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Toyota 4Runner



  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    OK, so I go with the V8. Can someone describe or direct me to how the AWD works on the V8, and is it the best 4x4 setup for the 4Runner?

    I'm assuming that the AWD is, not like the Subie full 4WD? Right / Wrong.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    If money is an issue, and you are smoker (esp. in the NY area), just give up smoking! With current prices of over $7/pack, you can pay for the V8 nicely equipped a little bit easier :)
  • djod49djod49 Posts: 12
    Hi, I've got a 99 Sr5 V6 w/79000k on it and am seriously thinking about getting a 4th Gen SR5. I special ordered the 99 and previously a 95 SR5 as well. As in the past the dealer ( in R.I.) told me 4-6 months for it to show up. My question is does anyone know the cutoff date that would make the special order an 05 vs. an 04 and when do the new brochures come out? The dealer tells me that the factory is mum on any details of the 05's until the last minute (Sept. or Oct?) in order to sell the 04's. I would prefer an 05 but don't know if there are any price hikes on the horizon.
  • goldenskygoldensky Posts: 9
    Previous experiences with Elway in Denver. Since my husband is a fan, we've gone to them twice but both times, we have been so put off by them we purchased elsewhere. In less then a year we purchased a 4Runner Ltd from Burt Toyota and then a Dodge Neon for our son from Lithia Dodge. Both times went to Elway first as they are closer but questions asked via the internet were poorly responded to and often automated. When we gave up and went to the dealer in person, weren't that great either. I would say both times, the bad impression began with the poor internet response and I would say both times, the dealer we ended up buying from was the result of excellent internet response. Go figure. I will also say we lived in Reno, NV years ago and Reno Toyota was so good that over many years, we purchased five Toyotas from them. Still think well of them!
  • aroutharouth Posts: 45
    I have a Sport and the one thing that I wish I had with it is a power drivers seat. I asked if it was possible to special order one(my 4runner was a special order to get side curtain airbags) but its not possible. I also asked if it were possible to have one installed aftermarket. Unfortunately, it would cost a lot, almost $1000. I decided it wasn't worth it, so I just live with the manuel drivers seat. Its kinda a pain, but everything else about the 4runner is so great it doesn't matter.
  • 4rnr4rnr Posts: 25
    Toyota has just released a TSB for the rotten egg smell in '03/04 4 Runners. The bulletin # EG015-04 is identical to the TSB issued for the GX 470. From what I've read on a Lexus forum the fix WORKS!!! The ECM is recalibrated for fuel delivery and the cat. converter is replaced the whole job takes about 4 hrs.. At the moment you must look up the Gx 470(on the NHTSA website) for the TSB. The bulletin number is #004-04.
  • hlronhlron Posts: 113
    Danc, I am far from an expert in 4Runners or any other vehicle, however since I have not noticed a response to your post, I'll offer my input (presuming you have not yet made a decision): I don't think my answer may be one you are looking for, but whether it is worth it or not depends on if you want it or not for that price. As for me - my opinion only - those things you noted in your post would make me think that perhaps this vehicle has not been cared for as much as others, and would make me cautious on buying it at any price. The reason is that the upfront cost of buying it may be nothing compared to potential repair bills from lack of oil or other reasons, and other costs to get the truck up to good condition. Just my thoughts. Good luck either way.
  • lukeglukeg Posts: 32
    where on NHTSA web site can you find the bulletin you are talking about? I cannot find it. What is NHTSA Item Number?


  • 4rnr4rnr Posts: 25
    At the moment you must look up the TSB's that are listed for the 2003 Lexus GX 470 on the NHTSA website where you will see the "Odor" TSB(again the Service Bulletin # is 004-04 and the NHTSA Item Number is 10007092). I found the TSB for the 4 Runner on a Toyota only BB. I don't think it will be long before this TSB for the 4 Runner is added to the NHTSA site.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    Judging from the responses on another website it seems, so far, that the recall notice (crankshaft pulley and crankshaft seal replacement) of 2004 V6 4Runners applies to those built before 10/03. Will anyone with a build date after 10/03 and have received a recall notice please respond? My build date is 01/04 and to date I have not received a recall notice.
  • lukeglukeg Posts: 32
    Is the recal for V6 only or also for the V8? I have V8 built in 9/03 and I didn't get any letters.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    Yes, it's just for the V6. It may be for all 2004 V6's, regardless of build date. The recall was issued on 4/26/04, so it's at least for those built before that date, I would assume.
  • paulyjsobpaulyjsob Posts: 48
    My friend bought a 2004 4wd SR5 V6 4runner and is about to buy a new 21' boat that weight 4000 lbs dry w/o trailer. The dealer told him that his V6 4runner can tow 6700 lbs because it has a new hitch receiver. Everywhere I read it says the V6 can tow a maximum of 5000 lbs and the V8 7300 lbs. Who is right? What can the V6 tow? Thanks!
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    The owners manual states that the maximum towing capacity for the V6 is 5000 lbs. for either weight carrying or weight distributing hitch.
  • paulyjsobpaulyjsob Posts: 48
    So the dealer fed him a bunch of BS...
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    What would you expect from a dealer. They are, for the most, a cutthroat bunch. I rely more on these forums to get the straight dope. A good dealer seems to be one that is the least worse of the the others. Read the book by Remar Sutton on buying your next car. It's really and eye-opener and I found it to be very true (and most useful) when I searched for a new car at several dealers and then negotiated for my new 2004 Toyota 4Runner.
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    It is sounding like the V8 would be the safer route to go as far as proven engine reliability goes.

    Would most everyone agree??
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    jgriff, by all accounts the V8 is a proven reliable engine. The reliability discussions here (you might search previous posts) generally focus on engine+transmission reliability, since those are the two biggest, most complex, most-expensive-to-repair mechanical lumps in the vehicle.

    It seems to be an issue of "pick your risk" to me. The V8 is a proven engine paired with a brand-new transmission. The V6 is a brand-new engine paired with a proven transmission. Transmission experts have posted here and elsewhere that modern automatic transmissions are as complex and likely to need repair as are engines. That's been my experience too, and a major reason why I went with a company known to get reliability right from the start.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    I owned a previous '02, 4WD Explorer whose transmission developed permanent shifting problems very soon after I naively allowed the Ford dealer to "flush" the tranny (for $160.00) when the truck was due for its first transmission fluid change. Without first disclosing this experience, I recently asked my Toyota dealer's service manager if they "flush" transmissions when they change the tranny fluid. Not surprisingly, he told me that they simply drain the fluid and replace it; and that these so-called flushing services are a good way to damage a perfectly good transmission. Just thought I'd pass along this advice.
  • my2centsmy2cents Posts: 20
    For owners of 2003-2004 4Runners that stink there has now been a TSB issued to help relieve the problem. Effective May 27,2004 this TSB includes flashing your Electronic Control Module (ECM) with a new set of instructions and the replacement of the catalytic converter assembly. This TSB is identified as “EG015-04” and is applicable to V6 engines only with VIN numbers that are earlier than the following numbers: (2WD) JTEZU##R#40026890, (4WD) JTEZU##R#40032900, (2WD) JTEZU##R#480115332, and (4WD) JTEZU##R#480119048. Remember that this coverage is provided if you have a complaint. Toyota is not anticipated to send you a notice of a recall. A recall for V6 engines is also coming on potential oil leaks stemming from an error in fabrication of the crankshaft pulley housing. Effected customers should receive a recall in the mail. Unfortunately I don’t have the numbers for this recall yet but your dealer should already be aware of this work and the effected vehicles.
  • socal007socal007 Posts: 23
    Information available elsewhere is indicating the V8 will have VVTi in 2005, which ups hp(282@4800rpm) & tq(325).
    4Runner gets it ??
    Any comments
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I know those numbers have been thrown around the Sequoia board for the Sequoia and Tundra but no mention of the 4Runner. They may want to separate them or it could be optional in the runner. Just speculation of course.
  • sonny_k9sonny_k9 Posts: 15
    Dealers here in DC are discounting 4runners. I found one dealer listing SE's 5k under MSRP (2k under invoice). Now thats a sweat deal. A fully loaded SE for 29k (MSRP $34k and invoice $31k).

    Does it make sense to wait for the 2005, when do they come to dealers anyway?
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    The 2005 is still a ways off. They usually show up in September, just a trickle and full swing in October.

    That is a good deal on a 04, remember 2004 is not half way done, I mean it is not like November. I don't know what new items the 2005 has, but I would say a good rule of thumb is, if you keep the SUV 2 or 3 years, get the 2005 and if you keep it 4 years or longer a 1 year older model doesn't matter that much.

    I guess another question is "should you wait longer for a better deal?" Still that deal seems pretty good, I would be tempted.
  • nick4597nick4597 Posts: 50
    Any recommendations for a good seat cushion or a way to pad the otherwise rock hard seats found in my 03 SR5. I have a bad leg (femur break) and driving my much-loved 4runner can be very painful at times. Thanks!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Huh? My brother's old Recaro seat was firm. My wife's C240 seats are almost firm. My 2003 4Runner seats are soft and wimpy.

    You might try sheepskin covers. Cheaper than replacing the whole seat.
  • yomolsyomols Posts: 24
    I live in the Denver Co. area and have called Pep Boys and other parts stores looking for an air filter. Other than the Toyota dealer has anyone had any luck finding one? Thanks for the help.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    Why go aftermarket? You can get Toyota original air filter for the same if not cheaper than most aftermarket by shopping at They are a Toyota dealer with amazing prices on OEM stuff.
  • yomolsyomols Posts: 24
    Just ordered the filter from partznet. Obviously, I didn't know about them. Thanks again.
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