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Jeep Wrangler



  • jeff62301jeff62301 Posts: 310
    the cargo rack looks like the one I have,

    I borrowed it from a friend to take 5 tires to StLouis, less than 200#'s bent the shaft in it and so I paid him for it, and put in a heavier shaft.

    it said it was rated at 500 pounds, made by larin.

    if you know anyone with metal working skills, you could probably build a nice one cheaper than buying a lightweight one.


    looking forward to a warm weekend, the soft top needs to go back on soon!!
  • Hey guys,

    I just put warn bumpers (front and rear with tire carrier) on my 97 TJ and they look SICK! If you are thinking about bumpers I definitely recommend warn.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    What a cool collector's item.

    Remember when toy trucks were metal?...ahh the days.

    Personally, I was a huge fan of "Stompers". (Which were, ahem, really plasticky)


    BTW...something I just learned...regular HTML markup seems to work fine here. If you have a big picture to post on the board (like the one I used here) just give it a width setting in the URL code that the board uses. (example: width='320') This way, it won't blow the forum up past the ads and everything to the right.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    Hey, I may have both of the same problems. I posted quite the b**chy post complaining about my Unlimited making a pinging sound going uphill. The fix has been to turn the overdrive off going uphill at 40-50 mph (when stuck at that speed). This brings the rpm up over 2k, which gets rid of it. I've found it to be pretty bad on the highway about 1800rpm. So bad, I have to adjust speed a bit to get rid of it. I must admit, I'm also worried. I don't remember pinging this audible since the late-seventies Oldsmobiles my parents had... :P

    The rattling noise may be something else, as I seem to have it too. It happens at idle, and at the first touch of throttle. It may not be the same as what you have, but it might be. Seems to be much worse in cold temps. There is a person in the problems solutions thread that said they had the same thing. I read on a grand cherokee post that someone with a similar issue had some heat/ac components replaced, which temporarily fixed it. I'm about to take the dash completely out, as it's driving me nuts...
  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Cool Stompers website...I remember seeing those and still have a couple longer working but my son still likes pushing them around. Tires are all cracked. Seeing the Jeep Stompers makes me realize how folks get into buying things like that to start a collection of "Jeep Toys" or the like. Right now, for me, I'd rather put the money into making my real Jeep customized the way I want. Thanks for sharing the Stomper pics...Good memories.
  • gman1259gman1259 Posts: 209
    The good news is...The smart ones usually don't get caught
  • gman1259gman1259 Posts: 209
    I took Elliemae up to the property on Sunday and it started snowing pretty hard. I would slide going around corners, until I put her into 4 wheel drive. She then handled like a dream. I will say I am happy with the new tires in the snow.

    Here is a picture of Elliemae parked in front of my future driveway.

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Wasn't the snow lovely this weekend? I had such a good time snowshoeing all over Mt. Pinos, though I'm paying for it today.

    The BFG ATs seem to work pretty well around here, but we don't often get really icy conditions (and when it's that bad, I stay home!). By the way, it's snowing right now, so I might have an interesting time getting to work tomorrow.
  • tyoshutyoshu Posts: 31
    i am looking for a "temporary" roof rack that i can use to carry a couple of kayaks but i don't want to have it installed permenently. does any know if such a thing exists? thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    They make foam block racks (link).

    I wouldn't recommend this rig for the highway but it should be fine for getting to the lake or river on the backroads. If you go the homemade foam route, the blocks tend to fly off when you hit bumps - the ones for sale usually have separate straps to tie the foam to the roof.

    Steve, Host
  • wpowellwpowell Posts: 125
    Combined weight of your kayaks? Do you have a soft top or hard top? Do you happen to have front and rear receiver hitches?
  • jtbazjtbaz Posts: 2
    I had a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport with a manual transmission and sold it three years ago. I have regretted ever selling it and now I am going to buy a new Jeep Wrangler. I am looking at the 65th anniversary addition. The only issue I have is whether I want a 6 speed or an automatic transmission. I live in Phoenix, which is growing, and traffic is getting worse. I am concerned it would not be as fun with a manual if I am stuck in traffic alot. I was at a dealer last night, and the sales rep indicated that 75% of the Jeep Wranglers that are sold from his dealership are automatic. I am also planning on keeping this jeep for ever . . .so I am concerned that I may become tired of stick. However, I have always enjoyed driving a stick. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    I went auto this time. I like them offroad as well. I do think you give up some performance, but the mileage isn't noticeable. Plus, no clutch to ever wear out.

    I feel like you do in that I'll keep it forever. Do things to it I couldn't afford when I had my 89. Maybe a v8, even. Heated Bestop seats. Streetable lift, etc.

    My extended family was/is in Phoenix. I would go a couple of times per year to Mesa to see them until they passed away. I couldn't believe how fast it was growing. Drove up to Flagstaff in a rental last time. Made me sad, as lots of places asked "do you have a 4wd? There's lots to see if you do". May have to road trip back down sometime.

    If you get the 65th anniversary, are you getting the new green? I would think black will roast pretty good in the AZ sun...
  • jtbazjtbaz Posts: 2
    I am going with the green. I was actually looking at silver, but then when I was at the dealership I saw the Jeep Green and thought it looked pretty cool. Phoenix is growing real quick I have lived in Phoenix for 6 years and I am amazed at the growth.
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    Hey Skyking, Naugatuck is very pretty, I like the areas around the river. Anyway, I don't recall what I said in that post, but I ended up buying brackets from these guys They simply just bolt into the same spot the doors do. I would have to guess that these would work on an '06 but I don't know for sure.

    I then bought the round 6" mirrors from Autzone(as suggested by the guys that sell the bracket). Worked out pretty well. I can't wait for the warm weather to get here and stay for good. I'm ready for topless /doorless Jeepin'

  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    Go with what you want. Either way will be nothing but fun. Welcome back to Jeepworld. KB2
  • dmrapdmrap Posts: 4
    I just became the proud owner of a 2005 Wrangler Rubicon. I am interested in getting the best running board/side step, but I am concerned about installation. I particularly like the "Rock Barz" by Warrior Products, because they are very low profile and will not impeded off-roading. The problem is that they must be drilled into the frame.

    Does anyone know of a good running board that does not require drilling?
  • skyking49skyking49 Posts: 112
    Yep..I like Naugy although housing prices jumped 20% last year. So..when I remove the doors I bolt the brackets where the doors were? I wish I had a diagram of it. I haven't had a chance to check it out much...heck, I thought the doors were just held on by a straps. I was reading some forum and the guy showed how he drilled holes etc. I definitely don't want to do that. Thanks for the reply.
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    This link is a pretty decent pic of the bracket/mirror attached.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    heck, I thought the doors were just held on by a straps

    Your doors are restrained from opening too far by straps. To remove a door, release the strap then remove the nut from each of the two hinge pins. Carefully lift the door from the hinges, then remove the appropriate fuse to prevent the interior lights from coming on.
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    There are tons of places to get rocker guards. Two main types are frame mounted or body mounted. I prefer body mounted for better clearance but you will be drilling into the body.
    Example of body mounted guards
    Example of no drill frame mounted guards
    Second example of no drill frame mounted guards
    review of second example rocker guards
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    It's really a personal preference - we have a '98 Sport manual and an '04 Unlimited auto. For my commute it doesn't make much difference because it's all freeway, and slow-n-go is easy in 2nd gear. I do like the manual when I start up the steep parts of the I-5 Grapevine (driven daily), but I just turn overdrive off with the auto and it works just as well.

    Last week I made several trips into downtown L.A. with the manual. By the second day of driving in stop and go traffic, with lots of traffic lights, I was VERY glad that I don't have to do that very often - if your commute has lots of traffic lights or stop and go traffic, I'd think hard about getting a manual. Also, I've been having back problems and the auto is much more back-friendly. So I think the Sport is probably my last manual - I'll stick to autos.
  • skyking49skyking49 Posts: 112
    Thanks for all the info.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    What he said.

    I have body mounted rockers from Toys by Troy and I've come down on them HARD a few times, including this past weekend. Frame mounted ones can be nice, but if you go with a body lift down the road, it may look kinda goofy. Also, at some point, part of the rockers will hang down below the frame and provide a catch point if you drag over a tree root, rock, whatever.

    Body mounted ones can be had with internal supports (A to Z Fabrications comes to mind, as does Shrockworks). My TbT's cover quite a bit and I'm VERY happy with them. They have a tube on the outside to provide a pivot point against rocks, protect the sides against gully walls (Turkey Bay has a few of those) and act as a step for my wife.

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    This model is similar to those available from a number of sources. Places like Q-tec are okay, but you can get em cheaper usually directly from the manufacturer. A to Z, Toys by Troy, Shrockworks, Rokmen, Kilby, AEV, all put out variations on these things.

    Jeeperman does make some frame mounted versions, but I like the black armor up the side of the tub as well...

  • bobcat82bobcat82 Posts: 13

    And the photos show a might fine looking rig, too!

  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    Very nice Jeep. I like the black headlight bezels.They add a unique touch to the overall look. I have a red Jeep (Rosie) and I am considering changing the yellow signal light lenses to clear lenses. I have all red and black but silver was the other color I was considering. The black and silver is very sharp. I'm curious. How did you come up with Elliemae for a name? Go Easy, John
  • yjohnyjohn Posts: 32
    The heater control on my YJ does not light up when I turn on the headlights. I looked in the owner's manual for the bulb numbers, and found them. However, when I took the panel off, I could not see where the bulbs would go, and didn't want to start yanking on any wires. Any help would be appreciated.

  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Thanks for the easy links to the good information on rocker guards. I was just starting to think it's time I remove my factory steps and get rocker guards, too. I've read Tom write that those factory steps often are damaged offroad and he recommends they be removed for any real offroading. I'm still debating on frame vs. body mounted. I like the extra clearance offered by the body mounted but I guess the idea of drilling into my new Jeep makes me pause even though I know so many of you do it and I love how they look in the end.

    Just curious how folks feel about the Jeep Mopar rock rails in the Jeep Accessories Catalog...I assume for the money you get better protection and quality from other manufacturers?
  • yjbobyjbob Posts: 56
    The factory service manual (FSM) for my 1995 YJ is very brief.
    Under "Heater Control Replacement" (section 24-32) it says:
    1. "Remove instrument cluster bezel attaching screws. (6 screws attach the bezel to the face of the instrument cluster.)
    2. Remove instrument cluster bezel.
    3. Remove screws attaching heater control panel to instrument panel.
    4. Slide control panel outward..." (toward you, I guess.)

    At this point, you should have the back of the heater control panel exposed, and the wire to the heater control light should be apparent. Presumably you can access the light bulb itself from the back of the heater control.

    Good luck.

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I assume for the money you get better protection and quality from other manufacturers?

    Generally, that would not be a correct assumption. Most of the time DC will source this type of product from a reputable aftermarket supplier and just stick a Mopar label on. Alternately, a slight variation may be made on the basic original design. Comparing pictures in the various catalogs can provide a mild form of entertainment. ;)
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