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Ford Expedition



  • 69mach169mach1 Posts: 60
    Thanks for the info, I'm not afraid of a little work, can't be all that hard if I ever have to do the job.

    Guess you mean by "running fine" it doesn't miss and passes emissions.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yes, and mileage hasn't deteriorated, etc. When it needs plugs, it'll start either idling rough, or will run rough on acceleration.
  • terry2terry2 Posts: 1
    Does anybody know what if on the 2005 Expedition interior seats,that the material is going to be changed or are they going to stay the same as the 2004 Expedition. The 2004 material on the seats look cheap, so I dont know if I should wait for the 2005 models or go for the 2004 with leather.
  • Just took my new 04 EB 4WD on a trip from Oklahoma to Florida. The seat problem I mentioned earlier is gone - apparently several thousand miles of sitting will wear it in. I just traded in an -03 Mountaineer V6 AWD on the Expedition and I realize I made the right choice. I also made the right choice on rear seat selection. I took two 11-year-olds on the trip and debated on captains chairs or a bench seat. Well I guessed on the bench and I was right. The bench seats recline as do the captain's chairs. But, the girls reclined their chairs and moved the center chair forward so they would have something to lean against. They both agreed that it was the most comfortable position for them.

    I did notice the wheel vibrating at high speeds that some of you pointed out. I do have the continental tires, so I'll probably be visiting the dealer for a new balance. I'm not going to mess with the alignment because I've never had good luck with alignments. They always seem to get the steering wheel off-center.

    The 5.4 V8 was way up to the task of a cross-country trip. Setting the cruise at 75 it never missed a beat. Gas mileage was 17ish for the highway, which was better than I thought for a brand new car.

    For those of you living in the south, get the front windows tinted - it makes a big difference in cooling that monster down.

    As for the guy with the Sirius question, the EB stereo has the SIRIUS button on it. You have to go to Best buy or some stereo shop to get the antenna installed, then pay the monthly 11 or 12 bucks for the service. My sister has XM which is similar, and she loves it. Going cross country I could have used it, instead of hunting for a station every hundred miles, or going through CD's. I drove a lot at night, and I like talk radio, so it would have come in handy with all the different talk stations on it.

    By the way, Destin Florida is apparently Expedition Mecca. No other SUV was more apparent.
  • Thanks for the Sirius info - one clarification question - you say I need the antenna from Best Buy (or wherever)... Are you saying that I ONLY need the antenna, and that the built-in stereo acts as the Sirius front-end, or do I need one of the Sirius "boxes" as well ?

    Thanks !
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    Glad you like your Expie and our not so little town of Destin. I wish I'd known you were coming so I could have washed ours. Right now mother nature is doing a pretty good job of it herself.

    Getting 17 MPG is great at 75 but over a dozen intra-Florida trips in our 5.4L 2WD Eddie-B at an average of 80-85 MPH (thank goodness it's red so no one notices, not really), I can attest it drops about 1 to 2 MPG for every 5 MPH over 75 even with cruise on. Hope you enjoyed our local radio stations (next time try 96.5 pop, 102.1 old fart rock, 106.3 for jazz). If you can convince your girls to try the third row sometime they may feel it is the roomiest and most private although getting savvy at raising and lowering the second row seats requires a degree they're not quite ready for yet. You may want to ask for a rotation along with the re-balance. Best of luck, looks like you made it back to OK OK.
  • As for the Sirius, I don't know if you'll need a Sirius box or not. I'm sure they would be able to tell you at the dealer or at Best buy.
  • I was getting 16-17 cruising at 75-80 on the highway. There were some 2-lane roads that I had to take at 60, and my mileage at that speed was a lot better - 18 or so.

    So, was I wrong or is the Expedition THE SUV of choice in Destin?
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    You are correct, we have may XP's and Chevy's too in NW FL. The main reason you saw so many is that folks like you enjoy taking them to their vacation destination since SUV's are modern day station wagons. If you're feeling retro and don't mind half the cubic feet, Chrysler and Cadillac offer modernized wagons (they look like mini-hearses to me) but only do about 2-3 MPG better than the XP.

    Enjoy, come visit again soon, we need the money.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    At what mileage has anyone changed their accessory belt? after learning the hard way a few years ago on a Mustang GT, I thought it was 50k.
    I checked the book and it says to "inspect" at 60k+.
    It is a '00 5.4 Triton.
    Lemme know.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    What is the status of the special tax break for business who buy SUVs with GVW over 6000lbs? Is it still in effect?
  • darlakdarlak Posts: 1
    I have owned an 04 Expedition for about 45 days, and have had numerous problems. My main issue, for now, is that during parking lot maneuvers, usually while backing toward the right, the front end makes horrible grinding noises. Of course, the dealership said they could not re-create the problem, and then when they were with me and could not deny the problem, they are saying this is "normal." Has anyone else had any similar experience? Other problems that I have had are: leaky transmission, fuel sensor failure, wind noises from the right hand side at 35 MPH, (they say the side mirror is warped...awaiting replacement) Thanks for your help.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I am so sorry! Unless the "horrible grinding noises" you are describing is just a brake chatter, it is definitely NOT normal.... I would politely keep insisting that it be remedied. Try a different dealer if you can, if they don't help you, and escalate to the Ford Rep if necessary. Some dealers are amazing, some are not in the service dept. All those other problems would freak me out too! Stay vigilant with the dealer, make him fix it all, and you should have a nice truck when they're done, but sheesh....that is really too bad.
  • lenrlenr Posts: 13
    I wonder if my Horrible Grinding Noise is the same as the one during backing up? We have owned an '04 XLT 4x4 5.4 for less than a month. It has 1400 mi and we love it. I get a Horrible Grinding Noise only when it is cold (less than two miles of driving). It occurs when I startup and turn either right or left while accelerating from the stop. This is driving in 2H on solid pavement. Not only can the noise be heard, but the vibration can be felt through the seat. I am trying to get a little more experience before going back to the dealer, so that I can make it repeat. It will be tough because I'll have to leave it parked at the dealer to cool down and then demo it when cold. Anyone have any ideas? I wondered about the limited limited slip axle misbehaving when cold.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I think you might be on the correct path. Differential was the first thing I thought of. I know Ford has had some issues with their LSD's.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    I'm in the market for a used XP, something in the 10-15K range. That means like a mint 98, or a 99 or 2000. Any reason to pick one year over another? What year did they switch to the new version, 2002? Are any of these older XP's known to be nice and reliable? I currently have a 2000 Nissan Maxima and many say the 96-99 version was a better car. I'm wondering if same is true at all on XP?? Anything to look out for is also greatly appreciated. I didn't have time to search the board for this info so forgive me if this is already a common topic. Thanks.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It's just a notion - could this be the ABS diagnostic function? If so, it will only happen once after the vehicle is started, usually the first time it's put in drive and accelerated...
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    There weren't any bad years, really. Try to get the 5.4L Triton engine. The 97, 98 only put out 230 hp which was a little weak for my taste. In 99 they went up to 260hp, which was quite adequate for my needs.
  • lenrlenr Posts: 13
    The noise isn't all that horrible. Just unusual. It usually does it two or three times, almost never just once. It does it only on turning and accelerating at the same time, and only within two miles of home. I also don't recall it making the noise/vibration except after it has set for 16 hours. I'll give it some tests to see if it does it without turning, but I don't recall it happening on straight ahead acceleration.
  • deanctdeanct Posts: 10
    Yes, the rules for 2004 are the same as they were last year which is why I bought my 04 expedition 3 weeks ago.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    OK, I'll try this a third time and remain politically neutral. What tax rules? I know the Expedition is big but does it qualify for a second home, business deduction, 401K, do tell?
  • The tax break (I can't remember the specific IRS section number) is for people who use heavy equipment for their personal businesses. It was originally inteneded (in the 70's I think) to offer tax incentives to farmers and the like to assist them in buying new equipment. It started out as a 25k deduction, and more recently has been moved to 100k. The loophole for SUVs comes in because the code states that vehicles over 6000lb GVW qualify. The tough issue for every day people off the street is justifying that the vehicle is used exculisvely for business purposes. You don't need to actually prove anything up front, but should an audit come around it might be hard to explain why taking the kids to soccer practice is part of a business.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    Saw an '05 Limited over the weekend..Holy Navigator! The only thing really missing is the floor shifter..Anyway, the dash really does not look that much different than the '04 dash. I think perhaps it is an exact duplicate of the F150 dash now, with little to no changes.
    It is a pretty good looking package, with the 300hp engine, it presents a pretty good arguement to think about a new one, just have to wait for the $$ rebates....
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    What about torque? Does the 2005 have more at lower RPM?
    300 HP at high rpm is not going to make the Expedition feel any less sluggish at normal city speeds!
  • rs6rs6 Posts: 3
    My local dealer got one this week. It looks nice but I was surprised to say the least to see plastic wheel covers on this top line model. Is this a joke or what?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I just don't get the "sluggish" remark - I've never felt the Expedition was sluggish.

    And the plastic hub caps? Let the decontenting begin!!! OH, I see it has!
  • While not a porsche, our '04 expy eb is not at all sluggish. However, I do not tow anything bigger than a hitch mounted bike rack. Perhaps the new engine might help performance, but I doubt by a lot more. Perhaps it will achieve another 1-2 mpg?
  • Saw an 05 XLT the other day. Didn't have time to look too much, but didn't notice any changes to the exterior except for the center wheel caps. Looked like plastic. The interior sports a new dash area for the driver, plus I noticed that the interior door handles and the A/C surrounds are now chrome plated vs the "satin" finish on previous models. The dash now has two round gauges with the RPM on the left and Speedometer on the right. Each "pod" contains fuel guage, oil pressure, coolant temp, and battery just below the RPM and Speedo readouts. The digital information area has been moved to the upper center between the RPM and speedometer, making it much easier to read. All radio, A/C "stuff" appears the same. This vehicle was equipped with sunroof, 2nd row captains chairs, premium radio, Dual EATC, 4X4, positraction, etc and stickered for a little over $41M. Of course it had the 5.4L 3V engine. Was able to view the owners manual and noticed there was no mention of the 4.6 litre engine??
  • Apparently Ford has dropped this for the Expy in '05. All engines are going to be the 5.4 3V. (The 4.6 will likely be still the v8 for the explorer.)
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