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Ford Expedition



  • Does anyone know how to replace the bulb for the courtesy lamp in a Ford Expedition? I am referring to the one located on the cieling between the two front seats. It's in the form of a plastic lens that you push once to turn on and again to turn off. I can't figure out how to get inside to replace the bulb. Thanks, Steve
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Ford Reportedly Will Bring Out a Stretched Expedition (Inside Line)

    And it should fit in your garage!

    Steve, Host
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yes, this is just what the public needs in time of escalating gas prices. My prediction, just like the Excursion sales were tanking, this will not sell over 50,000 units a year. Then again, if it is truly just a stretched platform, the R&D to bring it to market wasn't that much.

    And Ford and GM wonder why they are in trouble!!
  • The stretched version will probably use a negligible amt of fuel and is needed as with the rear seats up there is little space for luggage. I had a Grand Voyager and the
    mileage difference over the short Voyager (empty)was slight.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yes, but full size SUV sales are down. While this might not be "fullsize" the SUV market has tanked. Ford has already said that they don't expect to sell anywhere near the volume of the Explorer they used too. This model (stretched Expedition) seems destined for failure.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I actually kind of disagree with that. I think the people that really need/want a big vehicle like a stretched Expedition are more inclined to eat the higher fuel costs than say the Explorer crowd. I see the Explorer crowd as more the soccer mom type. I think they would be more inclined to go to a more fuel efficient vehicle than the full sized crowd.

    But of course, I could be wrong again.

  • i have a 1998 red eddie bauer 4x4 with the 4.6 liter. i would just like to say i love it. i have had no problems with it at all and i just rolled over 99 thousand miles.the only thing i would change is that i would have gotten the 5.4 but i bought it used a year ago so oh well. another great product by ford
  • Does anyone have the problem of the heated seat not going on? If you push the button the indicator lites than goes off. I checked under seats for loose wire or chafed wires butI found nothing.This is on a 2005 Expedition and only 20,000 mi.
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    I have a 2004 EB, It is normal for the Heated seats to go off after 15 minutes, the cooled seats after 30 minutes. Otherwise do both seats do the same? Make an appt,it's under warranty
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28
    It been a while since your post, but I was wondering if you are talking about a console for the 2nd row between optional captain's chairs? Or do you have a Special Service Vehicle (SSV) that comes without a front row center console if you don't get the front bench seat. (typical law enforcement aftermarket equipment such as radio,etc.,is then mounted in the space between the basic front cloth bucket SSV seats)

    I have the 2nd row C/C, but have found them to have only about 15" seat height, a bit hard, and not very well suited for grown-ups. 2nd row C/C do give additional floor room and better access to 3rd row seat. Preferred 40/60 2nd row seating in my previoius 2000 by far to current 40/20/40 or even the 2nd row C/C.
  • Having the same problem with my 98 with 90k. Just started not allowing me to put gas in. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
  • vjcvjc Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2006 EB and the heated seats worked for about 2 days. They now go on then off immediately. I am going to wait about a week to make sure everything else is working.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Had this problem with my Ford Contour. At the time there was a TSB on it. It had something to do with the filler neck not venting properly. It was a $700.00 repair to drop the gas tank, had I paid for it. (It was under warranty.) However, it could be anything with your fuel system. It could be a plugged up line to your charcol fuel canister that collects the vapors from the gas tank. At any rate, I strongly suggest taking a problem like this to the dealer. And we know that can get expensive!
    Good luck.
  • Was wondering if any one has had their differential worked on. There is a TSB out on it. You can feel a vibration or rubbing sensation at low speeds. Especially when turning after backing up and driving forward. I had the work performed 3 months ago and is already making the noise/vibration again. In the shop now but of course they can't duplicate the problem.
  • haakhaak Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me what to expect for parts/labor of an aftermarket keyless remote entry for a 2000 Expedition?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    This is one of several reasons why Ford (and GM) are near bankruptcy. Toyota and Honda have waiting lists months long for their Hybrid offerings, and Ford is making huge SUVs when gas is at $2.50/gallon. I don't feel sorry for them.....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Some more links and a short blurb here. (Straightline)


    Steve, Host
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Every time GM has updated the Tahoe, it has gotten a complete restyle.

    This is Ford's second "major" revision of the Expedition, and once again they did an interior upgrade, some mechanical refinements and a styling change to the front clip. Why do they persist in thinking that they can use the same greenhouse, windows and doors (with an occasional tailgate change) over and over and still stay at the front of the pack? They don't do this with the F150 anymore, but they have with the Explorer (until 2002 when the first fully new body since 1990 debuted...and then repeated that body in the 2006 "makeover"), the Windstar/Freestar, the poor neglected Ranger (same profile since 1993), Crown Vic, Escape, etc.

    I'm sure lots of money and engineering went into the 2007 update, but from the side and rear, even enthusiasts will be hard-pressed to tell a 2006 and a 2007 Expedition apart at a glance.

    The Expedition should sell ok (within the now reduced sales levels of large SUVs), but the Tahoe will be the "latest thing", and that will give it a sales advantage (as long as most people do not find the styling objectionable...and it appears they don't).
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    It looks goood to me! Roughly equal size, power, and towing capacity compared to the GMs. The main advantage appears to be the IRS with flat folding third row, which seems to be the main gripe about the 2007 GMs. Not a big deal to me because I have two car seats back there and it's not that big a deal to remove it twice a year when I actually need the extra space. But it is an advantage. I really like the Ford interiors. We bought a Yukon XL last year because I need room for stuff behind the third row, and there really was no competition except Excursion which we didn't like for a variety of reasons and cost a lot more. But now I can consider Ford again when it's time to trade. I like the new styling, kind of a blend of new Explorer, F150, and F250. Can't wait to see some test drives and comparison tests!

    To the doom and gloom folks, I agree with Zman3. There is still a market for big honkin' SUVs. Soccer moms with only one or two kids will trade their Explorers for more fuel efficient alternatives. But the rest of us who truly need three rows and don't want a minivan are happy to see the new EL and Suburban on the market.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    2007 Expedition (Inside Line)


    Steve, Host
  • scdscd Posts: 15
    I have a 2005 XLT. The gray body side moldings are beginning to fade. They are not the painted type like the EB's or the King Ranch. I have only had the Expy six months. It is always garaged. Around town I have seen numerous XLT's with the same fading problem, only much worse. Wondering if this is a widespread problem. Has anyone approached Ford and had them rectify this problem? I know I could paint them with Krylon Fusion, but I shouldn't have to. I hope Ford steps up and offers to exchange my faded moldings for painted ones. Whoever at Ford who decided to use these plastic panels goofed.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Krylon! Ha ha! It worked great for my old lawn chairs!

    I see a lot of those too. Our old car (Geo Metro - yuck) had the big gray plastic bumpers, I just used armor all or the turle brand stuff. It looked good for a while, then I had to reapply. You probably want a more permanent fix.

    Check out this website:

    Also, in an article about interior detailing, it refers to the following product:

    "Surflex Black Colorant works great on black bumpers, black spoilers or black rubber/vinyl trim that has been severely scratched or badly scuffed and is beyond the help of Black Again. Clean the entire part thoroughly with P21S Total Auto Wash or Wurth Citrus Degreaser, rinse and dry thoroughly. Mask off the paint and then stain the area with the Colorant and allow to dry. It will look like new. After about 3 weeks hardening off, coat with a protective coating of Black Again or One Grand Exterior Rubber."

    Good luck with that. I am surprised Ford would produce something so prone to sun damage.

    If all else fails, I wonder how much it would be to order painted parts from an EB or Limited from a body shop?
  • scdscd Posts: 15
    A few months back an Expy owner posted pictures of his painted body panels. He said he used Krylon "Fusion". Supposed to adhere to plastics better than regular Krylon. But I'm not about to paint my six month old Expedition with Krylon. I also spoke to the parts guy at my local Ford dealer about painted body panels from Ford. He let it slip that there have been numerous inquiries about the faded panels and getting them replaced. I hope Ford steps up and does the right thing and gets the panels replaced for me.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I saw another one yesterday. The only plastic panel that was fading was the rear driver side door, the rest of them looked normal. That only exacerbated the problem to me, made it really stand out. It is truly an inferior part they have used, the right thing to do would be to issue a recall and replace them. I know recalls are for safety issues, not cosmetic, but they could at least quietly upgrade the folks who complain to their dealer. This is totally unworthy of a $35K vehicle.
  • dhhdhh Posts: 5
    What happened to the rumored V-6 turbo-diesel? It boggles the mind that GM and Fordcan offer vehicles with the sort of mileage ratings that these things have. Why no diesel offerings? Mercedes, Toyota, and other major manufacturers are all planning diesel offerings in the US in the very near future. If Ford and GM don't act quickly, they will lose an opportunity and more importantly, market share.
  • I went to goto work in my 2003 ford expedition W/39,000 miles, I press the unlock button on the remote. No lights lit up inside or out. I get in to start it, Its starts, My wife was at the front door calling me I tried to open the windows not happening. I'm driving down the street when I look to see how much gas I have... NONE of my gages are working, not a one. Tried to turn or the radio, Nope, no radio.. I get 5 min. down the road everything comes on. A note on the miles read out, reads check (Adwtrac), and airbag light is on... Get to work ok worked my 9 hours go to go home same problem, But corrects itself again with in a min.
    Ford can't do a thing for me unless the problem happens right there. Anyone have this problem yet? only thing that seemed to work was the door locks, the dash lights were on, only the clock on the radio and the headlight and tail lights..It been 3 days now and it only seems to happen after the truck sits for more then 6 hours...The think that is freaking me out is when everything comes back on, it's like a power serg. All the gages max out ,the bells go on and the lights go on and then everything resets it self....
  • Drop it off the night before at the dealership.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,783
    easiest thing is to have your battery checked out.
    we had an sho that was possessed. it was the battery.
    door locks locking/unlocking on their own, sounds coming out of the speakers when the radio was off.
    i have an '02 epxlorer. last time i brought it in for service the report noted that the battery was down on power. i have had some weird transient electrical issues.
    a door won't unlock, etc...
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • :) A battery, Boy that would be a nice cheap fix. But she starts real strong and when the lights decide to work they look strong too. It seems to be something wrong with the computer, Because now I'm having so many crazy thing happening. Pass. side Door lock not working 1 day then working the next. the gages work 2 days out of 4. Now everyday my trip o meter keeps resetting on its owne.

    I just got the truck last Tues. I wanted to get a feel for how many miles I'd get with a tank of gas, It was woking good for the 1st 3 days, I was up to 2oo miles, with more then a 1/4 tank to go until she started resetting her self evey time I start the truck.
    Then again tonight, I thought if fixed its self everything worked the way it should when I left work, lights went on when I unlocked it,she started right trip o meter was still working gages were working , radio all good... I got home shut off the truck open the door NO LIGHTS I restarted her, starts fine gages fine trip o-meter rest again :cry: I wounder how much this will cost ?
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