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2008 Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Grand Caravan



  • rjomrjom Posts: 21
    My tire pressure indicator light keeps coming on and staying on (then may go off for a few days). My tires are 29.5 (1) and 30.5 (3). I do not believe I have a leak. The tires display max pressure at 44lbs, and a warning not to exceed 40lbs on the tire wall. No where do I see recommended pressure on these tires. Anyone have any ideas what the pressure should be? Seems like they should be higher than 30lbs, but I am pretty sure they came this way. Thanks, Rick.
  • rjom-
    Check the sticker on the driver's side door (the part of the door that you can only see when open). Mine (and most likely yours too) says that all tires should be set at 36 PSI.

    With the weather turning cooler, I suspect lots of people will soon have the TPMS lights illuminated

    Hope this helps!
  • rjomrjom Posts: 21
    Thanks, will do that and report back.
  • rjomrjom Posts: 21
    Yes, 36lbs it is, and instrument panel warning now off. Thanks
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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter is looking to interview owners of a 2007 or 2008 minivan, SUV or crossover that is loaded with two or more high-tech features such as a navigation system, DVD player, heated mirrors, parking sensors, rear view cameras, iPod connectivity, radio data system, Bluetooth, satellite radio, tire pressure monitoring, universal garage door opener, Sync, etc. Please respond to before Friday, October 10, 2008 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your vehicle.

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  • We just purchased a used 2008 GC SXT with 15K on the OD. Stow n Go, motorized sliding doors and adjustable pedals were what convinced us, along with a very quite and stable ride.

    The day we brought it home, the ETC light came on. After reading the owners manual, where it says to "immediately return it to the dealer" if this happens, we brought it in. The dealer provided a loaner as we had a few other minor items that needed fixing (rear wiper didn't wipe across the top portion, 2nd row seats missing the plastic leg covers, tire rotation needed) and my wife picked it back up the following day...and the light was off. The dealer gave no explanation as to why it was on in the first place, but I haven't had a chance to speak to them yet either.

    This is now week two and last night, the ETC light came on again. No rain, temps in the low 60s. When it happens, the throttle response becomes non-linear in that you really can't judge the acceleration that will be provided based on foot pressure, so this is clearly a safety issue. Plus, it feels like it is ideling a bit rough so I suspect that gas mileage is suffering also.

    The onlly corralation we can think of for the moment is it may have something to do with the adjustable pedals. There is about a 10" difference in height between my wife and I, so she moves the pedals all the towards the seat when she drives. I had been driving the van earlier that day, and she had to move the pedals up when she drove it last night. I had been out of the country the previous week so the action of moving the pedals never had to occur since we brought it home.

    We will be taking it back in today and hopefully they will be able to see the history in the ECU via the OBDII port connection.

    I'd like to hear if anyone besides the 3 posts to date have experienced this issue, and if you did, did the dealer give any insight as to the cause? Do you also have adjustable pedals and did you perhaps use them perior to light coming on?

  • rjomrjom Posts: 21
    I may be one of the three people who posted earlier. I brought it to the dealer, they hooked it up to the computer, and could find no "incident." They said it was probably a faulty light. I had no symptoms of acceleration like you describe. I drove the car about 100 miles with the light on. The dealership told me that when they hook it up to the computer they can see everything that has happened with the car, and what triggered the alert (nothing in my case). I would push them a little more on what the cause is. It sounds like in your case there really is a problem with the throttle, since that is what the light is supposed to alert for, and you witnessed it while driving. Everything is so computerized now it they should be able to diagnose it, and fix it. I can tell you that I am the only one to drive the car, and do not adjust the pedals.
  • We got the van back last Friday after leaving it with them overnight. Turns out, we were right about the adjustable pedals, as they were "pinching a wire" under the throttle pedal. They had to replace the wire, adjust the location of the wire, and then recalibrate the ETC. So, for anyone else out there that experiences an ETC light, and you have adjustable pedals, print this out and have them take a look at it.

    At least I got them to give me a free tank of gas for the multiple trips back.

    And FYI...we really love the van to date. Very solid, very quiet, and very comfortable.
  • Have had our 2008 T&C Limited for about two months now. Having a problem with Books on CD's. The CD, when the van is turned off, does not return to where you left off when returning to the car. This is so frustrating having to remember what chapter you were at and then spending all the time getting to it. The strange thing is 2% of the time it has picked up. I have had it to the dealership, written Chrysler and no resolve. Has anyone had a similiar problem and if so is there a fix?
  • jmf4jmf4 Posts: 3
    We bought a 2008 Dodge Caravan in April. It only has 3500 miles on it now. We noticed the same noise everyone else on this forum seems to be hearing. We first noticed it in June on the highway at about 65 to 70 miles an hour. It sounded like an air conditioning belt sqealing. Shut a/c off and it still continued. Turned off all air and still noise. It sounds like it is coming through venting system up dash area. It is quite loud. We haven't taken it to garage yet. We figured it was going to be impossible for the average mechanic to figure it out. I am hoping an answer turns up on this board that I can take to dealership. I thought the noise was created by air draft from semi, but it continues even when no traffic around. Hope we can find out what the cause is. It is very annoying.
  • jmf4jmf4 Posts: 3
    "like holding a leaf of grass to the lips and blowing" This is exactly the sound that is coming through the dash of my 2008 Dodge Caravan that I bought in April and only has 3500 miles on it. I noticed noise in June on highway at about 65 - 70 mph. Thought it was an a/c belt squealing. Turned a/c off and noise still there. Turned off all air and still noise. Closed vents and still the noise. I thought it was a draft off a semi or other traffic and it still continued when no traffic around me. Very annoying. Doesn't make the noise all the time. My husband just drove it to PA and back and he said it didn't make noise. Hope someone can figure it out. Haven't gone to dealer with it, figured they wouldn't know what was wrong with it and would pull dash all apart and not put it back together nice and neat.
  • Take it to the dealer. There is a service bulletin on it. We had the same problem. Since fixed we have not experienced any noise. We had our Chrysler T&C Limited less than two weeks when this started. Only happened when there was a crosswind. Good luck.
  • jmf4jmf4 Posts: 3
    Where can I find and read the service bulletin on this noise in the new caravans?
  • The TBS Bulletin No is: 23-023-08. Take this number to the dealership. It takes about an hour for them to apply silicone along each side of the windshield. We have not had any problem since.
  • this is driving me crazy...have you come up with anything??
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Very interesting, I Have the same problem, but only with certain MP3 CD's. It drives me NUTS!!

    Chrysler has so many problems with these new vans. I already have almost 10,000 miles, and experienced so many annoying problems. I wish I could change to a different company but no other minivan offer that much entertainment options (yet).

    They for sure need to update/improve the MyGig system completely from scratch. It makes SOOO MANY problems.

    Chrysler!!! Are you listening??
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    They for sure need to update/improve the MyGig system completely from scratch. It makes SOOO MANY problems.

    Such as? I have a MyGIG in my Sebring and I think it is one of the coolest additions to any vehicle I've ever owned. I probably would not have purchased it if it didn't have the MyGIG.

    I have done several software application updates to keep up with the latest upgrades but the MyGIG in my Sebring has been a fun toy to play with and a convenient resource when driving.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    I also enjoy it very much, and was one of my major reasons to take the T&C over other minivans. As long as it works, that is.

    I have had so many problems with it since week 1. I also keep it updated with the latest versions. Many times the GPS refuses to work. I was once in an unfamiliar area and asked the system to "Guide me home", but it was calculating the route for more than 20 minutes, until I shut it off. I had to use my Verizon Wireless VZ Navigator which worked perfectly. That's besides that the VZW has always updated information and nearly 13 million POI which I think is more than double than those of Chrysler's. And recently I got an offer from Chrysler that they updated many roads and added millions of POI's, but they're asking for the update CD a whooping $200. No, thanks.

    Then I have many problems with my volume. Many times i turn on my system, everything shows up but you can't hear anything. Even the volume does not show up on the LCD. The only thing I could do is wait a few hours until it kind of "resets" itself to a regular functioning unit. This makes me so crazy.

    Then I have a problem with my Uconnect system. When I get the first phone call, or dial out for the first time after starting the van, there is no sound from the system until I hang up, and only then I hear the "Phone call completed" notification which means that from that point on I could make phone calls as usual. By the way, this problem appeared only after my last update of the MyGig system. It was very good before.

    In overall, the interface, the LCD resolution, the features, all are much behind competitors. Examples include:

    - Does not read the phone book from your cell phone;
    - Does not read the picture ID from your cell phone;
    - You can not see during song playback a progress bar so you have no clue how long this song will take to end.
    - You can not sort your songs in a particular order (Alphabetical, for example). I have some MP3's in order like: 1) 08.mp3, 2) 02.mp3, 3) 11.mp3, and so on, in no specific order.
    - The hard drive is very noisy at times. Sounds like the computers with hard drives of 20 years ago. It's time to move to flash based drives, especially in a moving vehicle.

    There is so much more. I don't remember everything at the moment. In general. when you should read some reviews and comparisons about navigation systems and entertainment systems, most reviewers will agree that Chrysler's are from the bottom on list.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    Anyone experience a leak around the area of their rad cap? The dealership has changed my rad cap 2 times thinking it was the problem, but I noticed antifreeze on the driveway today and alot of spray in the area of the rad cap. I took a mirror and looked for a crack in the plastic, leaky hose, etc could not see it. Back to the dealership it goes. Almost seems like once the cap heats up the antifreeze escapes out the sides of the rad cap somehow.. :sick:
  • We had the same problem. I noticed the red fluid on the driveway when there was about 100 miles on the vehicle. The dealer replaced the rad cap, and we have been trouble free for the past 7900 miles. Sorry to hear that 2 new caps later you are still having trouble. They do say three times a charm - Good luck!
  • I took my 2004 town country to the dealer, they said I need to the brake light bulb, trans service, power steering service and fuel injection service, I know I need to replace transmission service in the dealer, what happend the power steering, do I need replace it or can I add it, what type of power steering u suggest? what color the power steering fluids? what is fuel injection service? is that the same as plug? thanks.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    Not sure all that your asking here but, Power Steering Fluid may need to be replaced once it deteriorates just like the oil in your engine. All fluids have a life limitation on them and will not do their jobs accordingly unless they are changed out with new fluid. Power Steering fluid is a sealed system, which means it should not be losing or gaining any fluid in the reservoir at any time, if you notice the level is dropping consistently you have a leak and it needs to be fixed, adding (topping up) the reservoir is only a temporary fix.
    Fuel injector service pertains to the fuel injectors themselves. These injectors shoot gasoline into your cylinders at presice time intervals and volume according to the the demand. They can become clogged or partially blocked which requires, cleaning or even replacing to ensure your engine is running the way it should. This can effect your fuel mileage as well. So no this is not the same as servicing on your spark plugs. Those are usually a change out item and they may do this with a fuel injection service you will have to ask.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    I have found a few other forums on the net in regards to this problem. Seems like we are not the only ones. Nothing like taking your vehicle in for the same problem 3 or 4 times. They better be able to fit me into the schedule tomorrow and get this fixed. :mad:
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    I have a question. What if I sit in my van full of passengers and I get a phone call on the Uconnect system. This discussion can not be for the public, so I want to answer it on my cell phone, not through the van's speakers. Is there a way to do it?

    Most other bluetooth systems DO have it.
  • Don't remember the exact procedure, but you can disconnect your Bluetooth from the Uconnect system. Check your owners manual (think it's in the separate manual for the radio/MyGig) under the Bluetooth section. It tells you how to transfer the calls back and forth from your cell phone to the Uconnect.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    This discussion can not be for the public, so I want to answer it on my cell phone, not through the van's speakers. Is there a way to do it?

    Here is what it says in the online MyGIG owner's manual. I've never noticed if there's a mute button but you could probably just turn down the volume control.

    UConnect allows you to transfer calls between the
    system and your cellular phone as you enter or exit your
    vehicle, and enables you to mute the system’s microphone
    for private conversations. that I've studied that I think it is referring to muting the call so that you can talk to someone inside the vehicle and not let the person on the phone hear you. Anyway, you might try turning down the volume control on the MyGIG and seeing if you can still hear the person through the phone.

    A lot of information in the online manual. Here's something else:

    Transfer Call to Cellular Phone
    The UConnect system allows ongoing calls to be transferred
    to your cellular phone without terminating the
    To transfer an ongoing call from the UConnect system to
    your UConnect paired cellular phone:
    1. Press the VR hard-key (bargin-in).
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    An advertising agency would like to speak with satisfied Chrysler Town and Country drivers. If you own or regularly drive one of these vehicles, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than Friday, October 31st.

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  • Anyone in winter climates putting winter / snow tires on the 08 T&C? Any suggestions or deals in the Toronto area?
  • clubguyclubguy Posts: 15
    On occasion the power rear hatch closes about 6", stops and returns to full open. It's as if something is blocking the hatch but of course nothing is in the way.. Manually closing the door and powering it thru the open-close sequence it may do the same thing or close as if there was never a problem....It's happening more frequently; about 15% of the time....Any thoughts or owners that have experienced the same symptoms...???
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