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Liberty Limited Catalytic Converter

lcwoslcwos Posts: 35
edited March 2014 in Jeep
Feb 12th... the Car engine lite came on.....and within a few miles, the vehicle quit. Have 15,300 miles on a vehicle bought Oct 31, 2005.Had it into the shop for tire rotation at 15,000. Well, the vehicle was towed to the closest dealer where we were informed THE CATALTIC CONVERTER APPEARED DAMAGED AND AS SUCH, IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We dont "off road" any vehicle and do highway driving only. UP on the hoist, the dealer showed
3 creases.....all in a single straight line on one side of the converter. No scarpes, no dents.. just 3 nice single line creases of maybe an 1" long, and not deep. The Dealer said it was enough to block the air flow and the oxygen sensor to quit. We coudnt figure out how in the world those creases could have happened. Then it dawned on us had to have happened the last time the vehicle was UP ON THE LIFT FOR THE TIRE ROTATION. BUT, WE'RE STILL SCREWED SINCE WE CANT "PROVE" IT HAPPENED THAT WAY.
They accused us of running over ice or a log. AREN'T THESE THINGS SUPPOSE TO BE TRAIL RATED TO BEGIN WITH?
As I said, we dont OFF ROAD...any vehicles and we know we didnt do this damage....but PROVING it is another story......just be aware of what could happen to you.


  • Contact your Better Business Bureau, Another good one is your District attorneys office. For even more fun go to and file a complaint about the failed converter. If nothing comes of this maybe look into paying 30$ and file a small claims in court but that is if your willing to fight all the way.
  • lcwoslcwos Posts: 35
    Thanks for your reply. We plan to fight it all the way. This is a big scam as far as we're concerned. How many more people get hosed like this. We could understand if we ran over something and but big bangs or dents in it....but any idiot can see these were creases made by metal pushing against the converter, and the location matches up with the mechanics hoist perfectly, if it wasnt properly aligned above the hoist before it was lifted. But, since they dont allow you back into the service areas to see your car on the lift.....and you have no idea damage was done until you drive the car a long distance, which is what happened. You need PROOF that THEY did the damage, otherwise it's your word against theirs. It was the Car Dealers who did the damage, not Chrysler Corp. Anyway, we do intend to take it to the next level. We can show no undercarriage damage, scrapes or dents EXCEPT for the converter. Had we run over something to cause damage to the steel converter, other damages would have to the gas tank or exhaust pipes. Wish us luck!
  • Looked at the ASE page to see if any complaints could be filed. Did not find anything. Trying to do a brain storm and so far came up with this, go to the dealer and poke around the office. See what organizations the dealer belongs to. For example some sort of Automobile association. Or auto sales association. If you can file a complaint against your dealer with the organization. Pulling at straws with this. Good luck.
  • lcwoslcwos Posts: 35
    Next time it has to go in for a tire rotation, we're going to insist they take us back when the vehicle is on the photograph the undercarriage. If there are ANY marks, we're going to go after them not only for the old converter, but if the new one has the slightest marks, for a new one too. You're other idea is a good one too, if.....
    you can get into their area. The only organization I know of is the National Automobile Dealers Association.....but they would help the Dealer, not the general population.
    Where is Ralph Nader when you need him??? :confuse:
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