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2008 Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Grand Caravan



  • alsterlingalsterling Posts: 18
    Thanks so much for posting your experiences, all of you, on this "wind noise", which for me, hit its peak of frustration yesterday!

    I'm in South Orange County, CA, and drive an '08 Grand Caravan. It's a company car managed under PHH fleet services. I've had either Dodge or Chrysler vans since 1998, and only on the '02 do I remember a honking sound, but I could never get it to duplicate in front of a technician, so I suffered with it for 2 1/2 years; my guess was that it came from the air-vent doors not completely closing.

    This HONKING GEESE issue is incredible! For my van, 70 to 80 mph seems to trigger it, and especially if I'm driving through a crosswind situtation. The sound can originate from one, two or more areas of the dashboard all at once. (What a symphony!)

    A month ago I called PHH maintenance, and they didn't know anything about this. I then called my local dealer, and got "someone" who said it was for real, Chrysler-Dodge was working on it, and there was no back in a month or so. Being at the dealer yesterday to get some touchup paint, I stopped at the service area, and hailed down a rep., who said he hadn't heard of the problem and recommeded I call Chrysler on their customer service line.....800-992-1997. DON'T DO IT unless you want to get a recipe for Tandori Chicken and chutney rice!!! I spent 15 minutes giving the Indian rep., probably a nice guy but in the wrong job, alot of information. He never even addressed my repeated question about the existence of a repair bulletin. It drove me bonkers. I was fuming that I had to call Chrysler at all, and worse, that a service rep at the dealer wouldn't try to dig around and find the bulletin? So I called PHH right after I hung up on the "Asia Connection", and they called the same dealer while I was on-line.....but this time, they got someone who had heard of two other wind noise issues.........roof rack and sunroof! I spoke with this service rep., and after he repeated the roof rack and sunroof, he said.......well, there's one more here......"honking sound windshield issue, silicon repair." I finally heard my van's disease being uttered by the dealer; a bulletin #PT9001890 does exist with the fix! I guess the first service rep didn't have the time to help me? (why do they call them service reps?)

    Bottom line, I agree with you......Chrysler-Dodge, as I perceive it, is acting stupid on this issue, and maybe publicity would be bring them out! DON'T CALL THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE unless you want a severe run-around. For a dealer not to know about an issue that appears to be epidemic is rediculous. (Other managers in our firm have the same issue, and PHH has been receiving calls on this). Why do I have to search the web to solve this kind of problem.......?......maybe Chrysler-Dodge is playing the numbers and wants to hold down the negative publicity? And I doubt if I'll go back to the dealer I was at yesterday, as I'm afraid they'll ask me to hold something while they silicon the windshield. Actually, I may do this myself at home.

    By the way, I called dealer in Maryland and they transfered me to the body shop, as they said they did a repair last week. Maybe it was "akrehely's" van? Now that I have ID'd the bulletin and fix, I'll call a few more dealers until I get the actual fix instructions. At this point, I don't see a problem running clear silicon all the way around the windshield. I did notice what might be "open space" issues in the bottom corners of the windshield, where the flexible exterior rubber molding overlaps the glass. I'm thinking the rubber starts flapping at high frequency when the wind gets under it. That would explain the "wind through the grass reed", or honking sounds.

    Thanks for sharing..........Al
  • rktechrktech Posts: 25
    ...ok, ok...I'm nearing the end of my existing Odyssey lease, and have decided to return to a Chrysler product...Sto-N-Go has won me over. I'm going T&C Limited for the 4.0, HID headlamps and the interior upgrades. I'm curious, have the wind noise issues been more Caravan or T&C ?? Honda had this problem when their '05 body style was new, and it IS solveable. My previous Chryslers have had minor electrical glitches, leaking sunroof drains, and minor suspension part issues...NO car is perfect these days apparently, probably due to assembly line automation or some such thing. So, any overly outrageous reason not to take the plunge ??

    ...oh yeah, that tranny issue a few posts back. That'll be interesting to see how it turns out. And all the vans will be Windsor Ont vans from now on.

    Thanks !!
  • alsterlingalsterling Posts: 18
    RK......if you're referring to the "honking noise at 70 mph+ and exaggerated with crosswinds, then to the best of my knowledge, that wind noise is an issue with the vertical rubber molding strips on either side of the windshield. That being the apparent cause, the Caravan or T&C should both suffer the same issue....wouldn't ya' think? I bought some clear silicon today, and will surgically apply it around the shield and under the rubber. By tomorrow it will have cured and I should never have to hear the "Honking Seranade of 5 Geese" again!

  • jeffuhdejeffuhde Posts: 10
    Just bought a T&C Limited with Stow & Go for the same reasons - 4.0. Van was built in May '08 in Windsor - one of the last ones I'm assuming since apparently they shut down the assembly line on May 9th (according to one of the dealers I talked to when I asked about ordering). Knock on wood - but so far so good at 850+ miles. No windshield noises, no problems with sliding doors being too sensitive, etc. Don't have the sunroof and it would be too early to tell on that one anyway. Put 600 miles on it this weekend driving up and back some of the Maine coast. Yesterday it was 87 here and I did drive on the interstate (about 75 mph). Not the intense heat that others have seen in places like TX, FL, and OK further back in the posts here that might have contributed to the seal(s) softening around the windshield. Time will tell I guess.

    Still trying to figure out the MyGig system completely. Just have to keep using it to learn it. Navigation is a bit annoying if you've used something like Nuvi before - won't let you find certain things if the vehicle is in motion - curious if anyone knows about any software patches to override that feature btw. Also the database for points of interest isn't as extensive in some geographical areas in my opinion as the Nuvi. Still the screen is easy to read and it does have some nice features to it.

    Got 19 & 20 mpg on first two tanks with mixed driving on both. Overall, pleased with the purchase so far. MTF.
  • cinann131cinann131 Posts: 27
    RK, I have to tell you that although my 3.8 '08 Touring T&C with Stow-n-Go whistles, I now know from this forum that it is fixable and I will have it fixed. Other than the whistling, my family and I absolutely LOVE the van. Traded in an '05 Toyota Sienna for it and it blows the Sienna away. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this minivan.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    We have had our GC SXT since April 6th and absolutely love it. Wouldn't trade back or to another brand at all. We had the sensitive rear doors and the MyGig reprogrammed when it was new, but other than that have had no issues with it at all. It made a trip from ND to PA, then to NC and back to ND last month with no whistling problems at all. It was near 100 degrees and 75-80 mph from NC back to PA (got stopped and warned in VA) and still no whistles. The van has 7900 miles, some bug splatters and one rock chip on it now. I'm currently at 21 mpg on the long term average, calculating since the van had 300 miles on it. About 4000 miles from the trip (with quite a lot of sitting and waiting in Chicago gridlock) and 3900 miles driving back and forth to work and running errands, so its about 50-50 town-highway. Based on my personal experience, I would recommend it.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    won't let you find certain things if the vehicle is in motion - curious if anyone knows about any software patches to override that feature btw.

    Do a Google search for "allgig" or "MyGIG Lockpick". Not a software patch but an aftermarket plug-in module. It will also let you watch front seat DVD movies while in motion. Different companies - both around the same price.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    some bug splatters and one rock chip on it now

    To get rid of those bug splatters take a Bounce dryer sheet, wet it and rub gently on the spot. It will remove the bug stuff like magic.

    Bounce dryer sheets are a popular detailing tool with the Viper owners.
  • alsterlingalsterling Posts: 18
    Slight update for the windshield issue...
    I looked at the side moldings of the windshield, and see that they're hard, thick pieces that, by their mass alone, wouldn't seem to be able to vibrate? However, the bottom rubber molding running the length of the shield is thin, plyable and at the ends in the corners, shows "off contact" with the glass.

    Well, I bought my clear silicon supplies yesterday, but because the info I got conflicts with what I'm seeing, I cleaned the bottom of windshield, above and under the rubber strip, and then ran a continuous strip of black electrical tape over the molding and glass. It color matches, isn't very noticeable, and has sealed the rubber to the glass so that it can't vibrate. I'm going to "run it down the road" today, as we're having typical 90 degree dry heat, and try to make it honk!

    If any of you can, in more detail, explain the fix again, I'd appreciate it. I was told the vertical side moldings were the culprit, but that doesn't look possible, unless the issue is the wind "vortexing" from the shield against the slight rise in the molding? It's a tight contact, unlike the bottom molding, which is so pliable.

    As for the van overall, I drive the more basic version, as it's a company provided vehicle, but still like the design. Unfortunately, they stuck us with the standard engine, which is "gutless" like I've never experienced before. I did own a '49 Desoto Limo when I was in the service, but the flathead 6 in that car was, I think, equal or peppier than this one. In my personal cars, I've always opted for the largest or second to largest powerplant. My friends that selected this van through our leasing company all say the same about the small standard engine; it's way too underpowered. But again, and even in this base model, I've got "stow and go" in the back seat section, which is so much better than pulling out the old style seats. Also, I'm enjoying all the new storage room under the floors!
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    I have read this board on occasion but not posting lately.

    The other day I read where Chrysler is closing the Fenton minivan assembly plant permanently. Human nature being what it is I would be suspect of any minivan rolling off that line since the doomed plant announcement.

    I also read where sales of the Chrysler minis are lower than that of the 2007 old body style models. Granted no one except a few are doing well in this economy. The Odyssey and Sienna sales must be down as well even though Honda posted a double digit sales gain in June overall.

    What is troubling to me is seeing the same problems, electrical and transmission, as I had 14 years ago on the last Chrysler product I will ever own, a 1994 Dodge GC. My how I have been flamed when referencing that POS!

    Yes I drive a 2006, trouble free through 47,000 miles, Odyssey. My son's 2008 Sienna is even more trouble free if that is possible.

    Funny, my Japanese minivan was built in Alabama, USA and my son's in Indiana, USA but now we have the American Chrysler minis being imported! Who drives the import I ask.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    "Funny, my Japanese minivan was built in Alabama, USA and my son's in Indiana, USA but now we have the American Chrysler minis being imported! Who drives the import I ask."

    Actually, the profit from your Alabama and Indiana vans ends up in Tokyo. From the Canadian vans, Detroit........My opinion, for what it's worth - you still are.
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    The salaries of the Honda and Toyota van assemblers are paid to Americans who spend their money in America. Unless the Canadians cross over to Detroit their money is spend in a "foreign" country.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    True, but I said profits, not payrolls and many Canadians do come across to spend their money. Especially right now with the strong CDN$. I agree Toyota and Honda USA have a great economic impact on the geographical areas where they build their plants, but I would venture that Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Subaru combined don't exceed the US payroll of just Chrysler, let alone any other major US manufacturer. The money they make goes into the pockets and GNP of people across the ocean who, for years have employed protectionist tactics that make it nearly impossible for "foreign" manufacturers to build in or import to their country. Some of the models coming from those plants in the US are not manufactured here, they are assembled from parts manufactured elsewhere and imported. The fact they are assembled here helps them get that important place of assembly sticker. I don't want to sound like I'm just picking on the Japanese though. For ten years, Chrysler was in pretty much the same boat. The corporate money was ending up in Germany from 1998 to 2007 when the company returned to US ownership.
    Getting back to Canada. Historically, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Studebaker, Hudson and others were in places like Windsor, Oshawa and Hamilton since the 30's or earlier. The US and Canadian auto industry have been pretty much the same thing. They didn't just decide to outsource, the plants grew on both sides of the river back when runningboards were standard and the lights were on top of the fenders. They just mainly concentrated on domestic sales until the Canadian/US Auto Pact eliminated tariffs in 1965.
    Sorry, this is really getting off topic and isn't about new minivans anymore so I'll just respect your opinion and agree to disagree on some things.. ;)
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    Agreed. My original post was mainly about the quality issue of Chrysler built minivans.
  • That tranny issue thing is not done yet. I was promised the part was shipping and it would be done on Monday, but on Tuesday when I called part yet!!!!???? I went by on thursday to take the rest of what I had left in it, and again dealership said that the part is still showing as being shipped, but not yet.
    They say they keep calling and not getting answers.

    I got them to show me the broken piece, which he called a over/under drive gear.
    The van on the lift next to me had the same little tab piece broken on the over/under drive gear.

    I do own a 2000 odyssey, which we bought new, and the GC is the first thing since the Odyssey, that I would have chosen over it for ride and setup.
    I have used the ody to tow a coleman niagara popup (around 3000lbs plus whatever I stick on it) from Maine to Florida and in the mountains of NC and TN.

    For power comparison, the GC(3.8) did get better at around 5K???, but the ODY (3.5) will kill it dead in every aspect of power and speed.
    At around 60mph and putting the "petal to the metal" the GC makes a lot of noise, but never gives you that "feel it in your seat" burst that you need to pass anyone.

    ODY now has 133K on it and while under warrantee had cruise control and power slider issue fixed.
    Things I've had to pay for was the EGR valve, argued enough that it was slightly over the Honda agreement to fix, and had to pay maybe 200$?
    Then of course the tranny finally went around 120K (seems like everybrand and type of Mini has this problem due to big power motor/heavy vehicle/and no room to stick a big heavyduty tranny under it to deal with lots of muscle and tiny trannys) to which the dealership swapped for 800$.
    Believe it or not, I was happy with this, as I didn't want to spend a few thousand to repair it, and was surprized the dealership would swap and do labor for that.

    The GC has 27K and this is first problem...
    In 8 years Ody had 4 issues and were resolved during the day of service.(4 days)
    GC is 9 months old and 1 problem has taken the car out for 30 days.

    My rental that I have now is a 08 Kia Sedona, much more getup and go than the GC, but that is the only thing better than the GC. GC is comfortable and convienent, with lots of cool toys in it.

    I just purchased a towing setup for the GC to pull that popup I mentioned, but now I am worried.
  • "combined don't exceed the US payroll of just Chrysler,"

    Don't you mean DAIMLER Chrysler? The german/europe based company?

    Daimler AG
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    Daimler AG

    Type Public (FWB: DAI, NYSE: DAI)
    Founded 2007
    Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany

    Key people Dieter Zetsche, Chairman/CEO
    Industry Auto & Truck Manufacturers
    Products Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Maybach, Smart, Western Star, Freightliner, Orion Bus, more
    Revenue ▲€ 99.4 billion[1] (2007)
    Net income ▲€ 8.7 billion[1] (2007)
    Employees 272,382[1] (2007)
    Daimler AG (ISIN: DE0007100000) (formerly DaimlerChrysler AG, Daimler-Benz AG) is a German car corporation (not to be confused with the British car-maker Daimler Motor Company) and the world's thirteenth largest car manufacturer. By revenue it is the largest German company. As well as automobiles, Daimler manufactures trucks and provides financial services through its Daimler Financial Services arm. The company also owns major stakes in aerospace group EADS, auto engineers McLaren Group, Japanese truck maker Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation and US automaker Chrysler Holding LLC.

    DaimlerChrysler was founded between 1998-2007 when Mercedes-Benz manufacturer Daimler-Benz (1926-1998) of Stuttgart, Germany merged with the US-based Chrysler Corporation. The deal created a new entity, DaimlerChrysler. However, the buyout failed to produce the trans-Atlantic automotive powerhouse dealmakers had hoped for, and DaimlerChrysler announced on 14 May 2007 that it would sell Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management of New York, a private equity firm that specializes in restructuring troubled companies, effectively unwinding the original transaction.[2] On October 4, 2007 a DaimlerChrysler Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting approved the renaming of the company. From October 5, 2007, the company has been titled Daimler AG.[3] The US company adopted the name Chrysler LLC when the sale completed on 3 August 2007.

    Daimler produces cars and trucks under the brands of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Smart, Freightliner and many others.

    Contents [hide]
    1 Former Chrysler operations
    1.1 Sale of Chrysler
    2 Management
    3 Daimler shareholders
    4 Brands
    5 Holdings
    6 Biofuel research
    7 See also
    8 References
    9 External links

    [edit] Former Chrysler operations
    Chrysler has suffered a series of setbacks in recent years, culminating in DaimlerChrysler's agreement to sell the unit to Cerberus Capital Management in May 2007 for US$6 billion. Through most of its history, Chrysler has been the third largest of the "Big 3" US auto makers, but in January 2007, DaimlerChrysler, excluding its luxury Mercedes and Maybach lines, also outsold traditionally second place Ford, though behind General Motors and Toyota.

    Chrysler reported losses of US$1.5 billion in 2006. It then announced plans to lay off 13,000 employees in mid-February 2007, close a major assembly plant and reduce production at other plants in order to restore profitability by 2008.[4]

    The merger was contentious with investors launching lawsuits over whether the transaction was the 'merger of equals' that senior management claimed or actually amounted to a Daimler-Benz takeover of Chrysler. A class action investor lawsuit was settled in August 2003 for US$300 million while a suit by billionaire investor activist Kirk Kerkorian was dismissed on April 7, 2005.[5] The transaction claimed the job of its architect, Chairman Jürgen E. Schrempp, who resigned at the end of 2005 in response to the fall of the company's share price following the transaction. The merger was also the subject of a book Taken for a Ride: How Daimler-Benz Drove Off With Chrysler, (2000) by Bill Vlasic and Bradley A. Stertz.[6]

    Another issue of contention is whether the merger delivered promised synergies and successfully integrated the two businesses. As late as 2002, DaimlerChrysler appeared to run two independent product lines. Later that year, the company launched products that appear to integrate elements from both sides of the company, including the Chrysler Crossfire, which used extensive Mercedes parts and the Dodge Sprinter/Freightliner Sprinter, a re-badged Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

    [edit] Sale of Chrysler
    DaimlerChrysler had reportedly approached other carmakers and investment groups to sell Chrysler in early 2007. General Motors was reported to be a suitor while Volkswagen, the Renault-Nissan auto alliance, and Hyundai Motor Company had said that they weren't interested in buying the company.

    On August 3, 2007, DaimlerChysler completed the sale of Chrysler Group to Cerberus Capital Management. The original agreement stated that Cerberus would take an 80.1 percent stake in the new company, Chrysler Holding LLC. DaimlerChrysler changed its name to Daimler AG and retained the remaining 19.9% stake in the separated Chrysler.[7]

    The terms saw Daimler pay Cerberus US$650 million to take Chrysler and associated liabilities off its hands. This is a remarkable reverse in fortunes on the US$36 billion paid to acquire Chrysler in 1998. Of the US$7.4 billion purchase price, Cerberus Capital Management will invest US$5 billion in Chrysler Holdings and US$1.05 billion in Chrysler’s financial unit. The de-merged Daimler AG received US$1.35 billion directly from Cerberus but directly invested US$2 billion in Chrysler itself.

    [edit] Management
    Dr. Dieter Zetsche has been the Chairman of Daimler and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars since January 1, 2006 as well as member of Board of Management since 1998. He was former President and CEO of the Chrysler, LLC (previously owned by Daimler AG), he maybe best known in the United States as Dr. Z from a Chrysler advertising campaign called "Ask Dr. Z".

    Current members of the Board of Management of Daimler AG are:
    Dr. Dieter Zetsche: Chairman of the Board as well as Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.
    Gunther Fleig: Head of Human Resources and Labor Relations.
    Dr. Rudiger Grube: Head of Corporate Development.
    Andreas Renschler: Head of Daimler Trucks.
    Bodo Uebber: Head of Finance and Controlling as well as Financial Services.
    Dr. Thomas Weber: Head of Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development.

    Current members of the Supervisory Board of Daimler AG are: Heinrich Flegel, Juergen Hambrecht, Thomas Klebe, Erich Klemm, Arnaud Lagardère, Jürgen Langer, Helmut Lense, Sari Baldauf, William Owens, Ansgar Osseforth, Valter Sanches, Manfred Schneider, Stefan Schwaab, Bernhard Walter, Lynton Wilson, Mark Wössner, Manfred Bischoff, Clemens Börsig and Uwe Werner. Dr Manfred Bischoff serves as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Daimler AG and Erich Klemm as Vice-Chairman. [8]

    [edit] Daimler shareholders
    The largest voting shareholder of Daimler is the Kuwait Investment Authority with 7.2% (as of December 31 2007).[9]

  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    No, I mean Chrysler. Cerberus LLC owns the controlling stock in the company now. DaimlerChrysler is no more. Its just Daimler AG and Chrysler LLC now.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Right, all the profits from Toyota wind up in Tokyo. I guess they build those factories in Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, and now Mississippi out of imaginary money. The fact is the Asian automakers are reinvesting profits back in the U.S.A and the Big 3 (GM, Chrysler, and Ford) are shutting down production in the U.S. and building more cars in China and Mexico.
  • Hello all, just replying to my own message in case anyone has experienced this. The car is at the dealer for 1 week now, who does not know how to fix. Any help is appreciated.

  • 99oddity99oddity Posts: 6
    Our 2008 Gr Caravan SXT has the same issue at Highway speed. I am assuming it is something that vibrates from wind pressure. I only notice this at 70 mph and above. I do not have roof rails so that is not the source. I believe it is coming from front grille or cowl area although I have not been able to isolate source. I thought it might be wiper arm vibrating but it does not go away when I activate wipers. Any of your Chrysler employees out there have any feedback?
  • alsterlingalsterling Posts: 18
    Are you talking about a wind noise other than the "honking geese" sound, or like holding a leaf of grass to the lips and blowing? I've posted a seperate thread on this, as I talked to a Chrysler engineer last week. The windnoise issues that I'm aware of with this new body style are: luggage rack, sunroof and A-pillar rubber mouldings; which is the issue (windshield side mouldings) I am working on right now. See:
  • 99oddity99oddity Posts: 6
    The noise is similar to the leaf of grass description you have used. I do not have sunroof or roof rack on my vehicle. A Pillar seal sounds like this may be the source. Let me know if you get a service bulletin released for this complaint. I knew I could find some other instance of this before I go the the dealer with a very non specific complaint.
  • alsterlingalsterling Posts: 18
    I don't mind you privately emailing me, or sending a contact number where I can call you back, or you can email me directly. I have a few levels of spam filtering, but just include "Windshield noise" in the subject line and it'll be picked up. (your choice)

    I already siliconed the mouldings, as I didn't want to leave the vehicle at the dealer for an extended period. (the silicon needs time to dry, and I'd have to rent a car for the day...not worth the trouble.) I did the silicon sealing last evening at home.

    Regardless, the Chrysler engineer has my email now, and I'm hopeing to get his reply with the specific Tech Service Bulletin information this week.

    Once I get it, I'll be posting to my thread here on the forum.

    Best, Al (
  • rktechrktech Posts: 25
    ...the Big 3 (GM, Chrysler, and Ford) are shutting down production in the U.S. and building more cars in China and Mexico...

    I think this mostly stems from the labor cost all those US union workers MUST be paid. Not to mention the pension plans the Big 3 are carrying are eating them alive. Which, when you think about it, probably means there is (or was) one hell of a profit in each and every US car in order to pay all that stuff and still survive.

    ...sheeesh...all I ask is just offer us good products for the money we "choose" to spend (afterall we do have a choice), and stand behind the product you sell.
  • rakammrakamm Posts: 7
    Hi i have this wistling noise in my 08 GC and have no idea what it is and I don't think the dealers do either. I was wondering who knows what it is? It happenes when I reach about 65 MPH. The dealer said that its bent windshiled wipers but that seems like it not right. Cause they said they fixed it, but it has been a week and still making the noise. I will try the racks on top of the roof today and see if that works but, if not what could it be? I heard the seal might not be good around the Windshield. but if anyone knows for sure let me know thank you!!
  • rjomrjom Posts: 21
    You should go back a few pages in this thread. The posts should tell you all you need to know.
  • akrehelyakrehely Posts: 4
    It is the seal around your windshield. Tell your dealer there is a Chrysler Service Bulletin that will tell them how to fix it. It worked for us.
  • 737pilot737pilot Posts: 1
    I'm not sure if my problem is transmission, engine, or maybe even the brakes... We have had our T&C Touring since Late March and have about 9K on it. Our driveway is quite long (~250') and on a bit of a downhill slope requiring us to brake as we near the end to check for our neighbors coming around the blind curve. On many mornings, on the first departure out of the driveway, the van often "shudders" as we apply the brakes near the end of the drive. The problem rarely recurs until after the van has been parked for a while and soon after starting requires the driver to apply brakes at low speed while rolling downhill.

    We relayed our concern about this when dropping off the vehicle with the dealer for the last two oil changes, but they found nothing and documented no labor.

    I am worried that this is indicative of some manufacturing defect that may progress to a significant problem at some later date. Has anybody else had any experience with this sort of thing? Does anybody have any questions or advice that might help figure out what is causing this?

  • alsterlingalsterling Posts: 18
    I've got 11k+ since January on my '08, and have not had that issue, even though we live at the top of a hill, and I somewhat duplicate your driveway issue each morning.

    You did say the issue occured during "braking", not acceleration, right?

    This isn't my field, but if you've ever quick-braked with the right variables in play to enact the vehicle's ABS system, you feel a significant shudder through the brake pedal. You may know ABS shudder from experience. Another possibility is cold pads and rotors that "bind" when brought together during cold braking.

    I'd want to be talking to a brake specialist, but unless you find a very unique dealer, that would probably have to be at a private shop, and obviously, it wouldn't be under warranty. I have issues with the dealer service system, as unless you get to the tech, you never know if the service writer communicated your issue correctly. In addition, most dealers won't take the time to properly road-test for the malfunction. They prefer the car "blows up" right in front of them before they'll commit to a repair action.

    Good luck, Al
  • timothyftimothyf Posts: 40
    Has anyone else experienced cracking of the plastic chrome on the 2008 T&C front grill?
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