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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Starting problems



  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I know removing and replacing the starter can be a monumental task on those trucks. It took me the better part of the day on mine. I would recommend before you do all that is to check out the batter cables thoroughly . Sometimes the cables have hidden deterioration to the point where just enough current is getting through to allow some things to work but not the heavy current needed for the starter. Sometimes because of the plastic jacket on the cable the deterioration is not visible.
  • 2002 s10 will not start. First time it happened, I tried jumping my truck. Did not work, turns out my distributor was completely shot-Replaced. Fuel Pump went bad (same week)-Replaced. Just after xmas my truck would not start again. Jumping it fixed the problem. Once more a week later, truck did not start, Jumped it and the problem was gone. Replaced the battery as it was 5 years old and it was time to elimante the problem, thinking the cold weather may have contributed. Still, I have to jump my truck...a jump pack will not do the trick, it must be jumped by another vehicle. (i've tried 4 different jump packs)
    I had the battery, alternator, and started all checked--reading was perfect on all three. There is a drain somewhere.....any suggestions or ideas?? please and thank you.
  • my 2002 has similar problems as far as turn signals and markers are concerned. Mine are not in the cab with gaugues, but rather the lamps themself.
    If you're looking at the vehicle, the driver turn lamp (by the headlight) is lit. The lower turn marker (by the fog lamps) is not. The passenger side, the lower lamp is lit while the upper is not. I have replaced bulbs, obviosusly, but the problem is still there...have you seen anything similar?
  • A friend of mines is experiencing the same problem. Have you founded a solution to this unusual problem? Thanks in advance!
  • I was able to drive my Sonoma all day without incident. Then in the evening went to start it and had no power to ANYTHING when I turned the key. I tried a battery jumper on it to start with no change, still no reaction on dashboard by any gauges. I put a volt meter to batter and is showing 12 volts. I changed out the ignition switch on top of the steering column. No change.
    I am stumped! Any suggestions?
  • i have found that the battery terminal on the positive side tends to be a small, cause a bad connection from the battery to the cable itself, check to see if either terminal may be loose or you have too small of a terminal
  • Ok, I'll check that out.

    Thanks for the reply!
  • So the side mounted battery connection had seemed tight, but upon removing it I found some rust and corrosion hidden underneath and it was not as tight as it felt by hand. I cleaned it up and tightened it good and it worked.

    Thank you so much for your help!
  • Awesome, glad my previous exprience helped you solve your problem! So after you did all that, have you had ANY problems with the electrical system or problems starting?
  • Not really, except when I put it back together I guess I didn't adjust the brights switch correctly because they were stuck on. I didn't realize it till the next night and so couldn't drive it. So the next day I took it back apart just far enough to reach in and push the switch and turn them off. I still need to get in there far enough to reach the screws to adjust the position of the switch. Unfortunately that means lowering the steering column again. Kind of inconvenient but not difficult. :(
  • puzulledpuzulled Posts: 1
    I was wondering if u got your truck fixed and running. I am having the same issue, will only start with another vehicle or a boost battery charger. new battery, new fuel pump 1 1/2 years ago. any help appreciated. thanks
  • foggys10foggys10 Posts: 4
    Are your terminal leads all good and tight? the cables themselves are not damaged or corroded? I know recently I had an issue where my truck wouldn't start, turned out had a bad cable with a cut in it, and it had corroded around the cut, the wonderous joys of living near the beach xD
  • My 1993 sonoma 4.3 has been idling rough. The service engine soon light comes on only when idling, goes off 10-20 seconds after putting it in drive. Recently sometimes it won't start,engine turns over but won't start. If you wait a few minutes and try again it starts just fine. What do I check first. I don't know a lot about diagnosing problems but if I'm told what to check I can usually figure it out.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I had a 92 4.3 that had a similar problem. It was sucking air due to a worn gasket under the fuel injector body. It would make a whistling sound. That was an easy fix and not too expensive .
  • having carb problems could gasket insulator cause it to backfire and spit and sputter and vqit running not adjustments only idle and its not throttle body
  • I am looking for some answers. I have a 2003 S-10 p/u. The problems are: the wipers won't shut off, the ABS and the Brake lights come on, and the a/c blower quits blowing. This doesn't happen all of the time, but it is starting to happen more often. We replaced the ignition switch and everything worked fine for about a week.... We will be replacing the ignition switch again, but I'm thinking there is something else making the switch to go out....any suggestions are appriciated.

  • Now the truck won't start at all!

  • I have a 1996 S-10 & I cant find the FUSE BOX that houses the ign., fuel pump, and other engine control related fuses. Where can I find this fuse box?
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