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Ford Expedition



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Shelf life for tires can be as low as 5 years and "accurately predicting the serviceable life of any specific tire in advance is not possible." You could decipher the DOT code on the sidewall of the tire and learn when it was manufactured - maybe they are older than you think. (Uniroyal link)
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Don't know where else to post this, but I've tried unsuccessively to post on the "reviews" for the Expedition so here are my thoughts for prospects considering a lease or purchase.

    There are 5 reviews so far and all of them have 9 or 10 on "fun to drive" and the "fuel effeciency" sections of the review.

    Seriously, I know we want our "ride" to score well, but 14 mpg sucks even if it is as good as you expected. I guess if you expected 12 and got 14 you'd consider that great FE??? I knew going in what to expect as I had an 04 Expedition and got 14.2 lifetime on it. It's a "5" at best.

    Fun to drive? I can have fun in my Expo; but driving it, although relaxing and having great utility cannot be considered "fun". I've had BMW's, (2) 300ZX's and 350Z, an Audi TT, a vette and other "fun to drive" cars. This thing handles like a 6000 pound SUV. It's supposed to because that's what it is. It's not especially easy to see out of and to back up, but that's because it's BIG.

    Now as for the point system; it is not really a good indicator for the review because they measure things that are bad no matter how you look at it (like when they dinged my 350Z for not having a back seat, Duh). So ignore those scores and what you have is a very comfortable vehicle with a lot of utility. Nothing other than a Sequoia and Surburban really compares and if you've ever had to pull the seats on a Sequoia (I had 2 of them) then you'll find the third row folding flat seating well worth the price of admission. (Additionally both of them will cost more $$$'s.) Consider too that an adult can actually sit in the back comfortably and that makes it even more appealing. The Tahoe, if you look on the Chevy site, exceeds the Expo in diminsional measurements but if you sit in one you'll wonder just what kind of ruler they used. In the Expo I can cross my legs in the second row and spread out comfortably. Not so in a Tahoe. That's the reason I went back to an Expo after having a smaller SUV for the past couple of years.

    I'm still out on reliability as I have not had mine long (another reason reliability is a poor review issue on a new car), my 04 had to have a rear end after 600 miles of driving and I see a lot of complaints on Edmunds, but then again maybe only the complainers post here and it's not a representaitive sampling of issues overall. At least that's what I am banking on since I signed the papers to take mine.

    Also check out the lease (Ford Red Carpet). They do a great job of giving a great money rate and keeping the residual in line with expectations so if you decide to buy later you're close to actual market value. Chevy was way out of line on the residual and that pretty well meant a decent payment but no way you could afford to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease. I like the Ford's because at $23,000 residual in 40,000 miles I may want to buy this if gas has not hit $5. If it has, then I'll walk away from it and see what's new without being upside down on a loan.

    I love this thing and hope that it remains reliable.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Thanks for submitting a review - those are scanned by real people to weed out the nonsensical and spam reviews so it may take a week or so for your review to appear.

    Congrats on the new ride!
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Actually I tried to submit an actual review twice and when I "clicked" the submit I got an error message. After writing all that out twice I decided to simply post my information above.

    BTY, I give it an astounding thumbs up but want buyers to beware and know its faults (gas milage being the only real one)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Bummer -can you send a note to the Help desk with the Help link at the lower right and try to include as many details as you can remember? Like the time it failed, the error message, and what operating system and browser you are using?

  • I have a 2002 which when cold (temp gauge) and when the engine is idle, the car shuts off. When its warm, the truck is good to go. We tried going to Ford but I think they messed up something as the diagnostic doesn't show anything wrong ... I think its a sensor of some sought but unsure... what can i try or look for???

  • A warm place to live
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter seeks consumers who drive large SUVs. Please send your daytime contact information to no later than Friday, December 14, 2007.

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  • tsyssatsyssa Posts: 1
    It only skips when the engine is at operating temperature and under about 38% load.

    It runs fine (does not skip at all) even until its almost at operating temperature.

    OBD II says skip on #6. Check engine light only comes up when I really hammer on the gas and the engine is misfiring heavily (scarily!) so I do not like to do this.

    I replaced Coil (and boot) #6, spark plug number #6, fuel injector #6. I would think it would be a coil...but it only does it when fully warmed up.

    Also, the skipping is very sensitive to throttle. Push the pedal down just .005" more and it does it. Let it off just a hair and it goes away.

    I can make it skip at almost any rpm in any gear at any speed. It is load dependant.

    Should I just start replacing coils now and be done in a week!??!?! LOL

    Thanks, Todd
  • ltlakltlak Posts: 1
    I have two questions on my 2003 ford expediton.
    1) i lost ( i think in a car wash) the back side of my driver side mirror. It works fine and seems like the piece i am missing can be just snapped it. I went to national autoparts and they ordered me the wrong part three times( to small). I went to another auto store and they said i have to buy a new mirror. I haven't gone to ford yet because i'm assuming they will charge me to much. Can i get a piece for the this mirror or do i have to get a whole new mirror.

    2) I cleaned the dvd player in the car w/ a dvd disk cleaner. Ever since then it doesn't work and says read error. Did i do something w/ the disk cleaner and can i reset the unit somewhere??? I am getting ready to sell the truck in a month or two so now sure if i should fix these things prior . Thanks
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    Regarding your mirror, you could always try a junk yard or "salvage auto parts" store. I would think they'd have an Expy somewhere on the lot with a mirror you could use.

    Can't help you with the DVD. Ours works like a charm, and I've never tried to clean it at all. I assume you've tried various DVDs to make sure it wasn't the DVD that was acting up?
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    Does anyone have any insight into possible changes for 2009, specifically about the "sync" technology, Sony sound system like in new F150 and the new 6.2 liter "Hurricane" engine?
  • cdmis12cdmis12 Posts: 1
    My 2008 has cheap black electrical tape visible at the top of the reav view mirror stem. About an inch of it. I thought it was a defect until I saw a showroom model with the same tape. It looks cheap!

    Anyone know why this is? Anyone else have a 2008 with same issue?

    I senf Ford a picture to try to get an explanation.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Our 2003 Ford Expedition has a few electrical Gremlins...

    1:The 7-8 and 9-0 Keypad buttons will not work anymore.

    2:The Truck will not turn over. When the Key is turned to the ON position, it just makes a loud buzzing sound from the Glovebox and it will not even turn over tostart.

    3: The interior lights won't turn off. In the Computer screen, it says Door Ajar but all doors are closed. The lights soon go off... Then comes back on!! Eventually goes off and then comes back on and the cycle continues. At night, this becomes very distracting...

    4:Rear Driver Window will power down, but not power back up unless pressed from drivers seat.

  • dlm1954dlm1954 Posts: 57
    My daughter recently purchased a 2003 expedition and after about a week started having electrical problems, the radio going on and off and tonight she couldn't get it to turn all the way off, the locks were going up and down by them selves,the dash lights stayed on with the key in the off position. I was wondering if these vehicles are notorious for electrical problems and maybe where to start looking to find the problem. I went over to her house and removed the negative battery cable for the night but this is not a very good fix,so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. DLM1
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    I have a 2004 and had a few minor issues when the car was new, Ez Seat would not work intermittently and the interior light would come on and not go off when
    driving. The EZ seat was a track problem, maybe motor and their was a ground on the right front window post that may have been needed to be tightened. Anyway, since then No problems. 4 years later and 42k. A fellow that I know has a
    2003 with 80k miles and he reported an electrical problem I think the 2003 had
    issues that were fixed in the 04 etc. Another owner of a 99 Ford Expedition
    that I know has told me that he has had zero issues with his and it has 100k on it
  • My windshield wipers work fine when they are on except for the fact the when I turned them off, they'll keep going as if I have them on the first click..maybe a little slower. As long as the car is on, they'll keep going. The only way for me to shut them down is to turn the car off then back on. Anyone have any idea what may be causing this to happen.

    This only happens to the windshield wipers in the front but not the ones in the back.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It sounds like the wiper activation switch is broken.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Can you tell me where to find that? Is that in the manual or something I can replace on my own?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    With a little luck someone who owns an Expy will come by and tell us! Anyone?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • miahyattmiahyatt Posts: 1
    :confuse: First I want to start out by saying that Ford is a car that I will never buy ever again. I purchased my car with 70k miles on it. The first problem was the brakes that had to be replaced two months after purchase. Come to find out the brakes where forced on and they where on backwards. I did not purchase my car at a buy here pay here place. It was purchased at Keith Hawthorn Ford Dealership. I said that because dealerships say that they do 12 point inspection before they sell their cars. Not True. Second, three months after that i had to replace my ball barons ( if I am saying this right) on both sides of my car. Costing more than1,000.00. Third, the curse control had to be fixed twice because of a recall. Forth and so on and so on my spark plugs ( if i am naming the right item again) was constantly misfiring and I was continusly replacing. Then the bracket that holds the windshield wipers broke 6 times since i have had this car for the past 4 years. My windshield wipers are always going out. I have had a full tune up twice in one year , this is the first year of the purchase. The first year and a half of having my 1997 expedition i forked out 3,500.00 or more. The repairs never and still have not stopped. This car was not worth 17k and never have received a phone call from the owner of Keith Hawthorn. I have been calling him from day one and till tis day I haven't heard a thing. I even go up there and sit and wait ............nothing. Who else has had this problem and what should I do? To save some time. I can't trade it in because of the miles ( i kept the oil changed on or before time because of my traveling) everywhere I go I find myself fixing something else. Tune ups where done more than need the car will be paid for by the end of this year. :mad: :cry:
  • gellisgellis Posts: 1
    Did you ever resolve this problem? I have a 2003 EB and with 73k and all of sudden all the warning lights go on, the car will run w/o the key, won't let me put it in reverse. HELP!!
  • Hello, I remember my husband finding a silent recall for his 2003 Expedition regarding brakes giving off brake dust and getting new porcelain brake pads free by going into the ford dealer and announcing what he knew. The rims stay very clean now. He may have found this out through Blue Oval board?

    Also we are having many problems with a thumping noise from the rear a/c depending on the setting we use, I have seen the responses from everyone experiencing this, too bad not a recall item, can someone please point out which part and process, it was not clear to me. Thank you very much.
  • That would be ceramic brake pads, not porcelain.
    Does the thumping go away when you switch from floor to ceiling vents or when you change the temperature mix?
  • Thanks for correcting. The thumping noise goes away when we lower the temperature setting for the rear a/c.
  • The thumping is a broken blend door actuator. There are two of them in the back. One controls the blend door for temparature, the other for which vents the air goes to. Sounds like yours is the temperature one, which is the harder of the two to switch. It is located inside the plastic housing under the right hand rear quarter window, far forward near the second row seats. There are two ways to get at it - one that involves taking all the trim off from the hatch opening all the way up to and including the trim around the second row door and the seat belt mount to allow you to take off the whole plastic housing. I've read that people have also just done it blind by reaching in from the cup holder and "change tray" openings in the plastic housing. One sure way to test that it is in fact that actuator would be to unplug the other one and confirm that you still have the noise. That one is easy to get at - it is just under the "change tray", and slightly forward. It is a small beige box, about the size of a big deck of cards. The electrical connection to it is right there - just unplug it and see if the problem goes away. To get the change tray out, just grab it along the long edge and flex it inward. It is held in by little arrow heads and you just need to flex them away from the edge of the plastic housing that they are grabbing onto.
  • Have a 99 EB Expedition. The Air Suspension will leak down completely overnight. When engine started after the leakdown, the pump runs for about 20 seconds and fully restores the height by about 3 inches.

    Since it takes a long time to leakdown, I presume there is a leak, but I do not know exactly how system works. Is there a single vent solenoid that can drain both shocks ?? They both leak down equally.
  • is it safe to switch from autocraft 5w20 to havoline motor oil ?
  • Is it possible to get just the hinges to the flip down DVD screen for an 04' Ford Expedition? Or would I be better off just replacing the whole unit?

  • zonaguyzonaguy Posts: 1
    Hi all, I am a newbie to this forum. I have been searching for several hours with no results yet on my problem. I have a 2001 EB Expedition with 172K miles. I was getting a 0308 error code and was told it was the #8 cylinder giving the problem. I went out to the car with my 15 year old son to try to teach him a thing or two and wound up over my head. Trying to get to the #8 coil and plug is near impossible. I finally tried to remove the chrome bar (fuel rail?) over the fuel injectors to get better access (big mistake) That didn't seem to help so I tried to put it back together. When I lifted it originally the three front injectors came out of the manifold, the fourth (#8) came of the top of the injector. Apparently there is an o-ring that fits on the injector that came off and went someplace unknown. When I turn on the ignition I get fuel spraying from the fuel rail over the injector. Have searched all over the engine area for the missing o-ring with no luck. Not really sure if there is an o-ring to begin with. I have checked with my fingers and it does not appear to be up in the fuel rail and is not on the fuel injector. Any help here will be greatly appreciated. Are there any web sites to go to with visual help? I was a mechanic back in the 60's but cars have changed a lot since then and I am way out of my league with current engine technology. Also any suggestions on getting to that #8 coils and boot easily? Hate to take it to a dealer, only one in my town for 200 miles and they take unfair advantage of their customers. I need my truck/car for work and downtime is especially painful. All thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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