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Jeep Wrangler



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I think that since the Jeep Wrangler: Problems and Solutions forum was started, a lot of newcomers have been finding their way over there instead.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I'm still around, mostly. We've just gotten SO busy and I haven't driven the Unlimited any place interesting in weeks! Gas got down to $2.98 and I was starting to think about off-roading again, but this weekend it went over $3.00 again (sigh). Long weekend and all.
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    The last TJ was built on Thursday
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I'm really interested to see the new one. The pictures make it look much the same as it always has looked, but that can be deceiving. It may be the end of one era, but it could be the start of something better - I'm withholding judgement until I see the new one in person.

    Having 4 doors in an Unlimited would be nice. I find getting things in and out of the back seat to be a strain sometimes, though having all that extra room compared to a SWB Wrangler is really nice!
  • iwntajeepiwntajeep Posts: 10
    Hey everybody, I posted back in May with questions on buying a 2006 Jeep Wrangler X. Well, I ended up gettin it right after memorial day. I'm only 18, so help from Mom and family helped a lot with the car buying processes. I got the price down to something I could afford and am now driving, with GREAT pride, a brand new Wrangler!!!

    Its a black, trail rated X model. The only options on it is A/C and Cruise Control (for the drive to college this fall). I am having a blast and look forward to asking all of ya'll advice when I get up some money to start "buffing" it up, probably be a few years though...

    Have I hugged my Jeep today?!?!? Heck, I hug mine everyday!!!
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Welcome! That bright shining light I see in the distance has to be that great, big grin still on your face, right?

    Now you can tell everyone just how much FUN the Wrangler is. When they look at you like your crazy you can say, "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand." Does anyone know where that came from?
  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    Congrats!!!! Have fun and pay attention to the short wheel base. What tires did it come with? Soft top or hard top? 5 speed? Go Easy and Have Fun. John
  • iwntajeepiwntajeep Posts: 10
    Thanks! It came with the tires that come stock on the Sport model b/c I payed a lil more for those. So I didn't have to get those lil' steal wheels set. Its a dark slate gray soft top. Its an '06 model so its a 6-speed. In the next couple years I would like to beef it up a lil bit with a small lift like 2 or 3 inches and put maybe 31" tires on there... just depends on what I want when I save up the money... thats when I'll be comin to everyone on here for advice. Plus I will prolly get a hardtop sometime soon.

    I'm havin a ball with it! Every time I have a few days in a row of no rain in the forecast, the top comes down. I absolutely love it, and I've wanted a Wrangler for a good three years so its like I'm dreamin that I finally have one. I just hope I never wake up if it is a dream!!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    for now... :)

    Got my rear and side armor on over the long weekend, but I still need to install backup lights (and wire em).

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    This stuff is STOUT!

    About the only additional stuff I'd add would be a stronger tie rod, front D30 differential armor, and hopefully a cage upgrade. :)

    Now, I'm ready for Windrock!

  • iwntajeepiwntajeep Posts: 10
    Hey everybody!
    eventhough I'm not financially ready to put a lift on my Jeep, I've still been lookin because basically I'm obsessed... haha... anyway, I found this deal that Rough Country is running on a 4" lift. I just want some feedback on how good a deal it is, and if its quality is good. The deal can be found here

    Thanks and I'll be lookin forward to the responses...
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    What do you want to achieve with a lift when you can afford it? Looking cool on the street is just as reasonable an ambition as being fully capable on an extreme trail.

    However, it's important to be honest with yourself at the beginning in order to get both the best suited and the best value. For instance, for serious off-road use a more complex and better engineered lift will be required. As usual, you tend to get what you pay for. The biggest plus for the lift you're looking at is its low price.
  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    You are one happy Jeeper! Don't forget to use the "search this discussion" option when you have questions or just want to better inform yourself. There is alot of info to be obtained from the search option. Start with your tires so you get a sence of how they handle in rain/snow. Info on lifts,etc. Good luck and don't let friends drive your dream. Go Easy, John
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    Remember to look very pained at all your friends when they say "let's take your car" and say..."It's not a car. It's a Jeep."

    Probably most of the people on this forum over 30 have at least one, maybe more, Jeeps that they wish they had never sold. We still keep pictures of them. So, do the maintenance, park in the shade, drive SLOWLY (I cannot emphasize this enough, treat this thing as a Mustang even one time and you can really get into trouble), wash off the road salt, etc. Keep it forever if you can.

    Welcome to this unique little group. I'm in a few different forums re: Jeeps, and this one is one of the friendliest by far, as well as offering useful advice and minimal use of the word "XTREME". And we have Tom and Mac and Paul and John and Mtngal and...well, you get the idea. Post a pic of your new ride when you can!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591


    I'm sorry I'm a couple days late in sending along these congratulations, but this is my first time on the board since you posted.

    You received good advice already... KEEP YOUR SPEED DOWN with that Jeep. Don't try to take corners at the same speeds as you would in a car. The very things that make a Jeep such a great off road vehicle, like the short wheel base, the narrow track, and the high ground clearance (which means a high center of gravity) are just the opposite of what you would want for good cornering.

    Don't be in a big rush to add mods. Take your time to learn how everything relates before jumping into mods. Almost anything you do to modify your Jeep will mean that something else has to be changed as well.

    Post some pics!

    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • iwntajeepiwntajeep Posts: 10
    Thanks to everyone with their congratulations. I definitely am not gonna rush into anything for probably a year or two or possibly three. We'll just have to see. I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee before this so I have a respect for SUVs already with the turns, and I know that the Wrangler is a whole different story even still. With the manual transmission it seems to be easier to keep my speed down because I keep track of it better than I did with the automatic in the Cherokee.

    The lift I'm just going ahead and looking at just to feed my obsession... I'm not jumping in to anything, just kinda gettin a feel for what I want. I don't think I'll ever do serious offroading... maybe a bumpy trail or somethin easy every now and again. So mainly all I'm lookin at is lookin good on the street, but still bein able to handle a trail with some water and mud...
  • wpowellwpowell Posts: 125
    I noticed a a little oil coming from the rear of the engine/front of the bellhousing when I was installing my lift a couple of weeks ago. Jeep is headed back to the dealer tomorrow (1 year old, first time back) and I have read elsewhere that DCJ, or at least some dealers, consider a seep "normal". Anyone have any experience with leaks and warranty response? Thanks!

    BTW, the Rubicon Express 3.5 Super Flex has worked out really well. Very please so far both on and offroad.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    If the area around the seal housing is damp with oil that's normally considered ok. However, if oil is actually dripping out then the seal needs replacing.

    However, dealer A may not act in the same way as dealer B. ;)
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    Hey Jeep folks. Everybody probably has at least one second, third, etc. car, and that's the boat we currently find ourselves in. The current second car is a Focus, which has been pretty good. It's at 100k miles, but it just wasn't built to go forever, and the transmission is showing signs of checking out. Plus, I'd like to get something for my wife with better safety features. Since we all have Jeeps in common, I thought I'd ask what everyone might consider, rather than just hitting the "best sedan" forums first.
    1-Price. Under 20k or close to it. (Got to leave room to put gas in it, ya know)
    3-Reliability (it will commute 90 mi. each workday)
    4-Mileage (well, cause it will commute 90 mi. each workday)

    I know mtngal just bought a Fit, and honestly it was on my short list, but she wants something bigger. I also know that everything I just said says "Camry", but the word Camry brings her to tears just like the word "Minivan" does to me... :P

    So that's that. One choice was to trade the Wrangler to save money, but that was just irrational, and the thought passed.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    Wanted to say thanks to you and keats and mtngal for your posts regarding my job situation back in May. As all of you said it would, something did indeed work out!

    I'll be working from home on contract for the next year, which means I can stop putting commuting wear and tear on the Jeep. Plus, almost no gas expenses! Furthermore, it gives me up to a year to find something else.

    If I wind up having to commute long distances by next summer, so be it, but for now, all's well. I must admit it's a good feeling to have this settled. Thanks again for your kind words.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Wow! Way to go - just knew something would work out for you! Hang in there, and enjoy that Jeep you hung onto.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Has your wife actually been in the Fit yet? The reason I asked is that I was really surprised how roomy it is, and it sure doesn't feel like a small car. The Yaris is tiny compared to the Fit. The Scion XA is about the same size dimension-wise, but feels much smaller to me.

    By the way, there's been reports of a Fit being in a head-on collision in a tunnel in the Bay Area (hit a Jeep by the way. Sad to say the Fit driver was reported to be driving the wrong way and appeared intoxicated). The pictures showed a smashed in front end, but they could open the driver's door and the driver only had a broken clavicle (collarbone). Not bad safety for a little car!

    I'd react the same way to a Camry as she does - give me a Wrangler, a hatch back or anything except a sedan or a coupe (unless it's a Corvette, Porshe or something along those lines).
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    I would get a Jetta diesel. You can't hardly beat the mpg (around 600 miles to a tank) and diesel is usually less expensive than gas.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    How about a 2004-up Mini Cooper?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    OOH, there goes div2, throwing a FUN car into the mix! :)

    I'd LOVE a Mini Cooper S with a few goodies added. ;)

    But how much cargo space do they really have? I'd love an Audi A4 or A6 avant for family hauling but those wouldn't be in the price range you're looking for.

    Probably the best thing you could do, is check out sites like KBB and Edmunds and look at the various models that makers you like have available. Perhaps a Magnum wagon would work. Perhaps the Fit would meet your needs. Maybe the Honda Element would suit you. Regardless of what we say, you need to decide what elements/features YOU need in the car (don't think of price yet) and then see what cars meet your criteria. THEN apply your price constraints to it. Don't be afraid to consider pre-owned, especially if they can be certified pre-owned.

  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    I took a new Mini for a test drive (3x). I ended up with a very scared salesperson and a car that loves to go. It was almost as much fun as a Wrangler. Not as small as it appears and loves corners almost as much as I do. The Wranglers in my life have kept me alive. I am now into slow and easy. I do test drives about once every three months just to keep the blood flowing. I love how the sales people look at black and red Rosie with confusion as I step into their new BMW or whatever (with no thought of buying). This has become a retirement hobby. The VW GTI wins for over the top test drive. Lots of fun and good on gas. That would be my choice.Bright Red. But I would keep Rosie so they could bury me in her after I go airborn in the GTI. Get what you love - life is short. I watch my gas by driving less but I understand that not everyone can do that. Go Easy, John
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    "the driver only had a broken clavicle (collarbone). Not bad safety for a little car!"

    God protects the drunk and the stupid...
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    That's great, drewmeister. Glad to hear it. As for a car:
    Honda Accord
    Mazda 6
    Subaru Legacy
    VW Golf
  • dave__dave__ Posts: 80
    We just bought a new car for my wife. Research got us down to an Accord or a Camry. After driving them both we went with the Accord because while my wife thought the Camry was nicer, it was not $3,500 nicer.

    Our Accord is an EX with leather but no navigation and it was around 23K.

    It's not a Wrangler, but it is a nice addition. Now all we need is a motorcycle and an airplane! ;)

    Yours in Jeep Coolness,

  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    I am happy that you are hanging on to the Wrangler. Keats had an excellent list of suggestions. I really like the VW Golf. I rented one once for 2 weeks and loved it. Good luck and Go Easy.

    Mac- I reviewed all of the messages in the new Problems site. My hat is off to you. You have great knowledge and even greater patience. You are like a Jeep Therapist. It should be Dr. Mac. I learn alot just from reading the advice you give people. You and Tom have helped me just by your knowledgeable (and to the point) responses to other people. Very unselfish. A trait that is difficult to find from strangers (or anyone).Its an interesting (and somewhat depressing) site. I still go to this site first. Its much happier. Thanks, John
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I still go to this site first. Its much happier.

    This board is more sociable, the other one by its very nature is perhaps a little gloomy, but getting a positive answer lifts the mood (I hope).

    Thanks for the kind words, but don't forget that everyone is welcome to answer questions and post support.
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