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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • I just bought a 2001 Mazda Tribute with pretty low miles. I made a great deal and I really like everything about it but it has a lot of road noise. Not so bad around town but over 50mph and I think that it's pretty loud for a newer car. Anyone else think that their Tribute is a little loud?
  • I had a 01 & 03 Tributes. I travel for work 50k a year. I gave up on em...way too much road noise. went to Saturn AWD with 250 hp V6. Way smoother & quieter!
  • I just bought a 2001 Mazda Tribute with pretty low miles. I made a great deal and I really like everything about it but it has a lot of road noise. Not so bad around town but over 50mph and I think that it's pretty loud for a newer car. Anyone else think that their Tribute is a little loud?
  • I have 25,000 miles on my continental tires and they look almost new. They are off-road tires. If you want a quieter ride, you should get radials with a smooth tread for highway use.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I have an 01 Escape and it too had road noise issues. I just replaced the factory Continental with some Yokohama Geolanders. Much of the road noise I belive comes from the tires... The Yokohama's are much, much quieter. Granted, it didn't make all the noise go away but a good amount sure did.
    My wife has an 04 Tribute and her vehicle is quieter than my 01 Escape. I looked around the vehicle and noticed some pieces of foam attached here and there around doors ect.. not found on my 01 Escape.
    Just for fun I test drove an 05 Escape and there is a huge difference in noise in the cabin. Ford/Mazda listened to the consumer and did a good job on noise reduction.
  • wcw1wcw1 Posts: 44
    I have a 2001 Mazda Tribute with 40,000 miles. The power steering pump starting making crunching noises. The noises get worse if the car idles and gets hot. Mazda wants to charge me $700.00 to replace the pump. I had the fluid flushed and that helped a little. I have been unable to find a power steering pump anywhere so I can do the repair myself or have a garage do it. The idea of paying Mazda $700.00 upsets me. Any ideas appreciated.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Any Ford or Mazda dealer should be willing to sell you just the pump if you want to put it on yourself.
  • Looked online at and the discounted online price is ~$132.00 + Shipping
    for the power steering pump. The high pressure hoses are additional if needed and any extra parts will of course be charged by the dealership including: shop rags, power steering fluid, disposal charge, environmental fee, processing fee, etc. You get the drill...
    If the dealership quoted $700.00 then it's either in parts markup or labor and the above mentioned items.
    I don't know the difficulty in changing a power-steering pump, but my guess is at least several hours base labor rate which is pushing $75.00-$80.00/hr. + the part(s) does not equal $700.00.
    For that much money, I'd ask the dealer to justify, quantify the cost(s) in writing.

    All, FYI : Almost pushing 60K miles on the '01 XLT V6 and have noticed that my drive belt(s) will need replacing shortly, passenger-side front
    light lense is fogging and collecting water. Noticed it in some heavy rain here the last couple of days. So a seal must broken, the lense looks good with no breaks noticable. Will take it out, dry it, and re-seal if possible. Noticed clunking in A/C compressor. Was told by mechanic
    friend that A/C clutch is going out with possible
    future failure of A/C compressor. I guess after 3 1/2 solid years of running the A/C about 8-9 months per year, then this may be expected.
  • wcw1wcw1 Posts: 44
    Thanks for the input!

    Mazda quoted me $500.00 for the pump and $200.00 installation which I declined of course. I just came from a used parts dealer where I obtained a power steering pump from a 2002 V6 Tribute for $89.00 total with a six months warranty. Does not look too hard to install, two hoses connections and a bracket. The car is a lease and I am going to turn it in soon. FWIW, I have been displeased overall with the Tribute's quality. No more Mazdas for me.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    FWIW, I have been displeased overall with the Tribute's quality. No more Mazdas for me.

    Just out of curiosity, if you're so concerned with quality why in God's name are you leasing? After all, you are going to turn it in eventually so you might as well drive something you like. Did you like the Tribute?

    Also, if it's a lemon you shoudn't have to pay for any repairs unless you go over the mileage ceiling of the warranty, which would be over the same ceiling for the lease in most cases too. Neither is very smart when you lease.

    If you're '01 Tribute only has 40,000 miles on it how is the pump not covered under the 48 month/48,000 mile warranty? Did you buy it in 2000?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    have an '04 escape. just had the tires rotated for the first time. it got very loud, especially around 60 mph.
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  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    Did they rotate front to back or did they use the "X" pattern?

    The latter usually causes some noise because what was the inside of a tire is now the outside. Depending on the suspension, tires will "seat" in different ways. When you move them to the other side of the vehicle they need to be re-seated. This ususally puts the side of the tire with less wear on the outside and causes more noise.

    I wish I had some graphics to explain this better so hopefully you caught my drift.
  • Zoom-Zoom, more like Boom-Boom

    On August 22, 2004, I was driving my 2001 Mazda Tribute with 57,000 miles on it. All of a sudden, the engine started making some loud and strange noises. I found out from the dealership a few days later that the engine needed to be replaced. I gave the dealership copies of the maintenance records proving the vehicle was serviced in full compliance with Mazda’s maintenance schedule. The dealership then said they would discuss the issue with the regional manager. On Monday, August 30, I found out that the regional manager asked the dealership to look into the problem in more detail (did they not look as hard into the problem before telling me I needed a new engine?) On September 1, I found out that they still did not know the exact problem and what caused it. The regional manager did offer to cover the cost of the engine if I covered the cost of labor. At this point the dealership had my car for a week and a half, and my choices were slim on what to do. I need a car so I agreed to pay the labor.

    An engine should last more than 57,000 miles when the vehicle is properly maintained. My expectation for a Mazda vehicle was that the engine should last at least 120,000 miles. I did not even get half of that. If the dealership had come back and identified the problem and said it was caused by my actions, I would understand. However, nobody knows what happened and what caused it and as I mentioned, I was in full compliance with Mazda’s maintenance schedule and drove the vehicle in a manner consistent with the recommendations in the owner’s manual.

    The vehicle also has a past history of components that needed to be replaced prematurely. At 41,800 miles, the brake power booster failed and at 46,500 miles, the ignition switch failed. These are failures that should not have happened at those mileages, I was just lucky that they were covered under warranty. This history leads me to question the durability of the Mazda Tribute.

    To top the whole experience off, the repair on my vehicle was not completed when promised and again I was not offered a rental car or any discount for my inconvenience. The dealership put the blame on the shipping carrier that Mazda uses. When I picked my Tribute up (three days late) I was only able to drive it 2 miles before the engine warning light came on and I had to turn around and take it back. The dealer determined a wire on a sensor came loose. A week later the catalytic converter went when I was driving down the freeway. The vehicle just stopped accelerating. They took a week to repair it- again the dealership blamed the shipping carrier for not delivering the parts on time. A picked my Tribute up again and this time the air conditioner stopped working – I now have to take it back to the dealership again for a repair as a side effect to the engine replacement.

    I requested from the dealership the opportunity to speak to the Mazda rep and was told they cannot give out his phone number, so I requested he call me. The dealership never made this happen. I’ve also sent a letter to The Mazda Corporation and they too have ignored me.
  • FWIW, I finally figured where Ford/Mazda put most of their insulation improvements for the '05's as compared to my '01 Escape... where the spare is on my Escape there is only foam/jute insulation
    with a hard surface over it, then carpet for the '05's. I looked at a friend's '05 Tribute last night and sure enough it's there and looks like if you took it out you could make a dog's bed with it. There are probably more subtle insulation improvements, because his definitely rides quieter even with the OEM Conti's.

    I changed my serpentine drive belt last night, and if you do yourself you'll need small hands to work around the tight spots, but it can be done.
    Also a 16" - 18" 3/8" ratchet which would serve as breaker bar to fit in the tensioner pulley,
    to torque the pully and rotate or walk the old belt off. Be sure and follow the belt-route diagram to fit the new belt on properly. Took about 20-minutes total with 2-guys trying to figure out the bets method. Replacement procedure says to take left-front wheel off and and fender-well liner out to access the belt. That may be the way to go, but would've eaten-up another 20-minutes or so. Also fixed (I hope) and resealed the right-front light housing which had moisture/water standing in it. Had to partially dissemble the front fender (held on by plastic/metal clips) to get the housing out to work on it. Dried it out and re-sealed with a automotive silicone sealer. This was about a 1-1/2 hr. process total because it's a pain taking out all the plastic connectors for the fender liner and putting everything back in place.
  • I had the same problem around 45,000 miles. It was the power booster and was covered under the warranty. I just had to have the engine replaced at 57000 and faught the dealership. They brought in the regional manager - he agree to pay for the engine if I paid the labor. Sounds like you got a lemon like me. Get ahold the the regional mazda rep.
  • I have an 03 Tribute with 11k miles. When I apply the brakes and come to a stop (car still in drive) there is a whining noise coming from the brakes/engine/?? I also seem to feel a vibration coming through the brake pedal. When I left my foot from the brake the whining noise goes away. Anyone have an idea what could cause this annoying problem?? Thanks for your response!
  • Sorry to hear about your problems with your Tributes. We had a Mazda Protege that was problematic and prone to breakage from the get-go. It was my wife's and she had had enough after
    6-years ownership and traded for a Nissan.

    I bought the '01 Ford Escape V6 based on early reports of how much better a job Ford was doing on quality, etc.. Probably would not do it again
    after more-thought. The vehicle was not proven,
    and some of the recall-issues and early production problems had not been solved yet.

    However for me the vehicle with 59.7 miles has been good and pretty dependable. I do expect to start replacement of some components before too long, but hopefully not the same issues that you face with complete engine replacement, etc..
    I never discount anything happening though.

    From what I've heard-seen the '05 Escape and Tribute are quantum leaps ahead of the '01-04; it's just too bad that it took Ford/Mazda four (4) years to get some stuff worked out. Good luck with your current or future vehicles.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    With the car still under warranty I wouldnt even bother speculating, just describe the symptoms as best you can to your dealer service manager and let them worry about it.
  • wcw1wcw1 Posts: 44
    I have leased several cars and never had a problem. They were business leases. Since I no longer do a business lease I finally decided leasing is not a good idea for me. Purchased my last car and will purchase whatever I replace this Tribute with. The warranty on the 2001 model was 36 months/36000 miles. And yes I did lease the vehicle in December 2000. As to whether I like the Tribute, some yes and mostly no, and I am ready to get rid of it.
  • I have the same problem with my 02 Tribute.It runs fine until I put in Park.I took It to the dealer they replaced the same parts as yours.I took it to the dealer today. They had it all day.They called and told me We can not find the problem. So they are keeping it over the weekend .stay tuned.
  • I just picked up 02 tribute at the mazda dealer they said we could not find the problem.We checked this problem with another tribute and its normal ? This started a month ago. they said we re flashed the computer anyway. Then charged me $115.00 I am so mad!!! If anyone has had a problem with rough Idle. Please tell me how the problem was fixed. thanks.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Can you describe the symptoms in detail?
  • when I first start the car in the morning. It feels like it has a mis . after I drive It and put it in park. It Idles rough. Its most noticed at 900rpms.It Feels to me like a bad spark plug wire. But I know it dont have wires.
  • My sister has a 2002 Ford Escape that has still been stalling after the recall. She has taken it in to the dealership and they can not find anything wrong with it. They have even joked say she was losing her mind. The stalling is starting to happen more often and ford can not figure out what is wrong with it can anyone help, Please.
  • I have a friend that has recenlty purchased a 2004 Ford Escape 6cyl. It is approx.6 months old and has has noticed that the gas consumption is extremely high ,a full tank of gas will give approx 300km. its all city driving.She has mentioned it to the dealer and they say that it's normal during break-in period. I don't buy that responce to her problem...Is this mileage normal do any others Escape owners have the same issue and if you didi how did it get resolved ..looking for advise and info related to this matter, thanks
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Your dealer is actually correct about "break-in period". Give your vehicle a good 5,000 miles before you start to judge MPG. I have an 01 Escape XLT V6 4wd and average about 22MPG. On Hwy trips I can go as high as 26. You mention you do mostly city driving, your MPG is not going to be that great. Maybe you should opt for a new 05 with the 2.3 4cyl for better MPG. I highly recommend this if you are not towing or hauling anything anyway.
  • Hello... this is my first post on this board, although I've been reading off and on for quite some time. It's been very helpful to me, especially with the stalling issue which plagued me for quite a while. My service shop wouldn't believe me and kept saying nothing was wrong until I finally printed off some messages from this board to show them. But since the computer reprogramming, no more stalls.

    Anyway, just recently I've noticed a very noisy problem with the steering wheel on my 2002 Tribute with 39,000 miles, but only when turning it to the right. No problem at all for turning to the left. If there's a problem with the power steering pump, wouldn't it make a noise no matter which way I turn the wheel?

    The noise is kind of a whine... not sure how better to describe it right now. I've got an appointment with the dealer in a couple days but I'm just trying to speculate what the problem could be. Thanks so much!
  • Hi,
    I noticed you think your getting bad fuel economy. I noticed your from Canada as am I. So you actually are getting just a little less than what I get now. I have an 02 Tribute V6 and I get about 360 to 390 City km per tank. So don't expect it to get any better.
  • kaye3kaye3 Posts: 4
    I'm considering test-driving a 2005 Tribute and am a bit discouraged by the accounts of engine stalling while highway-driving.

    Has this problem occurred in manual transmission vehicles, or only the automatics?

  • This stalling only occured in the 01 and some 02 models, the recall was put out for this problem.

    The tribute is a solid vehicle, I have an 05 Trib GT and it is a great vehicle.
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