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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • pgrooverpgroover Posts: 4
    Definitely, please provide either a link or recall number.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It's in the Edmunds Maintenance Guide - the recall number is 06V111000 (which may or may not correspond with the NHTSA or Ford number).

    Steve, Host
  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    I have a 2002 Tribute 4X ES and we got it used about 6 months ago. It has 55k miles now and the service history (1 owner) shows the 30k service (includes trans fluid change) and the dealer doing the trans service again at trade in, 49k. It is just now starting to stumble at 35 mph or so feeling like it can't decide to shift, slipping out of torque and the tach starts to climb. Fluid is not over full and looks like new. At 3000 or 3500 rpm's it seems to catch but if holding that position and speed, it continues indefinitely. We are headed out in two weeks on a 3000 mile round trip and the Trib has a doc appt on the 3rd of July. Can anyone help me give the shop some direction if you experienced this and had it resolved ?? I checked alldata and snooped google for TSB and recall stuff and will pass those leads on as well. I do have faith in the dealer here in town, I'm just bummed it's acting up right before the first big road trip. I will be sure to update this after we get it resolved. I did alot of research on these before buying and I have an extended service contract to 36 months or 80k miles so I'm a bit relieved but very surprised as well. I found very little trans related issues when I checked out owner experiences. :surprise:
  • studannystudanny Posts: 4
    My 2002 Escape XLT had 71,000 Miles when the transmission Quit. Ford said the transmission pump quit and burned up the transmission. DONT trust it. This transmission was flushed twice and has never been mistreated. 35 miles after second flush engine light came on and transmission refused to go in gear. No help from FORD yet.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Posts like yours (and this one where the owner flushed a high mileage tranny) always make me wonder if a transmission flush is normally a good idea. Shifty?

    Hope Ford comes through with some help on the replacement for you.

    Steve, Host
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I don't think it's necessary except in cases where debris is noted when the pan is dropped. I personally don't consider flushing a maintenance procedure but rather intrusive surgery of a sort.

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  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    I have also heard of issues of a major sort that coincidentally occur just after a service ie. engine flush... so I do agree. Unfortunately, the mfg manual often suggests service intervals and the dealer menus often show these expensive schedules making us feel like we are negligent if we skip something. The downside being our assumption that the mfg holds us to this false standard and we risk loosing warranty coverage by not dotting the i's and crossing the t's when revealing service history. Thank you for the comments. I'm so glad I found this site :)
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Noticed today on wifes Trib that the center console is starting to rip just a bit at the seem where it meets the plastic. I will take it in and see if they will replace under warranty... :mad: The Trib is an 04 by the way..
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    I'm pleased to read you taking this position, Mr_S! I would suggest that using dilution principles on aging tranny fluid would be a good idea, and very unlikely to cause a problem. What I have done with tranny fluid and brake fluid is drain off or pump out what you can of the old, and note the volume removed. Then, replenish the same volume with fresh fluid. Use the vehicle in a normal fashion for (say) a couple hundred miles, then repeat the procedure. Keep up this cycle until you have diluted the old stuff enough to feel confident that a meaningful degree of fluid renewal has occurred.
  • Stay far away from the Escape. I was a proud owner of a 2003 Escape for a couple of years, but the problems just keep building up, and Ford's lack of responsibility and slow response is as disgraceful as the rollover tires, and related deaths of a few years back

    1. At 15k the switch for the sunroof was slow to respond.
    2. At 55k, the $1,300 dealer installed DVD player crapped out.
    3. At 65k, the air bag light went on, costing $105 for the diagnostic and $485 for new seat belt air bag resistors.
    4. At 78k, the O/D light flashes, and now I have a $3,100 tranny to fix.

    I never fixed the switch for the sunroof, which would have been the only thing under my basic warranty. Then again, I was happy until 55k, and I didn't mind pushing the button 3 times to get the sunroof open. Now it is a constant reminder of my poorly built FORD vehicle. :lemon:
  • jcs_78jcs_78 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2002 Escape last year with 35,000 miles the first week I had it the tranny went out. They had to replace the tourqe converter,the pump and the pump shaft. Now A year and three months later the tranny went out again this time they said it was a valve. :lemon: :mad:
  • rhiannon1rhiannon1 Posts: 6
    This is my first time here and I came to this site to try to find answers that my dealer seems unable to. My 2003 Tribute began having intermittent starting problems a year ago. It's been to the dealer 4 times, they updated software and had to reprogram the keys as that was the error message in the computer. The last 3 times (this one they kept it 7 days!!) there have been no errors noted so they seem unwilling to do anything they say because Mazda will not cover anything they cannot prove.But the dealer also claims this problem went away after a fuel relay problem was dianosed in the 2002's - he claims Mazda has no records of any stalling or starting issues in any newer model. Your posting here contadicts his claims and I thank you - I know I'm not alone now and am looking forward to a spited discusion as soon as they open tomorrow!!!
  • ohbigdogsohbigdogs Posts: 1
    Can someone please give me their advise of what I am up against? I bought a used 2002 escape 4x4 manual transmission and 4 cyl engine It has 22,800 miles on it. It has been a very good vehicle for the last year. This week I noticed it being jerky and lunging as if I was in the wrong gear for the speed I am travelingand the check engine light came on. This only happens when I am using cruise control or slightly accelerating to keep an even speed. It is fine if i am accelerating at about 3k rpm and shifting. The only thing I have done diffrently recently was to fill up with BP gas.

    Also can anyone let me know of any recalls that may be out there for the escape? is there a website I can go to to find out? How can I tell if my vehicle has recievied all the recalls it may have.

    Thank You
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Recall info (and TSB summaries) can be found with the Edmunds Maintenance Guide. The service writer at the Ford dealer should be able to pull up your VIN and tell you if all the recall work has been done.

    Steve, Host
  • erictowseerictowse Posts: 1
    My thanks to all who took the time to report the idling difficulty they were having with the Ford Escape (and Tribute). After pulling my hair out trying to diagnose the intermittent idle problem, I check this web site and found that I was not alone! Having changed the IAC, the car starts and runs beautifully.
    Changing the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve on my 2001 Escape (with just over 100,000) wasn't much harder than changing a battery. I obtained the replacement part at my local auto parts store. NB: the valve does NOT come with a gasket so be sure to order one at the same time.
    While I had the cowling off, I changed the throttle position switch as well. (Two Philips head screws!) Note that this device, which is spring loaded, needs to be rotated slightly upward (the electrical connector faces 3:00 (horizontal) when attached, 2:00 when removed and replaced.) These two cost me $78.
    Suggestion: Don't bother removing and just cleaning the IAC. When the starting gets a little touchy, replace it!
  • eddy9eddy9 Posts: 1
    I have the same noise and it was the ABS ring broken. Ford will ask you to replace the hole axle, but it's no necessary. it's possible to change only the ring.
    Good luck.
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    Just as a follow-up to your post. I've changed my IAC twice (2-times) since I bought the Escape in July 2001. I've got 94.5K miles and the Escape is still running pretty good. I just changed the rear-brake shoes at 94K miles. Overall the Escape has been a good vehicle for me. I'd like to keep it a while longer or at least until Fall and then check-out what the '07 line-up will be like for other make/model vehicles. So far no tranny-issues or engine problems. I've been running synthetic oil and transmission fluid in it from ~25K miles. I do expect more mechanical issues to start cropping-up just based on the age and mileage of the vehicle. But I am a firm believer in preventative maintenance and proactive approach to car-care. I would probably do the same with any new or used vehicle I buy in the future.
  • mhsiamhsia Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Mazda Tribute that I think might have the same front-end problem. Every time I go over a bump I hear a kind of a rattling or ticking, almost like something is a little loose in the undercarriage. It's a really short noise, i.e. you have to listen carefully because it comes immediately after a bump. Could this be the same shocks problem?
    Any help much appreciated.
  • trainoptrainop Posts: 2
    No, I had the same problem and it turned out to be the crappy motor mounts on my Tribute. There special order only and run about $360 for the set. See if you can shake the motor slightly while the car is parked. Should make the same noise.
  • trainoptrainop Posts: 2
    Any ideas why the vehicle upon idling or accelerating is jumping, almost misfiring? Nuetral as well. No engine light comes on. I have replaced the air filter, fuel filter, and the first three spark plugs (just to see if that may lie in the problem). So far (just this morning), it seems to run great. Should I be concerned that this could have been misfiring and I may have an expensive problem later? Need to know because the extended warranty is up in October!

    I have not changed the IAC unit yet.

    Furthermore, do I need new gaskets for the upper and lower intake when I change the remaining plugs?

    FYI (One tranny later, no probs yet... 52000mi 2 years/ago)

    Love the site.
  • steveclevsteveclev Posts: 1

    I would be grateful for some assistance.
    I live in Samoa over in the southern hemisphere about 3-4 hours flying time from New Zealand. We drive on the same side of the road as you guys in USA so a lot of our vehicles are imported old and new from the states.
    I just bought a tribute 2001 2.0L engine and have found some similar problems of idling as many of you. but feel the engines being talked about are the v6.
    So my problem....
    The check light is on and the mechanics anaylser and haynes code book says PO 402 which we assume is correct for the mazda code of "too much flow" in the EGR valve.
    The engine also periodically won't idle and this seems to happen when hot and frequently started in short spaces of time. When left to cool off for say 2 hours it's ok till the next time. We have replaced the EGR valve, making no difference. So I was reading about this ICV and wondering if this could be my problem. All my parts need to come from the states so am starting at this forum to see what others may have done.
    Thank you steve
  • blue05blue05 Posts: 42
    I have an 2001 Escape that had a similar problem and it turn out to be the sway bar links .
  • blue05blue05 Posts: 42
    Go to than click on repair info than troubleshooting this may help you diagnost your problem.
  • The STS near me said they go by the manufacturers specs when doing trans fluid. I said good because the Escape calls for MERCON only. after all was said and done on the work order they used MERCON V. I just purchased my '02 in good shape, 50k miles, no problem but after reading here thought I would replace fluid. should I go back and tell them to refoll with MERCON or see how it goes?

  • update on MERCON change.
    I stopped @ the local ford dealer service, askes what fluid they would use. He replied regular mercon. Told him that fluid was changed using merc v, he made a face and said damage could occur. STS called dealer and was told mercon v is a sutiable replacement for mercon, I said; only not for the CD4E trans.
  • dex100dex100 Posts: 3
    I had a similar engine problem on my '02 Tribute v6 - wouldn't start when hot. Problem was with the crank position sensor.
  • jcs_78jcs_78 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know were the erg valve is located on a 2002 escape.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That would be the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve. While you're waiting for a reply you can do a search of this board with "EGR" - there have been previous discussions about them here.

    tidester, host
  • navianavia Posts: 1
    Hi there I have a 2001 Ford Escape V6. When I turn on the car the running lights turn on, but when I am driving a couple of minutes later the lights start to blink.
    But they stop blinking when I turn on the regular lights on. Has this happend to anyone yet? Or does anyone know what might be the problem? :(
  • chimpsnestchimpsnest Posts: 27
    Well, my first major issue w/the car started this last week. My 2003 Trib w/81K miles on it seems to be losing 2nd gear, has a VERY hard time shifting from first to second, it's ok from 2nd into 3rd. Going to drop it off at the dealer on Sunday and see what they have to say. Anybody know of any major tranny problems that I should know about so they don't try and screw around w/me? I did buy the extended warranty, so it should be covered no matter what it is. ~sigh~ Thanks guys (figures, just when I'm thinking of paying it off)
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