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Ford Expedition



  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    Our electronic doober is off between one and one-and-a-half MPG compared to the reality of miles traveled divided by gallons to refill. Being the avid post surfer that I am (not as good as Steve but I use other sources too) it appears not everyone has this problem. Those that do seem to be pretty consistent with about a 1 MPG error. With variables like pumps used, how you top-off, grade/brand of fuel, and most of all driving style, I recommend you remain objective until you determine MPG yourself and compare it to the Message Center. Congrats on the upcoming purchase, you'll love it, promise!

    P.S.-Why bother with GPS? It's Texas, everyone's friendly and you can see forever so you can't get lost.
  • kamrikamri Posts: 2
    I saw a post from Davant in regards to software fix for the mirrors. Does anyone have specifics? My mirrors, most often the passenger side, will lose its setting after initial entry with fob or when shifting from reverse.
    My dealer has ordered a new mirror. I believe this will not be the fix. My guess is IC or module related. Any body with similar issues?
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    Kamri (not Camry?),

    I know you were asking the masses (other than me) but I was in for mirror service last week. They told me about the upcoming software or new control module release, they weren't sure which it was going to be. They said the main reason for this update was that mirrors can bang stops because some drivers set them pointed pretty low and the reverse command exceeds physical limits. Our mirror, yours, and alot of others seem to have a problem a little bit different than that. Ours won't tilt down if you back up more than once. Sometimes it waits 10 or so seconds before tilting down on the right side. To me this seems to be a servo voltage command problem or a weak ground. Unfortunately our dealer won't take any action until the TSB is fielded. We also need a new right mirror as the glass jiggles at highway speeds but they wouldn't even fix that right now. Something about being advised by mother Ford not to replace mirrors for uncommanded behavior.

    Hang in there, I'll be one of the first to let folks know what I find our or when it's released.
  • kamrikamri Posts: 2

    No not Camry, although my parents have one with 250k+ and still running strong.
    Actually, I was hoping you would reply since I saw you post regarding the mirrors. It sounds like my prob is a little different than yours. Mine tilt done fine in reverse, but do not go to their original setting. It will just keep on going till it can't go further (pointing up in the sky). One night my wife accused me of cutting someone off. I know I checked in mirror before changing lanes, but I didn't realize that it was shooting straight up in the sky. Now I'm cognizant to check mirror adjustment at all times. Occasionally when using the fob to enter the vehicle, the mirror will pull all the way in. It appears to loose its memory. I'm betting on the control module. The dealer wants to replace the mirror (on order) but I'm convinced that won't be the fix.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    We also have an '02 Camry and it takes good pitchurs, drives nice too.

    At least our mirrors behave to the point of keeping us safe in traffic. Obviously your vehicle is fascinated with astronomy or perhaps is summoning the mother ship. They say each has it's own personality, now I believe it. Until the TSB is released you can always disable the reverse tilt-down mirror feature in the Message Center Setup without disabling the Back-up Aid. That way you can still hear the beeps without hearing horns too. Keep in touch!
  • davant, Thanks for the info on the MPG error. As for the Nav system, of course the folks are friendly in Texas, but I'm a gadget guy and I just wanted one. I came close to not getting the Expo. because it looks like such a poor Nav system, compared to the many good ones that are out there. Hopefully after I get it, it will turn out better than the very poor demo the sales guy tried to do. Really excited about getting back to the Expo. Had a 97 for three years, switched to a Lincolin LS in 2000 and going back in 03. Take care...
  • kkkkkkkkkkkk Posts: 2
    The 18 MPG driving I refer to includes 230 miles of I94 driving at 65miles per hour-no stops, cruise control set at 65 miles an hour and roughly 50 miles through small towns, country driving where the speed limit in the country is 55 mph. My XLT does not have a message center. As I mentioned, I calculate the mileage by hand every time I fill up.My travels are in Wisconsin (280 mile one way)so it is not completely flat country. My previous Expedition with the 4.6L engine 4x4 would also get the same 18 MPG under exactly the same conditions.The 4.6 engine would get 1 more mpg though in combo city/highwway driving than the 5.4L.
  • I am purchasing an '03 Expy in the next couple of months. I prefer the 6 disc CD changer option and extra power, but need to have a casstte player. Does Ford have a factory installed tape player to go along with the CD changer system, or am I stuck with the single CD/tape player combo?
  • expy02expy02 Posts: 23

    You can't have my boat! But it's 27 degrees as I type this, Spring can't arrive too soon!

    As for the towing mileage with my '02 5.4 4WD Expy, I mainly do short trips, rarely over 40 MPH. I would expect it to get around 13-14 MPG on the highway. The Expy replaced my Grand Cherokee Ltd with a 318, it averaged 6-8 MPG towing the boat on the same route. I have seen 17 MPG highway mileage but it drops to 16 MPG as soon as you hit 70.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Yeah it's true. I have get a very solid 18MPG on the expressway. My mileage in town however is a very dismal 8-9 MPG. My conditions were in warmer weather, on I75 going 68 MPH for about 100 miles then switching to a two lane road for another 125 Miles going 60-65 MPH (225 mile total trip). I take this route often to our vacation home and average pretty much around 18 MPG. This is NOT using the computer. However the computer has been pretty close numerous times. Lately though I have been using the cruise and this has lowered my MPG to the high 16's on that same route.
    I do have a problem that just cropped up. The two last times I have opened up my OIL cap there has been an oil sludge build up. This has gotten me nervous as I know that this can cause engine damage. I am going to replace my PCV valve and hope that remedies the problem.
    Something that I forgot to mention is that I do have a K&N Filter Charger and I do use Mobil1 Synthetic Oil. This may or may not contribute to the good MPG's as I bought my Expy used with the current air filter and oil I use.
  • This is in regard to my previous posts #1016 & 1019. I have filed the Lemon Law with this state
    for the malfunction of my 2003 Expedition and on Friday the dealer completed the last chance at fixing my seat motor problem. That was 1/17/03.
    Today is Monday 1/20/03. I drove it around 150 miles and it broke again! This time they can have it back, I'm sick of wasting my time, not to mention the money I spent. It appears to me, and I told the service department this, when I use the heated seat button the power seat stops moving soon after. The service advisor said it could not be electrical because it is all one unit. That doesn't even make sense to me. I was also reminded that 4 other Expeditions had this problem, but he never told me what happened to them. Sorry to bring down the board, but I want
    to know how I can be the ONLY one with this problem.The mirror problem, I also have, is suppose to have a recall by spring, their words about it. No repair available now. Hope none of you experience any of this, and remember
    I'm a Ford fan. Had a 97 Exp and bought my son a 2001 King Ranch.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    18 on the freeway and 8-9 around town? Wow!!

    Regarding the cruise: I always assumed cruise would give better mileage. Guess not??

    Has your mileage dropped much since it has gotten cold? I've only had mine since mid October. I am hoping, but not expecting, better mileage next summer.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ...but I want to know how I can be the ONLY one with this problem.

    You are almost certainly not the only one. It is quite possible that none of the others who post here and represent a small fraction of all Expedition owners have experienced the same problem.

    Good luck!

    tidester, host
  • Have an '03 Expy 4X4 5.4L engine. 2,800 miles

    Trip to Illinois:

    Friday night driving 76 MPH with cruise set, 3 adults, 1 infant, 2 dogs loaded to the gills, small crosswind, 6 Degrees outside, 15.1 MPG.

    Trip back on Monday:

    Even more loaded (late Christmas with wifes family, our son made out like a bandit!) 35 to 65 degrees outside, small tall wind, got 17.28 MPG (280 miles 16.2 gallons) 2 lane roads for 80 miles at 68 MPH, then 76 MPH for 200 miles. I was impressed.
    I have been getting about 15-16 MPG driving back and forth to work @75% highway.

    I have an XLT so no fuzzy math here, all done the old fashioned way (manually).
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    My mileage does get worse in the winter. I can't say whether its that I am using the cruise more often or that it's the cold weather that has brought my mileage down. I am not in anyway complaining though. I originally thought that cruise would get the best mileage as well. I have found though that I can modulate better for hills and such. So instead of the Expy dropping a gear I use the hill that I go down to gain speed then use that speed to get up the next. Kind of tedious I guess. Not so much a big deal though when you are the only one on the road. Other things that I have done to get better gas mileage is make sure that my tires are up to pressure (something that many people ignore during the winter months) and I also try to let off the gas farther back from stop signs and lights. This helps extend brake life and seems to do alot for mileage as well. I think it's conglomeration of all of these tips that I have picked up over the years that gives me such good least on the expressway/open road.
  • Fuel additives in the winter also decrease mileage. I don't know how far reaching the additives are, but I know they are in all the gas in the Northeast.
  • I am looking to purchase a 2003 expy. I intend to use this vehicle for offroad and horse trailer towing. Do I gain towing capacity by purchasing the 5.4 instead of the 4.6? Do I gain towing capacity by purchasing the 4x4 instead of the 4x2?
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    Post #
    1037 - kkkkkkk - 18 MPG, wow, I believe you, just can't duplicate it with our 5.4L 2WD EB no matter what, sounds like others can though.

    1038 - c'ski - No cassette player available with the 6 CD. You may want to ask the dealer if they can install an 8-track with Quadraphonic sound (only those over 40 get this).

    1039 - Expy02 - OK, If I can't HAVE your boat maybe it could come visit as it too needs a vacation. It's just 5 minutes to the beach and it was 70 degrees today, reconsider? I might try my MPG test again just below 70. I'll enjoy doing 69 in a 70, first time since high school.

    1040/1042/1046 - jrc/zman - 8 MPG city, 18 highway? Are you racing or just heavy footed for heaven sakes? I thought it might be just the gas but not with 10 MPG diff C/H. As 'Z' said tires and looking ahead matter alot.

    1041 - Caroline - Your loss is their pain at last. Getting another one, what's next?

    1043 - tidester (host) - Good point! Maybe all the others are in the shop so they don't have time to post?

    1045 - Brads - Similar loads, trips, results here. Was that you in front of us?

    1047 - Al'Ford - Even though it's not that cold down here I think we get 'Yankee' gas as our mileage is steadily declining, at 7.5K miles I'm still using reg oil & Amoco.

    1048 - Mirthless - Maximum towing capacity of 8,900 lbs comes from the 4x2 5.4L combination. 4x4 5.4=8,650lbs, 4.6L 4x2=5,750lbs, 4.6 4x4=6,050lbs. It's on page 15 of the glitzy brochure or you can get it via this Adobe link: - - pdf

    Thanks to all who put up with me, Happy Fording!
  • bodymanbodyman Posts: 23
    I have not had a chance to drive my 2WD '02 in snow yet, and I am wondering how well they perform. In the past, my full size station wagons were the best cars I drove in snow. My Expy has General tires and does not have the limited slip rear end. How is traction and road holding in curves? Thanks, all!
  • 2WD without limited slip - this definately isn't a snow going buggy. Most years in NC how much snow do you get?
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