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Ford Expedition



  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,852
    where i live, we have to pay property tax annually, based on the value of the vehicle.
    i think it is based on the nada book.
    it's cheaper to have a 'loaded' up xlt than a 'base' bauer.
    for example i had a '00 expy xlt(base 33k, msrp 38k). my first bill was about $450. wife has an '01 saab (base 39k, msrp 41k). first tax bill $720, and my town has a low mil rate.
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  • I own a 98 Expedition with 91K miles. So far, I don't have any major problem with the car. But, recently, the Check Engine Light came on and I had to reset it twice by taking it to the autoshop. The mechanic mentioned that it may require a "big $$$" to fix the problem. According to him, it is due to oxygen level of the gas. did anyone experiece similar problems?

    Your thoughts are appreciated...
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Hmm, at 91,000 miles I wouldn't doubt that your oxygen sensors are becoming lazy. These measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases. Do you have the exact code that was given? Most oxygen sensors when they become lazy start to indicate a Rich condition all of the time causing your check engine light to illuminate. These can be expensive depending on your budjet. They range from about $60-90 a piece and in your Expy, there may be as many as 4, but they may not all be bad. Get back to us and let us know of the code that was set if you have it. I don't have the code book with me right now, but if you put the code in google or some other search engine, you will probably get a hit as to what that code means. Goodluck with it!
  • Has anyone had any experience with the Ford Security System installed by the dealer? I am getting a "System 4" added to my '04 Expedition Eddie Bauer next week and am curious if anyone has any experience with these things. My last Ford security system (installed by the dealer on a 1990 F-250) failed two months after the warranty expired and the truck had to be towed to the dealer, where the system was unceremoniously yanked from under the dash and placed in the trash. I hesitated to buy another system from Ford, but I park my truck in a park and ride lot here in northern Virginia and thought that the ignition disable feature of the system 4 was attractive. Am also considering lo-jack as a backup. Thanks
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    No experience with the Ford system but I had several different aftermarket ones in vehicles prior to our '03 EB. I'm fond of Clifford and a local shop put in ignition disable in a Honda. Added bonuses included remote starting, programmable window up, vent, and down features and cost me about $850 installed (helped protect $4K in stereo gear). Not sure how good the Ford one is but don't expect anything beyond enhanced security. The more obscure and unique the install schema, the less likely a thief can defeat them, pro crooks can beat them all.

    Point is, there are so many on the market worthy of investigation and avoiding mainstream systems may payoff. Risk is that going with something other than Ford could result in warranty issues or at least problems with the dealer as nothing is simple any more. Are you considering Ford's system strictly because of a warranty? Others do that too...
  • Davant,
    Thanks for the reply. My primary concern was helping prevent "snatch and grab" of the factory DVD and audiophile stereo. Rip-offs like this seem to be the biggest problem in the commmuter lots I use....but since all car alarms seem to be universally ignored in public spaces, the enhanced security may be somewhat illusory. Am less concerned about the truck being stolen, and I really want ease of use--i.e., don't want the thing going off in the garage if I open the door to retrieve a coffee cup, for example. USAA reduces my insurance premium thanks to the System 4 so it will pay for itself ($299) over time. Just don't want the truck towed to the dealer when the alarm fails and cuts the am hoping for greater reliability than the 1991 version I owned.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    You say that the insurance discount will pay for the alarm.
    The discounts I've seen have been minimal and only apply to certain types of alarms (usually only to ones that arm automatically without having to remember to press the key fob).
    How long will it it take for you to recoup the $299 cost based on the insurance discount?
  • I live in Minnesota: Used Loaded 2003 Program (employee) Expy's are being sold here for $28,500. They all have about 15K miles. The BEST I can find an 03 Sequoia Limited is about $38,500. I love the Toyota but $10K Delta may be just TOO geat a difference.

    However, 01 Sequoias are ALL going for MORE than $30K, unless they have TONS of miles. I have not researched the Fords. But I gotta believe in 2 more years an 03 EXPY with under 40K will still be worth more than $20K.

    Sounds like about the same operating costs but less upfront.
  • Watchdog3, while I agree with your conclusion, I think you compared apples to oranges to get there. I think you compared XLTs to Sequoia Limiteds. Used Eddie Bauers (the comparable to a Limited) are still well over 31K. So the price difference is a lot less. HOWEVER, you can pick up an EB with a lot more features (climate controlled seats, etc.) than you get in a Limited and your running costs will be lower. For example, any 03 Sequoia Limited at 38K or so will have high mileage and worn sneakers. The EB you can find with relatively new sneakers and only 15,000 miles. Good sneakers will cost $600.
  • S852-
    My insurance company applies a 10% savings with the security system installed, or about $60 a year--so 5 years to the break even point. I keep my vehicles 7-8 years, so if the alarm requires no repairs over the period I own the truck, it seems advantageous.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Generally, insurance companies only give any applicable discount on the comprehensive portion of the premium, not the entire premium.
  • You are probably correct, I need to review the policy...but the point is moot, as the truck is at the dealer now for alarm installation and some warranty body work (small imperfections in the rain gutters on the driver's side roof, and no paint on the tail gate hinges)
    So--will see how long this alarm lasts and how it performs.
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    I would like to be able to get into a new Expy when the lease runs out on our van. The more I am reading about Ford customer service though, the more I am questioning that choice. There are numerous reports of LIMITS to the number of times you can take a vehicle to the dealer for a selected problem (such as alignment) even (and especially) during the bumper to bumper warranty period. When I lay out a large sum of money for a vehicle I expect ANY problem to be covered under the warranty period REGARDLESS of the number of return trips to the dealer it requires. Placing a cap on the number of times a given repair will be covered under the warranty period is HORRIFIC customer service. I am stunned and shocked to read reports of this on these boards from folks who are new vehicle owners. Ford's "recovery" will not be sustained with these practices and I'll be voting with my cash based on the company I believe will treat me best.

    I buy my vehicles for the long term and I don't want to be hassled IF I have a problem.

    So what about it new Ford owners, have you been treated right?
  • I don't know if you could find any dealer that will give you unlimited alignments during the warranty period. Alignments are typically a wear type item subject to how the driver dirves and the vehicle is treated. Coming off the truck out of alignment and expecting unlimited alignments are two different things. I have had 5 Fords from new and never been disappointed with the service I've gotten, but that is all relevant to t dealer that is doing the service, not the manufacturer. You can get bad service from any dealer regardless of who the manufacturer is.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    It's the best attention getting header I could drum up regarding Ford service. I haven't needed but one alignment in the first year of Expie ownership. Our dealer treated me right by taking me to the mall and picking me up. They said it was fixed and it told me to bring it back if it wasn't. No one mentioned that being me picky and making the vehicle perform as designed wasn't covered under warranty no matter how many attempts that took, in fact quite the opposite. I'm not sure if another auto maker put out the hogwash you're referring to, but Ford is no better or worse than any of the mainstream car companies, probably smack in the middle. My ownership experiences with Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Porsche, Toyota, and Volvo dealers aren't any better or worse. Dealer service as a whole is like other consumer goods, there's good and bad; no corporate direction to treat customers poorly or cut corners on perceived repeat problems.

    Keep in mind that few happy, satisfied customers take the time to laud on internet forums. Therefore, the ranters represent a very small percentage of vehicle owners as a whole. If you go to a BMW or Mercedes site you'll find the same is true. I'm just as concerned as you and my warranty period hasn't been trouble free. To this point it has all been free trouble though...
  • I've got a question that's bugging me. Everone "knows" that the Expy/Nav product is better than the GMs and the Toyota Sequoia. Better means more engine technology, fold flat third seat, rack and pinion steering, independent rear suspension, and a nicer interior. Clearly the Expy/Navs SUVs are a generation ahead of the General's.

    Not only are they a generation ahead, they cost less to buy (Expys are 2-3K less than a Tahoe/Yukon; Navs at 10K off list before you walk into the front door==Denali list).

    Moreover, the Exp/Nav product hasn't been bedeviled by CSK issues, the reputation of poor GM service, etc. etc.

    YET, when you just look at the number of posts, the Yukon/Denali/Sequoia crowd post far more frequenty, seem to do more with their vehicles, and identify more with them. Why??

    Take a look at the number of posts per brand:

    Expy 1254
    Nav 919
    Tahoe/Yukon 4379
    Denali 2360
    Sequo. 7695
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    It is all about demographics. On average the avg import buyer is more internet savy than the avg domestic buyer. So therefore they are more likely to use the internet for research and to discuss they're vehicles.

    The Chevy vs Ford thing is tougher to call. My best guess would be that chevy owners are more enthusiastic and relate more to there vehicle purchase than would the ford buyer. Also I see the Tahoe/Yukons driven more by men while the Expy's are driven more by women which may or may not make a difference.

    I too think the expy/nav is a great SUV but was scared away by Ford resale and reliability. They need to get the 300 hp v8 in the expy quickly as the Hemi Durango and Armada are going to steal a lot of it sales.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    Maybe the reason could be that GM gives a year of free Internet Service and Toyota gives you a laptop?

    Even if they did I'd still choose the Expedition.

    For the record, the GM's are driven INTO more Fords by women. Surely you've seen the pro-GM ad campaigns that say, "Have you driven into a Ford lately?" I said pro-GM because they total so easy it sells more units, 2:1 over Ford that tends to survive with the stiffer frame. Toyota's total easily too, not because they're fragile but they cost so much to repair.

    On second thought, maybe I read the ad wrong. ;0]
  • corpuscorpus Posts: 37
    I drove a 4wd Suburban for ten years/122,000 mi., and loved it. I towed extensively, and used the 4wd (low) for at least 2,000 miles in sand. It only recently began to have rattle issues, and it fouled a cylinder, so I bought a 2003 Expedition Fx4.

    From day one, the driver door did not fit well--let air in hitting small bumps at highway speeds. The body cladding rattled. I took it in, and they fixed the rattle. The door is tighter, but still rattles on its latch. I had to replace the tires because they wouldn't balance, and they made the steering wheel vibrate on the highway.

    You can feel the road a lot more in the Expedition, which some may like, but it also means that the driving experience is less comfortable. I get back in the Suburban and it feels like a marshmallow compared to the Expedition, but even though I like a rougher ride, the Suburban seems like a higher quality vehicle. The Expedition is tight, yet it is tight in a way that makes it feel cheaper. It already feels like it's been beaten up worse than my Suburban.

    That's my perspective, for what it's worth.
  • Any idea when we can expect to see the 3V 5.4 in the Expeditions? Also, even though the Expedition has a nice interior, I'd love to see Ford dress it up with the new F-150 interior...
  • slandyslandy Posts: 46
    How in the world can you say the exp is better than the Seqouia? It is less efficient, less dependable, resale is worse, not as strong off the road-there is a reason for the solid rear axle. Drive both vehicles for 5 years and see which one is holding up better, squeaks, rattles, loose suspension etc....
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Done. If that means you will count in the last generation of Expeditions. My 1999 Expedition EB is at 96,000 miles and has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I have not driven a Sequoia before, but I think your assuming that Expeditions wont hold up as well as Sequoia's and that is why you want people to drive both. Repairs to date have been:

    New alternator due to shorted bat. (@~65,000K)
    New brakes (@~90,000K)

    I live on a bad, dirt, Michigan road, so it gets it fair share of abuse, and it remains to be extremely quiet.

    I have seen the reliability ratings in CR for the new Expy, but they, like many other manufacturers new vehicles, have first year problems. I will be anxious to see if they do any better in CR's up coming Annual Auto Issue.
  • Expedition has been a great SUV so far:
    75K miles. So far only had front end work done @ ~$350.00. Had some minor things done during the warranty period. The worst seems to be the breaks that need to be replaced every 40,000 miles. Maybe the weight of the vehicle. Other than that it's been a solid ride. In Fact I've been tempted to "down size" to 2004 Mercury Mountaineer or Explorer but my kids would not be happy! Lots of room. Ride quality the same as when the day I bought it (Very Good).
  • Hello,

    I recently created a Web site dedicated to the 2003 Ford Expedition. There is no commercial slant, just took some time to share various reviews, photos, etc. that I have compiled and thought others may be interested in.

  • Ben,

    WOW! GREAT job on that site!! I'm going to have fun looking through all that you have there. I can see LOTS of time invested and I know that others will appreciate your efforts too.

    Are you taking contributions too? I'm going to be ordering either a late build 04 or an early 05 and I'd add my thoughts too if you're taking submissions. I'm holding out for this particular time frame because the 3 valve 5.4 is supposed to be coming for some of the late build 04s and will be offered in the 05s for sure (if the guys at the local dealership are to be believed).


  • The link below will take you to a pic of a 2004 EB Premium Edition in red. I know there have been a few people here asking about this option and this is what it looks like in red. 37555

    After seeing this pic (it's only one view I know) I've decided there are better ways for me to spend $895. I just don't care for this option. The marketing slicks from Ford show the black monochrome and after looking at this I can see why they chose to do that.
  • dolliraedollirae Posts: 4
    Our 2001 Expedition is nearing the end of it's warranty. We don't have tons of extra money to purchase this extended warrenty, but are wondering what everyone out there thinks about it. I'm tempted to just 'play it out' and not buy it. And if I need a repair, then fix it. I do have 4 children, and one of my concerns is the electric windows. What has your experience been?
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    Ford Warranty Central lists the following things that people should consider when thinking about the purchase of an ESP:

    You should consider an ESP if you are.....

    -Buyers of well equipped vehicles, with extensive high-tech components.

    -High mileage drivers.

    -Customers who keep their vehicle beyond the original factory limited warranty period.

    -Customers who like and can afford premium programs.

    -Customers who can't afford or don't want to deal with unexpected repair bills.

    In addition to those I would say ESP plans make sense if you KNOW that you're going to be keeping your Expy for a longer period of time. If you plan to trade out of it then it makes little sense.

    When we buy our 05 I am planning to make that part of the package. 7yr/100,000 $0 deductable. That plan can be had for about $2650 on Oh and BTW, I wouldn't consider ANY other plan than a Ford ESP. Third party warranties cost about the same and are often difficult to get payment on. Most people who purchase these plans have found that they have used them and gotten a good value for the money. (this is of the people that I've asked who've responded)
  • I like the features of the Expy/Nav vs. the GM alternatives, but I'm concerned about the third seat. I wish it didn't have one. Unfortunately, it is not removable. I occasionally need to carry a pallet load of heavy equipment. Would 500-700 pounds of cast iron crush the flat folded third seat? Do they make custom heavy duty rubber cargo mats (e.g., Weatherbeaters) for this yet?

    Or, do I just put up with the solid rear axle, recirculating ball steering with mandatory service every six months on the steering assembly, cold start knocking engine, plastic pickup truck interior of the GM to get a good space for a heavy pallet?
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Heck no you don't have to step back in time to be able to transport your heavy loads. I am sure that the seat would be fine, but for extra assurance, cut a piece of ply wood to fit in there for those times that you need to carry those heavy loads. That way your seat and carpet will be protected and weight across the same area will be better dispersed.
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