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Toyota 4Runner



  • Would like to have a copy of that invoice,I am considering buying Sport 4runner.
  • I understand that X-REAS shocks provide safety and lessen body roll over.

    I recently went in for a test drive. Found that SR5 ride is less harsh than SE. Is this true or just my perception.

  • would you get a pre-owned Land Cruiser 35K miles $32K or a new 4Runner Sport????
  • ps...we currently own a nissan armada
  • olineoline Posts: 3


    I am in the middle of a big mess and desperately seeking advice! The engine for my 1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4WD V6 110.000 miles recently overheated. I was able to drive it briefly and then had to push it to the nearby mechanic shop.


    The next day, the mechanic informed me that the radiator which blew its cap needed to be replaced as well as the fan and thermostat which were working but due for replacememnt. However, upon performing the above repairs the mechanic (Mechanic #2) discovered that the previous mechanic (Mechanic #1) who had replaced the radiator in 6/04 had put too much water in the coolant which froze solid (I'm in Boston- brrrr!). According to mechanic #2 this subsequently damaged the 5th of my 6 cylinders. The radiator, thermostat and fan were replaced so that the car would run while I awaited a formal estimate for engine repair.


    Upon calling the mechanic #1 back with further details of the damage, he agreed to replace the radiator as he had told me in a previous conversation but insisted that my car would be smoking excessively (which it's not) if there were cylinder damage and that the radiator issue would not cause cylinder damage. Mechanic #1 insisted that he was not responsible for the engine damage. I then had mechanic #2 call mechanic #1. According to mechanic #2, mechanic #1 was rude and insisted that he was not responsible. Mechanic #1 was gone when I tried to call him back.


    In the interim, I don't feel safe driving my old car which is obviously not worth repairing and have located a used 2001 4Runner which I would like to purchase this weekend because it's a good deal.


    Questions to you guys: Which mechanic is right? Could the frozen coolant/ radiator issue cause engine damage? How do I pursue this matter if mechanic #1 is indeed at fault? What measures do I need to take to prove this before getting rid of the old car?


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm obviously stressed and tight on time given that I found exactly what I want in the "new" used 2001 4Runner.


    Thanks and have a great weekend!
  • I live in VA Beach, does anyone know (or heard) about installing a 3rd seat in the back bed of a 4runner? Mine is a 1997 and I dont want to sell it for something else, it would be cheaper to spend a couple hundred to add a 3rd seat. I saw it done to a 80's FJ60 Landcruiser before. thanks
  • dawneedawnee Posts: 59
    To those of you who have purchased a 2005 4Runner, I have a question. I understand that they have made some improvements that make it ride better than previous 4Runners and that gas mileage is somewhat better on the 4WD models than previously.


    Can anyone attest to this? I do not know where the friend who told me this got the info, could have been hearsay. That is why I am asking.


    I really like the look of the 4Runner and all but was considering the Highlander just because of the gas mileage issue. I can't see getting 17 mpg when I can get 22 on a 4 cyl HL or 20 on a 6 cyl HL at the price gas is now.


    Anybody with any insight, please respond. Does the new 4Runner get better than 17 mpg and does it ride smoother? Anyone who has researched and driven both vehicles, would love your input overall. I don't have to have 4wd as I live down South but 2wd will be totally useless with even a dusting of snow. That is why I would buy 4wd in a 4Runner for this reason.


    Advice please????!!!
  • I think you have clearly identified the differences between the Highlander and the 4Runner....the Highlander is basically a car with greater ground clearance...the 4Runner is a true truck. I have ridden in and driven the pre-2003 4Runner, and I currently own a 2004 4Runner. I can say without hesitation that the 2004 is far superior to that which it replaced. The ride is very good for a true SUV...the Highlander will be better though, without a doubt. As for gas mileage, I seem to be getting better than most. I opted for the V8 engine, and I have not been sorry. In the city I normally get 14-18...depending on the outside temperature, driving habits, etc. On the highway, I have gotten as much as 23 mpg, which I think is fantastic for the V8. 21-22 is the norm. I really don't think you can lose with either vehicle....both have bullet proof reliability...but based on my choice, I'm biased toward the 4Runner. Good luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    You might find a working link in the archived Aftermarket 3rd row seats for SUVs discussion.


    Steve, Host
  • Can someone tell me where the coolant drain plug is on the block / 2001 SR5. For draining, my factory manual indicates the radiator drain plug with an arrow and another vague arrow pointing at the timing cover ??? huh ?

  • I agree with neumie2000. The Highlander is based on a Camry frame. The 4Runner is (at least my 2001) a ladder frame /light truck. I'm approaching 28k miles with only one glitch which was a leaking differential gasket at aprox 20k miles. / warranty covered. I have to think this is unusual....just my luck.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    We just bought a 2005 4Runner. Our other car was a Lexus RX330, which is similar to the Highlander.

    We also chose the 4Runner over the Highlander because my wife likes the look of it much more than the Highlander, both inside and out. I'm not certain, but I think the Highlander does not have A/C vents for the rear seats. If this is true, than I consider this to be a significant oversight on Toyota's part, as almost every other SUV provides cooling for the rear seat passengers. (This is a concern for us, living in Arizona!) If you want 3rd row seats, the Highlander's 3rd row seats are more functional than the 4Runner's.

    The 4Runner rides more like a truck, but it still handles and rides comfortably well. My wife says it is much better to drive than her friend's new Explorer. Our ride improved when we deflated the tire pressure down from the 43psi(!) which the tires were originally inflated at the dealer.

    I disagree about the 2WD 4Runner being totally useless in a "dusting of snow". The '05 models now come with a limited slip rear differential. More importantly, they come standard with traction control and stability control. I have seen arguments both ways, but my personal feeling is this helps significantly improve traction on slick or lightly dusted roads. As long as the tires have a good tread on them, I don't see a problem. Don't get me wrong -- I agree 4WD provides the additional traction that is necessary for deeper snow depths.
  • dmac3dmac3 Posts: 1
    For a truck-based vehicle the Runner rides quite well with its well damped suspension, but it's certainly not Avalon-like.

    My 2005 4wd Runner with 1000 miles on the clock since purchase last week has averaged 21 mpg (calculated)in 2wd mode, with bias to hiway driving here on Cape Cod. Take the average mpg information panel read-out with a grain of salt: it appears to be 5-10% optimistic, although long periods between resets may improve accuracy.
  • I have had my 05 SE 4Runner (V8) for about a week now - I tested the SR5 many times prior to purchase, I agree the SR5 seems to ride smoother. However, I picked the SE for 2 reasons, the X-REAS system and the larger diameter brake rotors. Form my experience, the SE handles more securely than the SR5 with much less body roll- also it seems to handle bumpy road surfaces better. Wife has a Lexus ES330 - I wanted my new car to be a Lexus - I was so pleased by ride quality and fit and finish of the 4Runner - No wander Lexus are so nice, all the goodies come from Toyota.
  • I have ~3k on my 04 4wd SR5and average 17 mpg. I have not had the opportunity to take the truck on an interstate road trip. I preferred the 4Runner for the 4wd capability and find the ride incredibly smooth. I traded an 02 Accord and the ride is as good if not better. I have also owned a 95 Tacoma 4x4 and a 99 Explorer and the ride is far superior. I'm happy with my choice, think of your needs and you will be too because you can't go wrong with either vehicle.
  • What are the reasons to get a V8 versus a V6 4Runner?

    I'm unlikely to tow anything like the 5000lbs towing capacity, just maybe a small fishing boat.

    Does a V8 give you much more acceleration than the V6?

    Most of my use will be long distance commuting, so the ability to rapidly accelerate in rush hour traffic is helpful.
  • Hi love054r,
    Thanks for the reply. Does SE handle bumpy rode surfaces better?
    Well... you may be right..but I thought the opposite is true. Meaning SR5 rides smoother becauze bumpy roads are handled softer, compared to SE. Please feel welcome to correct me.
    Have a nice weekend
  • Today, I needed to hit the accelerator hard while entering I-95 while carrying 2 adults and a child and my 4Runner V6 performed beautifully in its responce. For daily commuting, you will not need a V8. Test drive one and you will see.
  • This is for anyone thinking about buying a 4Runner. I have owned a 4x4 4Runner since 1989 (230K miles)and recently bought an almost new 2004 SR5 4x2 from CarMax. Both are great and I encourage anyone looking for a dependable truck to think 4Runner. The new 4runner is very solid, fast, and almost too nice to be a "truck." Yes I was tempted by the v8, and the Limited almost got me but... I want a truck. Yesterday I tested my new 4Runner on flooded roads covered with mud, rocks, etc. with no problem. A 4x4 is nice but honestly in all the winter mountain driving and off road travels I did in my 89 it was clearance and good tires and not 4x4 that was critical. The new 4x2 with traction control should be fine for most people. Unlike in 19989, today you have many choices for what is now called an "SUV." Ask an owner, go 4Runner!
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    I have a new 4Runner with the base 6-speaker audio system. I'm a little disappointed with the sound quality. The front sounds a little hollow, and the rear speakers seem rather boomy/muddy. I am thinking about keeping the stock head unit and replacing the speakers. I read somewhere that these 4Runner stock speakers have their own custom mounting brackets. Any replacement speakers will require new brackets.

    Has anyone replaced their front and/or rear door speakers? Was it worth the effort? Any recommendations? Thanks!!
  • I have a 2003 SR5 & my trip computer is always under estimating mileage.
    I have tracked my mileage since new & average 19 on an interstate but for local driving (near Pittsburgh) a 7 mile ( 5 traffic lights)trip to work gets me 14.7 in winter, and 16.5 in summer.
  • jr1jr1 Posts: 9
    Have a 2005 4runner, sr5, rwd, v6. less than 500 miles, the rear wiper goes out and have to be replaced. Has anyone had similiar problems with the 2005 4runner?
    The V6 is peppy and handling nice.It has all the safety air bags, etc. It needs more cargo room.
    But it is too much money for vehicle with so few options.You should get more than 4 wheels and a engine for their prices. Not enough leg room up front, need powerseats, telescopic steering wheel, climate controls can be improved, can be confusing at first. better rear view mirror choices. You should not have to buy the top of the line to get options that other manufacturers put in base line models.
  • I have a 2004 SR5, V8, with no rear window wiper problems. I have to totally disagree with your "I should get more for my money" argument. The standard 4WD 4Runner comes with automatic ignition, automatic temperature control, VSC, downhill assist, an automatic rollback feature and more. I owned a 2003 Ford Explorer XLS and it came with none of the above (far less standard for virtually the same sticker price). I too wish the 4Runner had more rear seat legroom and more cargo capacity...I guess you have to upgrade to the Sequioa to get that, however. Just my 2 cents.
  • Don't get me wrong.. I absolutely LOVE my 4Runner. I've had it a year now, and it's an awesome piece of work.. haven't had a single problem with it, not one! But while up in Colorado recently, I had problems several times with it automatically doing the slippage thing on me. What I mean is, if I'm in a small bank of snow or mud, or on any ground that is slippery, instead of being able to power up and kinda spin the tires and work the vehicle up and out of the area.. it does that clicking sound, as (I'm guessing) the differential gives way until you regain traction. I believe they put that in place to detect and account for things like hydroplaning. But when you're in a vehicle like this (and you're using it to it's capabilities), you're going to find yourself in less than desirable off-road conditions from time to time. I live in Dallas, so I didn't really feel like I needed a 4WD.. and a 2WD would be fine if it just didn't give way when I'm trying to power up when the wheels can't catch traction. So my question is.. is there a way I can disable this function? If so, would I just lose out on that auto-detection of slippage, or would I be sacrificing some other major functionality? I found it pretty embarrassing when I was stuck in a small amount of snow, and I can't generate the HP to rock it back and forth and up and out of a hole or small snowbank. And the sound it makes inside the car always gets a "Whoa, what is that? That sounds terrible." comment out of any passenger. Thanks for any help on this!
  • I absolutely love my 2005 4runner but I really
    want to hard wire my i pod mini to the stock radio, I have a found a device that will enable
    me to do this but I need to get behind the stock
    radio... so my question is has anyone taken apart the dash...
    or is there a way to get a schematic from toyota
    so I don't screw up my favorite toy?
    any input is most appreciated
  • Please understand, I am no expert in working on car radios. That being said, if you only need to access the inputs on the back of the factory radio, you should not need to take the dash apart at all. Your local Circuit City should have the necessary tool to simply pop the radio out of the dash board without removing any dash panels. I would check with them, they will likely do it for you with little or no cost.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Has nobody here changed out any speakers in a 2003-2005 4Runner? Appreciate any input...
  • I had my valet key (grey) stolen from my 03 runner. I am looking for some advise as to next steps to take. I was told by dealer that I can have my master keys re-programmed to prevent valet key from starting car. However I believe that the valet key can still open the driver side door and trunk. Would I need to replace the lockset and thus have new keys mades?

    As I can't get into the dealer for a few days..I was told that the valet key only allows truck to be driven for limited this true? As I have no garage I am a bit worried, and hate to have to sleep with one eye on the vehicle at night.
    Any advise/experienced info on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • >I have a 2003 SR5 & my trip computer is always >under estimating mileage.
    >I have tracked my mileage since new & average 19 >on an interstate but for local driving (near >Pittsburgh) a 7 mile ( 5 traffic lights)trip to >work gets me 14.7 in winter, and 16.5 in summer.

    D-u-u-de!!! This may be the only honest trip computer anybody owning an SUV ever reported on Edmunds :)
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