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Toyota 4Runner



  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Alfster, you've picqued my curiosity about XM radio. I own an '03 4Runner with DVD/Nav., and am curious about how and where the XM Commander would best be placed. Thanks! KH
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    I also have an '03 V8 4Runner Limited with the NAV system.

    Sure. Please refer to message #463 in the 4Runner Accessories Forum. I have included a link to the one foto that I have of the display unit. I will be adding more photos in the future when I get a chance.

    The XM service is a great one to have, particularly if you do alot of driving. Since there are many programming genres that aren't available on regular radio (ie. Comedy, CNBC, Instant Traffic and Weather in 21 cities, CNN, Bloomberg, etc.), you'll be able to experience much more and be able to catch up on the audio portion of certain news and sports programs. Good luck.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Here's the link: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

    tidester, host
  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283
    I put XM in my 04 4Runner, and am really impressed by it. I used the Roady, and mounted it on a swivel mount on the face of the tilt out panel below the A/C panel. All the excess wires go inside that panel. The ant. I have on the dash with a bit of velcro, and it works fine. Also, since the 4Runner doesn't have a weather radio, I bought a hand held weather alert radio for long trips - nice to know if a t-storm or tornado is coming your way,
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    I thought about purchasing the Roady controller, but I was concerned about the exposed wiring and didn't think I would remove the detachable controller for home use. Now, after experiencing XM, I want to purcchase another controller for home use! :) The XM traffic and weather stations are great, but only if you are in one of the 21 represented locales. I have a weather alert/scanner radio for the treks out into the woods...
  • lildevil23lildevil23 Posts: 19
    THe weekend was a blast. I'am guilty of not having driven any vehicle at 55mph, but am following that routine for the break in period!!
    I love the handling of the truck though..very responsive to the throttle and didnt have any problems with the braking yet!!.
    The wind noises posted by folks early on in the forum is not much of a concern, i have the wind deflector which seemed to have taken care of that problem.
    While on I95 I did get some foul odor, but it turned out because i was passing the industrial area next to newark!! But the cabin filter was a 100% effective in getting rid of the odor!
    My only problem is the music system that comes standard with the V6 SE, toyota could have done better. The sound quality, although good, is not even as effective as that I have on my 92' Camry!! (most probably due to the space and construction)The XM is a thought at the back of my head as the primary driver 'my wife' does not really listen to a lot of radio..all her listening is from the burnt CD's..which seems to be playing good so far!!
    Need to install crash bars on the truck, will most probably put it up within a months time. I took into account the airbag issues, but i cannot have my titanium metal body scratched!!..
    No plans to do anything major with the truck till this month end, will probably end up taking a road trip to PA
    Thanks again for all the advise and feedback.
    And the website should really be promoted as a true 4runner site
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    I'm glad that you are enjoying your new 4Runner.

    As far as the stereo goes, I guess that including a mediocre stereo as standard is Toyota's subtle way of "gently persuading" the purchaser to opt for the JBL. There is just too much volume for a standard stereo to fill with quality sound. Don't worry, there are lots of options that you can purchase from aftermarketers. Crutchfield is a great resource (free catalogs!), but their prices aren't always the best. They do provide great customer and technical service though. Otherwise, until then, enjoy the "burnt" CDs. Are they of the "kazaa" persuasion?? <wink,wink,nudge,nudge> :)
  • claymore1claymore1 Posts: 21
    Did I understand that 2003 4Runner V6 had some problems with the belt squeeling and some manifold noise (based on discussions I read here)? Have these problems been resolved or do they exist at all on newer models?
  • Just past 6 months since I bought my SR5 V-6. No rattles..a pleasure to drive so far. I have 7,000 miles on it. I did have the occasional sulfur odor problem but moving up to mid-grade gasoline seems to have solved that. Everyone that rides in it marvels at how quiet it is. Have gotten 22 mpg on the highway, about 18 mpg around town. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an SUV.
  • lildevil23lildevil23 Posts: 19
    Kaaza, WinMX,Napster and all the free source platforms that helps spread the love and money around!!
    My wife says that she heard some kinda thunking sound(happened 2 times), she had the moonroof open. That should discount the deflector adjusting itslf to speed(as suggested by a previous post). I need to sit in the truck when that happens to atleast pinpoint out the source, if not a remedy to the sound.
    She also said that she felt the brake pedal vibrates in its place. I recall that post too..need to do some back-reading.
    I will be taking the truck to look at the option of getting the Westin chrome push & brush guards this weekend. Any suggestions/opinions?
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    More money to make the 4Runner payments :)

    I haven't throught of any front brush guard yet, but I am more likely inclined to purchase the Westin black guard (I am not a fan of chrome, unless it's on a classic car). I'm not in a rush though and am waiting to see if any other manufacturers will make guards in the near future. Currently, the only rear protection I have for my 4Runner is a GoRhino Step hitch in black. It is pretty functional and sturdy.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    In my experience (and according to my dealer's outstanding technicians, some of whom own '03 or '04 4Runners), the occasional, subtle brake pedal vibrations and associated soft "pump-like" noises are a normal part of the vehicle's microprocessor controlled "adaptive learning" mode, in which the vehicle is slowly learning to tailor the performance of various systems to the driver's average driving habits.

    I'm the sole and original owner of an '03 V8, AWD 4Runner Limited, which currently has over 16,000 miles on the odometer. I can tell you from my own experience that these occasional soft vibrations and associated soft "pump-like" noises from the brake system should progressively lessened during the first ~7500 miles. Indeed, at this time I can't well recall the last time I really noticed these brake pedal sensations, so subtle have they become. In short, it seems to be a normal aspect of the vehicle's behavior particularly during the first 5000-10,000 miles, and unless you see brake system warning lights come on and remain on during normal operation, you're probably well advised to not worry about it.

    That said, there have been a couple of owners of '03 4Runners at this forum who've previously reported that having their vehicles' brake master cylinder replaced promptly eliminated this occasional brake pedal vibration and pump-like noise. I'd previously discussed this idea with my dealer's technicians, and they opined that this was probably quite unneccessary in most cases. They said that this occasional brake pedal vibration and soft noise would largely dissipate with time, and in the case of my 4Runner, they were right on the money.

    You mentioned an occasional "thunking" noise, and here I would mention my observation that whenever the vehicle's engine is started while the A.C. (air conditioning)is set to ON, the vehicle will almost always emit a noticeable "thunking" sound and vibration almost immediately after the ignition ignites the engine, and this is due to the AC compressor rather abruptly "kicking in" and imposing a sudden load on the engine. On the other hand, if you set the AC controls so that the AC compressor will be OFF at engine start-up (i.e., switch the HVAC controls out of AUTO mode, and make sure the AC isn't set to "on" or defrost mode) you should not feel or hear this "thunk" when you start the engine. But once you've done this and the vehicle is still parked, now turn on the AC compressor and what do you then immediately feel and hear-- a "thunking" sound, perhaps? Yes. This is just the sound of the load from the compressor suddenly being added to the engine at idle or at lower RPMs. Not sure if this is what your wife is hearing, but it's just a thought.
  • cobaltcobalt Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what changes are instore for the 2005 model year 4Runner?

    Any idea when it will be released?

    What do you wish will be included?
  • lildevil23lildevil23 Posts: 19
    The truck was in motion on the highway and not parked; neither was the AC on as the wife had the moonroof open. If it werent for that and had she switched on the AC (<2000 RPM), probably the thunking would have occurred due to the additional load. But i'll keep you posted

    As for the vibration sounds..logical but kinda disturbing. Does the 4 runner have preset driver preferences on any of its models?? If yes, then the vibration will last for a longer time as the vehicle would need to adapt to multiple drivers.
  • laurencedflaurencedf Posts: 4
    I just bought the Limited 4Runner, 4WD, V6. There is NO option that has NOT been added to the vehicle. It has everything. I bought it used with 9971 miles on it. A guy had turned it in after family problems. I got it for $34,495. Was this a good deal? (Please tell me yes!) First time I've financed a car.
    Color is black -- not my first choice but I happily accepted the compromise.
  • laurencedflaurencedf Posts: 4
    I forgot -- it is a 2004.
  • stove1stove1 Posts: 53
    Uh... I don't think so. Every year end Toyota comes out with $3000 rebate on those 4runners. Last December I shopped for my 4 runner Dealers were discount $7000 from list on leftovers. Lots of them are black and I see them still around in February.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    Only if you got the V8. Either way, enjoy it.
  • genghisgenghis Posts: 2
    I hope you are not living in Florida, black is very hot in the summer time...enjoy your 4runner
  • stoesstoes Posts: 9
    You will drive yourself nuts looking backwards wondering if you got a good deal. You will always find someone that got a better deal than you.

    Enjoy your new car.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    Amen to that! Enjoy your new truck.
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    Think of the bright side, the 4Runner is already broken in for you :) Enjoy the drive.
  • loudog2loudog2 Posts: 83
    I heard about a recall on the v6. The crank shaft pulleys. Some were improperly machined and can cause damage to the front oil seal. I called my service department, they said they heard about it, but do not have all the details yet. Service said Toyota should be sending out letters soon. LSC(limited service campaign) 40c are what they are tracking it as. I hope it is only a limtited # of 4-runners. Consumer reports will have another field day with this one. Got this information from another 4-runner site, they have pictures of some of the letters already sent by Toyota. Again, I confirmed it with my service department also.
  • Hey Loudog2, what 4-runner board did you get that information from? Sounds like the v6 is going to have ongoing problems. But with any new engine design there are problems. With simulations and in-house testing there are still bugs to be found. The real testing is in the first two years of testing by the public.
  • rayh78rayh78 Posts: 6
    even with the JBL upgrade you still dont have a mediocre stereo if you compare it to what comes in most new cars. Should we take a poll. Who has actually heard a stereo in a new auto that sounds worse. It is not terrible but every one I have heard in a few cheaper autos sounds better.
  • rkymtnhghrkymtnhgh Posts: 14
    Can anyone in the Denver metro area recommend a dealer with a great service department? I am closest to Elway Toyota- any opinions on them? Thanks.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I bought my 4Runner from John Elway and have only had 3 opportuinties for service. One was a squeaky belt and the other two were oil changes. I found the service visits to be as I expected, which was good. So far, I would recommend them for service. Their sales process was worse than average. I haven't tried any other Toyota dealers in Denver.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    Check out a Honda Odyssey for a POS stereo. My wife has an 03 Nissan Altima. She admits my JBL sounds better. A lot depends on how you set it up and what you listen to. I always thought War's Low Rider was an excellent test. My JBL is one of the best I've heard in a vehicle reproduce it.
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    Wagner's "Ride of the Valkrie" and Pink Floyd's "Money" are also great for testing stereos.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    If I play "Ride of the Valkrie" I drive 10 MPH faster.
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