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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • ramzey28ramzey28 Posts: 130
    I have an 04 Pacifica which my check engine light went on this week for the first time, I went to the dealer and he went straight to my gas tank cover. He tightened my gas cap and said most likely it was that but it would take about 2 days for the light to reset. Has not been two days so light has not come off yet. Not sure if it is truly the problem, we will see and post back. He said with most cars now a days they are extremely sensitive and this was a common issue. I have never experienced it before but who knows. Not sure if that helped.
  • lkiershlkiersh Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with my temperature reading. I also wonder where the sensor is. I just read it and shake my head.
  • Great information. Where is the IAC on the motor?
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    The IAC is located on '01-'03 models on the top of engine (visible) near the air intake. It's an aluminum looking small cylinder with bolt attachments (2) with
    an electrical connection. It takes all of 5-minutes to change. Undo the the two-bolts holding it in place, disconnect the electrical connector, take-off, reverse order to install.
  • tac139tac139 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Escape XLT FWD, it has had a terrible brake noise, a moaning of sorts, very loud, coming from the front. This occurs mainly when backing, after you have stopped, and starting up again. I traded in a 2001 Escape and it never made this noise. I was first told it would go away as I put miles on the car. After 600 miles I still had this noise, "antilock brakes make that noise" I was told. Maybe it is excessive they say, they bleed the brakes, make some adjustments and when I pick it up, the same noise and now a popping noise coming from the rear when the car is actually stopped and the brake pedal seems to lose it's pressure. They now replace the power booster, some switches, the actual brake pedal and I am still getting the noise, lack of pressure etc. Has anyone experienced this problem?? I am being told again that is the nature of the new antilock brakes, all Escapes are like that. Is this true???
  • stigstig Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 Tribute, which is essentially the same vehicle, with 10,000 km I have never had any wierd noise from the brakes. Antilock brakes does not make any 'moaning' noise, the only thing you should notice is a slight pulsation when you apply the brake really hard. I think you should take it to another dealer for a second opinion, lack of pressure is scary stuff. Your warranty is good at any Ford dealer.
  • turtoniturtoni Posts: 9
    theres creaking when i first move off after being parked. but i've noticed that sound in a lot of vehicles when they move off after being parked. think thats pretty typical in an "SUV". i can feel vibrations through the acceleration pedal more than i'm used to but not anything concerning. if the brakes pulsate when you brake *hard* it's because the ABS is kicking in.

  • tac139tac139 Posts: 2
    I have an appointment tomorrow at another Ford dealer, we will see what they find or don't find. Thanks for your input.
  • Jay,

    I was wondering if you figured out what the problem was with your daughter's car. I have a daughter that is away at school and she is experiencing the same exact problem. Were going to have to have a garage fix it and I'm a little concerned with what the bill might look like.
  • Sounds like warped rotors....can be common for a car that has sat on a lot.
  • I just got me an 05 v6 2wd overall i like the car and the way it handles, the only thing i hate about this car is gas mileage, however i have noticed that for some reason the first half of the gas tanks finishes really really quickly and the other half seems to be were it should be. i am thinking about setting up an appoinment to take my car in and see if there is a problem with the pump or maybe the puter needs reprograming. :P
  • Hi, all. I own a 2003 Escape Limited 2WD with around 25k miles on it. So far, the car's been great. Just enough room for me (6 foot1) to sit comfortably. Plenty of power with the V6 engine, as well as plenty of room on the inside. Although I love the Escape, there have been three main issues I've had with the car.
    1. At around 15k miles, my horn somehow became demasculated and started to sound like a bicycle horn. Took it to the dealer and had it fixed.
    2. 6-CD-in-dash player will oftentimes "eat" the CD, and not spit it out. I keep a useless blank cd around when this happens so I can scrape the stuck CD out.
    3. About a month ago, the interior siding on my passenger door (the area that contains the door handle) has fallen off! It just dangles as I ride, revealing an unsightly area in the car. So far, I've tried using glue and tape to hold it up, but to no avail. They are only temporary solutions. Ford dealership will not fix it, and I don't know how else to fix it myself. Any suggestions? Anyone else experience this as well? :confuse:
  • Re your 2003 Escape 6 CD Player. I had mine replaced, because during the winter the unit would over heat and the CD's would warp and not be able to eject. Like you I used the same trick as you to get them out, but eventually the whole unit failed, hence my desire to replace it. It was covered under the warranty so I can't complain. My brother in-law tells me they had similar problems in the Explorer decks, and have since gone to having a fan to cool the console so the heat does not build up and warp the disks.

    With regard to your door siding. I have a similar problem with the interior liner of the door. All the clips that hold the damn thing in place have fallen out of the bottom. I guess I will have to spring for the clips to replace them, but I feel that Foird should engineer a better product. I have resorted to some foam tape in the interim to stop the rattle of the panel when the bass from the stereo speaker hits the right frequency.
  • thanks for the response...was the replacement covered under warranty? because I could not duplicate it for the Ford technician, they would not fix it.

    Yeah, about the door siding, I'll try what you suggested. I'm peeved as well; Ford SHOULD build a better product. The car is fine mechanically, engine-wise and such...I just wish it were as well-tuned on the inside...

    Thanks again.
  • val3val3 Posts: 1
    i own a 2005 4I auto--it is new 6-17-05--trans leaking fluid--replaced seals--still leaking fluid--replaced trans--the mazda has been with the dealer 6wks--when i drove it the idle was rough--dealer replaced idle assy---idle in gear still rough---any suggestions?---dealer said it was normal---i drove another like tribute with no idle problems
  • I started having problems with my wheel bearings close to 50,000 miles, but couldn't figure out what the noise was. It may have been sooner, because everyone said that it sounded wierd. Mazda Tribute 2002 DX V6 replaced the front driver wheel bearing and at 51,000 miles the axle broke and a wheel fell off and Mazda wouldn't cover the cost. I had it fixed and now the front passenger wheel fell off while driving. Luckily no one was hurt beware I think this car is a lemon. I dropped it off at the dealer yesterday and will have to contact my attorney!
  • I posted this in the wrong folder, so I'm reposting it here.....I'm interested in help with the 12v acc outlet in my Escape. I blew it out by using a malfunctioning inverter while working on a project. I've checked every fuse in the vehicle, including replacing the acc relay and it still doesn't work. I've taken apart the outlet itself and it appears that there is no current to the wires that connect to it. Is there in inline fuse, or is there another thing I can look at?
  • I've got a 2001 with 100,000 on and off road miles on it and I've had the same problem several times since I first bought the vehicle (new). The first repair was by the Ford dealer and was inexpesive, if I remember correctly. I've been driving with the light on for almost two years now, so I would also like a solution to this problem. Otherwise the vehicle has been fantictic. Hoperfully, it will go 340,000 miles like my 1991 escort did before it was broadsided.
  • I have Escape 02-V6-AWD 55K with towing package. In town, it often sounds like my suspension is "bottoming out". It reminds me of riding in my friends old Corvette. On the highway I do not hear the noise.
  • I have a 2005 Tribute GT (Canadian), and I find the door and central console panelling excessively creaky. The rear doors are rock solid, but the front ones move quite a bit and make creaking noises when pressed on. I noticed the plastic doesn't actually meet the door - there's maybe a half mm gap between the two. The central console also moves quite a bit. I'm fairly tall (6'4), so my legs touch both while I'm driving, and all the creaking drives me nuts. I'm wondering if this is normal for Tributes, or if the panelling is possible installed incorrectly.

    A couple of other things: Like a previous poster, I've also noticed the loud braking noises when I first back out of the driveway, but I'm not really sure if it's a problem (anti-lock brakes do sound like that, but they don't usually make so much noise in that situation). The suspension is also a little weird. I hear loud clunking noises if I go over bumps and such. Also, the rear shocks squeak occasionally when I get in and out of the car (that is a minor annoyance though, and I'll have it looked at some time).
  • I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute. Recently I have had issues when I go to crank the car. When I crank it, it will try to crank, but then it will die. It has only done this twice. After the first time, I took it to the dealership who couldn't find anything wrong with it. They said that they would have to keep it until it did it again, in order to diag. it. When I contacted my extended warranty, they said they wouldn't provided me with a rental car unless something needed to be fixed on the vehicle. Has anyone else had this issue of the car acting like it won't crank, but after about 5 or 10 mins and a few pushes on the gas, it finally cranks?

    Please help!!!

    Denise :confuse:
  • I just bought this SUV last month. Been driving for a month without no problem. I've been reading about previous problems posted here. It has 67k miles. Runs great, but during the last few days having to turn the ignition 2 or 3 times for it to start. Now today after going to the store...nothing. It does not even click the engine. All the electrical works great. The car never did loose power WHILE driving. With out having to read through all the post, any suggestions? Is there a recall for this, something that can be replaced, the battery, starter, fuses? Thx for any response.
  • Have a 2001 Escape with 61K miles, doing the same crank problem. Works fine in the morning, but when it sits in the heat it takes a few cranks to start. Just got a new battery as well. Gonna try cleaning the corrosion off to see if that helps. Other than that, I would love some suggestions as to whats the problem. Thanks in advance.
  • I've had my Escape for about 3 years now. About a year into my owning it, I experienced the cranking issues. It would take a few cranks and pushing on the gas in order to get it to come to life. Then I'd have to quickly put the car in drive before it would die again. This happened only a few times, and hasn't happened since.

    The same thing happened on my Explorer Sport Trac...Happened a couple times in the earlier stages of owning the car, then nothing afterwards. Maybe this symptom runs in the family... Is this happening every time you try to start it?
  • Replying to my own msg here, but: I found out the problem is with the keyless entry. But it works fine now. I'm happy with the SUV overall so far. I don't know if the previous owner had all the recalls fixed or not.
  • I was wondering if your problem is with starting the car after you turn the ignition switch..does it even turn over or click or anything? I have a similiar problem with my 2001 Escape, it won't turn over but all the electrical works. Never have had a problem though with it loosing idle or motor stopping while driving. I found out if I click my keyless entry a couple of times (lock, unlock), it will start. Weird.

  • I purchased a used 2001 XLT last month and I have the same problem with starting. I found out if I clikc the unlock and lock buttons on my keyless entry a couple of times, it will start. Weird I know, but it works. Must be something to do with the keyless entry wiring system. Were you able to solve your problem yet?

  • It only occasionally has the crank problem...never in morning, always when it sits in the heat in the parking lot for a long time. Its only the been the past 3 days it has done this. It never has a problem when it starts, and usually starts again fine right after driving. I cleaned the corrosion off the battery terminals, but there wasn't much there in the first place. It started fine after that but wasn't sitting in the heat for that long....I'll post if it continues...
  • I have a 2005 Ford Escape that has 10,000 miles on it. Ever since I bought it, every so often, not all the time, when driving between 0-45 mph in slow traffic I have noticed a very high pitch whistle sound as the wheel is turning. It stops when I hit the brake or go over 50 mph and will not do it for days, but it does it every so often. Its very loud and is something to do with the wheel area because as I increase speed it increases. Any idea? I am taking it in tomorrow, but the dealer has really been giving me a hard time, since they can't just take it out, drive it and hear it, because it does not happen all the time.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    If you use the e-brake when you park for long periods of time a pad could be sticking shut. Usually depressing the brake pedal all the way a couple of times in a row will free it up.
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