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Chevrolet Cavalier Starting/Stalling Problems



  • knr499knr499 Posts: 1
    I have a 1990 cav with 2.2. Starts easy, idles fine. when you decelerate or come to stop it stalls and sometimes dies. When I get back on gas I can hold pedal to floor for several seconds before throttle picks up. It seems to do it more often at cold running temp, but will do it and hesitate some at hot running temp. There are no codes stored and no engine light. Have already replaced plugs, fuel filter, EGR valve, throttle position sensor, air idle control valve and rebuilt throttle body. Lost now, any advice.
  • change the tcc solenoid in the trans. we had the same problem and replaced a lot of the same parts. when i changed the tcc the car was running great again.
  • I just bought an '04 Cavalier with 54,000 mi on it. However its left me sit 2 times in the last week. Both times I had driven it during the day running errands, then when I shut it off to run into a store and then came out it tried to start, but then it would shut off - Like the fuel wasn't getting picked up? It would turn over, sputter, and then shut off.
    NOTE-When it happened the last time it started right up for them the next morning when they had it towed. They replaced the ignition switch since nothing seemed wrong with it.
    Now I've driven it for 3 days since then with no problems, and then it does it again to me tonight.
    Please help - tell me I didn't just buy a clunker..... :cry:
  • h311mlh311ml Posts: 1
    edited August 2010

    I had several issues with my cavalier, car windows sticking (common problem with this car it seems), and currently I'm getting the instrument panel replaced because my service light, trac off, and ABS light comes on a lot. $500!

    I have another issue with the car that the dealership is researching as we speak, my car when put in reverse sometimes stall or even dies. Usually, if I put it in reveerse and accelerate real quick in drive it won't , but I'm worried about the times I can;t do it fast enough. Any ideas what this could be?? Only has died when in reverse after I just started the car.

    Thanks :confuse: :confuse:
  • I have a 2000 Chevy Cav it stalls when I come off the brake to accelerate also the Check Engine and TRAC OFF lights are on at the same time or just one of them is on And it also hesitates.Mechanic said he replaced spark plugs and fuel filter but it still stalling.Also I get that transmission clank when I put it in Drive.Please help.Thanks.
  • I am literally having the EXACT same issue with the reverse stall/dying thing. My service, ABS, and trac off lights are also on (and off sometimes??) Have you figured anything out, or gotten any helpful advice -- because I would LOVE to know!! :) Thank you thank you! :sick:
  • I had the rough running and stalling issue and it was nothing more than the little hose between the inlet manifold and the pressure sensor that was perished and sucking in air. I also have the clank into engagement, especially when I've just started up. I live with it, but find if I roll forward a bit down my street before engaging drive that eases it.
  • Looking for Help!

    My 2.2 has no fire.
    This is what Ive done;
    New battery, plugs,wires, coil packs crankshaft position sensor,ICM checked.
    No volts on the pulse wire.
    Where do I go next?
    Hooked up scanner 0 rpm no codes.
    All fuses good.

    All info appreciated dont want this jewell to rot.

  • Hey everybody my 90 Cavalier z24 automatic its v6 fuel injected has some problems. First to start i changed spark plugs and did a throttle body cleaner. heres the problem. The car starts and idles a little high a little above 1000 rps. When i step on the gas while car is running but parked black smoke comes out of the exhaust and you can feel that its running crapy. Then when i put it in drive and step on the gas the rpms drop like crazy and it almost stalls. sometimes it does stall when i do that too. Im really comfused any help would be great!!
  • Hi, alsoin New Zealand and have the 2.4 '96 Chevalier. Engaging sometimes,but then cuts out. Other times starts fine. I dont think its starter, but pehaps some type of fuel sensor ? Love this car but dont want to be chasing different theries and $. How did you get on with yours ?
  • Hi to the other NZ owner,

    My problem was the ignition switch. When that was replaced, all was fine. I've had another problem since with the engine running very rough at lower revs and cutting out. It was just a small vacuum hose between the inlet manifold and the sensor, right at the very front of the engine in the middle, easy to see so worth checking. The hose had perished and fallen off, replaced with a piece of plastic hose and good again..for now.
  • My 02 Cav is a 2.2L, manual transmission and I've been the only owner. When I slow down to almost a complete stop it stalls on me and my engine and oil lights come on, I loose my power steering and I can't tell if my headlights go out also...

    I've been having this problem on and off for about 2 months now and it's driving me nuts. I've been to the mechanic 4 times and he still cannot fix the problem. I'm at my wits end!

    So far they've replaced the battery once and cleaned the fuel line, and idle air control and throttle body cleaning twice each. The mechanic says there was lots of carbon and this is the reason why the first cleaning didn't work. My car runs fine for two days and guess what.... today it stalls in the middle of an intersection while I am turning left and I almost get plowed by another driver. To be honest now I'm scared to even drive the stupid thing and I'm beyond frustrated. A friend suggested to try a fuel cleaning product like SMP so I will try that tomorrow and see if it helps.... I think I need to switch mechanics and try taking it to a dealership or someone who specializes in chevy's cuz having to go back 4 times to this mechanic and now a 5th shows they are incompetent.... GRR! :sick:

    Any suggestions would help please... thanks in advance.
  • I have a 97 Cavalier 2.2 and it has a cylinder 2 misfire. I have a few questions so hopefully I can avoid some costly repairs that I can't afford right now.

    The Check Engine light is on. It has codes for cylinder #2 misfire as well as an evaporative emissions code for the EGR valve (could this also have something to do with the misfire? and will this as well as the misfire eventually cause me to have to replace the catylitic converter?).

    The car bucks when idling and accelerating. While accelerating slowly it is usually ok but once you hit the gas a bit harder it hesitates and bucks much more.

    I replaced the spark plugs about a month ago and it actually solved the problem for about a week before I was driving on the highway one day around 80mph and the Check Engine light began to blink and after about 4 or 5 blinks stayed on solid. I just bought the wires and coil packs and will hopefully be able to replace them today. I honestly do not think this will solve the problem, but I hope so. While changing the spark plugs last month, I noticed that the cylinder 2 plug had oil on it, while the rest were clean (the cylinder 1 plug actually had the entire electrode burned off, I have no idea how the plug was even firing like that). After replacement I checked the plugs about 2 weeks ago and noticed the cylinder 2 plug had some oil on it again. It looks as though the valve cover is leaking so I'll have to replace that too.

    I replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and throttle position sensor at school about 2 months ago. This helped a great deal (the car had hesitation before but the misfire just came on about a month ago) as the hesitation had stopped but eventually came back due to the misfire. When the gas pedal is pressed about 1/4 to halfway a buzzing or whining sound can be heard near the cat and fuel tank. I've heard that this can mean the fuel pump is bad and I really hope not, because the pump set me back $250 and I can't afford another one.

    I've read almost every post on this thread and I have some ideas of things to check, such as the fuel pressure regulator and fuel injectors.

    Anyone have any other ideas? Any help is appreciated. I'll post an update after I replace the wires and coil pack.
  • have you tried a basic tune up yet? plugs and wires. I have had the same problem, we changed plug wires and no more trouble.
  • buy a cheap compression gauge and test the compression. with a burned electrode on the #2 spark plug i would be looking for a vacuum leak. i use brake cleaner to check for vacuum leaks. with the engine at an idle spray short blasts along the intake. if the engine raises you found the leak. do you have an automatic or standard trans?
  • Hi,

    Yes it had a tune-up not too long ago (about two months?). Maybe they missed the plugs and wires though.... Anyway with taking it back and forth they've flushed out the carbon and replace the idle throttle body controler (didn't do anything). I brought it in again and the mechanic said there was a manufacture recall on the computer related to stalling so they sent the computer back to GM to get reprogrammed.... That sort of helped but it still stalls, now it just doesn't stall as violently or as often or in multiples. So far I've just been putting up with it until the next tune-up is due b/c I can't afford to fix it anymore right now. I might decide to get a new car soon since I've spent more then what this one is worth in only three months...
  • some mechanics will skip changing plug wire if they appear ok,how many miles are on your car?
  • Are the engine and heads interchangeable?
  • There's around 91000 km... i'm not sure what that would be in miles.
  • lrt2lrt2 Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Cavalier Z24 with approx. 108,500 miles on it. When I turn the key there is silence then it starts or turns over. I have had it in the shop they have heard the problem, but they cannot find it. The alternator, battery, battery cables and starter have all been checked. Diagnostic testing has been done, nothing was found wrong. I just had a fuel regulator put in hoping that was the issue. I was wrong, it did though correct it for about a week then it stated doing it again.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be?

    I am the only owner of this car and I am not ready to get rid of it yet.
  • Can any one help me? I have an 03 cav. An in the past month i have had the fuel pump quit, had it replaced. And now it quit again an my mech cant get it to start again. Put it on the scope no codes of any kind, but nothing. Lots of fuel pressure at rail lots of cranking power but just wont fire. :sick:
  • have you checked the crank sensor?
  • ohpaul57ohpaul57 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Z24 conv with the 2.4 engine, have changed the plugs and fuel filter and continue to have stalling issues. They only seem to occur when the car is at an idle such at a stop light or making a turn, I am able to start right back up with no issues just becoming annoying.

    Ay suggestions would be helpful as my mechanic said it is hard to fix when it does not happen ll the time.

    Thank you
  • @ohpaul57 - mine did the exact same thing and it drove me nuts for months. I have a 2002 Cavalier. The mechanic eventually found out that there was a recal on the computer that wasn't publicized yet so it had to get re-programed. After that, no problems! woohoo!

    Good luck!
  • Sounds like fuel pressure.regulator
  • dezz44dezz44 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    i have a 00 cavalier that i have been trying to get running. it started with the fuel pump going out so i changed that, then the battery fried so i put a new one in. after getting the new battery in the car still won't start. when i turn the key it sounds like the starter gear kicks out, but doesn't spin. kind of like when a battery is low. when i jump the solenoid i just hear the gear spin, but it doesn't kick out against the flywheel. I've tried changing the starter and it does the same thing, Even though it is a salvage yard part it shouldn't give me the exact same result. so what is my problem?
  • the 00 cavalier we had has bad grounding issues. try turning on your headlights and watch to see if they dim when someone else turns the starter over. double check your battery connections and the ground connections on the engine block.
  • My GF has an '04 Cav. that had starting issues, that soon became starting and stalling issues. I've had the fuel pump / fuel filter changed, along with the crank sensor. New starter, new battery, and alternator checks ok...Still having issues. Today I used fuel injector cleaner for the 1st time, and so far today it's ok. My mechanic has no more ideas, as there is no check engine codes, and the issue is very inconsistent, so I'm driving it to see if anything becomes consistent, or CEL comes on. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? ANY INSIGHT WILL NOT BE OVERLOOKED!! Thanks all!!
    Timmy D.
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