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Isuzu Trooper Engine Misfire



  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    I'm no expert and this is a shot in the dark...but how is you cat converter? It might be possible that it is starting to plug and back pressure could cause the problem with maintaining speed on the hwy. But if you can downshift and get decent performance in 3rd that might make that possibility a no. Good luck on finding a resolution.
  • This problem showed up about 8 months ago. since i have replaced all spark plugs with ngk and then again with champions, i replaced fuel injector, coil over plug, muffler, and battery. ive cleaned egr valve and maf, and throttle body. intake gasket is fine had a shop replace the timing belt and checked compression in all cylinders. compression is 170 - 172 in all 6 cylinders. when i change something it runs 2 - 3 weeks then bam code p0303. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • 1996 3.2,which cylider is 3 if u are standing in front of car looking at engine?
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    #3 is on passenger side (Right), middle cylinder

    5 6
    3 4
    1 2
  • lemon19lemon19 Posts: 8
    HELP.... I recently change out the motor on my 2000 trooper 3.5L and change the water pump and timing belt and retime. The engine would start but run really rough. I can take out plugs 2,4,6 and the car wouldn't stall or act like its losing power or die out, but if you take out 1,3,5 it die out right away. Is this normal????? Also no power when driving the car. I check for compression and sparks everything there. Really confuse, what could be wrong? Please help....
  • catfuzzcatfuzz Posts: 1
    You have timed the engine wrong. If you followed a Haynes or Chilton manual, this is the result. They don't have the correct procedure for these engines. Tear it back down, line up the crank mark with the mark on the oil pump. Now, locate the timing mark on the passenger side head. Turn the cam and it will thunk thunk into certain spots. Keep thunking it around until the mark on the sprocket naturally lines up with the mark on the head. It may take several turns. Then go the drivers side. There are TWO marks on the head for this one. One that is in a similar location to the passenger side and another one about 90 degrees to the LEFT. Thunk, thunk the cam until it naturally lines up with the second mark mentioned. Now, turn the sprocket to the right 90 degrees to line it up with the top mark. It may not want to stay there. Install your belt with the marks on the belt lining up with the timing marks and hold it in place with some clips. reset your tensioner and install. You can install the lower crank pulley temporarily and start the engine to confirm you got it right.
  • lemon19lemon19 Posts: 8
    Catfuzz your the greatest. You are a pro... Next time they should let you write the book.. Thanks for your help. I did tried it 3 times and it didn't work. My friends thought I was crazy bout only one side of the head working. Again thanks.
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