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2008 Infiniti M35



  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    If you want to hear noise, drive a G35 Coupe! I'm trading in my car for an M35 due to the noise, rattles, and tire issues with my 04 Coupe. I just took an extensive drive with a 08 M35 base model and to me it's as quiet as a churchmouse. I guess it's all realtive to what we are used to.
  • juantjuant Posts: 1
    I tried searching for this answer but came up empty. I am considering leasing an 2007 M35 Sport but I am concerned about some of the differences between the 07 model and the 08. I know that the 08 has touch screen Nav as well as the audio hard drive and CF flash memory slot. Is there a thread or location someone can direct me to that discusses this? I have to think it has been answered before. Thanks.
  • Try cars/comparisons. You can compare any 06/07/08/09 cars in side to side format. You can do similar research at

    Hope I won't get reprimanded for bringing up a competitors site. Just kidding.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can click on this link for a head start on what 150mphclub suggests. I can't seem to create a link for that other site, though. Oh well, I'm sure this one will be quite helpful.

  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Great car. How much entertainment do you need? 2007 may be much better deal. Hope you own a gas station. Needs 6 speed tranny.

    2006 M35X.
  • TY for your opinion. I ended up leasing an '08 M35X and it is a superb vehicle (as was the '06). However, the gas mileage is horrific... less than 19mpg on mostly hwy driving. A 6-speed transmission would improve mileage and improve my overall satisfaction.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    The 6 speek trans will most probably only help with a 2 or 3 mpg improvement. Infiniti needs to start thinking of more fuel efficient engines as they are way behind other manufacturers in this dept.
  • 2 or 3 mpg would be a 10% improvement and this engine could be tuned for another 10%, if Infiniti wanted to do it. I don't think Infiniti cares about mpg. They are too busy trying to get the "experts" approval for outperforming BMW.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Today, the 2009 FX enters the scene officially with the 3.7 engine (and the 5.0 V8) as well as a seven speed transmission and paddle shifters. Suddenly the M35/45 are looking very old.....
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    I believe the 2009 FX35 just retunes the 3.5 engine for 28 extra HP, but it does get a seven speed, which the M35 desparately needs.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Will the 2009 MX get the 7-speed? Folding rear seat option would be good also. Don't accept the RS-A Goodyears.

    Many bloggers are astounded that the new FX is so ugly. I will visit a showroom when it comes out.
  • jeff721jeff721 Posts: 80
    How do you like the Voice activation changes on the nav and phone? i am cosidering the 08 after comming out of an 06 m35X


  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Just got a 2008 M35 to replace my 06 (both leased) with tech package and nav. Here are my very first observations.

    The navigation system has a number of pluses over the 2006. 1) records CD's onto the hard disk into a "music box". 2) Input by CF Card 3) Ipod connector 4) audio connectors in back of console 4) Trainable voice for multiple users 5) touch screen input. 5) XM standard and well integrated (wasn't standard in 06).

    The negatives (or disappointments) include 1) the manual clearly shows how many voice commands they get in canada (wow) and how few we get in the is crippled to the point of being useless other than for nav, in my opinion. eg. you can turn the climate control on or off..that's it. 2) Still no search by street and then select the city 3) you still lose significant function when the car is moving....there's no change still sucks. 4) Fuel economy guage is now graphical so you can't see 16.6 or see a bar graph. 5) She still talks too much...great for demo's but after you learn the system, you don't need all those prompts (I've already changed to short prompts which doesn't seem to do a thing).

    More later after I try Bluetooth.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I also went to an '08 when my '06 lease was up and I still like the car ... like driving it even more than my '06 because the '06 was a sport model with a harsher and more noisy ride. That aside I think the engineers at Nissan/Infiniti fouled a few things up and didn't add a couple that I would have liked. They've monkeyed with the nav system, taken away some radio and climate control voice commands actually making the radio quite awkward to pre-program, still don't lock the doors when you drive off, and leave the fuel tank unprotected (now in the days of gas thieves it's important). I also don't like the lack of digital display of gas mileage and I suspect they did that to soft-pedal the fact that they have made no effort to improve fuel economy and the digital display trumpets this failing. They've been so stubborn about this that they seem to think gas mileage is inconsequential to Infiniti buyers and it becomes a badge of honor to pay more for gas! To my 7K per year it's not a big issue but it is an annoyance. The flip side is that there's very little out there that would make me happy/comfortable that does materially better in than the 17 +/- I get in mostly local driving. I drove them all (starting three months before lease's end) :shades: :shades: and every time I got back into my '06 to drive home I simply liked it better than the test drive I had just left. The closest thing I found to the M was a Lexus GS but it wasn't worth the extra $$$ to me. Bart
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    2) Still no search by street and then select the city 3) you still lose significant function when the car is moving....there's no change still sucks. 4) Fuel economy gauge is now graphical so you can't see 16.6 or see a bar graph. 5) She still talks too much...great for demo's but after you learn the system, you don't need all those prompts (I've already changed to short prompts which doesn't seem to do a thing).

    In those cases where you aren't sure of the city use the touch screen to enter the street and house number if you wish. You will then have the opportunity to select from a city list.

    I highly doubt Infiniti will choose to change the way they handle interaction with nav/system settings while the car is in motion. They feel, as do their Japanese counterparts, that it is unsafe and I don't necessarily disagree with them. While I consider myself a very safe driver, I've had a couple of occasions in a Mercedes where I was concentrating too much on the nav screen and not on traffic. Depending on your speed, it only takes a second to make a huge mistake.

    I suspect that 2009 and later model M's will receive a change that was made to the new G. While the G also shows a bar graph on the nav screen for mpg, you can display mpg digitally in a new information screen that sits between the tach and speedometer.

    I'm surprised to hear that you feel that the minimize voice prompts didn't make a difference in voice commands. I know that you are still prompted for each piece of information when entering an address but the prompts for everything else have pretty much gone away.

    Compared to the nightmares I had with recent vintage Benzes and BMW's these shortcomings don't even register on my screen any more.
  • lsachslsachs Posts: 13
    I am going to turn in my 2006 M35x shortly and was thinking of getting a 2008. Not happy that they are only selling cars with XM now. What is the best way to get sirius back on the car. (I know could wait and maybe post merger they get same content on both but just curius what others have done).


  • lthaley756lthaley756 Posts: 21
    Google the club Armada(qx56) forum- they have discovered how to bypass the lack of navigation interaction while moving-
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    that's the same navigation hack that's been around for a couple of years now...they basically reinvented the wheel. If you want to do all the nav commands and don't care about DVD's all you have to do is cut one wire and solder a longer wire to each end so you can mount a simple switch somewhere in the car. When you allow the signal to pass thru the switch your nav will operate normally. When you open the switch, you cut off the signal that says the car is moving and the nav thinks you are still standing still, so it allows you to do everything..
  • finadvfinadv Posts: 59
    Is the Hard Drive locked out as well when the car is moving? Seems I can only play what was playing previously. You can't search by artist or album or anything while the car is moving. What good is a music box with thousands of songs if you have to stop each time to change the disc that's playing? Or am I just doing something wrong?
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    Now G35 has much better interior. Is there a reason to pay the premium to move up to M35 (I can understand M45 becasue if the V8)? More interior room? Better image? The M doesn't seem to be much larger from outside though.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    The M is larger than the isn't an issue unless you are tall. Three people in the back is possible, but neither car is great with three - the M is better. Personally, I wouldn't own the G because it is not comfortable for my frame...I'm fairly tall, and have a longer torso than some. You have to sit in it, then decide.
  • A few gas stations in my area are advertising gas with no ethanol. I started to use them and my gas mileage on 2008 M35 has gone from 17mpg to 19mpg using regular gas around town. That's quite a savings.

    Check to see if any stations in your area are selling gas without ethanol....
  • How is your performance now with the new gas?
  • Performance is the same or better. Your engine was designed for gas...not gas and ethanol.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Ethenol has significantly less stored energy per volume verses gasoline. The same thing between gas and diesel, diesel has more energy per volume, so it should provide more miles per gallon.

    I'll have to look, but with the EPA rules around here (NH), I don't think anyone sells gas without the alcohol in it.
  • mako5mako5 Posts: 15
    With a 2008 m35 base car (no nav. or anything extra) , is there a way to hook up a rear view camera and get it work without allot of wiring or software up grades ?
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I saw a rear view camera kit in Walmart. I don't know anything about it.
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    I know that on old RWD Detroit sedans, it was a rather simple matter to change out the rear axle for another one with a taller or shorter gear ratio, and thus modify the final drive ratio.

    Obviously, this is more complicated with an AWD car like the M35x. Given the annoyingly tall final drive, even in top gear, that Nissan still insists on using for the AWD 5-speed, is it feasible?
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Feasible, no, possible - anything, if you've got enough money. The speedometer/odometer wouldn't be accurate,'s all controlled by the computer (well, maybe if you have the nav system - that can self-correct within limits). Not sure how the front power takeoff works, you might end up with a terrible, dangerous mismatch between front and rear. The transmission would shift at the wrong points, and the load would increase in first gear...not good for takeoff, the internal clutches, etc.
  • mako5mako5 Posts: 15
    Has anyone replaced cabin or seat filters themselves. I was wondering how much trouble they are ?
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