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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • pdc2pdc2 Posts: 15
    I have a 02 Escape V6 AWD since new and have had 40,000 km, mainly city driving in Calgary, Canada. There was one engine stall, CDs stuck in the 6 CD exchanger,a sticky gas pedal, plus may be 4-5 minor recalls.

    Road and wind noise seem to be loud, otherwise I have no complaints and just bought an extended warranty.

    You might wish to look at the 05 Hyundai tucson and Kia Sportage both of which offer amount others great safty features at a low price; the new owners seem full of praise for the Tucson (Sportage just came on the market).
  • galaxygalaxy Posts: 1
    I also have a 02 Madza Tribute 2WD with 68,000 miles. Last October I took the SUV in for a routine tune-up. They ended up keeping the car for over a month - the #6 cylinder kept misfiring. It had to have a total value job done. They honored the warranty as a pre-existing condition ( engine light was on and they never found out why). Now the transmission is slipping. I know what the dealership is going to say.Its out of warrenty. Most give you 100,000 miles for drive/power train. Not Madza. Price of a new transmission starts at $1500.
    Is there any recourse to this? I can't afford to put out the kind of money, but what chose do I have?
  • Re: the error code, I did not's apart now waiting inspection from warranty guy to ok repair. They are talking head replacement. TBC.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Stay away from the 01/02 model years.
    Test drive on the freeway and make sure she gets through all four gears both under heavy throttle and part throttle. If there's any shuddering, walk away.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    I have an 05 Tribute, 4 cyl, 5 speed, AWD. When I accelerate in the lower gears, i.e., 1st-3rd, I hear what sounds like a bird warbling, or chirping, coming from the engine compartment. It lasts for a second or two, and stops, possibly once reaching a certain rpm, or maybe drowned out by other noises. It's kind of cute, but I know it can't be normal. I have not taken it to a dealer for diagnosis, but wonder if any others with that engine have noticed something similar.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Sounds like a belt squeal? Hard to say, may as well let the dealer worry about it under warranty.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Don't think it is a belt. Just not that typw of sound. Thinking air of some sort. But I'll admit to not yet popping the hood, and blipping the throttle to see if I can hear it that way. I am still in the babying stage, not yet taken it above 3000 rpm. Not my style, but I can control myself for the first 1000 miles.
  • nattannattan Posts: 4
    i brought my escape to the dealership where i bought it for a problem with the transmission at45000 kms it was shuddering when i let out the clutch they couldnt find anything wrong with it during a road test at 54000 i brought it back with same problem they checked it out and said nothing wrong,a third time i brought it back under extended warranty at 63000 kms and they road tested it and said nothing wrong i told them it only does it when still cold,so at 86000kms i brought it to an independent mechanic for same problem and he found the rear seal leaking causing clutch to shudder they fixed seal and had to replace clutch and machine flywheel now problem completely gone do you think i should ask dealership to pay bill since they obviously didnt do more than road test for the problem on one bill it shows dealership only spent 6 minutes on road test to try and find problem?if they checked the rear seal in first place i could have avoided killing clutch?
  • nattannattan Posts: 4
    does anyone know if there is a recall for loose steering wheels on the 01 escape and howlong should tie rods be replaced i had to replace mine at 62000 kms
  • ryan41ryan41 Posts: 21
    I am on my second Tribute. Had a 02 Tribute 6cyl,no problems except an annoying ticking noise in engine after the car was at operating temp. Traded it in at the end of the warranty for an 05 Tribute. Now after 3 months of driving, this one has the same tick/tappet noise after the car is at operating temp. The car runs flawlessly, I read that there was some TSB regarding the noise. Other than that the car seems much improved from the 02. Does anyone else have this tick/tappet noise? Should I just leave it alone? It didn't seem to affect the last one.
  • I just recently traded off my 2001 tribute. Transmission needed replacing at 61,000 miles. That was the last straw for me!! It's no fun trying to trade a car that has to be towed to the dealership either. They wanted $3000 bucks to fix it. No thank you.
  • caperscapers Posts: 8
    I keep reading the stories about tribute/escape transmissions going out after 60,000 miles. It amazes me that Ford can just say the transmission is bad and people believe it. Short of a transmission pump going there are replaceable parts in the transmission. Most automatic transmissions go for 100,000 - 160,000 miles before needing rebuilt. This sounds like a recall issue to me!! I own a 2003 escape with 30,000 miles and am very concerned that there is a large bill waiting for me soon!

    I say we should document exactly what percentage of transmissions are going bad at what miles.

    How can this be done? Seems like the auto makers avoid these recalls unless there is an obvious safety issue. Without a threat of a lawsuit they don't do ANYTHING!

    Maybe a class action lawsuit will force ford to do the right thing here.

    The discrepancy between the stamped mercon V on the dipstick and what the owners manual says could be just what a lawsuit needs to show negligence on Fords part.

    I have friend who has an explorer with 250,000 on the original transmission. He swears that the longevity is due to his installing a oversized trans cooler and switching to synthetic trans fluid.

    From what I hear the escape transmission is a car transmission in an SUV. I smell a rat here.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    My personal opinion is that there is massive trolling going on here since January. Looks like winter months are "national transmission gone bad" months for some fictitious escape owners. Any one can see how stories are constructed and much more similarities between posts...Some of them are legit though...At least this is what I think.

    It is a fact that early (01-02)escapes experienced transmission failures but these problems are not eligible for recall. Such transmission problems are not good to issue a recall unless there is safety related issue.

    I don't know about switching to syn.trans. oil but not every car's tranny is compatible with syn. oil. However, longevity depends on frequent flushes along with filter change (if applicable).

    "From what I hear the escape transmission is a car transmission in an SUV."

    I believe, important thing is HP and torque that tranny is mating. I have been reading articles that Escape tranmissions are modifed to handle weight and torque but early failures are related to heat damage. This is addressed on 05s (dunno about early production like 04 -03) that tranny is getting cooled down by secondary radiator (cooler)...
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    This is funny here folks.. How do we know if any of these people serviced their transmissions? What their driving habits were? To say all Tributes/Escapes are going to have or do have bad transmissions is ridiculous.
    Snowman says "It is a fact that early (01-02)escapes experienced transmission failures but these problems are not eligible for recall. Such transmission problems are not good to issue a recall unless there is safety related issue".
    Please show me where it is a "fact" I have an 01 Escape V6 XLT 4WD with just over 50,000 trouble free miles. I have repeatedly towed my two watercraft, hauled, pulled and my transmission is fine. Granted, I have also kept on my vehicle maintenance. I have flushed my transmission 2x... I also know at least a half dozen other Escape/Tribute owners that have NOT had transmission issues.. Lets stop the hype....
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    As always some forget why there is a problem board under the Escape title. Some of us have had problems with their Escapes and not all of us beat on our vehicles as some would like to think. I have had quite a lot of trouble with my 01 transmission and I too have had it serviced regularly. Some would like us all to stop posting problems and go away. I find it amazing that some that have had no problems at all with their Escapes, why do they view such a board for problems? And lastly why would some go so far as to question driving habits and maintenance responsibilities of anyone that posts a problem here in this forum???
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Maybe an injector noise? My 97 Taurus has the same engine and I've never noticed it, so it may have something to do with engine placement and insulation.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    The early Escapes did have problems with torque converter shudder and failure. Torque converter clutch plates were not strong enough to handle the V-6s torque. With some, fluid flushes eliminated the shudder, sometimes not, sometimes only prolonging the failure. So the problem DID exist.

    And I'm curious about Edmunds policy as applied to a poster who continually, regardless of how politely or indirectly, calls other members liars for posting experiences different from his?
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Check your oil filter and make sure whoever did your last oil change used original Mazda/Ford oil filter.
    Sounds like top portion of your engine is not getting enough lubrication. If they used after market oil filter that doesn't have built-in anti-drain valve. Mazdas are very sensitive for this that I know from my 97 626.
  • ryan41ryan41 Posts: 21
    The car has only had one oil change, 3500 miles on it, it was done at Mazda. Mazda issued a TSB in Dec 03, it states that a cap on the camshaft has to be adjusted. I am hesitant because you would have to take off the valve cover to make the adjustment, although the repair seems simple. I know that I can't be the only one who has had this problem because both of my cars have the same noise and there is a TSB.
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    A friend who's a mechanic checked my Escape's record using my VIN#. He pulled everything up that Ford has done to it for warranty repair, four (4) things. He did give me a 'head's-up'
    that there will be a new PCM upgrade for my '01
    Escape V6 coming-out soon. I don't know, nor did he tell me, if it'll covered in a campaign or recall. I'm just wondering if this has anything
    to do with seemingly recurring engine stalls and
    gas-mileage, which for me went down 2-MPG when they re-flashed the PCM the first-time ? He seemed to think that this may be the case, but he's not totally sure.

    Still running Mobil-1 synthetic ATF in my tranny since ~55K. No problems as of yet have surfaced.
    Previous posts are correct in that if a transmission does fail, then a lot of the failed components can be replaced at substantially less
    than a completely rebuilt transmission. Unfortunately, as we all know there are still a lot of bad repair shops, including dealer service.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    As you suspect the procedure is simple, I would try to be on top of this. Tapping is not good for an engine, it may create bigger problems in future.
    Mine has 1500 miles, haven't heard anything yet.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    As with any post on any message board, its validity can always be questioned as there is frequently no way to verify each claim. It is up to the individual to use their own judgement to believe it or not. As for statements of "facts", it is usually best to provide the source of this information so the statement will not be repudiated.

    If you have any further questions, please address them to me in an email.

    Edmunds Manager UGC Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.
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  • I and my dad recently bought a Mazda Tribute. Approximately three weeks ago and at first the noise was not heard at all but a week later when releasing my brakes lightly and when pressing them a loud clonking type noise can be heard. I took my Tribute to Mazda for inspection and they found nothing wrong with it and the manager of the shop simply told me the brakes are fine, and that's just a noise that they can't make go away and a noise most of their cars make. I was told the brake disks are just pressing tight and thus make the noise. They allowed me to test a Tribute that was on display and the noise wasn't heard until I drove it some more and you could hear the same clonking noise when applying the brakes.

    Now I'm no car expert and this does not make sense to me as my brother bought a Mazda 3 and no noise has ever been heard when he uses his brakes so is this a common problem with the Tribute? My dad is thinking of taking it back to Mazda to have it looked at again but I'm positive they'll tell him and I the same thing "there's nothing we can do about the noise".

    I would like feedback on Tribute owners and see if their car makes this noise and also any suggestions as what I can do. I don't think it is normal to accept that a car "simply makes that noise" and I have to live with it. This is a brand new car I bought and shouldn't do that in my opinion. Please any help would be appreciate. I work hard for my money as does everyone else.
  • I am "in a Pickle". In Jan 05 I was in a flip over accident in my PT Cruiser. Loved that car and thought that I would replace it. It did not feel right, so the search began. Somehow I ended up with a Mazda 3sp. Cute car, but with 12 miles it is sitting in my driveway. It feels wrong, too. Maybe everything will feel wrong for awhile, but I had looked at the Tribute. Obviously this might give me a bargaining chip with the dealership, but I will go without wheels for now if I have to .
    I am very active, take my 80 pound golden in the car, transport 100 lb bags of deer feed, so an SUV is smarter. (What was I thinking)

    I would love to hear comments about safe feel of the Tribute.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Your dealer is right about it. Not just Tributes do that but many other brands have the same sound. In my opinion nothing to worry about. Let your breaks worn little (like driving 1K ) and you'll hear less noise...
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Personally, I think the Tribute is a safe car, but it is an SUV and has certain disadvantages over a car. From a safety perspective mine has, ABS, AWD, front and side curtain airbags, and has a cage that was built to withstand rollovers. If you go with the Tribute I highly recommend that you get one that has side curtain airbags.

    But, it sounds like you could also be happy with a wagon like the Mazda 6, or a Subaru Outback. I strongly recommend that you thouroughly drive a variety of different vehicles before you buy.
  • I appreciate the knowledge and insight. Wish that I had spent more time here before jumping into a car. Took the Mazda 3sp for another drive today and it does handle well. Tribute ok but Mazda 3 was much tighter.
    Again, thank you for the insight.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712

    Too be honest, the Tribute and the Mazda3 are too completely different animals :) Out of all the SUV's I drove, the Tribute handled the best and is still somewhat quick with the V6. I love the cargo capacity of the Tribute and have extremely pleased with its ability to handle inclement weather (both rain and snow). Do you live in an area that has inclement weather? If so, the AWD comes in handy and certainly adds to the safety factor. The good news about the Mazda3 is that these cars are very hot right now, and you should have no problem selling it down the road if you find it does not meet your needs.
  • drurex99drurex99 Posts: 10
    You know, I think I've had enough. I have had 2 Mazdas... a 1988 626 that I traded in for a 2001 Tribute. I have had the usual stupid stuff happen in both vehicles but the only common repair has been the broken driver's side door latches. I have to open the driver's window and open the door from the outside. In 17 years they still haven't fixed this weakness in their basic design. Now it's a even more expensive repair, from what I understand, than it was in the past. In 1994 it was $275 and I think that it has to be $400ish now. I'm very frustrated....
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