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Jeep Wrangler



  • ap70ap70 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the welcomes and advice, Tom and mac24! DH and I picked up our Wrangler Monday and on the way home he was 1 for 3 for the wave. I was following in our car and really got a kick out of seeing the wave as it was described in the Wrangler brochure. We immediately went home and took the top off so that we could go for a sun-drenched ride. Our neighbor even came over while we were adjusting the top to compliment our purchase (and he even knew about the Mickey T. tires - whoever that is). We rode around town, then squeezed the Wrangler into the tightest garage spot ever for the night. I only stalled once (and it was a busy intersection!), but no one blew the horn at me. I'm hoping the temp tag will buy me some grace from other drivers. :blush:

    Tuesday, I took it out by myself and I would like to apologize to anyone who felt snubbed because I didn't wave. I found myself thinking "clutch, shift, brake, clutch, neutral, shift, don'tstalldon'tstalldon'tstall, gas, clutch, shift, didImissanywaves?" It's going to take a while to refresh my manual transmission skills. I actually took it to a friend's house and she wanted to load up her toddlers to go for an errand. The carseats actually fit in and we tested the cargo capacity (slim to none) with her Target purchases. Surprisingly, the little ones loved it!

    Later, DH tried to put the locking lug nuts on, but could only get the one on the spare tire. It appears that the tools that came with the Jeep don't fit our bigger tires. Still trying to find the best place to store the windows. There's no good flat place in the garage and all flat surfaces in the house are vulnerable to the cats jumping on them. We plan to leave the top down all summer, since we can park it in the garage. How do others store their windows?

    Rainy today and tomorrow, so I'm back in my Tahoe (no complaints, but it feels like a school bus).

    It seems like everyone enjoys a new car story, so thanks for letting me share!
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    Laura, great color, it was my first choice and I had to wait for it...
  • goalscottgoalscott Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm new to the jeep world and I'm hoping for a little advice. I found a 99 Sahara with 62k miles for $12,500. It's auto, with a 2 piece hard top and a new soft top, custom stereo (subs, amp, etc.) with mp3/cd player upgraded glove box and a lock box in the back. It seems to be in decent shape, although the paint on the side-view mirrors is all chipped--is this a jeep thing? It does turn over a couple of times before starting and has a custom exhaust that sounds like a mustang.

    This will be a second car for me and I don't want to spend much more than this unless I really have to. Similar jeeps seem to be selling for more, but I'm just not sure. Any advice would be very welcome.


  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Hi Scott,

    I was in the same indecision about the 'E' vs. 'H' package when I was initially looking. I ended up wanting to save the money on the 'H' and just get the 'E' package. More importantly, it seemed to me the 'E' was the main rugged "wheelin" Jeep and the 'H' package was the "stay-on-the-pavement-looking-nice-&-sounding-nice-all-the-time" Jeep. I wanted my Jeep with just enough options to cover my needs but not compromise the basic objective of the Wrangler which is to get down and dirty and maybe show its "rough-edges" once in awhile. After owning a Honda Civic and other "comfortable" road cars, I like the Wrangler's attitude of strong backbone and less "cosmetics"...though, with Wrangler fever I think all Wranglers are the most beautiful pieces of automotive genious that makes all other vehicles pale in comparison...but like I say, I recognize that I'm consumed with "The Fever" which I can't imagine will ever leave my body until I die!

    From my observations on dealer lots, the chrome grille on the 'H' package appears to be simply a cover over the existing painted grille. It looks like it's just stuck on. After seeing it up close, my feeling was it was just another nook behind which dirt and water could collect and potentially cause premature rust in the long run since it's unlikely you'd ever be able to wash the debris from behind the grille. If you're really into the 'H' package's painted wider fenders, premium seats, and other options, you might ask your dealer if they order an '06 to line-out the chrome grille cover. I read some post here or somewhere awhile back that may be an option when ordering.

    Regarding bug screen, I believe the screen attaches behind the grille slats and the A/C condenser coils so you'd still get bug splats on the front side of the 'H' package chrome grille...unless maybe there's a "bra" type cover that goes over the whole front of the Wranger.

    Good luck!

  • dave__dave__ Posts: 80
    I have a 2004 Wrangler X with a soft top and while it's not silent it certainly doesn't leave my ears ringing. My daughter and I drove it from Annapolis to North Carolina a few weeks ago and never had any problem holding a normal conversation at highway speeds.

    It also does not leak, not even a little.

    If you really want a Wrangler you should go ahead and get it. If you regret it, you'll be the first person I've ever heard of that did.

    Yours in Jeep Coolness,

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    No leakage problemns with the soft top that I'm aware of. If you have the HVAC set to take in outside air the top hardly flaps at all as the interior will slightly pressurise.

    The Ranger is a good practical small truck, but it's rather lacking in 'fun' factor that the Wrangler has in spades!

    You're never too old to have fun. ;)
  • normisnormis Posts: 9

    The soft top on my '05 unlimited has a bracket with a "pull-pin" ( :confuse: ) above the doors. The top is supposed to lower into this bracket and snap in easily (at least, according to the video they gave me). Anyway, I always end up having to force the top rail into the bracket above the passenger door. I've removed and reinstalled the door frame, and think I've tried every other possible solution. Is this an issue?
  • randyacerandyace Posts: 96
    Hello, all....the following is a re-post of a topic I submitted a while ago, but was deleted because I did a "no-no" by putting my phone number on it. Sorry! Was too anxious to carefully read the forum rules! Thanks, Steve, for your e-mail and kind words! ...Randy

    Help! I'm 52 years of age, and nearly at the point of buying my first Wrangler X. I need some opinions on the 2005 softtop..particularly whether or not the softtop is a problem with wind flapping, leakage, etc.

    I live in Alabama, and probably wouldn't take the vehicle further than a 300 mile drive. Someone told me their 2002 (2003?) softtop flapped so much at highway speeds he had ringing in his ears for several hours following the trip.

    I'm about to sell a perfectly good 2002 Ford Ranger Pickup to get the Wrangler X....good or bad decision as pertains to the softtop and potential problems???

    If anyone feels so strongly that I may be making a mistake, by all means...please let me know! I'm "this" close to finalizing the deal.

    Thanks to all in advance.....
  • jeff62301jeff62301 Posts: 310
    I still consider myself new at this "Jeep Thing" too, got mine last september.

    I roll my windows up between beach towels and secure it with velcro, toss them in the backseat if it looks like it could rain before I get home at the end of the day.

    If I'm not leaving town, they get flopped out on towels on top of the hard top in the shed.


    we took my girlfriends jeep into St Louis last weekend, left the windows at her house,, and yes,, it rained before we got back to her house.
  • jeff62301jeff62301 Posts: 310
    I've got an 04 unlimited, I've had no problems that required a trip to the dealership for repairs..

    The only complaint I have is that I didn't buy a jeep 20 years ago instead of my 4 runner!!

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I run a safari top over the summer and totally remove the windows. I have a bag designed to hold them and keep it in the garage up and out of the way of anything. It sits with my soft top and its hardware on the top shelf. :)

    As for the upper doors, I keep them with me on top of my trunk I built and under my duster, so if I DO get in rain, I can at least put them on to keep me somewhat dry. The duster keeps the back dry.

    I was in St. Louis last weekend too (Mexico, MO actually), and that was a nice series of rain that came through there. :) I was REALLY wanting my Jeep there on Saturday!

  • jeff62301jeff62301 Posts: 310
    the video's definition of easily and my definition of easily are somewhat different, that bracket is rather difficult to snap in place on mine too.

    even more difficult to unsnap, the roll bar is in the way.

    I keep a carabiner in the jeep, hook it into the loop to make pulling it easier. I also hook the carabiner into the zipper on the windows, saves running my fingers against the velcro.

  • jeff62301jeff62301 Posts: 310

    Help! I'm 52 years of age, and nearly at the point of buying my first Wrangler X. I need some opinions on the 2005 softtop..particularly whether or not the softtop is a problem with wind flapping, leakage, etc.

    If anyone feels so strongly that I may be making a mistake, by all means...please let me know! I'm "this" close to finalizing the deal.

    Thanks to all in advance.....

    your only mistake is waiting so long to buy a Jeep

    i've got a hard top and soft top,,,
    the soft top is nearly as quiet as the hard top, but I prefer no top!! Go ahead and buy that Jeep,, you won't ever regret it.

  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Obviously, my name is Jim and the LW2 references the 2000 Saturn LW2 station wagon I had just purchased when I joined Edmunds. That Saturn was my last chance to allow GM to win me back after I endured a long string of recalls and problems in my prior 12 years of owning nothing but GM vehicles. I can be a little slow on the uptake but I finally caught on that maybe I just had bad car luck or maybe GM engineering or manufacturing was the reason for very unreliable car experiences. Since owning a Honda and Toyota for the last five years, I've come to find those problems may have had less to do with luck. As you can surmise, my Saturn was the worst of the bunch and my last GM vehicle. That Saturn had lots of recalls in just one year and quirky electrical system behavior and that was all in the first year! I sold it after owning it a year and cut up my GM Mastercard and spread my wings as a free agent in the car more blind brand loyalty for me! Figures that LW2 would live on in my handle considering it was the car I owned for the shortest time and was the final straw in my leaving GM products.

    I'm now considering the LW2 'Lone Wrangler 2' or 'Love Wrangles, Too!".

    Regarding that shrugging of blind brand loyalty...ahhh, well...I have to say that after the joy I've experienced in my first six days of being a Jeep Wrangler owner, I'd buy an old rusty bath tub if someone put a tag on it saying "Jeep Wrangler". Hey, brand loyalty is a good thing as long as the brand delivers and thus far, my Wrangler has already delivered more driving and ownership fun than I've experienced in my 23 years of driving combined!

    Yes, Tom, I have hugged my Jeep...and kissed it, too...though, I may wash her first next time... :P
  • randyacerandyace Posts: 96
    Jeff and to everyone: Thanks very much for the replies so far. You've helped me immensely in making the right decision. I even got a private message from Oceantoad, which I appreciate very much.

    At 52 years of age, I suspect, like alot of us in this age bracket, I continue to find ways of playing with grown-up toys! In the last year, I went through a motorcycle and a boat (that didn't last long--couldn't keep remembering to insert the stern drainplug before launching...sheeshh..).

    And, now the Wrangler. I'm intentionally getting the 6-speed, because to me, that's part of the driving experience of such a vehicle. Looking forward to the wind blowing my oh-too-premature graying hair and being the envy of my neighbor who is gloating over his two new jet skis!

    Will we ever grow up? Never..I hope!

    Thanks again!
  • tt6keytt6key Posts: 1
    Hello i have a Jeep Wrangler sport 2002 and i have been having a reoccuring problem with it not starting. When you put the key in and turn it no noise will happen but the radio will go on the the gages will go on. This happens everytime after the car is driven and then you have to wait anywhere from 10-30 mins before it will turn on again. Ive also noticed sometimes when it does this where it displayes the millage it will say "done". I have had it looked at before and they tried replacing some switch that also involved my rear back up lights but that was when it would only happen every now and then now it happens everytime i use the car. Do you have any advice on what it might be?
    Thank You
  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    ..well, it has now been an official week since I've owned my first Jeep, and I'm loving it. Like alot of people have said on here, I have often thought about owning a Jeep but always went with either something a) more "practical" or b) fast. I can tell you since I've owned both, this is by far the most fun I've had with a car in the first week of ownership. And I haven't even gone topless yet! I love how it drives, looks, and I'd say about 3/4 of the people here in the Chicagoland area give you the "Jeep wave". It's a blast.

    I got an email from the company I ordered the hardtop dolly from, and it should be shipped out to me within 2 weeks. After that, off with the hard top and on with the soft! (er, off with the soft?! :P )

    One thing I've noticed, however, in the first week is, due to its extreme vertical angle, how my windshield catches bugs. I've noticed a few bug deflectors available for Jeep, are they any effective and how do they really look on the Jeep? If anyone on this forum has or had one I'd love to hear your opinions.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    I've had an 89, 92, and now own a 99 Sport.

    Jeeps are great fun.

    Now for the bad news... All three of mine developed leaky rear brake cylinders that resulted in no rear braking. The '99 has finally reached what I would call a reliable state, probably due to the lack of remaining Mopar parts. I'm a mechanical guy, if you depend on the dealer for most repairs, PASS! :lemon:

    I consider it a four wheel Harley. Drive it, fix it, repeat. I keep on buying them, though! :D
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    Bug shields are lame--they don't work well and they look worse, IMO.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I have a '98 Sport hard top and a '04 Unlimited soft top. The '98 hasn't been problem free, but it hasn't been much different than any other vehicle I've owned. It still starts up right away, though it's only getting driven about a couple of miles every 2 weeks mostly. We had to replace the exhaust manifold (most 4.0L engines before 2001(? not sure of the year) had to have theirs changed out too) and the air compressor. It hasn't had brake problems (we replaced the rotors at around 100,000 miles) and it still has the original clutch (it's got 130,000 miles on the odo).

    The Unlimited's extra padding makes it actually quieter than the Sport. There is more traffic noise, but less engine and road noise. The top does flap a bit if you have one of the windows cracked, but it is a soft tapping, not like the much louder flapping on the old soft tops. Otherwise it has to be pretty windy for it to flap otherwise. My biggest complaint for the soft top is the bar on the back window. I prefer to have the ability to easily lift the back window when I'm loading things in the back. I do admit that it is noisier than the tank-like Durango we rented this past weekend, but I still prefer the Jeep.

    The Unlimited is our daily driver and our trip vehicle - it's been to Wyoming, Nevada numerous times, all over California and I still love it.

    The only cure for Wrangler fever is to buy one. If you don't mind giving up many "creature comforts" then you'll have about the most fun vehicle you can get!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Is it an automatic? If so it could be a problem with switch on the transmission that only allows you start in Park or Neutral. Try starting in Neutral and moving the shifter a little as you turn the key.
  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    Interesting request Keats. Koolbreeze is a nickname I aquired in High School. I graduated in 1963 so its a name I have had for sometime. I am a soon to be 60 year old white guy who was given the name of Koolbreeze by the Black kids I went to HS with and the name just caught on----- Its actually a nickname and/or title used in African American culture in the 30's, 40's and 50's. I have been told this but have never heard it used until I saw the movie Ray. Someone called someone else Koolbreeze in the movie. Anyhow, thats it. I also enjoy Keats but am a very big Oscar Wilde fan. Enjoy the top down weather and drive your Jeep like its your last day on earth. Go Easy, John
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    John,I have seen 3 different stage productions of "The Importance of Being Earnest". It's one of my favorite plays. Wilde was definitely the genius of his era.

    So all, I'm afraid my Rubicon has developed its first problem. There is a rattle in the driver's door that is starting to drive me crazy! Time for a trip to the dealership.
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    OK, we had some success with the "where did you get your handle" question, so let's start another one since nobody posts to the "Get to know the owner's forum". What does everyone do for a living? I know, I hate when I'm at a party and the first question someone asks me is, "So what do you do?" However, it wasn't my first question. ;)

    So what do you do to pay for the gas in your Jeep?

    I'll go first. I'm a technical writer, and I'm in Grad School getting an MBA in management information systems. Kind of a yin and yang thing, I suppose.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I'm a district court judge-just call me the bottom feeder of the legal system. I can take early retirement in five years-thank heavens!- which will allow me to pursue my true passion: cars and motorcycles. I write an automotive column for a local newspaper and a couple of times a year I scribble a freelance article for a monthly magazine.
  • scott919scott919 Posts: 17
    Thanks mtngal, went by the dealer today and they have ordered new frames so Ill have to wait a couple days to get them. The parts guy had his computer screen turned so I could watch him look up the parts. Dc's system only shows schematics of the regular wrangler soft top not the unlimited. We walked up to the show room so he could see for himself what part I was missing. He was just looking for the latch itself, the after seeing it he ordered two new window frame assemblies. Once again thanks ..
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I work at a paper mill that produces automotive, industrial, and heavy duty filter paper. We sell to all of the big name automotive filter manufacturers.

    I am the Technical Director for our mill, and my areas of responsibility are paper specifications, fiber combinations (recipes) for the various grades of paper, resins (used to saturate our paper for endurance), the paper making process, and experimental runs.

    I will have been at that mill for 31 years on 6/26/05. Actually, I worked the last seven months of construction on the mill, but I was on the payroll of the general contractor then. I switched to the paper mill payroll on 6/26/74.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • I have had my wrangler for 6 days now and have a little over 400 miles on it and this is what I have to say about it. The jeep with the hardtop is a lot quieter than my old civic with my loud exhaust and is a lot more fun to drive. It also helps me with my speed problem no more tickets for me. The hardtop took a little while to figure out because i couldnt get one of the cables connected but after that it was a breeze to take off and put back on. The skid plates have come in handy so far because I have gone off-roading twice so far once with 60 miles on the odometer and another with 400. This last time it was pretty muddy considering it has rained for the past week. I didnt get stuck but some parts where a little sketchy because I would scrape and come to a stop and start spinning for a little while. my first fill up i experienced 20 miles per gallon but this time i think it is going to be a lot lower. The factory head unit and speakers sound fairly nice and never skipped while i was off roading but it provides very little bass.
    Here is a pic of her a little dirty
    Her name is Jeeves and the code name for off roading is golfing
    Image hosted by
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Bug shields are lame--they don't work well and they look worse, IMO.

    I'd say they're probably 50% effective at deflecting bugs from the windshield. However, they're 100% effective at stopping bug splatter and stone chips on the leading edge of the hood.
  • letdolphinletdolphin Posts: 37
    I am a branch manager & stockbroker for a national deep discount brokerage, I have been with the company for 13 years
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