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Ford Expedition



  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    Currently, the Expedition costs ~$80 to fill up at local prices. Anyone feeling buyers regret at getting into this big dog?
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    Regrets? No. Feel poor? Yes. Our 2003 EB XP gets about 16 MPG 50/50 C/H over the last 50K miles. It is not a big dog anymore than any other large SUV. We knew it when we bought it what the EPA mileage was but gas was nearly half as much. If I have any regrets, they certainly aren't directed at Ford or any other vehicle manufacturer. One could make pointed political quips but I won't go there. I'm tempted to ask what you drive, what MPG you get, and if you enjoy the current fuel prices? Those questions are probably better addressed in another forum. Sure it hurts, who would enjoy this? Many consumers are probably traveling less, combining errands, taking fewer vacations, that will regrettably impact our economy much more than my guzzling SUV.
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    Well, I owned an 04 Expy EB for about a year. I too loved the vehicle, except for one problem. About a year before I purchased and all the while I was researching it, fuel was running ~$1.50 gal. When I made the initial buy it was running ~$1.89. Fill ups were killing me because I used my Expy as a daily communter. You quoted ~16 mpg in mixed driving for your vehicle, but for me those numbers were pure fantasy with the execption of strict highway driving. Yes, it would do ~18 mpg under ideal conditions on the highway, but that is where I seldom drove it. My experience was somthing like 6-9 mpg driving around town. Now even if I felt like paying that much to motor around, it just didn't seem like a responsible use of available resorces. Sure I liked driving it, but when gas hit $2.36 locally last April I decided to trade out of it. Yes I took a hit in negative equity - I knew this was part of the deal, but I went ahead and did it.

    I got into a Toyota Highlander which gets ~18+ around town and over 20 on the highway. The Toyota has been absolutely trouble free - not a squeak, rattle, whine, or grind to be heard anywhere at any speed. It is easily as quiet as the Expy was driving down the road - which was hard for me to believe as I thought the Expedition was as quiet as they came. Now when I pull up to the pump and the low fuel light is on I put ~ 15 gal in to fill up versus ~ 25. That combined with the lower payment helps me feel better about my decision.

    So why am I in this forum - asking these questions? Well, it isn't to poke a stick in your eye Dave - or anyone else for that matter. I was merely curious if anyone else had made the move I had because fuel here hit $2.99 per gal yesterday for Regular 87.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may be interested in this discussion: All things related to gas prices

    tidester, host
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,731
    when you owned your expy, how did you use it? if you were able to move to a highlander, then maybe getting the expy was the wrong decision.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    Thanks for sharing, no offense taken, it's all good. We are about to trade our '03 EB XP for the some of the same reasons. For me it has more to do with convenience that the latest Odyssey offers (a curse word among hard-core SUV fans) as a luxo-fam-cruiser more so than just to get a little better real-world MPG (XP EPA 13/17 vs Ody 20/28 but truth is a diff of 5 tops). Although the $/gal discussion is better hashed out elsewhere, it supposedly hit $5.50 in Atlanta today... why? Katrina put a single digit dent in production but nearly doubled the price, who is getting richer, not me. I wonder...

    Why is it we consumers flock to things that don't make sense? Panic buying, paying thousands to save pennies. Forgive me if I diverge but why pay another $5K for a hybrid vehicle? If folks would do the math, you only save $200-300 per year in fuel. Hybrids have some not so obvious faults besides initial increased cost. Life expectency is forecasted to be lower and depreciation is defininitely higher so you have less time to get a return on investment. I'm not against the 'green thing' but it seems it isn't worth it...yet (cha-ching).

    Speaking of worth (I promise, no more paragraphs), why are large SUV's worth 25 percent less as a trade in (Edmunds prices included) than the market books and comparisons show and should support? This frustrated XP owner who wouldn't be upside down in a normal $2.50/gal economy is now I'm faced with a big dive. I have no probs trying to sell privately or allowing dealers a modest living (cough) but truth is, someone who drives short distances will get a great vehicle with a 40 percent residual on a 3 y/o XP EB, that's not fair! Thanks for making it this far, opine on.
  • Speaking of worth (I promise, no more paragraphs), why are large SUV's worth 25 percent less as a trade in (Edmunds prices included) than the market books and comparisons show and should support?

    It is interesting you should mention this. When I first wanted to move on my Expedition trade, I put a rather costly ad in my local paper and ran it for a week to try and sell the vehicle on my own. I'll give you a guess on how many calls I got for the Expy. ZERO. Not one call for a low miles Expedition. It really stunk that I couldn't sell it on my own, but that is the way it went.

    Yesterday fuel prices spiked up 30 cents, but today the average here is $3.20 another 20 cent uptick. I really don't think it is over yet. $5.50 in Atlanta?! That is pushing the riot envelope! Whoa!
  • That link is broken for me I'm afraid.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think Sneakers must have rolled it into an existing discussion, like How Are You Dealing With High Priced Gasoline?.

    Steve, Host
  • I have recently been experiencing my headlights not coming on. I have had the bulbs checked and they are fine. Anyone with any suggestions as to how to correct this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  • My wife is compaining that the insode of her expedition smells like a mouse climbed in it and died. Anybody know where I would look for that?
  • wayne, i had my 05 in the shop 4 time for a bad smell, mine seems to be coming from a a/c drain problem. but my local dealer can not find it. i just got mine back from being in the shop for a week of them trying to locate the smell. they changed the carpet that helped a little. stay on them.
  • For everyone concerned about reliabilty, I had a 2001 Expedition which I ran for 4 years and 115,000 miles. In all that time I never had a single problem and at the end, the engine ran better than new. I've also owned Toyotas and the quality is comparable.

    I bought an 05 Armada and regretted it (I've now sold it at a huge loss). The quality of the Armada is apalling compared to the Expedition. The interior is full of cheap, uncomfortable materials and its so full of squeaks and rattles you have to turn the stereo up for some peace. I had problems with the 4WD and the thin paint scratches easily, even from waxing too hard. I should have kept the Expedition along with the 10k I lost.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Sorry to say, we traded our 2000 Expy today. Happy to say, it was for a 2005 Explorer. We really liked our Expy- bought used and over 2 years never had a single problem. Good tow vehicle; not so good for my 5'1" wife. The deals out there on any SUV's are just incredible (we got 10K off MSRP, inc rebates) AND leased it at that price with an ok lease. And the new Explorers are pretty nice (2006's even nicer). I was just too afraid the Expy would be worth next to nothing by next summer once the miles passed 50K. The Explorer w/3rd seat & V8 offered just what we needed, with good tow capacity, in a more compact package. Gas mileage won't be much better, but will improve some. And in 3 years, when no one will want Expy's, Explorers, Tahoes, Suburbans, etc, we can just hand the keys over and say "your problem now, Mr. Lease Guy!" :P
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    We too shed the Ford badge last week, sold our '03 Expie Eddie-B with 51K to family. Other than going through front brake pads, rotors (and this time calipers) every 25K miles, we had no problems or issues unless getting 13/16 MPG is considered one. I had been quoted ages ago that when gas hit $3/gallon I might be apt to get rid of it and have remained true to my word but for different reasons. I wanted easier kid access and swallowed my pride so I now drive an '06 Odyssey Touring, the wife misses her tall tough truck already. I bow out gracefully from this forum wishing you all the best in your future Expeditions.
  • We are looking to start camping again with our Expedition and were looking at buying a tent that fits over the back of the open tailgate so that my wife can sleep in the back of the Expedition while the dog and I sleep in the rest of the tent that is pitched on the ground. We have noticed however, that when the tailgate is up the two little lights above the rear doors come on as well as the light just above the tailgate. The tailgate light can be switched off while the tailgate is up, but we can't figure out how to turn the rear door lights off while the tailgate is up. With the lights on, my wife won't be able to sleep, not to mention the drain on the battery.

    Does anyone know how to turn those lights off while the tailgate remains up?
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Your Expy should have the battery-saver feature, which turns off all the lights after a period of time (I think it's either 15 or 30 minutes)- you would have to leave the liftgate up until it shuts them down. Happy camping!
  • Depending on model year you also have the option of rolling the panel dim all the way down to a detent that keeps the lights off when the doors are open. Can't remember if my 99 had that, but my 03 does.
  • Thanks for the info. on the Battery Saver. It did turn the lights off like you said, but it took 50 minutes for them to turn off. Is there a way of adjusting the battery saver to have them go off sooner? Or is there something wrong with the feature? The battery is rather new, would that have anything to do with it?

    By the way, I also tried the panel dimmer dial, but no matter what I did to that, the lights still stayed on.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    50 min seems much longer than I remember; unfortunately I don't have the Expy any longer, traded on a new Explorer, and along w/it went the owners manual. I don't recall any way to adjust the time, though.
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    I believe you can adjust time delay for lights through the message center (I have 2005 with message center).
  • "My experience was somthing like 6-9 mpg driving around town..."
    My '99 4WD 5.4 gets 13 mpg around town.
    Yours must've been broke.
  • I have an 03 Expedition and even when all doors are closed(including the back) the door ajar light stays on 75% of the time. I have narrowed it down to the back driver side door,but I see no switch of anykind. I am guessing it is internal. I have already priced the switches at autozone which is about 20 bucks so I am hoping that is the problem.Any input on this would help considerably.Small problem,but aggrevating as well.
  • Spray WD40 in the latch area. Fairly common problem, and the spray corrects it.
  • myexmyex Posts: 1
    I am considering ordering the 2006 King Ranch. Any comments on the King Ranch edition?

    Also, I can't decide whether or not to order the 2nd row captains chairs. I have 3 kids and think that the captains chairs will ease access to the 3rd row. Any down side to the captains chairs other than losing seating for one? I would like to avoid my kids stepping all over the seats to access the third row and know that flipping up the bench for access may not always happen. Thank you!
  • ceads9ceads9 Posts: 3
    I also have three kids, they range from 7 months to 12 years. I didn't want the captains . Every time we would need to go one would have to be in the back, they can still sit there if they want but they dont have to. also it would cut down on the cargo area if you where to go shopping or on a trip since the seat is up Plus we would have a extra seat for their friends of my kids. I also play Softball and when I but the bags back there I still can take 7 with me and a cooler Just my 2cents.
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    Just got the recall notice on my '99 Expy. Rather than making 2 trips to the dealership (once to disable the cruise control, second time when they actually get parts in), is it possible to just pull a fuse to disable the cruise control??? Thanks.
  • cacmancacman Posts: 40
    Funny - We currently have a 04 Odyssey - Always had big SUV for the family - I convinced my wife to go the VAN route to save money on gas etc - Well she can't get rid of it fast enough - On a 2 year lease with 7 months to go - I will be looking at a used EB - Expedition - probably a 2003 with 30-40k miles on it. Good values out on EBAY right now for this model. I was very disappointed with the van -the metal on the van is like aluminum foil. We had work done on the van 3 times for little bumps that require over $ 1,000 of work - Also the gas millage for around town was not very good - 14-15 MPG - The only good thing about the van is the entertainment systems for the kids, and that the kids can't play with the windows from the back seat - Any opinions as to what year to try to get on a used Expedition. As stated earlier I am thinking 03 or 04 - Any real differences between the two years?
  • OK, my grinding noise is accompanied by an awful, burned rubber smell. We've owned our '05 Exped since April, had it in the shop 3 times for this issue -- never have they recreated the noise/smell. The burned smell originates from the passenger side, up against the cab (there are three switch boxes -- the smell comes from that area); but the fan sucks the smell into the cab and is so bad I often have to get my kids back out of the car! Help! Any thoughts? Sales guy told me it's under factory warranty, so any REAL problem that comes up would be covered. Hmmm... very frustrated. Love my car -- hate the fear that something is going to catch fire.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Search back for previous posts re:problems with the '03's- I was going to trade our 2000 for one and seem to remember some horror stories w/them; little or none about the '04's. If you don't have to have a full-size SUV, you may want to check out the Explorer V8- we love our '05, and my 5'1" wife is much happier with it's size. The 3rd row seat isn't as big of course, but not bad either. And the deals on '05s are incredible right now. Plus, we tow a 3500 lb boat and it does that effortlessly.
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