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You bought the Range Rover Sport. Would you do it again?



  • It is amazing what Land Rover thinks you should just accept, on a very expensive car. Cadillacs from 30 years ago drove smoother than this thing. Not that you expect a truck to drive like a car, but in today's day and age with the money you are spending, the truck should drive a lot better and have much less problems. I dont blame you for suing them.
  • I'm checking 08 RRS to buy, I have Acura MDX 02 which is zero problems no issues at all.
    I fall in love with the RRS, little bit nervous about reliability issues from what I'm hearing . also what is a good price to consider for one with NAV, may be up to 60,000 miles, Any advice please...
  • I have owned two 2008 RRS and had absolutely no problems with the cars. I just sold at what I believe to be a fire sale price for 33,500. I unfortunately set my price too low! I received about 20 phone calls in the first week. Car was bought by first guy to see it. Loaded with luxury, nav dual dvd players 47,000 miles. And just to depress anyone who reads this it is so I can have a brand new Odyssey Mini van, kill me now. :cry:
  • that is sounded good to me , you did not have any bad experience with the car, just out of curiosity what made you sell the car and switch to a Japanese brand..
  • Interested in any commonality between those RSS with no problems.
    Same factory but maybe different months of production?
    Interested if you made a note of when they were manufactured
    or any other similarities between your RSS's.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Could be different months, with some parts provided by different suppliers. Some shifts may have gotten a whole batch of marginal parts.

    But what do I know, I like minivans. :D
  • nym1800nym1800 Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 RRS and it has also shut down on me at 65 mph on the pkwy with me and my family coming from dinner, just hours after picking up the vechicle for the electronic gas meter read empty when it was just filled up but now it showed gas and ran out of gas!!!! I took a picture with my phone just to show time and date and when the tow truck came to help me.. But this isn't the only problem I had it stalled out on me another day and the dealer took a week to find out the it was a liw gas pressure sensor a week from someone who is suppose know how to fix this truck!!!! also the steering had stiffens up so bad that you have to be very strong to turn it.. I would have to pull over and turn the truck off and re-start it again for the steering to go back to normal. Also the transmission when I stop at a light the D would disappear from the electronic dash board and when you step on the gas the truck goes no where you have to put the truck in park and then go back to drive I move again.. For $60k+ this is a lot to go through in the first to years
  • mibnymibny Posts: 14
    I would ONLY lease this vehicle if FREE MAINTENENCE IS INCLUDED. RRS are very expensive to fix
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