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Toyota 4Runner



  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    how funny! Two different people over in 4Runner Problems and Solutions had recently noticed the same problem you have! It is very common with older 4Runners, and is not really a problem.

    I posted a link which explains it and also gives you a way to fix it if you care enough to take the time:

    nippononly, "Toyota 4Runner: Problems and Solutions" #916, 1 May 2005 9:25 pm

    That is the post that has the link. Basically you don't need to worry about it unless you want everything to be picture-perfect. It can be an irritating noise but isn't damaging anything. There is a section in there addressed to countchocula that explains about the steering stops, that is the one you want.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • foreman1063foreman1063 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the link nippononly. I'll be sure to grease my steering stops next oil change. I'll check in next time I have any questions or comments. Thanks again, John . Btw, this is a good site for oem parts @ great prices.
  • I took a 350 mile drive lately and computed my gas mileage for a V6 2005 4 runner ... in two wheel drive... up and down steep hills and on the freeway, through towns, etc. 21.8 mpg calculating gas consumed by the pump infill... after the 350 miles. The guage on my dash said 22mpg. average.

    I think using 93 octane which I did vs. 91 octane gas might make a difference in mileage.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I get around 18-19 on the highway in my 4WD V8. I usually drive around 70 mph. My combined highway/suburban commute (some of it stop-and-go) is around 17.5 mph. Those numbers are calculated by dividing gallons put in the tank by miles driven.

    I typically find that the computer in the dash is 1-2 mpg optimistic. YMMV.
  • fishtookfishtook Posts: 17
    Any "Sport Edition" owners care to comment how the ride is ?? Is it bumpy vs
    LTD ??
  • slarryslarry Posts: 19
    Mine is exactly the same for my V-8, 17.5 MPG, with the same conditions as yours.
    Couple of clarifications. Your formula was reversed, it's miles driven divided by gallons put in tank.... and I believe you meant MPG. I still don't think that mileage is bad. Surely when people bought a 4R within the past 6-months they never thought gas would be going down. Remember when it was a 1.50 not too very long ago and we got use to it. We have to do the same when it's over 2.50 a gallon, cause that will even seem cheap if it goes to 3 bucks. It's not going to get cheaper, it may stabilize a bit, but then go back up even higher. Trading your 4R in would cost you lots of $$$$ and you wouldn't make that up in the fuel economy you get from a compact car, plus you'd be miserable without your
    4 runner :) .
  • beercoll1beercoll1 Posts: 88
    I have an 03 v8 sport edition. I would not consider the ride bumpy. The suspension is stiff, but I like that kind of ride. I find that you have better feel for the road if the suspension is stiff. I have not driven the LTD version, so I cannot comment.
    I have the XREAS suspension, which makes cornering a breeze, i.e. very little body roll.
  • pdxorepdxore Posts: 1
    Does anyone know when Toyota plans to introduce the 4Runner Hybrid? I am shopping, but wouldn't mind waiting a year if they will be brought out in the fall of 06.
  • jmtreetopjmtreetop Posts: 130
    Toyota currently does not have plans for a 4runner hybrid. Hybrids usually take a couple of years to get to market once it has been decided to develop. I think you will be waiting awhile.
  • lazzarichlazzarich Posts: 37
    I have a 2005 V8 4wd and get between 17.9 and 18.2 MPG. (I top off as I get almost 3 extra gallons in and drive 130 miles a day). I have almost ideal highway driving conditions with less than 2 miles of surface streets before I get on the freeway (total both directions).

    I typically drive at 75 MPH or so and tank ave speed is 56 MPH. I start at sea level and climb to 1500 ft and then return home. So I guess unless I slow down this is the best it will get. 6000 miles so far. I think its great for the comfortable ride and the really smooth and effortless power.

    This SUV replaced a very reliable Isuzu Rodeo (1994) that also gave about the same mileage with a noisy rough ride.

    I hope to enjoy it until the Hybrid version is delivered to the market.
  • grnwtrsgrnwtrs Posts: 13
    Hi Jeff:

    I also get about 13.5 mpg after driving 164.4 miles on a fill-up. I have the 2004 with the V-8 , a sport model. Mine is strickly local driving, to home depot, costco, etc. I think my total mileage on the vehicle is 7500 miles.

    On a trip last year of about 1800 miles, we averaged 17mpg. Someone on this board suggested upping the tire pressure. I think that has merit. I note that after the dealer had the car for a oil change, my mileage went down. On my trip to Seattle Wash, I had upped the tire pressure to 40 psi. Maybe I should check my tire pressure!!


  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    if you're doing mostly highway driving. Hybrid's efficiency advantage comes in stop and go driving, where the gas engine is shut down. I doubt you'd see much advantage on the highway.

    Personally, I'd much prefer a good turbo-diesel. The MB E320 diesel is faster than the E320 gas was (now replaced by the E350 gas) and gets about 25% better mileage.

    A torque-monster straight-six turbo-diesel would make a great engine for a truck.
  • lazzarichlazzarich Posts: 37
    Right! Certainly that is how the Prius operates. Not sure if the RX 400 operates the same way, given the larger base engine.

    Any thoughts on topping off? I have heard people advise against it for various reasons such as sensor damage. Not sure how that works. There may be some kind of air lock that may be a safety in case of a car wreck.

    I wonder what the real tank capacity is?
  • tcpoobtcpoob Posts: 30
    tank capacity is 23 gallon, according to my 2005 v6 4wd manual.
  • lazzarichlazzarich Posts: 37
    I have frequently put in over 23, almost 24 the other day.
  • drrobbodrrobbo Posts: 1
    I have been in many SUV's, my 2002 Sport has some sturdy shocks, but I don’t consider it a bumpy ride. Especially w/ the tork it provides either off the light or on the freeway. O/D off and ECT on, the beast takes off and gets me where I need to be.
  • cyidicyidi Posts: 1
    I want to know what brand and what specifications did the premium radio that came with the 1997 4 runner have.
  • 4me4me Posts: 1
    I just bought a 98 4-Runner Limited V6 and I needed to change my oil this weekend and I don't have any manual.Could anyone provide the correct fill amount with filter (US quarts)? Thanks.
  • jefferjeffer Posts: 31
    Dang, I had a nice long post typed up and I somehow hit the wrong key and it disappeared into cyberspace I guess.

    Anyway, I'm looking for anyone who has experience putting a kayak up on top of a 4Runner. I currently have a Nissan Maxima with a Thule rack and it ain't easy on that. I have this post on the HL site with more details. I didn't get any viable responses there. I think they only use their vehicles for groceries mostly. :surprise:

    jeffer, "Toyota Highlander Owners: Problems & Solutions" #2671, 10 May 2005 10:06 pm
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Dang, I had a nice long post typed up and I somehow hit the wrong key and it disappeared into cyberspace I guess.

    Oftentimes you can hit the back page button on your browser and recover what you had entered. Of course, it depends on which browser you use and which wrong key you hit.

    tidester, host
  • mojaymojay Posts: 8
    "Rotten milage, to boot" - Car-and-Driver rated it second best "tow vehicle" (behind a Ford F-350 - which can tow a two story house, albeit with rotten gas milage) because the gas milage AND tow rating are way above average for a V8 SUV of its size.
  • jefferjeffer Posts: 31
    "Oftentimes you can hit the back page button"

    I did try that. I think I hit some weird combination of my left mouse button, Shift, Ctrl, Alt, space bar or something like that. It was totally spastic. I'm actually a computer guy so sometimes my fingers get ahead of me. It did seem like the browser changed windows but it lost whatever I was doing. Oh well, I pretty much recreated it.

    Sooo, any 4Runner owners out there into kayaking? I'm starting to think that as cool as the 4Runny is it may not be the best thing for what I'm looking for. I just got back from a Subaru dealer and liked some of what I saw. The new Outback is more roomy then previous model years. But Whoa Boy, those dang upscale versions will cost you a pretty penny - $34K for the VDC model.
  • hokiefanhokiefan Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem putting an aftermarket weight distribution hitch into their receiver? I have a 2004 4Runner and the dealer is telling me that the receivers are not standard. 1.9 not 2.
  • polartoypolartoy Posts: 18
    Re Toyota 4 runner roof racks. Easy to set up properly with the Thule mounts to side rails and Thule bars on those. The Toyota rails are strong. I have run 18 ft canoe, 3 mountain bikes, several windsurfers and gear with no problems. Only think to watch out for is the rear spoiler, which can get in the way when opening tailgate.
  • johnny5johnny5 Posts: 13
    I posted on the HL forum, but saw that you cross posted here as well. Besides groceries, I use my HL alot for going fishing in my kayaks. I have a 2004 Highlander Limited and use the Yakima Lowrider rack with 58" crossbars, one pair of Mako saddles and one pair of LandShark saddles for the 2 kayaks that my son and I use to go fishing in CT. I also have the Boatloader accessory which is a bar that mounts inside the crossbar and extends out to the side for providing a support to place one end of the boat while I lift the other end into one set of saddles. You then just walk it into the other set of saddles and then slide and lock the bar back into the corssbar. It allows one person to manage getting the kayak up and down with little fuss. Just take care not to let the end on the ground slide. If it does, then the front of the boat can slide off the Boatloader bar and scratch the daylights out of the side of you car (which is what happened on my old car, not on my highlander). Also, like someone else pointed out, take car opening your rear hatch with the boats on top. Mine are 12' and 16' and could ding the spoiler if I'm not careful. Good luck and hope this helped.
  • stx1100stx1100 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2005 SR5 4Runner. I noticed that many 4Runners I pass on the road have the front parking/turn signal lights on, using them almost like Daytime Running Lights (their rear tailights are not on so it doesn't seem like they have the parking lights in the "on" position). Does anyone know what year 4Runners came with the feature that has the parking/turn signal lights always on? My 2004 does not have that feature. Thanks :surprise:
  • neumie2000neumie2000 Posts: 133
    I believe only the Limited 4Runners have that feature....the Sport and SR5 models do not. I hope this answers your question, and enjoy your new 4Runner!!
  • lazzarichlazzarich Posts: 37
    My 2005 Sport Edition has the Daytime Running Lights. It was an option that came with the package I purchased. It is strange that there are no rear DRL's!
  • jefferjeffer Posts: 31
    Thanks Johnny5 - sorry I was being a little provacative with my groceries comment - ;-)

    Anyway, this is exactly the information I was looking to hear. I'm still not entirely clear though on how the Boatloader works. Is it just an extension on the load bar? Therefore you would have to lift one end of the boat the height of the load bar, or does it somehow dip lower then the load bar? Once on the Boatloader I assume you rest it there, or is there something that holds it there? Then move down to the other end of the boat and lift and slide. Is that basically it?

    The problem I currently have is that I strap on a set of wheels to walk the boat into position and generally move it around due to the fact it is too darn heavy to carry by myself. This works great until I lift one end to prop on my trunk. You have to hang on to the boat otherwise it will slide off due to the wheels rolling and gravity. I like to leave the wheels on when transporting cause it makes it easy to maneuver when I get there and unload the boat. The boat is 17' and 65lbs. Maybe I should just get a smaller boat??

    thanks again, and great to hear from a fellow yakker!
  • jefferjeffer Posts: 31
    Never mind most of my previous post. I Googled and found a couple diagrams on the Boatloader. Seems Yakima is the only one that makes one. But it could be the answer to my dilema.

    Anyone use this device on a 4Runner?

    thanks again,
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