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Toyota 4Runner



  • Whitney8 you are absolutely correct. Rear Height Control Air Suspension is available as an option on the Limited only. Thanks for correcting me. So #4 in my previous post should have read this simply:

    4. Rear Height Control Air Suspension (Limited option only).

  • Tangman, I live in WA. The easiest way to reproduce the sulfer smell is to do the following: roll down the back window (any amount) maybe the side windows too, and floor it for a ways then let off and come to a stop. In most cases this will produce the smell, and it will come in the windows, since it won't be blown away, like it would on a highway. It doesn't sound like the V6's have been smelling but many have commented on the V8's doing it.

    From what I have gathered, from this site and my own expirence, is that it is probably due to high sulfer content in the fuel. Since there have been few instances in CA where they have lower sulfer content in the fuel.

    For the first few months of ownership I never detected the smell. Probably because I was still being "nice" to my new baby during the break in period. But once that was over, I began doing some full throttle runs, (gotta love that exhaust note when passing the blue hairs). This is when I would get the "smell".

    Interestingly enough, I have not had the "smell" lately, even when driving with a HEAVY foot. Fuel has been the same: ARCO regular. I have nearly 10K on it now.

    To sum it up:
    first 2500 mi - no smell
    2500 to 6500 - smell, when flooring it
    6500 to 9500 - little to no smell...
  • hello everyone! i've been reading posts in this forum for months and i've decided to go for the 03 4runner sport 4x4 V8 in galactic grey. i got back from the dealer and was quoted: with the moonroof, 3-in-1 6-disc, spoiler, electrochromic mirror, homelink, drl options for 30,650 plus ttl. but i'll have to wait a few days to get it shipped from another location. he'll call on monday to see if he could find one with the head curtains but either way i'm thinking of placing an order then. is that a pretty good deal, average, or too much. i also don't know the milage on the prespective runner. so what are your opinions? thanks in advance.
  • oscarz2oscarz2 Posts: 153
    Can anyone else please chime in on this issue? My brake pedal vibrates every 3rd or 4th time I apply the brakes (regardless of speed). No lights, buzzers, or sounds...just the electronic vibration. I know it's normal at startup (ABS or Traction Control "self-check"), but is it normal on a continual basis as you drive around the neighborhood? It's extremely annoying. It happens each 3rd or 4th time I come to a stop and lasts from about 3-5 seconds.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Thanks Whitney8 for input. I just ordered an 04 Sport V8 4x4. I also live in Washington State. Have test driven at least 4 and have not experienced the smell and tried similar procedure to yours. I know three people who have 03s and have not as well. But I will certainly try your recommendation once mine arrives. Also, if anyone else has any recommendations on other things to test, before accepting the new vehicle, I would appreciate it. By the way, what kind of gas milage are you getting with you V-8?

    Hotdogonastick: While looking on the west coast, I found quite a few Galatic Gray sports at very aggressive prices. Just check the dealer inventories on the internet. The price you posted is about average, since if you haggle you can get $500 over and sometimes $100 over on 04s
  • jeep certainly had this problem for the 1999-2002 model years.its a a shame it took them that long to resolve seems there problem was too fold.....
    1. relatively cheap rotor materials
    2. calipers that didn't adequately let go of the rotor, rendering it to run hot
    3. some have argued overtourqed wheel lugnuts, but if that is such as common problem for tire stores then why don't other vehicles have this problem so commonly, so I don't buy this explanation at all, and neither should you.

    For 03 they redesigned the rotor and the problem has been dramatically reduced. Those who didn't get the rotor kit, would replace with good quality aftermarket rotors and the problem got much better.

    I sure hope toyota isn't getting into a problem like jeep had.
  • You don't even own a 4Runner so you don't know what you're talking about.
    This has nothing to do with the rotors, calipers or lugnuts.
    Please don't try to diagnose problems on a vehicle which you don't own.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please don't try to diagnose problems on a vehicle which you don't own.

    Perhaps you could be a bit more constructive in your criticism by offering a diagnosis of your own? :-)

    tidester, host
  • so in order to participate in a group discussion one must own the vehicle in which they are discussing........and so if I bought a 4runner tomorrow then I would be entitled to offer an opinion.give me a break man........

    brakes are brakes are brakes are brakes.....they have calipers and rotors, and if the rotor has an uneven surface then the brake pedal will vibrate/pulsate.......hence the short term solution previously mentioned on another post, to turn the rotor, which means to shave off the outer few hundreths of an inch to have a fresh even surface to brake on.

    Now that more of the 03 4runners are starting to get some miles on them, it is interesting that brake pulsation issues are starting to show up. A large percentage of the time it is caused by one of the 3 problems I mentioned on my previous post, which despite terrafirms opinion I think could be helpful information to other readers. Talk to any good brake mechanic and they will agree with me.
  • oscarz2oscarz2 Posts: 153
    The brakes are not vibrating. The BRAKE PEDAL is vibrating (not pulsating) and it's an electronic vibration caused by the motor that runs ABS, Traction Control, or Brake assist, or all three.

    It's the same vibration that occurs for 3-5 seconds when the car is started (when it does it's "self-check"). I believe the ECU computer controls this.

    My question to anyone with an 03 4runner is this... is it supposed to do this every 4th time I apply the brakes? Does yours do it? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?
  • Oscarz2, you make me laugh!
    To answer your question: No, the "PEDAL" should not be vibrating every 3rd or 4th time you use it.
    Sounds like one or all the the things you mentioned are malfunctioning. I would take it in.
  • You don't need to own a vehicle to participate, you just need to know what you're talking about first. maybe even listen to the original question- which has nothing to do with warped rotors or brake pads or anything mechanical.

    One person talks about pedal vibration and "it is interesting that brake pulsation issues are starting to show up"?

    The pedal vibration maybe caused by one of 2 things:
    1. The HAC. Go on a steep incline to activate the HAC, the brake pedal will have an exaggerated version of what you describe oscarz2.
    Somehow this might be involved while you are braking

    2. It may have to do with the 4 Runner's power assisted brakes.

    Either way go to Toyota and have them look at it. That is the only way to confirm if there is a problem.
  • AS I recall there were several posts a few days ago about warped rotors, and having toyota resurfacing them............I was also trying to adress those posts as well.......
  • Oscar, I too have the pedal vibration. I feel it more now than when the vehicle was new. So far it is minor and it doesn't really annoy me. But, at some point if the problem pusists, I'll have the dealer look at it. The problem is that if it doesn't do it all of the time (or almost all of the time), the dealer will just say that they couldn't reproduce the vibration and they will do nothing and you will have wasted a service appointment. I have had this experience many times with other vehicles. It's a long warranty, and as long as there is no safety issue, I'll wait until it gets worse.
  • I realize people with complaints are more vocal than people with praise, so I am trying to get a real sense of how big a problem this sulphur issue is. I'm reading posts from people going into lemon law arbitration over this, so it's a bit concerning for those like me contemplating a 4runner purchase. Could I ask all of you owners to help me get a sense of the problem? Assuming you are driving a V8 with the rear window UP (as everyone should always), how bad is the problem, on a 1 to 10 scale:
    1 - I have never noticed it
    10 - I have to sell my 4runner because it is not useable

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • That is a good question, Pucky. I have an '03 V8 sport, in Oklahoma. I have rarely, if ever, noticed the sulphur smell with the rear window up, and then only very faint. It is more prevalent with the rear window down, especially after heavy acceleration (like entering expressway). Even then it will clear after a few minutes.

    This is a great truck. I bought it primarily for towing, and am very happy with it for that purpose and general driving. As others have noted, it is not a sports car - you sit higher, have to break sooner, and are generally aware of the 4500 odd pounds this thing weighs. The X-reas makes a big difference, and it rides generally flat, with no corner diving, even on sharp turns. The transmission is smooth. I have always wanted more power in every vehicle I drive, but I think any more in this particular vehicle would be overkill.

    Good luck! If you do choose to buy one I think you will be very happy with it.

    Oh yeah - to put a number on the sulphur ...........2.
  • khaugkhaug Posts: 64
    We got our '03 Limited V8 just after Thanksgiving last year, and now have 18K miles on it. I'd echo the comments in the post above. I wasn't even aware of the smell until I drove the truck with the sunroof open for the first time. Somehow, the smell finds its way into the cabin through the sunroof opening.

    Although it only occurs during hard acceleration, the smell is really intense and repugnant, to the point that I avoid heavy acceleration when driving with the sunroof open. I've had friends driving behind us describe the smell as "overpowering".

    My personal feeling is that a $40K vehicle should not subject its passengers and others to this sort of unpleasantness, and it angers me that Toyota is stonewalling its customers over what is clearly a pervasive (and probably remediable) problem. Never the less, I'd also rate the problem as no worse than a "2". If I habitually drove with the windows open, though, I think I'd probably feel quite different!
  • V8 2003 just over 1000 miles, no Sulfur smell and no pedal vibration so far, the vehicle is using 87 octane gas in KY.
  • How can I tell the date when my 4Runner was manufactured?

  • Listen, the sulfur and exhaust is entering the cabin through a vent on the left rear of the vehicle. When the sulfur is gone you'll still have exhaust coming in. This is from Toyota, not me. There's a design oversight by Toyota. Don't buy it.
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