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Toyota 4Runner



  • peiomipeiomi Posts: 20
    Anyone know what options will be added or deleted? I am specifically looking for BlueTooth, will it be available with Nav. in 06?
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    Thanks for the reply and bringing me back to reality. I want the V8 SE though, (or should I say that my wife wants it), so I'll deal with the trailer issue (smaller one) down the road.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    I too own an '03 4Runner limited. Every 5000 miles, I use Chevron Techron Concentrate in order to keep the fuel system clean, and I also rotate the tires every 5000 miles, along with changing the oil (I use Quaker State 5W-30 Full Synthetic).
  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    So far Toyota has given nothing away as to what will be included/deleted from the 06 anxiously waiting to purchase an 06 model.....and I know I have to wait until at least August to get any info regarding the 06're not alone.
  • Dude, thanks! I'm glad I am not the only one that had this "parking light" concern. I had some, ok alot, of body work to the passenger side of my 04 4Runner (thanks to the clown who decided to pass me on the Interstate via the shoulder - not to menition it was sleeting at the time!) I took it to the dealership the other day after spotting other 4Runners with the turn signal lights as parking lights on soild. Thought maybe something got screwed up in the repairs. They thought I was nuts! :P At any rate I'll be giving them a copy of this fourm to prove my sanity!!! :shades:
    Again thanks...............
  • Towing at or owner limit is never recommendened unless you have a very short distance ie 2 miles.
    I have a 2003 4runner sport and tow about 5000 lbs out of my 55oo lb limit with out an equialization hitch. I can tow higher with one of those hitches(the kind that bolts on to the trailer).
    We tow live weight(horses) which is harder but a good test of a vehicles ability.The 4 runner tows better that my previous 01 sequoia. Probably because of a combination of transmission(5 speed) and weight to power ratio. Power is not the issue to towing a high weight, the 4runner easily accelerates with full load. It is stability and weight. We live near the mountains(Calgary) and see all to often the result of towing over weight. You lose control and the trailer comes around on you. Then all is lost. Bottom line is nothing tows better than a 3/4 ton pick up when you get to heavy wieghts.
    Then is you can go diesel. Alot of people here buy a 10 year old truck as an extra vehicle just for towing thier camper 6 times a year. That way they don't have to drive a 6 litre gas hog year round.
    Also if your going to stay with towing with a 4runner the limited v8 has the airbag rear suspension which is specificaly for , and I'll quote from the Toyota technical manual "more comfortable ride and occasional heavy towing."
    Good luck
    Steve D
  • Many thanks Djod. Seems pretty cheap for a $39 k car/truck not to have a driver's side roof handler. No?

    Ref yours: " I have an 05 SR5 V8 and noticed the same thing as far as the driver's side handles. I bought from the dealer & with the install it was about $70. A lot cheaper if you buy the part & put it in yourself. BTW, it's the same part # as the passengers side handle.
  • There's a site
    go your model then go collision
    then drill down to interior trim
    then grip handle


    Good site actually. I found it while trying to find a replacement for my roof rack cowling after the
    truck was driven into a low overhead door.
  • neumie2000neumie2000 Posts: 133
    Hello all. I have an 04 V8 SR5. The manual calls for premium unleaded. Obviously, with gas prices the way they are, I've often considered putting 87 or 89 octane in the tank. Has anyone done this? If so, what result? Thanks!!
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Read your manual more carefully. It recommends premium, but only requires 87octane. The premium will give you added performance, but the engine will work fine with reg. unleaded.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter wishes to speak with people who have recently purchased a Toyota 4Runner. She would like to discuss your ownership experience and what other cars you considered. If you would like to speak with her please send your name and daytime phone number to Pam Krebs, PR, at by 12 noon Tuesday, June 28. Thank you.


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  • owiseoneowiseone Posts: 1
    I had posted a separate thread regarding my dilemna and got little response. I believe people on this thread will be of assistance. I have spent an hour or so reading about the 4runner on this thread (and it is difficult to still want one as it seems there are many problems with them. However, I know that most people here love their 4runner and these appear to be minor issues with them.)

    Now, I have just sold my '01 Isuzu Trooper (an SUV I would not recommend to anyone). I am now deciding between leasing a 4runner and a Tahoe. I negotiated very competitive prices for each and am now looking at lease payments given the same down payment. The 4runner ($32,500 sticker) is an SR5 with the moonroof and the lease is 36 months at $350 a month for 15K miles. The Tahoe ($41,500 sticker) is a lease for 48 months at $399 a month for the same mileage.

    Most of you having owned 4runner's...what would you do? Is the Tahoe (size and seating) worth the extra $50/month and extra year or is the 4runner the best bet. I know I would like either. Either serves our needs in terms of towing capacity and each are similarly equipped. The only real difference is size and likely gas mileage. I have had several friends tell me they get 17-20 mpg in the 4runner and several others tell me they get very similar numbers in the Tahoe (which I find hard to believe). All of our friends that own either love their vehicle.

    What should I do???
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    That question would all come down to what you feel more comfortable in. Yes the Tahoe is bigger and more powerful, but do you need it? Yes, the 4Runner is $50 less, but could you get it for $80 less.
    I would say drive each vehicle for more than a 10 minute test drive to make a better determination of which you like. I really like both the vehicles myself but when my wife and I went to look at cars, we drove the Yukon (GMC Tahoe) and my oldest daughter complained that the rear windows only roll down about 3 inches. I know it sounds stupid but this is something on the vehicle that can't be changed because of poor engineering. The longer test drive will expose the pros and cons of each vehicle to you. Good luck!
  • alize2004alize2004 Posts: 9
    Has anyone else experienced the terrible exhaust smell when the back window is down and you increase your speed? I remember seeing this problem with another 4Runner owner before I purchased my 04 Sport, but I never heard anyone else complain. I don't recall if there were any suggestions, besides the obivious of rolling up the rear window, listed anywhere. I never had this problem with my 2000 4Runner. I would always drive in the late spring - fall with all windows down and sunroof open to give the illusion of a convertible SUV. Now when I do that, I have to cover my nose everytime I increase my speed. Any suggestions before I take it to the dealership?

    Thanks in advance!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
  • neumie2000neumie2000 Posts: 133
    I know what the manual says. My question was whether anyone has put 87 octane in their V8 4Runner and whether they noticed a difference.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,140
    While I've got the V6 and not the V8 in my 4Runner, even my manual states that 87 octane is fine, but for "added performance", 91 Octane is preferred.

    I'd suggest you run a couple tanks of 87 octane in your V8 to see if you notice a difference.

    If the engine "pings", then go back to 91 octane. If it doesn't, and you don't notice a drop in power, you're good to go with 87.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Read your manual. It specifically says not to drive with the rear window down. You've found out why ;)

    This is not unique to the 4Runner. It's basic aerodynamics.
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    Hi Owisone--I would highly recommend the 4Runner over the Tahoe. I have an 04 SR5 V6 4WD will ~8k on the clock so far and have had zero problems. One thing you will find about these forums is that people rarely (not never) write in to say how much they love their vehicle. Too busy driving it I guess :)

    I went with the Toyota because I liked the size, power and comfort. Mine handles great! It has just enough room for the odd weekend jobs (just got a new house so there are plenty of those) We recently moved from the DFW area to Atlanta and the 4Runner with 3 dogs, myself, my wife and some of our belongings was great for the entire 13 hour trip. My mileage is right on par with what you are being told in the city and a few ticks above that on the highway. To me it is the "right size" fits in the garage no problem, plenty roomy, especially with the seats down and can haul a trailer if needed. Hope this helps.
  • polartoypolartoy Posts: 18
    I have a 2005 v8 4r. Used both reg. 97 and premium. Engine runs fine with either because of knock sensor. However performance is noticeably worse with the regular fuel. I also had a 2003 v8 4r, and the funny thing is, there I did not notice the performance difference. Likely result of the changes they made to the v8 to make it more efficient and powerful. The 2005 v8 does have better economy with better performance, though looks like premium fuel should be used to get this.
  • neumie2000neumie2000 Posts: 133
    That's exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks!
  • kysersose4kysersose4 Posts: 25
    I went to a local Toyota dealership yesterday and inquired about the 2006 model. The guy there basically knew nothing about the 2005, so I wasn't surprised that he had no information on the upcoming model other than it would come out in September (he thinks). Has anyone else tried going to the dealership for information? I had a friend go to a Suburu dealership and get information about a next year's model of one of the cars...just wondering if I'm cursed wanting information AND a Toyota.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    I don't expect that the '06 models will be ariving until late August or September. Toyota is notoriously stingy about information on upcoming models. That being said, from what I've heard, there should not be any major changes to the upcoming model. It is still in the middle of the current generation and after the upgrade to the V8 engine from last year, they should not be making any drastic changes. So expect a new color or two available possibly, but other than that and a $200-$300 price increase, not much.

  • I am looking into buying a navagation system. I am thinking on getting the portable ones since I have the 6-CD changer in dashboard. I would like to know if anybody have an idea of a brand is best and what specs should i be looking for.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Garmin is probably the best known brand, but you might want to do some Googling in order to learn about other brands.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
  • kysersose4kysersose4 Posts: 25
    OK, talked to another dealer today. He said that he heard NO changes whatsoever. Not even small changes to the interior. He also said that Toyota only does option packages, no individual picking and choosing (i.e. if you don't want the spoiler, your only choice is the SR-5 or having it removed). True, Untrue, Sort of true?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    No changes that I'm aware of, possibly another color, and deleting one, but that's about it. As for options, he's somewhat true. He should have what's called a pipeline schedule showing how Toyota is building vehicles in your region. It will show how many of each model they're building and how they're building them. Factory equipment, for all intents and purposes, is not cusomizable. PPO (post production options) such as floor mats, etc. are choosable if you catch the truck prior to being built/shipped. So in your example, correct if you don't want the spoiler, go with the SR-5 or go to a body shop and have it removed and the holes filled and painted.

    Hope this helps clarify.

    Toyota Ken
  • rosiesdadrosiesdad Posts: 2
    Yes the towing package on the limited had an oil cooler. Open the hood on one and it will be very easy to see. If that dealer can't answer your questions. You need to find another dealer that knows his product.
  • rosiesdadrosiesdad Posts: 2
    My opinion on my new 4Runner Limited V8 is that it is the sweetest vehicle I have ever owned. And I have been through a lot of vehicles in search of the best. I had a Acura MDX, Silverado, Avalanche and a Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD. The Jeep was a lemon. Quite common from what I hear. Chrysler actually bought it back. The rest could not hold a candle to the 4Runner. The 10 speaker stereo is wonderful. There is nothing bad I could say about this vehicle. I think I finally found the best ! I even got lucky with the dealership and found a salesman that wasn't a low life. You can't go wrong with this vehicle. Gas milage so far is 18 1/2 mixed driving with the V8 on regular. But this is a fast engine and typically you will want to blow people off at a light now and then. So it has the potential to use a lot of gas with a lead foot. But now and then for me the smile is worth the lower MPG. I am sure I have found the perfect fit for me.
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