and confusing, but don't mislead yourself into thinking you must buy nearly every product they make in order to give your new 4Runner a highly protective and gorgeous "Zaino" finish that will have you gushing once you see the results first-hand. Also, don't be mislead by the term "show car" finish, since these products are probably used on far more "everyday" vehicles than on just "show" vehicles. These products were initially conceived to meet the demands of show cars, but they've gone on to become the automotive finish products of first choice among a wide array of vehicle enthusiasts. In short, there's no better system than Zaino's, and while they require a bit of extra work and time, the end results are well worth it. If you love your new 4Runner and want it to look its best for years to come, I urge you to take a closer look at Zaino.

    While the Zaino system is not a "one step" process, in my opinion you can still apply Zaino to your vehicle in a MINIMAL number of steps that won't be much more work than a one step process. To illustrate this point, I would suggest the following "minimalist" Zaino strategy. (Refer to Zaino's web site and their FAQ and "tips" for more information. It is highly recommended that you use clean, white, 100% cotton, made in the USA, Fieldcrest or Cannon towels, as described at Zaino's web site. Buy plenty of these towels, and use them only for your vehicle. do not use any type of fabric softener or dryer sheets when cleaning them.)

    1) Place your vehicle in a clean and well-lit garage for the entire "minimalist" project, which should take only 2-3 hours;

    2) In order to remove all previous waxes, polishes, surface contaminants, etc., wash the vehicle thoroughly using Dawn (Blue) dishwashing detergent. Rinse thoroughly (but don't dry), and then immediately wash the vehicle again, this time using Z-7 Car Wash. Now thoroughly towel dry the vehicle;

    3) Optional but recommended: As you begin to apply the Zaino polish as described below, regularly spritz some Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray onto the polish applicator pad, and keep this pad moistened with Z-6 throughout the application of the polishes;

    4) If your clearcoat has obvious swirl marks or fine scratches that you would like to remove or lessen, GENTLY apply (don't rub!) Z-5 admixed with ZFX, according to the label instructions. When dry, gently buff-off using clean towels. (If you don't have swirl marks or fine scratches, you can simply apply and remove Z-2 admixed with ZFX, according to the label instructions.) NOTE: The most common error made by those who are new to Zaino's polish system is applying an excessive amount of polish! Read the instructions carefully, and trust that only a thin and often nearly invisible film of polish/ZFX is required to do the job right! When you wipe-off the polish after a proper amount of drying time, a sure sign that you've applied just enough polish is how EFFORTLESSLY it will hand-buff off the vehicle's finish, leaving a deeply lusterous and smooth finish to the eyes and to the touch. If you decide that you want MORE of these products on your vehicle's finish, you should apply and wipe-off ADDITIONAL thin coats, rather than applying a heavy coat at any one application!

    5) Assuming you've correctly applied and wiped-off the 1st coat of either Z-5/ZFX or Z-2/ZFX, you should be stunned and amazed by the results. At this point, if you don't wish to proceed with any additional coats of Zaino polish, then relax--you are done! On the other hand, if you've correctly applied and buffed off the polish as described above, you may become intoxicated with your initial results, and you may then become much more enthusiastic about applying additional thin coats of Zaino polish. And indeed, while a single coat of Zaino polish is far better than none, the results you'll see from additional coats will simply knock your socks off. I happen to prefer a first coat of Z-5, followed by 2 or 3 coats of
    Z-2, but your tastes may vary. That said, I'll say again that a single coat of Zaino polish is better than none!

    6) Whenever you wash your vehicle, use Z-16 Tire Gloss on your tires, exterior vinyl, etc. This product is superior to silicone based products, and it holds its shine well.

    7) While the finish of a properly "Zaino'd" finish is amazingly protective and lusterous, there are a few requirements to keep your vehicle's finish looking this good. First, during the warmer months of the year, periodically hand-wash the vehicle using Z-7 car wash soap. Secondly, re-apply the Zaino polish(es) about every six months-- I prefer to do this every spring and fall. Thirdly, try to promptly remove any bird poop or tree sap that you might see on the finish, and try to park in areas where this stuff is less likely to fall on the vehicle.

    While the above steps may initially seem like too much work, consider that you're already washing and polishing your vehicle every now and then, and you're probably also applying tire dressing every so often. Therefore, it shouldn't seem to be much more of a stretch to begin using Zaino products in place of the products you're currently using, and once you catch the Zaino bug, you might want to explore their other products, such as their leather cleaning and conditioning products.
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