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Toyota 4Runner



  • I bought a 2006 SR5 without a spoiler in CA no problem. I just told the salesperson what I wanted and that included no spoiler. I think they look strange with a spoiler.
  • I'm considering a 4 Runner, to replace my Explorer. I'd like a vehicle with a 3rd row seat for occasional carpool duty, question is, for any 4 Runner owners with 3rd row seats, is it a viable option for teenage kids? How well do the flip up and over seats actually work?

  • They are OK and best for smaller people who can climb.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    No, it is not a viable option for teenagers. It's way too small for that.
  • ren123ren123 Posts: 1
    Anybody have any idea when a redesigned 4Runner might come out? I am looking to buy a 4Runner next summer, but will wait for the '08 model if it will be redesigned as I have heard. But also heard it won't be redone until '10 model year. Any engine changes coming up? Thanks.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The current model came out in 2003, with a few minor tweaks in 2006. I'd be very surprised if it would be redesigned in 2008. Toyota's design cycle for trucks is typically quite a bit longer than the design cycle for their cars.
  • mike805mike805 Posts: 33
    Does anyone know of a door rub bar (black unpainted) that can be added to a new 4Runner with double sided tape to prevent door paint dings? Something like that on the Tundra would do if it doesn't require holes to be drilled.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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    Toyota 4Runner
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • Is the 2003 Toyota 4Runner air bag safety system equipped with an Electronic Data Recorder "EDR" which records the vehicles behavior 10 seconds before and 1 second after a crash which deploys the air bag?

    Thanks, Bill
  • djod49djod49 Posts: 12
    Hi; I;ve got a 2005 SR5V8 & have the "stock" steering wheel. Does anyone know if it's possible to get an aftermarket leather wrapped steering wheel that looks like the Toyota version.
  • The next generation 4Runner will be a 2010 model (it will be available in Fall of 2009). The 3rd gen 4Runner lasted 7 years. Since this one came out in 2003, 7 years will make it 2010. The dealers are being told the next 4Runner will be available sometime in 2009.

    The Highlander and Sequoia will be redesigned first (The Highlander came out in 2001 and has yet to be redesigned.)

    Buy the 4Runner now. It's a great truck. Rumors are that the next 4Runner might be assembled at the new Texas plant.
  • Is there an advantage to buying a new 2007 limited 4runner over a new 2006 limited 4runner with similar options? The price is lower on the 2006 and it has a better interest rate (1.9 vs. 4.9.) Of course with the 2007 I could pick the exact color, etc. that I would like, but it seems like it would cost so much more for an 07. Thanks!
  • This morning I used my 91 4Runner (295K miles on it) to pull out a Hummer H2 that was stuck in a snowbank. I can elaborate if anyone is interested. :blush:
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Oh yes, elaborate at least a little, please! I used to regularly tow people out of trouble with my Runner, even at 200K miles and well after. They were mostly folks who got out of their depth in Explorers, although a couple of Land Rover incidents come to mind too. :-)

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Has anyone had any propblems with the radio making a popping/crackling noise, dealer has relace radio three times and cant figure out what is making the radio stop working.
  • I have a 2000 4Runner and just purchased the Westin Sportsman Brush Guard. I have the instructions but am more visual and do not understand the instructions.

    Does anyone have any photo's of the Westin or other brusk guards installed. I am interested in phot's under the call to see how it is installed???

    If you cannot post here, please e-mail me:

  • What mod's have y ou all done to your 4Runners???
  • Do any of you know if there is a possibility that an ignition key on a 4runner will not work with manually opening any of its doors?
    My husband and I are stumped right now with our insurance company. They're giving us a hard time with the key of our 4Runner which was stolen a few months back. We were interrogared by a lawyer yesterday and this key issue was the one of the major questions that was drilled on us.
    I was the first one in the room (my husband waited outside) and I was asked if at anytime when we used our truck if I tried to manually lock or unlock the truck with our key. I told them that I tried only once, when the battery on the alarm went dead and couldn't set the alarm on the truck. I tried to manually lock the vehicle but it wouldn't lock, it was only turning halfway and the lock "button" on the door panel wouldn't go down. Since then I never tried to manually lock/unlock with the key. I assumed that it wouldn't work since it had an alarm.
    The issue was that the lawyer said an insurance adjustor looked at our vehicle to assess the damage (it was recovered but it was burned) and said that the key didn't work when he was trying to open the back (5th) door. Our insurance adjustor said we sent them the wrong key. One of my friends said why don't they call a toyota dealer, give them my vehicle's vin# and have a duplicate made and compare the 2 together. I didn't say this to the lawyer already, he might give me a harder time with questions thinking that I know too much.
    Does any of you know if this is possible? We didn't know what to answer because we don't know if this was possible or not. Does the doors need a separate key to manually open/close it? Or was there a malfunction on the way the alarm was set to prevent manual open/close on the doors?
    If by chance any of you can try on your 4runners to see if your key that you use to start the ignition will work or will not work in manually locking/unlocking the door? I appreciate your comments so that we can get a peace of mind here.
    Thanks much!
  • Wow, I assume when you got into the car, the key did fit into and start the ignition. Using the remote to open and close your doors means the remote was set to your code.

    I am no expert, but it sounds like at some time your door locka were changed. This happened to me once when the door lock was broken. The locksmith installed new locks in the door but gave me a new key for it also. But when they did this, they also rekeyed the ignition so one keyed worked everything except the glove box.

    It sounds strange that your keys would not manually open and lock the doors.
  • We purchased the truck used at a toyota dealer. We don't know if there were modifications done on the truck by the previous owner or the history of the vehicle.
    We basically just used the key to start the ignition. We always used the alarm to open/lock the doors.
  • i have heard countless time that the new 4runners should use premium fuel only. YET. the owners manual says 87 octane. i even called toyota myself and asked and they told me 2 times...87 octane is fine..not 91.

    im confused...any correct answers. thanks in advance
  • dreamer4dreamer4 Posts: 5
    Good luck but no one posts answers on this site it seems, only questions.

    I guess whomever is running this site is note interested anymore.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The members run this site. That means you. :shades: Please feel free to contribute some answers.

    Don't forget the rest of the Toyota 4Runner group either.
  • greengreen Posts: 15
    Yes, the keys work in the doors. I use the key far more often than the remote for locking/unlocking the doors.
  • biglatkabiglatka Posts: 78
    Yes, in the 4th generation 4Runner either V6 or V8 you can use 87 octane "regular gas". It's in your owners manual. I've never had a problem nor could I detect a ping. I've used 93 octane and could not feel any difference in power or mileage. Hope this answers your question. :)
  • dreamer4dreamer4 Posts: 5
    I used 87 octane and have no problems. The 4runner runs fine.
    Just curious, what generation is the 2000 model???
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The 2000 model is 3rd generation. The 4th generation started with the 2003 model year.
  • nonunionnonunion Posts: 11
    My '99 4Runner did that when stopping on ice. I think it's the ABS brakes which I would gladly do without , if I could.
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