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Toyota 4Runner



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,077
    My son's Toyota 4Runner. Too bad they rust through so fast. Otherwise it is an OK vehicle. If you plan to keep a vehicle more than 8 years don't buy a Toyota.

  • I had a 1994 4-runner for over 9.5 years until I traded it in on a 2003 4-runner. I did not have any rust problems with my '94.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,077
    All four corners of my son's 1996 4Runner look alike. I thought that Toyota had addressed their horrible rust problems a long time ago. This vehicle has spent it's life in Alaska. I don't consider that an excuse. If they had a rust through warranty as good as other manufacturers, he would get a new body for his rust bucket.
  • jstonejstone Posts: 4
    Anyone have any pictures of the 06 model ? Wondering how different the new Grill and the exterior look will be. Should I wait or go with the 05 model. Need to decide very soon. Thanks
  • Hi,
    I just noticed something while driving my 4runner at highway speeds. When you roll down the passenger windows one or both, you get an unbearable wind noise that actually hurts your ears. Do you folks find the similar problem with passenger windows down? Is it just a design flaw or something else wrong?
    Thank you for your feed back.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That's the so-called "helicopter effect" and it is more prounounced in some vehicles than in others. Here's a short explanation of the effect: tidester, "Volvo XC90 SUV" #930, 4 Jan 2003 1:19 am

    tidester, host
  • oh well--so much for enjoying a nice day. Thanks for the info. I guess time to turn up the AC.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    I have an '03 4Runner Limited with moon-roof, and I can tell you that the noise you describe, when the side windows are partially or fully open, is often eliminated simply by completely opening the moon-roof. (Whatever you do, don't open the tailgate glass while driving, because while this will also eliminate the air-pressure waves you describe, it will often result in exhaust fumes getting into the cabin.)
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Just crack open any one of the other windows or the moonroof to eliminate the problem.

  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    "Just crack open any one of the other windows or the moonroof to eliminate the problem."

    Just a thought: I've found that partly opening the passenger side windows will decrease the pressure waves somewhat, but this doesn't seem to eliminate the noise as effectively as opening the moon-roof.
  • It can give an hint to look at the web site and find your way to the Hilux Surf vehicle.

    Headlights have changed a bit
    Over fenders are now round....
    The back has change a bit but not much..

    Maybe it is because it is the japanese version of the vehicle but these changes seems to give the 4Runner a softer look. As much as I did not like the squarish overfenders I have to admit they help to give a more aggressive look to the 4Runner.

    I think that Toyota is backing out a bit from the aggressive stance they gave to the 4Runner.

    To some extent I think those changes make the 4Runner look a bit more like the pre-2003 4Runner and the pre-2005 Pathfinder (smoother curves, a bit more conservative).
  • rx10rx10 Posts: 3
    Looks like the new 4Runner comes with HID with maual adjustment..

  • i was supposed to buy 4runner last month, but when i heard of the upcoming 2006, and saw pictures, i decided to wait for a while. does anyone here knows when 2006 will hit the showroom? tnx
  • rx10rx10 Posts: 3
    Sep 05 I believe, but don't expect any discount ;-)
  • jstonejstone Posts: 4
    Where did you see pictures of the 06 model ? The one on this forum is a concept vehicle from Just curious bcos I plan on buying soon and debating 05 or 06 model.
  • These are not pictures from a concept vehicle. It is the Helix Surf from Japan. Its version is very similar to the north american 4Runner.

    If you look at it closely you can easily identify the changes that were listed in the Toyota press release.

    On the outside, to me, only the rounder overfenders is a significant change. The front grill is pretty much 1999 ish... It reminds me a lot of my 1999 SR5 front grill.

    I do not think that these changes should stop you from considering the interesting rebates Toyota have these days. It is not like a complete model overhaul.
  • Hey,
    Since people have started to talk discounts and such, I'm planning on buying an '06 4runner in December. Anyone know what kind of deals or lack thereof I can expect?
  • jstonejstone Posts: 4
    Does anyone know or have installed the cd changer ? 05 sport only comes with single cd. Not sure if the changer offered by toyota plays mps cds as well. Or If any after market ones are compatible with the existing system.
  • blaskyblasky Posts: 15
    IMHO - I dont think the changes for 2006 outweigh the current incentives on the 2005 models.

    I bought an 05 last month in July, and when I heard about the upcoming changes for 2006, i was a bit bummed. Yes, I was unhappy with the 2005 instrumentation clusters for the AC, the fenders are a bit ugly, and the bumpers seem lame. However, I dont think the changes for 2006 are all that drastic nor worth the extra $$$ by buying without an incentive. In So Cal they are offering $2500 back on the V8's - which actually makes them cheaper than the V6's. When I got mine last month, they were only offering $1500.

    I suppose you could wait until some 2006's show up at the dealers to verify the pics posted are accurate for the US market. Keep in mind though that selection will be a bit limited - though probably not horrible.
  • spleckspleck Posts: 114
    I hardly think 8 years in Alaska equates to a generalization that Toyotas rust through easily. Myself and others have had Toyotas for more than 10 years with no problems. I would suggest in the future, if you have paint chips on the fenders (probably from off-road use gauging from the lift and tires), to either repaint or seal the areas and protect them in the future. Holes in the body don't appear overnight--I'm sure there were plenty of warning signs: chips, salt on roads, rust spots and staining, etc before the holes appeared. I don't think Toyota should be responsible for improper maintenance--its one thing to complain about rust spots early, but don't wait until there are holes.
  • locomolocomo Posts: 29
    Buy on December 31th. Dealers give out bonuses at the end of the month and end of the year, so salesmen really want to make a sale on that day. Also, most people aren't shopping for cars (and houses) during the holidays.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    I think you would need a crystal ball for that. If oil hits $75/barrel (it hit $66 today) then you probably could expect quite a discount. The changes don't impress me that much, although the power seat (drivers) in the SE would be nice to have in that the front seat in many 4th generation 4Runners rattle and Toyota is not able or willing to fix them. I don't believe there are any important "mechanical changes" in the 06 model. I'd look for a deal on the 2005. The savings may allow you to feel better buying a truck that averages 17 mpg when gas is $3.00/gal .
  • I contacted Toyota today, it seems that the 2006 4Runner will hit dealer lots in September 2005, here in New England. I am waiting to buy the 2006 V8 Sport Edition, it also appears that Toyota may limit the quantity of V8s on the lots, because of rising fuel costs.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    "However, I dont think the changes for 2006 are all that drastic nor worth the extra $$$ by buying without an incentive..."

    I think one is better off to go with the 2006. First of all, there will most likely be a least some incentive a few months into the model year. Let's say $500 for example. Next, the 2005 is now one year old, figure another $1000-$1500 blue book value between a "new" '05 and new '06.

    The major 2006 improvements listed below are easily worth $1,000, if not the entire $2500 difference if that were the case, especially if you are getting the Limited:

    Memory seats (awesome feature)
    Mini-plug for external audio devices in center console (saves a LOT of hassle!)
    Thicker windows for reduced wind noise
    18" wheels
    Much nicer looking fender flares
    Projector headlamps
    Satellite radio and WMA/MP3 capability
    Bluetooth capability & improved Navigation functions
  • rusigxrusigx Posts: 1
    Hello - I am experiencing a similar problem. I have a 2000 4Runner with about 80k on it. It has been using a quart of oil about every 200 or so miles. It smokes really bad sometimes on startup but I cant see any smoke going down the road. I took it to a friend who is a mechanic and we took all the plugs out and did a compression test on each cylinder and all where fine. We examined the plugs and all of those looked fine also. We looked into the air intake on the fuel injection and noticed oil laying in the air tube/injection area. We decided to replace the PCV valuve thinking that it could be bad and causing the intake to suck oil up into the intake and causing the smoke. I havent had a chance to drive it any yet but my friend said he has cranked it several times now and no more smoke. Have you found out anything on the issues you are having? Im not sure this is actually going to fix mine.
  • Pic of a crashed one, but a pic nonetheless.
    2006 4Runner?
    Though the top pic looks like a 2005 to me.
    I was planning on buying a 2005 this week, but I think I'll hold out until I get to see a 2006 in person. Any ideas when in Sept they'll be out?
  • If you look at the same info for the 4Runner 2005 you'll see the same pictures...

    I do not think it is the 2006. I think the Helix surf pictures are likely to be closer to the 2006 model than anything else (rounder fender flares, new grill, etc).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Are we still beating the rusty Toyota horse? That pic looked like all my friend's older Subarus when I lived in Anchorage. I drove an '82 Tercel for 17 years up there and it only got some surface rust; never found a perforation. I'd wash it and hit it with some cheap spray paint every year or so. Maybe the 4Runner went clamming every summer.

    Steve, Host
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    Those pictures are not a 2006. NHTSA just carries over the results from year to year if there are no structural changes to a model.
  • gurgs24gurgs24 Posts: 10
    Here are some pics of the new 2006 on the Japanese site. I like the grill and new headlights. Wish they would freshen up the center console though.

    2006 4Runner
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