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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Starting problems



  • tomygtomyg Posts: 13
    You might check the throttle position sensor and make sure all your vaccume lines are good....Good luck
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Spent lots of money, now try troubleshooting. Do you have fuel pressure, spark ?
    Spray carb cleaner down intake and see if it will run for a few seconds. Remove plug wire, attach spark plug, lay on engine ground, crank engine.
  • jdlucjdluc Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I am having the same exact issues on my 2001. What did you end up doing to fix the problem?

    Original message: I have an automatic 2000 s-10 with 144,000 miles on it. The truck has some starting problems but overall still runs very well. For several years now the truck takes several cranks to start up and almost always at least three. The truck always starts up but takes sometimes up to 6 cranks, but once in a great while it will start up with 1 turn of the key. I have replaced the plugs, wires, distributor cap, EGR valve, and fuel filter. The fuel pump is also still working fine. The truck has also lost power and feels like it sometimes misses and doesnt spark when accelerating. The gas mileage has also dropped off from an average of about 18 to barely 15. I am trying to avoid the mechanic, any suggestions or help would be great, thanks.
  • If someone could help me while chasing my tail - that would be awesome!

    Here's what I have

    95 Sonoma 4.3 TBI Crank No Start -

    replaced, fuel pump, sending unit, both injectors, ignition coil, spark module, pick up coil, checked fuses, new relay, ecu - no change @ all

    -injectors do not pulse, there is no spark, there are no codes, ecu is Good, timing chain is in correct position too.

    I am @ my wits end

    any suggestions, solutions would be great

  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Injectors won't pulse without spark, I would work on getting it to spark. Using a 12 volt test light check for 12 volts at #10 fuse 20 amp, in and out. Check for 12 volts at pink wire to ignition module.
  • I went my '96 2.2L S10 this morning, for first time in weeks. The starter began to turn the engine, then it disengaged, but the starter motor kept running, even with the key out of the ignition! I had to disconnect the battery to get it to stop running. any thoughts? many thanks!
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Stuck starter relay, need relay.
  • I have a 1997 blazer driving me nuts. I would only start for a while then nothing but turn over. I have replaced the fuel pump, sending unit and filter. like before started fine .. now after two weeks its starting to start hard after sitting a few hrs.It seems the more time I drive it then let it sit it starts hard. ZI have now tried to let it prime longer brfore turning the key all the way but that isnt working well now either. The truck runs and accelerates great once it gets started. if I run it and shut it off it will start right away but if it sits overnight or for a few hrs I am back to cranking it 4 or 5 times before it starts. what else could be wrong PLEASE
  • thanks... do you know where on the vehicle that relay can be found?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Not sure, maybe 2 relays. One on starter and one to feed starter.
    99 has one in the engine compartment fuse block, the legend on the cover will show it.
    If you find one in the fuse panel remove it.
    Reconnect battery and if it still cranks the relay on starter is bad.
  • ok so i had to buy a new starter this past april for my 00' S-10 2.2L put it in my self all the connections looked good and it ran but then in june i went to start my truck and nothing so i thought that my battery died so i went and got one today and i go to start my truck all the lights and air blowers work but no turn over and the volts on the dash reads none and the battery light comes on. ANY IDEAS
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    There are 2 grounds off the battery, 1 body and 1 engine. Make sure both are clean and tight.
  • mc22x3mc22x3 Posts: 6
    check the wires on the selinoid they can loosen up
  • I recently had my clutch replaced in my '97 S-10 4cyl 5spd. It then occasionally would just whir when I hit the starter but would always catch and start after one or two more tries. Now 2 months after the clutch replace - starter won't catch at all. Replacing starter and solenoid did not fix or change problem in any way. Is it possible the clutch / transmission is off kilter and causing this probem? My Son had a '95 S-10 that had almost the same problem and it turned out to be a broken transmission mount. Any body have this happen to them? Thank you -
  • my starter went out about a month ago i put a new starter in and 2 weeks later it went bad i put another starter in in it went out what could be the problem
  • Just learned that one the hard way. Anyway here is my experience after having a friend change my clutch and had two starters go out. Check or have transmission shims checked. If transmission mount has busted or shifted or shim is gone (mechanic said they are touchy on S-10) then starter misaligns with the flywheel. If you are lucky it breaks the teeth on the starter - if unlucky it breaks the teeth on the flywheel. May be the problem you are having.
  • I have a 2002 Chevy S-10 V6 vortec 4.3. I drive it every day and on occasion it does not want to start. It turns over but will not start. I just recently had the fuel pump with sending unit changed out. I have noticed that the security light starts flashing when it will not start. It comes on sometime when I am driving down the road. Any ideas? I am at a loss.
  • where would i find a pass alarm bypass and how does it hook in?
  • Hey everyone i have a 93 2.8 that i got several months ago and i've been restoring it to a daily driver. Everything was great until a few days ago i drove about 25 miles out of town, turned the truck off for about 20 minutes and when i got back the truck started but sputtered to a halt. 5 minutes later it starts up but has a terrible time doing so and its happened once more since then. i just replace the ignition coil, ignition module, fuel pump, injectors, fuel filter idle air control valve, and the fuel pressure regulator. any ideas? it feels to me like vapor lock but its an electric fuel pump!


  • I had a similar problem that turned out to be a flat spot on the fuel pump (inside fuel tank)
    good luck
  • blee1250blee1250 Posts: 2
    my truck has a lil problem it starts fine and then if i drive it for over ten mins say stop ans wawa and when i come out n try to start it it will just crank untill i hold the gas all the was down then it will start but studder and then after a min of holding the gas it will calm down n run good...but if i drive it and park it then wait like a hour or more it will start no problem???i dont get it
  • brunorexbrunorex Posts: 7
    My S-10 (97) had the exact same symptom. It was the fuel pump. Garage will have a tester that will actually show the problem on a electrical wave. Hope that helps. New fuel pump was installed two years ago and it fires first time every time no matter how long it has been druven.
  • Hey blee, i was wondering what motor your sonoma has (engine code will help)? I've had similar experiences with my 93 s-10 2.8 V6 TBI but there is a good chance we have different motors. I would test the fuel pressure, also when it doesn't start up try starting in clear flood mode (hold gas petal at more than 90% wide open when you crank it) if its flooded it should start right up. If this is the case you could have leaky injectors (assuming you have a tbi) fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, fuel filter, so on and so forth. There are quite a few things than can attribute to this problem. Maybe start with some basics like cleaning your EGR valve and o2 sensor. Or just start replacing sensors all together. It took me a while to get my truck running perfect and a little more information would give me a better idea of what you should be looking to clean or replace.

    Hope i can help

  • blee1250blee1250 Posts: 2
    yeah i have the 2.5 4cyl and if i drive it then when i go to start it again and if i press the gas pedal to the floor then yeah it will studder for a min then run smooth...and thats only hot start cold start it is no problem as if i waited a hour to try n start it again
  • caleb33caleb33 Posts: 2
    Ok im having problems with a 98 s10 2.2 cyl. when the truck cranks it acts like its out of time or something it just started happening one day. The truck will still run just a really hard time to start. I have had several codes pop up them being p0335 p0342 and i believe the other was p1626. I replaced the cam sensor and crank sensor. Codes still seem to be popping up and I dont have a clue where to go from here. I inspected all wiring as good as I could without a ton of teardown. Once running the truck runs fine. Sometimes it starts better than others but instead of a constant cranking like you would hear on a car with the coil unplugged it wants to jump around and not be consistent.

    Any suggestion
  • brunorexbrunorex Posts: 7
    I purchased a high mileage '97 S-10 4 cyl three years ago that was doing the same thing yours is. Once it was started it ran fine. It was the in tank fuel pump. My mechanic showed me a diagnostic printout on the current at the pump before and after changing the part. Showed what I can only guess must be a flat spot develops on that electric motor. Has started perfectly cold and hot ever since. Hope that helps.
  • caleb33caleb33 Posts: 2
    k The think that has got me tho most confused is the codes. To my knowledge those codes have nothing to do with the fuel pressure or anything. Do you believe there might be a wire grounded somewhere? Or am i totally wrong about them not relating?
    Thanks for the help
  • brunorexbrunorex Posts: 7
    Sorry I am not more knowledgeable but I do know that sometimes a code is generated because that is all the computer knows when certain symptoms happen. There is a place where you can hook a scope to view the current being drawn by the fuel pump but unfortunately I don't have that info. Maybe a new post requesting instructions for doing that particular diag might find you some kind soul who has experience with it. Good luck.
  • pingwoopingwoo Posts: 1
    Radiator split, truck over heated and bad things happened. Removed head took to shop and they did what they do and I put the head w/ all new gaskets etc. etc. back on engine. Now when we go to start the truck all I get is "click, click, click" from the starter. :mad: Took starter and battery to shop for testing both test good. :confuse: What else could I be missing? Engine is not seized I assume because can turn at crank w/wrench. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
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