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Jeep Wrangler



  • well now i wish i had been able to get the dual top option which was not available when i purchased in December. The soft top is nice for summer and quick top offs but now that winter is coming i sure would like a hardtop for the colder temperatures and less noise......oh well.......
  • i was looking into one of Garmin Quest as i have a Garmin V and its been terrific but wanting to give this one to the wife. Never had a problem with any Garmin product the only thing i would like to see is newer city maps our here in Dallas that Garmin has are about 4 years old so no newer streets are shown........ :(
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591

    That's mighty nice of ya.

    It would be cool, if I can just make sure I'm logged in as we get to that point.

    I guess that will be ten posts from this one, if I remember the number of the last post correctly (19989?).

    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    "I took my TJ to get an inspection. They were unable to read anything. I also rented a OBD reader and got the message "Vehicle is not responding".
    Anyone have an idea what the problem is?"


    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but...

    your Jeep has passed away. :cry:

    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    Made the switch back to the hardtop yesterday. 2 hours of work, but I love it. It's like driving a different vehicle!

    I'm with you Keats. Does feel like a different vehicle. We've had rain for a week straight here in the East, and is not supposed to stop until Saturday :cry: Hoping to put my hardtop back on, on Sunday.

  • Very cool suggestion, Mac! I think we just need to run it up to 19999 and then chill. Tom's on often enough that it shouldn't be a problem! So, I'm getting close to using the Krylon Fusion paint to spray my faded flares. Has anyone else already done this? Seen lotsa talk, but no results.

  • A quick comment: if anyone decides to contact Chip Foose and the "Overhaulin'" people to use my 98 SE (Eugene) as a project, I'll cooperate. I'll act incredibly surprised that it was "stolen" and my wife would be a great "insider". Just wanted to give youa "green light" in case any of you were thinking such thoughts.....

    Gads! It would be cool enough just to get his artist concept sketches!

  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    Haven't posted in a while (read every day) and figured it was time to make a post.

    I recently bought the "Mopar Soundeck" off EBAY. It's an older item and I don't believe they sell it new anymore.
    It fits behind the back seat and is similar in shape to the "add a trunk". I have a Pioneer head unit, so I couldn't use the wiring harness as it was. I finally gave up and let my local stereo installation place figure out the wiring. They hooked me up for $45. Well worth avoiding the headache.

    My point to this post is that I'm very happy with the Bass that's coming from the subwoofer. I just wanted to feel a little bass as I went down the road and this more than delivers. Plus, there's still some room behind it to store items.


  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but... your Jeep has passed away
    Well too bad for my Jeep, because I am going to keep running it.

    Anyone ever have a spare key made? I had lost my keys and someone got a spare made for me while I was out of town. It cost $120. $43 for the key and $81 to program it.
    I believe you can buy a blank key off ebay for about $10 and as long as you have two keys, you can program it yourself. You may want to look into this before you lose your second key and have to pay the big bucks.

    I guess the dealer uses the OBD connector to program a new key. Any idea if the dealer could of caused a problem for my connector/pcm to no longer work?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Any idea if the dealer could of caused a problem for my connector/pcm to no longer work?

    It's possible, but fairly unlikely. I'm not sure how old your Jeep is, but don't forget that your PCM is covered under the 80K emissions warranty.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Image hosted by

    Thanks, everyone.

    I sure miss my Puppy Dog. It will be four weeks this coming Monday since I said my goodbye to him.

    For those who didn't know about him, his name was Ross Allen, and he was my best friend and Jeepin' Buddy for ten years.

    I created a website in his honor...
  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    ..did it really take you two hours for the hardtop?? Ugh. I have to put mine on soon, and it's an Unlimited so it has more torx screws to tighten. It only took me about 30 mins to take off, why so long to put back on??

    I read your dedication page to your dog, very nice. I'm very close to my dog, he's only 7 so hopefully we have many more good years with him. I loved how your dog ate McDonald's with you.
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    2 hours was total time to wash and prep the soft top, get the soft top off, get the door surrounds off and stored, get the soft top wrapped up to keep dust off it, hang it up, roll up with the windows in the Clover Patch window roll, and put on the hardtop.

    I cannot imagine putting an Unlimited top on without the hoist. The swb hard top is hard enough to get on. It's not that it's heavy, but it's very awkward.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Tom - what a great collage, I just love the photo of him carrying his own MacD's bag. Don't you just know that right now your Ross Allen is talking to my Winger and telling him all about trails you rode on. And Winger is returning the favor with telling him all about the trails we've both hiked on and driven on. Winger never saw the Unlimited, so they'll be able to relate to each other about riding in the back of the Sports we own. Do you suppose they've gotten to the "Let me tell you about this great, BIG tree..." stage?

    Hope all you Wrangler owners are staying safe out there (it's pretty quiet around here lately).
  • gman1259gman1259 Posts: 209
    It only takes me about 20 to 30 minutes, and I have to deal with bolts that hold my CB mount. I run the jeep through a hand wash car wash first, then I drive home remove the window, roll them up, fold down the top remove it, cover it, and then hang it in the garage. I purchased quick release bolts from EBay, which really make it easier to remove and install the top.
  • gman1259gman1259 Posts: 209

    This is beautiful…There is nothing else that can be said...
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    20 minutes? No way. I don't think that is possible, really, even with the disconnects. Here's what I know, at 4 p.m. I left for the car wash, at 6 p.m. I was done. Now, I am very meticulous. I clean all the gaskets, make sure everything is perfect, wrap up the soft top to keep dust from getting on it, box up my door surrounds...but 20 minutes? It takes me 7 minutes just to get my top down...
  • If I remember correctly, most everyone has indicated that the best mpg that I could expect would be in the 15-18 range for most driving. I live in Northern VA area around Wash DC and the traffic can be less than fun!

    Since I have recently bought my 00 Wrangler and it was designated as my 'weekend play toy', I don't intend to make it my primary vehicle. However, I am wondering what I could expect to get in terms of fuel usage. Any ideas? The first tank I tested got right at 17 mpg given the fact that drove it as a 'daily commuter' for the first week.

    Thanks all - Chuck
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Right now I'm in the '98 Sport somewhere around Jean, NV on our way home. We decided to take the Sport since it gets better gas mileage than the Unlimited and we've been tossing around the idea of driving it more often on week days - these gas prices are killing us. Which brings me to a question -

    Can you put an OEM radio from an '04 into a '98? The Sport has the basic radio and no sound bar, so I was thinking of getting an aftermarket soundbar and installing the OEM radio we took out of the Unlimited. It has an aux jack so I could hook up the Roady directly to the radio, instead of using the FM modulator (too many stations in Los Angeles interfere with it). I figured that adding the soundbar and re-doing the wiring would probably be necessary if I did this.

    Or would it be cheaper to change the head to an XM ready radio and plug the Roady into that, leaving the radio speaker configuration alone. I'd like the soundbar and I thought it might not be too expensive if I used the radio I already have. However, if I have to get a new radio I'll skip the soundbar.

    Any economical suggestions?

    As far as MPG - so much depends on your personal driving habits and conditions. I routinely get 18 plus mpg on our commute (150 miles per day, 98% highway with a mix of slow and go and 65 mph involving about 6,000 feet elevation change) in the auto Unlimited, and around 20 in the '98 manual Sport. The one all city driving tank I had in the Unlimited was around 14 mpg. A couple of days ago when i was struggling through the backup from a major accident our mileage (it took us an extra hour and a half to get home) we got 17 mpg.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Can you put an OEM radio from an '04 into a '98?

    I can't see any problem in fitting an aftermarket soundbar and wiring things to suit, and I certainly wouldn't go to the expense of a new head unit just to connect it to the original basic speakers. However, you may have make some alterations to the dash, as the early head unit had square corners but the latest ones are more rounded.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Variables to consider are:

    Accuracy of the odometer (check with a GPS)

    Fuel quantity used. You can't judge by the gauge, nor by when the gas station pump shuts off (I get an extra 2.5 gallons after that point). You must either keep track of gas used over several thousand miles, or fill to the neck each time.

    Will you be offroading? Off road use will dramatically increase your consumption in mpg terms.

    Auto or manual? Figure about 2-3mpg difference.

    Will you use a/c? 1-2mpg on a 4.0.

    Will you get it fully warmed up, or just make short trips?

    Will you drive more 'enthusiastically' now it's a weekend toy?

    You really can't do more that 'guestimate' your consumption from one tank, but if you did get 17mpg commuting that's truly excellent. I get an average of 14mpg from my '99 auto.............never less than 13, never more than 15............but with the original optimistic speedo gear I'd be getting 16-17! :surprise:
  • what year wrangler? on a 1998, you pop off the vent trim on top of dash,remove 2 screws on top off center radio pod cover,and pop off the cover. remove 4 screws to pull the climate control out. there are two bulbs, one on the left top, and one on the right side. good luck getting the right bulbs from the dealer!
  • gman1259gman1259 Posts: 209
    I do not count the time it takes me to run through the car wash, since I would have the Jeep washed anyway.

    I built a hoist system with a crank to remove and replace the top, so that does not take me much time at all. The top hangs on the hoist in the garage when it is not on the jeep

    When I remove the soft top I do the following:

    1. I lay out a piece cloth on the drive way.
    2. I remove the rear window and place it on top of the cloth.
    3. I place another piece of cloth on top of the rear window.
    4. I remove a side window and place it on top of the rear window.
    5. I then place cloth on top of the side window.
    6. I remove the other side window and lay it on top of the side window.
    7. I place cloth on top and roll up all three windows, and then wrap the roll with a cover.
    8. Then I lower the top and wrap it with a cover.
    9. Unscrew the four screws that hold it on (thumb screws) pull it off and hand up in the garage.
    10. Pull the door surrounds off and put them on a shelf.
    11. Put a bolt threw the radio mount bar, holding it to the roll cage.
    12. Finally, I back the Jeep up under the hard top, lower the top and tighten it down.

    It could take me as much as 30 to 40 minutes in stead of the 20 minutes I originally quoted to reverse it and put the soft top on, I did not time it. However, I know it does not take me long to swap tops. I have done it many times. A few times I did twice in a week because of the weather or security concerns.

    I am sure I am not as meticulous as you are. I put as much care as I can to preserve the windows, but I do not worry about dust getting through to the top.
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    I'm kinda glad I bought my soft top used and pre-scratched :P

    Don't get me wrong, I take pretty good care of my Jeep. I just dont go to the lengths of everyone else, on this board, when it comes to the soft top windows.
    The little bit of dust that collects during the winter comes right off in the spring.

  • My wife has wanted a Jeep for the past several years and finally got one in the spring of 2004, after retiring. We both love it, but haven't gotten to the point of hugging it every day. We purchased a 4L, six cylinder, 2004 Sport with an automatic transmission. We also have a 16 foot fiberglass Scamp travel trailer that weighs 1500 lbs. dry. The Scamp has electric brakes. We have traveled extensively with the trailer, but pull it with a Ford F150 pick-up. We never imagined that we could pull our little Scamp with the Jeep until we saw some people in Colorado pulling a heavier travel trailer with their Jeep. Realizing the 2000 lb. maximum rule for Jeep Wrangler's, I would like some information on towing my trailer.

    1. Would the Jeep have enough power to negotiate mountain roads? Being old and retired, we are never in a hurry (don't you just love those drivers) so slow is ok.
    2. I know I would need a class 3 hitch and a tranny cooler with filter kit, but is there anything else I would need?
    3. Are we crazy for even exploring this possibility?

    Any information anyone might have on this topic would be greatly appreciate.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Your Jeep is more than capable of both pulling and stopping your trailer. The 2000lb restriction is due to the relatively short wheelbase which would allow it to become unstable more easily when being pushed by a heavier trailer, as in descending a steep hill or snaking on the flat.

    So, 1: Yes, plenty of power, just use reasonable caution when coming down those mountains in the rain. Remember also that in high winds the large surface area of the trailer will have a disproportionate effect on your Jeep, so keep it slow.

    2: The tranny cooler and filter are very important, and the filter adapter will allow you to easily fit a transmission temperature gauge. Be sure to fit it on the flow line to the cooler rather than the return. Also, fit the aftermarket cooler after the factory one. Additionally, you should use synthetic or semi-synthetic oil in the diffs, as recommended by Jeep.

    3: No, just don't forget have a trailer behind you, and pull over from time to time let the line of traffic behind you go past. :)
  • hey hey,

    the actual connectors between the radio and the wiring harness are different between a 1998 and a 2004. mopar does make an adapter, so this shouldn't be an issue. really the only other part you will need is the center bezel itself, which you can get cheap on ebay (it attaches the same way as pre-03 bezels). otherwise, all screw holes are the same. good luck!! :shades:
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