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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • dan101dan101 Posts: 6
    It is in the throddle body! There is build up causing the throddle not to function properly. I had this on our escape and pulled it and cleaned the assembly. No problems since. If you can find a Haynes manual it explains it step by step with pictures.
  • alexjoealexjoe Posts: 1
    Hoping someone out there might have experienced the same thing and found a solution. I have a 2006 Limited Escape. Bought in Mar 06...has about 2000 mi on it now. There's a knocking sound every so often that seems like it's coming from the right, front part of the vehicle (passenger side). My best guess is somewhere around the front right wheel area...maybe a little left of that. It seems to happen when the vehicle dips because of a bump. Does not happen all the time...and I can not reproduce any exact conditions to make it make the sound. I did take it back to the dealer...they had it a few days...they did hear it once...they did a lot of checks (so they said)....they did find a couple of structual bolts loose...they tightened....and said they did not hear the sound again. I did not either for a few days but it'd back again. To try and better sounds as thought something is out of alignment and then pops back in...or stressed and pops back in. Can not tell by the sound if it's metallic, plastic, etc. Since Ford already looked at it and the only thing they found was loose bolts that were tightened...anyone got any ideas?
  • shregashrega Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Escape, 54,000 miles (so 18,000 past the warranty) automatic transmission, bought new 2.5 years ago. I was out of town visiting a friend and noticed the O/D light flashing and then the engine light came on. I took it to a friend of my friend who could pull the diagnostic code, and it came up as P1744, which IS the transmission - something wrong with the torque converter, or possibly an incorrect torque converter clutch solenoid (see Drove it about 5 more miles, and tried to park it, then couldn't get it in reverse - tried again, and it worked, but then couldn't get it in drive. Did finally, and drove it to a mechanic, but the RPMs went crazy, wouldn't change gears, stalling, etc. - this all progressed within the space of a few hours - not over time. To make it short, I Was told the tranmission would have to be replaced. I had it towed to a Ford mechanic, since I was out of town, and they agreed. I had to rent a car to get back home, and then had to drive 5 hours back to pick up my car that weekend and to return the rental car. $3,200 later, after futile attempts for help from Ford customer service, I'll never buy another Ford - they're too expensive to own.

  • shregashrega Posts: 2
    No idea what a rebuild vs. a new transmission is, but it should have the same warranty - i.e., your warranty should start over on the transmission from this point - 3 yrs or 36K miles. Be glad it happened when it did - mine was past the warranty. My advice is to keep it until just before that warranty runs out and then sell it. You don't have a reliable car. See my msg #3379.
  • nitelitenitelite Posts: 4
    I wanted to add to this, We found out why our tribute had died and possibly the reason for the stalling for the past three years. We took it to a mechanic we trust, our fuel pump had died. He said this was very strange they don't just die also our battery had died. something had drained the battery. Had both replaced, it no longer stalls but it run like crap. The engine is shot. I have asked mechanics and other service advisors if a bad fuel pump could cause the stalling and damage the engine they have all said yes. Can anyone tell me if they're all right. :mad:
  • studannystudanny Posts: 4
    I own a 2002 Ford Escape 70,000 miles had the transmission flushed twice. After the second flush drove it 33 miles and the transmission quit. Took it to the ford dealer and they said the transmission pump failed and fryed the transmission. They want $3500.00 dollors to fix. I have owned fords all my life and have never had a transmission problem. I am fixing to call a ford rep tomorrow and see what they say. This SUV has been driven very easy and has always been been serviced on time. I have had no other problems with it. HOW MANY MORE ESCAPES has this happen?
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I have a 2001 that needed a complete rebuild last year also. It happened under the extended 100,000 plan so it only cost me $50, however I signed the dealers copy after repair was completed and I don't remember the exact $ amount they were charging Ford, but it was a few thousand.
    In a previous post someone mentioned they were getting a noise from their front end, if it's a clicking noise every time they hit a bump it is probably from the two tiny mini shock absorbers in the front end. I don't recall the name of these tiny shock absorbers, but their not too much to replace money wise. I have replaced mine twice. Someone on an earlier post said they sprayed theirs with cooking oil and the noise went away. These shocks I believe are gas filled so I wouldn't recommend Pam cooking oil, front ends are big money and these shocks are little money. If you would like I can get the exact names tomorrow for the part. ;)
  • shezabuteshezabute Posts: 2
    I am so glad i came across this forum! I've been having the exact same problems (car won't start, rough idling, decrease in gas mileage, ck engine light on b/c of egr). I cleaned the IAC valve and so far so good :) I took a picture of the valve for future reference">, not sure how to post it though?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • seiserseiser Posts: 5
    I previously described a weak ac issue with my 05 escape, turns out the compressor is bad and being replaced by the dealer today.
  • I am having this same problem, and would definitely like more info about these shocks.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I just checked the Ford web site and under their front suspension listings the name of the part is a Link. The MSRP of this part through Ford is $22.75 each. It doesn't list the actual Ford part #, just an illustration and part names only. Both times I have gone to Ford for these parts so I'm not sure if they sell an aftermarket part. Where they are only $22.75 I choose to go to Ford. If you would like I can get the part # if I pull out my paperwork. Hope this helps, your front end will be quiet and it rides much nicer. I have 118,000 miles now on my Escape and have replaced them twice. ;)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,079
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  • bastionrdbastionrd Posts: 3
    The same EXACT thing happend with my 05 Escape. I wonder how many others have this problem. Ford said "it happens once in a while". Funny the same thing happened with yours.
  • bastionrdbastionrd Posts: 3
    Maybe I missed it but I cannot believe I am the first person to mention this. I don't "hate" my 2005 Escape XLT, but one thing I do hate is the fact that 6 months after I purchased it the seat fabric started to fray and come apart. I am not a heavy guy, 145lbs, don't wear abrasive clothing, and don't carry passengers all that often so this should not be happening. I called in October to get them fixed and had to be a little forceful but they agreed to recover them. I had to cancel the appointment and have not had the time to reschedule. I am planning on calling this week, and now that the car is over a year old, I'm sure I won't get much help. I have owned many NEW cars and this is the first car that ever had to be brought back to a dealer for work..4 TIMES, not to mention having to go to the delership twice so they could photograph the seats to make sure Ford would OK them being fixed. I have looked into windows of Escapes in various parking lots and it seems if they have the same fabric as I do, the same thing is happeneing. Do people think this is normal? If I trade it in this will seriously depreciate the value. Last time the car had to be left for 2 days and the service department I go to always gives the same excuse..."We are short handed and cannot get you in or fix it any faster" and yet they send me coupons to come to them for service, what a joke! Maybe if they sold better quality vehicles, made more money, their employees would be nicer and maybe they wouldn't be "short handed". This is my first American car, I wanted to buy American and help our economy, but I'm not sure it's all that worth it. Anyway, hasn't anyone else had this happen, and how did you resolve it?
  • bobasbobas Posts: 1
    over the weekend our 2004 Escape with 51,000 miles blew its tranmission on the ride home to Boston from Virginia Beach. with no warning i lost all power and had to pull over on the left side of Rt 95. it is currently in Delaware where the Ford dealership there is charging us $4K to put a new one in. and then i have to fly back down there this weekend and drive it the 7 hours home.

    I will never buy another Ford vehicle. My Dodge Ram has a 7 year/ 70,000 mile Powertrain warranty. UNBELIEVABLE
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    Yes, same happened to me, I'd forgotten all about it till you mention it. Traded it, the 2005 Escape, for a 2006 Fusion, the seats are not fraying. Mexican built seems to be better. I've got to admit this is a very well put together vehicle.
  • bastionrdbastionrd Posts: 3
    Bless you bj02176. I needed to hear someone else say it. Ford is saying that it hasn't happened on any others to their knowledge. I assume it is because people think it is something they are doing wrong, or normal wear and tear, and not poor construction or planning by Ford.

    Again Thank-you
  • jl1234jl1234 Posts: 3
    I just purchased a new 2006 Escape Hybrid 4WD about 2 weeks ago, and the driver's side door does not unlock with the remote. The dealer has diagnosed this as a smart junction box (SJB) failure, but they're telling me that the SJB is on back order indefinitely and they have no idea when this part will be available. The other 3 doors unlock -- it's only the driver's side door (the one that I care most about!) that doesn't unlock remotely. I can use the key to unlock it, but I have to leave the alarm system disabled in order to use the key.

    The dealer is telling me there's nothing they can do about it except wait until the part is available (they claim the part is too new, so the manufacturer is not even making it yet so it could be months from now), and they have never seen an Escape Hybrid with this problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this smart junction box or door lock problem? I'm very frustrated and wondering how to handle this issue.

  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Has anyone had the work performed as outlined by the recall for head impact protection on vehicles without a sunroof or curtain airbags? I am just wondering what the results were, in terms of appearance ( does it look 'tampered with' now? ), creaks or other new noises, etc.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 61,453
    Call other Ford dealers for the part.

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  • chingching Posts: 1
    So sorry to hear, studanny. I would never buy to own ford without extended warranty. :cry: Ford has made many poor transmission. :( Mazda transmission is not true Japan, it has been corrupted by Ford. Toyota,Nissan,Subaru,Honda, all true Japan quality, no to worry. Trade in Mexican Ford for true quality Japanese auto. You will be most happy. :)
  • seiserseiser Posts: 5
    I had the work done the appearance is fine, except for the dirt left behind by the dealership. There are not noises.
  • seiserseiser Posts: 5
    Does anyone have an update on the poor quality of the seat fabric?
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Thanks for the info. I'll contact the dealer to schedule the work, along with a few other little things that need to be tended to.
  • pgrooverpgroover Posts: 4
    What recall is this? I haven't heard of any.

  • fordgurlfordgurl Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 ford escape with 91,000. Over the past couple of months I have noticed when making a long slow turn and the rpm's are around 2000, their seems to be a clicking noise coming from either underneath my feet or up by the front left tire. Also when I turn, my steering wheel makes a noise like its rusted old hinge. Does anybody know if these two noises are connected and if so what could it be? thanks. :confuse:
  • seiserseiser Posts: 5
    I received notification through the mail. The dealership also new about the recall. The headliner needed needed additional support in the rear of the vehicle.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    The recall applies only to Tributes, Escapes, and I guess Mariners which DO NOT have a moonroof, or which DO NOT have side curtain airbags.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I cannot find this in the NTSB site, do you have a link? or a recall #??

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