North American Civic vs European Civic

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I like the North American Civic Coupe and it's a great looking car. But then I've seen the European Civic and I think it's even better! MUCH better!

So, I'm scratching my head trying to understand why there is such a discrepancy between the two Civic models.

Has Honda taken too much in from the focus groups?



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    I agree with ya yip the euro civic is very nice.

    But the zealously styled hatch may be a bit to much for this market. (we tore the 02-05 to shreds for being bland, i would imagine the same would go for this version, except the complaint would probably be along the lines of 'overstyled'.)

    I don't know much about the weight, but they seem to have roughly the same power and engine displacement, but there is an awesome diesel option, and while the big H hasn't been in the diesl game for very long, i would love one here!
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    Thanks for your comments and feedback.

    I figured being "overstyled" may be one reason why the Euro Civic isn't sold here.

    However, it kind of makes you think about Toyota's Scion philosophy. I mean the whole idea of a Scion is to style it anyway you want. Hence the great association with SEMA. And let's not forget Honda has a similar association with SEMA as well. Perhaps the main difference is Scions are engineered with accessories and modification in mind.

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    i think the right word is 'customization'. Scions are popular because they give the kids who would otherwise plant a nice loud muffler on their moms corolla a better, less silly approach to do it. I think the euro civc's personality lies in the actual body shape and moldings,not necesarily the customized accesories like in scions case.

    I wouldn't neccesarily call what MOST kids (not all because they do have an aftermaket following) do to scions 'modifiying' since its usually limited to visual enhancements.

    Hondas have been an amazing platfrom for modification for a long time and the new si is living proof of that.

    I still want a civic hatch though! :)
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    As you may know, hatchbacks are still very popular in Europe, and pretty much commonplace when I lived in England for six years. However, since coming back to the U.S., I didn't appreciate how few hatchbacks are on the North American market!

    What happened?

    Hope they make a comeback. Indeed, I'd love to get the Euro Civic hatch, too!

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    actually, the coupe has a much more sophisticated look IMHO of course, a hatchback reeks of kiddie-car econobox in most folks' minds. With the price increase of the 06-07 Civic, it has to LOOK more expensive. Another hatch just won't cut it in the near-20k market.

    what is popular in cars in Europe has no bearing on the US market: most families have one car and it has to be flexible. In the US, most families have more than one vehicle and that affords some style over utility.
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    and yet we have countless coupes and wagons that are TECHNICALLY hatchbacks, but because they don't LOOK like it they don't do well.

    Flexibility is still a factor for anyone even in the us.

    A hatchback 4 door will always be more verstatile than a sedan version. Its just the way it works.

    Have you seen the euro civic? It looks much more orginal and classier than ours...there is NO econo on this hatch, except for the fact that it isn't a gas guzzler and isn't too expensive...
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    The biggest difference is the attention to detail.

    I just moved to Canada and while in the UK I had the civic type-s, wonderful car. The dagger shaped door handles, the triangular exhaust pipes mirrored by the triangular lights at the front, the dash that sweeps around you like a jet fighter, the white stitching on black leather and the Honda badge behind glass at the front.

    It's north american counterpart has cheap average door handles a more square dash with cheap switches and just looks like an ugly car from the 1990's. The European version is very much a 21st century car.
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