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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • Yes, the system at Sound Advice in Florida was $2000 for Myron & Davis headrests. I can't justify spending that when I just bought the 03.

    Installing it is also a problem because I don't have 10 hrs to work on it.

    One quick solution is:

    but when you have a 1 year old and 2 1/2 year old and kicking the seat this is a problem.

    I find the biggest problem in my 03 Suburban is that the 2nd row bench seems to be too close to the front seats. I dunno why they don't make them so you can move the bench back.

  • I installed a Clarion video system in my 2002 Yukon. It is built into the back of the console, replaces the cup holders. Very clean installation, I did it my self, got most of the parts from Crutchfield.
  • Morning all,

    Steve, did find out that we can get the smaller of the two antennas available for the XM. Jury is still out on whether or not we keep the subscription.

    Lobbiest, I am surprised to hear about the price. At looking at the dealers info. and it looks like I will be right at 40K and change for the 4WD version and about $1800 less for the 2WD. This is with all the bells and whistles minus the sunroof. I also have an additional $1500 off for the GM card. Probably opt for the 2WD version. One dealer even offered to give $100 per tire/wheel if I wanted something other than the Firestone AT's and stock wheels. It appears they are trying to charge me for the Advertisement adjustment ($695) but think that I can get that one thrown out. We should make a decision today and I'll let you know. Don't think the vehicle will be here by the end of the promotion. Talking to their cust. svc. and marketing centers is not much help, but maybe they'll extend it.

    Does anyone know of third party financing co's that meet or offer competitive rates??

    Kitchens: No way I can verify the Mexico plant shutdown, just what I was told. Makes sense though. According to several purchasing managers, once an order goes into the system, the dealership doesn't have much control on where it's mfg'd. Once again, GM C.Svc. wasn't much help. I use to have an email of a good engineer in Michigan that could answer or find the answer to just about any question, but think it's on an old computer. Makes sense that GM should offer the incentives to existing vehicles on dealer lots AND to those that order by a specific date. Anyone agree?

    G. Blake
    P.S. I had a dealer tell me that if I ordered it from him, he will not only beat my 45 minute record but would go one step further. Said that I wouldn't have to come in at all, do everything by fax and/or fedx, and even deliver the vehicle to my home, which is about 1 hr away. Not bad and sounds almost too good to be true. Anyone tried this before?
  • I sold my '92 SLE w/ 137K on Had very good response and got top dollar for the vehicle. I took the pictures and provided the details. Drafted a bill of sale off of Family Lawyer 2002, state accepted it and did the title work and closing at the local tax office. Don't know if it's available in your area, but it worked well for me.

  • I wouldn't start making plans to sell your current ride until you get your truck. I ordered my '01 2500 YXL on 11-15-00, and took delivery of it on 3-15-01. GM makes all the heavy duty models early in the model year to figure out what they need to make to meet emmisions standards at the end of the year. They also batch the 3/4 ton Subs and YXL into large batches, mine came with about 20 more delivered to 5 dealers in the area, and several others on the Edmunds got theirs at the same time. I was told 4-6 weeks on mine, and it took 5 months to the day to deliver. Part of the reason is the holidays are in there and the plants don't run. In November the plants have 2 days off for thanksgiving, and 12 days in December for Christmas and New Years. It's not a very popular truck in 3/4 ton for some reason.

    What options did you get? Just wondering because on the 2500 autoride makes a BIG difference in ride. Was also wondering if you ordered 4 wheel steering. I have driven the Sierra Denali and love the turning radius. Just thought that since you have a trailer it might have been an option that would interest you. If your truck has not been preferenced you can still alter the order if you wanted either. I think autoride is still forced if you wanted the 8.1L engine.
  • Hi jgmilberg:

    I did order autoride on my 2500--I have it on my 1500 and I too think it makes a big difference in the ride. As a matter of fact, I think if you order the LT package and/or 8.1 V8, the autoride is required. My 2500 is going to be the grey metallic--I originally wanted the redfire metallic, BUT you can't get that color in the 2500 unless you order quadrasteer. I did not order the quadrasteer mainly because of the price ($4,400!!) and my fear in something going wrong with it. I ordered the 8.1 Vortec, trailer tow package, limited slip differential, rear entertainment center, XM Radio, cargo package (kind of a rip-off because my 01 came with this stuff STANDARD), side air bags (again my 01 had this standard) the steering wheel radio, info center controls, and the telescoping side mirrors. Of course with the LT it comes with leather, CD changer etc.
    I am not in a big hurry for the truck, but do want to take advantage of the 2K rebate. AGain if it looks like it will not be coming in before Jan 2, I will contact dealer to see what we can work out--that is assuming that GM does not extend the rebates, which is always a possiblity.

    gblake: I currently have my 01 listed with, but will also try Thanks for the lead about that.

    Also didn't I read somewhere in this forum, that once you got your VIN, there was somewhere on the internet (gm site?) you could go to track the progress of when your truck was going to be built, and track its progress once its shipped?

    Thanks everyone!
  • Gblake: You say that you are surprised by the price. Do you think I paid too much or do you think I got a good deal. Like I said, I think I left money on the table but I would be interested in your view. The vehicle has all the bells and whistles, no sunroof but a factory DVD player.
  • PS: Gblake. They delivered the vehicle to my office in downtown Washington last Thursday afternoon. I spent about 10-minutes signing documents on the hood of their shuttle car. I never stepped foot inside the dealership. In fact, I don't even know where the dealership is located.

    As for financing, talk to your auto insurance agent about financing. Many times they will beat the dealer by a good margin.
  • jonkaojonkao Posts: 12
    My 2003 Yukon XL has the same steering noise problem, too. I can not re-produce the problem in any consistent way, so I still have not brought it to the dealer yet.

  • Hey Lobbyist - I'm in the middle of pricing out a very similar 2500 (LT, 8.1L, Autoride, etc) in NoVA. Can you tell me which dealer in Baltimore you bought from? Sounds like a good guy you found there...I love the idea of having them bringing it to me. That's the way car buying should be!

  • Hello Gottagetaburb. It was a dealer named Win Kelly in Clarksville, MD. They have their inventory online and it appears that they have only 1 3/4 ton unit on the lot. But beware, it was made in Mexico. The salesman I dealt with is Terry Abell (met him for the first time when he delivered the unit.
  • Thanks Lobbyist! I'll be sure to report back to the board about how it goes.

  • Gottagetaburb: Don't forget that the dealers up in the Baltimore area do not appear to charge what in the DC area is billed as a non-negotiable "processing" fee and also they pass local taxes through to the customer, much like the phone companies do. So, in assessing price differentials, don't forget to factor in these two charges that you likely will be asked to pay by the DC area dealers and not by the Baltimore area dealers. On my purchase, the difference was nearly $400.
  • I want 4 wheel steering- the price does not really bother me as much as something going wrong. I will wait until it's time to ditch my '01, so it's not a big rush. I can't believe that Redfire is only available with 4WS!!!!!

    The other options that used to be standard are GM's way of cost cutting, they also dropped the base price on the truck from last year because of the deletion of options. After you put them back you are right around the old base price for the LT trim level.
  • I am trying to decide what to get my wife. She wants a 7 plus passenger vehicle. We have narrowed it down to a 2000 or newer Suburban, Expedition or Durango. All 3 are capable of pulling my boat and have available 7 pass. I am concerned about gas mileage, price and reliability. Please any suggestions you may have.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Depends on how much room you need. The Surburban will be the roomiest of the 3, especially behind the 3rd row and for the 3rd row passengers. 2000 or newer is fine for the Surburban, but I think you will get slightly better reliability form an 01 or 02. You should also consider a Yukon XL.

    The Expedition (02 or newer only) would be an excellent choice if slightly less room is desired. Becuase of independent rear suspension, it is very roomy for its size.

    The Durango is very outdated and I would not recommend it.

    I recommend 4 wheel drive for pulling a boat trailer (I have had a few bad ramp expperiences without it). It does, however increase complexity and reduce gas mileage somewhat.
  • So I got some quotes on ordering a 2500 LT over the last week or so, and have been quoted a 2.005% "advertising" fee from all of the dealers I spoke to. I have been told that this fee is charged to the dealer by GM. Sounds fishy to me. Can anyone confirm or refute the legitimacy of this fee? I've tried finding an authoritative source to answer this, but no luck so far.

    I've searched back through the archives on this board and found periodic discussions about it, but nothing definitive that I thought I could take to a dealer to refure his claim of it being a charge from the factory.

    Thanks all,
  • Regarding Djolley's request, I had a Burb and Tahoe, and they both got better mileage than my brothers Durango with the 5.2. Wouldn't buy Durango unless you have to park in tight spots. New Expedition might be worth looking at, but 2 friends have both said they would not buy another 99-00 expeditions. Secretary has one, and at 4'11, she has to jump, to get in and out of the expedition, even with running boards. Has your wife driven any of them yet. That's where I'd start.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Gottagetaburb, here's another message about the legitimacy of advertising fees:

    steve_ "Toyota Highlander" Jan 23, 2002 10:31am

    Steve, Host
  • I am in need of a diagram of the complete wiper system diagram for a 1997 K2500 Suburban. The linkage seems extremely stiff & is causing fuses to blow. Any suggestions on where I can find this info? Just reply to the group or offline. I am not interested in buying an entire shop manual just for this info alone.

    Regards, ED
    Calgary, AB
    Reply to:
  • My wife has driven all three. She likes the Suburban as do I, we just want to make sure we are not going to be surprised and or miss something. I like the extra room behind the rear seat, I read an article that basically said that no rear seat is safe, but I think Suburban is probably the safest. I appreciate everyones help.

    For the guy looking for info on Advertising fees look at it this way if you are paying MSRP and it is on the Window Sticker its probably legit. If you are paying X over invoice and its on the invoice its probably legit. And you are agreeing to pay X over Invoice. If it is not listed I wouldn't pay it.
  • If you compare all three rear seats, the sub has far more room. I feel complete comfortable having my kids in the 3rd row.
    Besides, you wouldn't want to try the safety features of you new rig, away.
    On a recent trip of 2300 miles at 70 to 75 I got 17.5 mpg.
    2001 Sub 4x4 5.3L 4:10
  • My front heater for my 2002 Yukon XL heats air only at the highest setting, 82 degrees, or if all windows were open at freeway speeds when not in auto mode. Otherwise, cool air would be present regardless of the temperature selected. The only way to regulate the air temperature in the front cabin is to set the heater at 82 degrees until the inside temperature is comfortable, then turn the heater off until it becomes too cold, then turn the heater on again, etc. This causes constant drivers distraction in order to regulate cabin temperature. Rear heater works as normal. Manufacturer states the climate control system is operating as designed and refuses to correct the problem. Manufacturer is stating that even when the climate control system is taken out of auto mode, the system will still regulate temperature, therefore cool air may be present. I have never owned a vehicle in which the climate control system cannot be turned off and used as a manual heater/AC system if desired. My dealer states other owner's of 2002 Yukon's have complained about the same issue. Dealer also states the 2001 used a different climate control system and 2003 are fully digital, so the complaints are only for 2002 models. Has anyone else noticed the same problem?
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    The temperature of the air that comes out depends on the inside cabin temperature except when it is in the warmest or coolest setting. So, if the cabin is warm and you set the temperature on 80, cool air will come out. If the cabin is cool, warm air will come out.

    I do have an 01, but I have never seen an automatic climate control function differently. If yours doesn't work that way, you have a problem.
  • Djolley: Even though the Suburban might have slightly more leg-room in the 3rd seat area, the Excursion has substantially more cargo space than the Suburban. The Expedition has perhaps enough cargo space for a 6-pack and a ham sandwich with the 3rd seat in. Also, if you are towing, the Excursion has a diesel engine available. The point being, don't overlook the Excursion, I think it has 10-inches more wheelbase than the Suburban. I bought the Suburban because it was smaller than the Excursion and I do a lot of city type driving and also I was concerned it would not fit in the parking garage where I work.
  • Gottagetaburb: The ad fees do show up on some versions of the invoice. I know because I have one that shows two items: (1) Dealer Co-Op Advertising $460 and (2) Local Advertising and Marketing $130. That works out to less than 1.5% of the total vehicle invoice before adding shipping. As I understand it, the only people who don't pay advertising are current and retired GM employees. Keep in mind that this advertising stuff is in addition to the holdback and something called the "wholesale finance credit."
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I looked at an Excursion when we got our YXL. No comparison. The GM products were much more polished. The rode better and drove better.
  • We just traded a 1999 Durango that we bought new for a used 2001 Suburban and would never go back. The Dodge was a total POS and the dealers were often times worse. While we owned the Dodge (50K miles total) we had to replace the battery five times, the water pump twice, the power seat track, window motors twice, the washer pump, a blown freeze plug (how does this happen??) and was told that the balljoints were shot and that the transfer case was leaking. This car stranded either me or my wife and the kids on four different occasions and had to be towed each time. I had a dealer once tell me that even though it was under warranty they wouldn't fix a problem, but after I made a few idle threats they did and of course it resolved the issue we were having. Once it was out of warranty Dodge could not have cared less and hung us out to dry. It's funny but I could have lived with the truck even after all this if Dodge had put a little bit of effort into standing behind their product and helping us out with the repair bills. It was my first Dodge and it will be my last. I pity the fool who buys that Durango we traded in and I pity anyone who buys a new one. Pay attention to what the reliability reports and consumer ratings tell you. They don't suck for no reason.
  • Do not pay those fees, if they want to sell the car they will come off of these fees. They will give you grief about the fees saying that they have to pay the bills each month for lighting and blah blah blah. I have never and will never pay that type of fee. As far as I am concerned take it out of the holdback.
    Anyone saying that you should pay them is a car salesman or dealer.
  • Just read that you shaved time off your record. Congratulations.

    Safe Driving,
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