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Jeep Wrangler



  • Hi Everyone.

    I had a 2000 Wrangler Sahara 5/sp. Now have a 2003 Wrangler Sahara auto.

    For some reason, it APPEARS that the turning radius in the 2003 is not as great as the 2000. Is this possible?

    Last time a asked a "is this possible" question, it was about lower sitting seats. I got that one solved with the seat risers from Buchannan Machinery. They work GREAT!

    I do hope that the turning radius issue is in my head, cause I have a feeling that if it isn't... the mod on that could be a doosey!

    Thanks for any thoughts - Chuck :confuse:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The turning radius should be the same, due to yours having the same basic components as the earlier models. However, it's possible that yours was set conservatively at the factory. Adjustment can be made after the fact, though you will incur the great expense required for the purchase two bolts and two nuts.

    The procedure is the reverse of that needed to reduce the turning radius when fitting larger tires. The adjustment bolts need to be screwed in which will allow the wheel to turn further before hitting the bolt head. New locknuts are required because when the setting is made at the factory the nuts are welded to the bolts to prevent any further adjustment.

  • Hi everyone...its been since probably september since ive posted...hope everyone is doing well.....

    Ive owned several jeeps but it looks like over $3 a gallon is here to stay and probably higher if a hurricain heads toward the gulf of mexico. I sold my 98 GC and Envoy and moved to a Pontiac Vibe which is getting 35mpg. I still own my 05 Rubi Unlimited but the wife has taken over as she does not drive much but still hurts when we fill up and its $45+. I really like the new wrangler coming out in the fall but with gas prices the way they are its just doesnt make $$$ sense to buy one. I had plans to go to Colorado later this summer wheel the rockies with jeep jamboree. I have reservations but hesitant now as gas continues to climb and its a 16 hour one way drive at 15-16mpg. I'll probably just stay home...its a bummer...

    If gas prices continue to climb only the people with lots of disposable income or down right rich will be driving the fun vehicles with low MPG while us working stiffs will be in the small tin cans to save cash....class distinction will be more obvious on the road and not just in a neighborhood....
  • If i were in your situation and really wanted a wrangler and had a child (i do also) i would wait for the new wrangler to hit in the fall. If mileage is not an issue no biggie but if it is get ready for a hit. Ive average right at 16mpg and is why i let the wife drive it as her primary and i switiched to a Vibe. Like the vibe luv the wrangler, lol....

    The unlimited is nice with its extra space in the back but kinda a pain to get my 3 year old buckled in. Im sure when he is 4+ he can do it himself but till then its no fun. What i found out here in my area...dallas/fort worth...the resale value of vehicles with low MPG have slumped. I talked to a dealer about placing an order for a new wrangler and just getting the bare bones 4 door as my wife luvs the jeep but they priced mine and only wanted to give me $15,000...and its an 05 auto rubi unlimited soft top with 14K miles...

    If u really want a wrangler get one but just be aware the MPG is pitifull so be ready to spend some $$$ on fuel...
  • Thanks for the information, Mac.

    Question, if the lock nuts are welded to the bolts, how do I get them out so I can replace them with ones that would allow a tighter turning radius?

    Thanks for the picture. I will have to get under my Jeep to see exactly where the nuts are positioned relative to where they could be.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    if the lock nuts are welded to the bolts, how do I get them out so I can replace them with ones that would allow a tighter turning radius?

    Just use a ring wrench or a deep socket on the nut and the nut/bolt will unscrew together. Take them to the hardware store and match them up.

    The picture illustrates how to reduce the turning radius by placing a washer behind the nut, so yours won't have a washer there. Start with the new bolt set to the same depth as the original then screw it in a turn at a time until the tires just rub at full lock, then back it out half a turn and lock it with the nut. Each side will need to be adjusted separately.
  • dnashdnash Posts: 35
    I got mine (2000 Chili Pepper Edition) at the dealer in Cartersville and had a good experience, but back then they didn't have a great selection. Marietta Jeep seemed to have a great selection, but I liked the one in Cartersville and never pursued purchasing one there.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    So what color is your Rubi and how much are you looking to get for it - I might be able to swing a trip to the DFW area - The Atlanta area gas guzzlers are holding there value shot me an email I change my address to public -

    As far as gas mileage goes - our Audi is to small for me so I drive our Expedition on my daily comute and my wife drives the Audi about 150 miles a week so our gas bill will go up about 15 a week or so - cut back on meals out.

    Also, on MPG I can be a good miser - I got 23.9 on my trip here this AM coming across 285 in our expedition with the big engine - I may have made some people mad.... Oh well they not the ones paying my gas bill
  • jpr18jpr18 Posts: 5
    I spotted the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-dr in Las Vegas, Nevada on 7/20/06. Behind it was the new Dodge Nitro. I got a picture, but its blurry, but you can clearly see the Dodge but not the Jeep because it was towing a trailer.
  • Hey all,

    I am looking at a 2006 model and was wondering if I am being foolish, looking at a wrangler with a toddler at home. My ex is worried that the vehicle is too tippy and doesn't have the safety equipment for the kids and is also unsure a child seat can even be installed. I owned a 1999 before this worry but don't recall how childseat ready it is or for that matter how safe the vehicle was.

    Any thoughts??

  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    Derek -

    You may want to look back a few pages in the Am I crazy and Gas milege question that I posted as I'm in the processes of buying an '06 Limited - Wranglers have gotten a lot better with there tippiness but like any SUV type they can roll over if you drive them improperly. The '06 wrangeler (I've only looked at the Unlimited but would think both would have it) have the LATCH system so a car seat would attach very easily. also check out the and for crash test scores.

    Good Luck

  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    Well I think we are going to sign the paperwork tomorrow on a new 06 Unlimited Black with the H package - $22,500 out the door could get a little better but they gave me a much better trade value....

    Derek - Our 4 year old is loving the Jeep and there is LATCH you will need that b/c the seat bell doesn't lock very well. Also, I find getting into the back very easy to get the seat in and out.

    Now its time to start finding some good accesories.... any advice where to find accessories would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to everyone!!!
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    Hello all - well we signed the paperwork today but not on the black - we got the bright silver.

    Now its time to have fun - has anyone connected an iPod to thier 2006 wrangler with in-dash 6 CD changer or an XM roady?


    PS Loving the wrangler just have to come up with name for her now.
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    OK, I have one of those random noise questions. I know it's impossible to diagnose a noise on a message board :blush:, but hears to hoping someone else has had the same issue.

    When I push in my clutch, I hear a "click or tap" at full pressure (to the floor). It's happening every time.

    Is this a sign it's ready to die? BTW, it's a 99 with about 70,000 miles on it.

    Any info is appreciated.

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Is this a sign it's ready to die?

    I don't know, but with 70K miles of use on it you should probably prepare yourself, both mentally and financially, for its replacement in the not too far distant future.

    The use of a friend (to press the pedal), and a long, thin, screwdriver (to use as a stethoscope), will help in isolating where the noise is coming from, which could be anywhere from the pedal to the clutch itself.

    Obviously, don't do this with the engine running!
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    Thanks Mac, I'll give that a try.

    Generally, what happens when a clutch fails? I've owned several manual vehicles, but I guess I've been lucky enough to not see a clutch fail.

    Will I simply not be able to shift anymore?

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The most usual mode of failure is when the material on the clutch friction plate wears away. This often coincides with a weakening of the spring pressure of the clutch pressure plate.

    When this happens the clutch will slip, which will be made apparent by a surge in rpm when you accelerate, but with no corresponding increase in vehicle speed. When the clutch starts to slip it's the beginning of a rapidly increasing cycle. The more it slips, the hotter it gets, and the hotter it gets the more the friction material wears away, which is also why you should never drive with a foot on the clutch pedal, or slip the clutch excessively when moving off or changing gear.

    It's also possible for the clutch to fail in such a way that it cannot be disengaged, in which case you won't be able to engage a gear to pull away. Failure of the clutch hydraulic mechanism will also give the same symptom.
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    great explanation. Thank you.

    I'm going to have a mechanic take a look at it. I have a 500 mile trip coming up soon and the last thing I need is to get stranded in the middle of PA.
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    Yes, PIE makes an adaptor for the Jeep head unit (model # CHRY 02) This adaptor makes your head unit think that the Ipod or XM Roady 2 is a CD changer. I have one and it works great. I use it with both.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    Hey everyone when I was looking at buying my Jeep in the Atlanta area - I looked at CarMax and caught them trying to pull a fast one past me. They entered all my information into thier computer along with my trade-in to see what my payments would be - well I started to look at the whole deal and I noticed that my payoff was $500 more than what Audi told me that day - I went home and called Audi again and my payoff was still $500 less than what CarMax had "Confrimed" in thier system -

    Bottom line - make sure you know what your payoff is so you don't get ripped off!!!!
  • smurf6smurf6 Posts: 27
    Hi. I had a clicking noise when I depressed the clutch in 2003 - see message 9417 - my Jeep is a 2003. Per the invoice/receipt it states they replaced the following: "1 52107652AD HYD CTRL-CLUTCH ACTUATOR" Beneath that it states "traced to clutch pedal binding - removed and replaced clutch master and slave assembly." Don't know if you have the same issue but that took care of the problem for me and I haven't experienced it again. It was covered under warranty.
  • tyoshutyoshu Posts: 31
    My daughter is almost 2 and she absolutely loves riding in my jeep. I have an 06 Rubicon and everytime she sees it she wants to get in and go for a drive. It drives very well and is not a bumpy ride at all. Now, it is a jeep but they have made so many improvements that it is a nice ride.

  • pmo728pmo728 Posts: 1
    I've wanted a Wrangler for the longest time, and have found a 2000 Sport 4x4 with 90k. Other than the high's really in great shape. Just looking for honest opinions/experiences... In many miles have most driven their Wranglers before experiencing serious problems...i.e. transmission/engine probs? Feeback would be most appreciated!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Assuming proper servicing, and reasonable behavior by the driver, you can expect at least 150k from the I6 and probably up to 250k before overhaul. Ancillary components like sensors, batteries, pumps, etc., can (as with any vehicle) fail at any time.

    Both auto and manual transmissions can match the engine for longevity, though both are easily damaged by abuse or neglected service. However, at 90k an original clutch, which is a wear item like the brakes, can be considered to be close to the end of its service life.
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    Thanks Susan! I'll check out the part number and see if I can trace the sound to it.

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I sold the '98 Sport with 130,000 miles on it. I had replaced the air conditioning compressor, and the exhaust manifold, brakes and rotors, and fixed the dash gauge problem that some '98s had. The engine was in great shape and it still had the original clutch - if there hadn't been some reasons why I needed something other than a Wrangler, I would still own it.

    I still have an 04 Unlimited with over 80,000 miles on it, and it's not had any problems at all. I'm planning on keeping it as a second vehicle for several more years - until it has at least 150,000 miles.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    My '98 has 85K on it. I replaced: the coil, the exhaust manifold (this was a big problem on the 4.0L until 00 I think), radiator, rear pinion seal, and the dash gauge problem (last one was under warranty). Just put new brake pads on it and it's on its third serpentine. It's doing pretty good, I think.
  • jplymanjplyman Posts: 90
    I wanted to post my first impersion of our new jeep after putting 300 miles on it.

    What we bought - A Bright silver Unlimited with the 6-speed transmission, H Package, 6 CD Changer and side steps. We purchased this one b/c my wife wanted a stick and like this color better than black - it is very hard to find a stick unlimited in the Atlanta area that is not carmax.

    Why we bought - We have both had fansination about Wranglers from before we were married and our first car together was a GC limited and we looked at a Wrangler than but didn't get it.... Well we started looking at Unlimiteds a year ago when the EP was on and really liked the extra room they had for our family (A 4 year old and we are adopting a little girl from China next year) and then we have a dog and we like to hike and camp. When this latest round of EP came out we looked again. The used jeep market here are holding thier value and so I could get a new jeep for 1500 more than a used one. Also, after reviewing the new body style we personally didn't like it and looked to plush for us. So we were able to trade our 04 Audi for the Jeep - and pay $100 less a month - I will also say another reason that we made the change was this forum - I researched the unlimiteds last year and was surprised that 95% of the post here were positive about the wrangler.

    Pros: Its a Jeep! Open air riding, having to slow down in life b/c the ride is a lot better at 60 than 70. I find that am much more relaxed after driving to work in the Jeep nice and slow with the music cranking. I can't talk on the phone so I think I'm a better driver also. I like the factory stereo (I have the 7 speaker version) it does the job and I'm not worried about it being stolen. I find it very easy to manuaver around and get our child in and out his car seat especailly when the top is down - this is also compared to our Audi A4. I really like the simplicity of the Jeep. The wind in my hair.

    Cons: Have to figure how to enter the Jeep a little better I'm 6'1 so if I use the step I tower over and if not I have the long step in - getting out is easy. My wife and child do not have this problem. The extra cost of haircuts - I usaully get one every 3 months - but may have to do it every 2 so I'm not so wind blown. The biggest con though is my wife and I have to figure out who gets to drive the only Jeep - my 4 yo may have been on target when we were looking at Jeeps - daddy you get the black one and mommy you get the red one... hmmmm not a bad thought.

    Loving the Jeep with the top down and 90+ degree in Hotlanta!
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Glad you are having a great time with your Unlimited! They are SO fun, aren't they? I love your comment about the haircuts!

    As far as getting in and out - you might want to think about taking off the side steps. I still have them on the Unlimited because we haven't been off-roading it much (up until a couple of months ago it was our daily driver). We did take the steps off of the Sport when we went to Camp Jeep a couple of years ago (side steps have a way of being knocked off on the trail, and can damage your rocker panels). I'm only 5'1" and I didn't have any more problem getting into it than I had with the step - it was just different. My other half is only 5'11" and he never used the step, though he complained that he would occasionally get dust/dirt on his pants legs from it. There are several other options for steps that are higher and include rocker protection - Paul here has one that I really like (he's posted pictures in the past).
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    It is higher than the factory step, but still lower then the sill. I am lifted 4.5 inches now too, so either way, I'm hopping in. :)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I've done a few mods to mine. :)

    Here's how mtngal remembers mine (and you can see the rocker protection a bit better).

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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