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Commander Windshield Crack



  • Yes, it seems that they have made an outstanding Jeep Commander in so many ways yet have neglected something as basic as giving us a Jeep worthy windshied. I have a 2006 Limited and I have so many spider cracks and chips in my windshied that I have stopped counting! I was so happy after testing my Commander and realizing that they had upgraded/made major improvements in the Jeep construction. This is my 5th Jeep in 14 years and prior to test driving the Commander I swore I would never buy another Jeep. My last Grand Cherokee had lousy, unstable from seats, terrible noise suppresion, and a terrible windshield that was prone to chipping. Of all of the problems I have with this Jeep I still think it is an improvement in overall quality for the Jeep SUV brand. In a few years, assuming that this vehicle lasts, I may give Jeep one more try to get it right before switching to the Lexus or Range Rover brands. Even the GM brand SUV's are starting to look good to me and I have never cared for GM vehicles.... :cry: :cry:
  • Another update: Just a week ago the windshield cracked again. This is going to be my second windshield replaced, and I've got a line on the right side and a chip on the left. Im beginning to doubt whether a rock would even cause the line, because it seems like it only happens in the winter. The line crack, starts at the edge of the windshield and just works its way left. I have recently gotten a Hemi Grand Cherokee and so far so good. However, the ride of the Commander is much better. I can honestly say the windshield is the only flaw on the Commander, otherwise I would recommend it to someone.
  • I read awhile ago that Jeep has already announced that they do not plan to manufacture the Commander after 2009. This seems to me that they realize that there is a problem with this vehicle and they have decided to pull it off their product line instead of trying to fix the problems they know they have.

    After reading other's posts, I too think that it was the defrost on the Commander that caused the windshield to crack. Our cracks started underneath the windshield wipers, when they were not being used and quickly spread across the bottom of the windshield. When taken to the dealership to show them the cracks, they insisted that they were caused by rock chips, but I honestly don't think it was. I don't see how a rock chip can happen below a windshield wiper that is not being used.

    We too love everything else about the Commander, but we aren't interested in purchasing a $40,000 vehicle to have to replace the windshield every year. We are so happy we leased our Commander so that in another 1 1/2 years we can dump it and purchase something else. The resale/trade-in value of Commanders isn't looking great.
  • dexmdexm Posts: 2
    I think they will dnscontinue the commander not becasue of quality issues but becasue of milage and price position. for the money you can get better milage and about the same features in other brands. If my windshield craks again I will sell the thing or trade it in and not wait. I also like everything about the commander except 1) craking windshield cause by tuning on the defrost and 2) gas milage much worse than advertized in city
  • colaugcolaug Posts: 1
    I've had the Commander since January, 2007. In February of 2007, I got my first crack that was a small hole with tiny spider like legs. That was filled at my expense. Now, in January of 2008, I have a crack that is a straight line starting at the top of the windshield and making it's way down. I am going to have to replace the windshield, but am afraid now that I hear of so many who have done so numerous times. Seems like Chrysler should be responsible. Otherwise, I love the vehicle.
  • I feel your pain, I own a 2008 Honda Accord I believe I drive on the worst interstate in this country. I-4 corridor. I travel from Plant City to Tampa every day in and the past year of owning my 2008 Honda Accord, I have been hit with a rock or small stone 4 times. Each of which has crack the windshield. And just this week I will be having to replace the windshield again after getting hit with a rock or stone on 2/20/09. I am beginning to think there is a design flaw in the windshield. You are right the dealer will do nothing but refer you to a windshield repair company and American Honda will do nothing about this as well. I have filed claim with my insurance carrier however by doing so will only increase your rates. And the last repair cost $361.00 for an after market windshield. This can't go on too much longer. Is it the windshield or just bad luck. I have a friend who bought a honda CR-V the same time I bought my car and drives the same roads and he is still on the original windshield.

    Plant City, FL
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