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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    Ooops (I can't add). That's $12,945 off MSRP if you qualify for all the rebates. Unfortunately for me when I bought mine the rebate was only $3000 and I also missed the $695 Onstar.

    With only the $3000 and $500 conquest rebates I paid $37,400 for an LT that stickered at $48,400.

    squadman: I think you should be able to beat my deal by another $1945 with the new rebates! Good luck!
  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    I think you can expect the DXL to get about 2 mpg worse than the YXL/Suburbans because the Denalis & Escalades have AWD and 6.0 motor standard, whereas the YXL can run in 2-HI mode.

    It would have been interesting to set the "personal" or "business" trip computer to record your test drive on each vehicle. That way you would have not only had the fuel gauge reading but the miles driven, average mileage, average speed, and gallons used.

    I think the EPA numbers for the Tahoe are about 1 mpg better than the Suburban, but I don't know how much of that is weight and how much is the 4.8 vs. the 5.3.
  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    (from the G Online Ordering Guide)

      Exterior color Light Pewter Metallic (11U)
      Exterior color Indigo Blue Metallic (39U)
      Exterior color Redfire Metallic (72U)
      Front passenger door lock cylinder
      (PF4) 16" machined aluminum wheels
      (NG1) Emissions, NY or VT state requirements

    New Features
      Right front passenger seat belt reminder
      Tire pressure monitor (UJ6) on 1/2 ton models
      Exterior color Dark Blue Metallic (25U)
      Exterior color Silver Birch Metallic (59U)
      Exterior color Sport Red Metallic (63U)
      16" Cast aluminum wheels (PF9)
      17" 5-spoke aluminum wheels (P25), includes 16"
          steel blackwall spare
      17" All-season, blackwall tires (QAN)
      17" All-season, white outlined-letter tires
          (QAS) P265/70R17
      Hydroboost brakes on 1/2 ton models

      1SJ Equipment Group Changes: (A95) Cloth buckets seats and (PDH) Driver Convenience Package are not available.
      1SK Equipment Group Changes: (AL4) 2nd row bucket seats are not available. (UC6) 6-disc CD changer changed from standard to available. (UB1) CD and cassette is the standard radio.
      1SL Equipment Group Changes: (PDQ) Personal Security Package has been deleted. (UE1) OnStar is standard.
      1SM Equipment Group Changes: (PDC) Cargo Package, (PDH) Driver Convenience Package, (U2K) XM satellite radio and (Z82) Heavy-duty trailering equipment are standard.
      Traction assist (NW7) includes Heavy-duty locking rear differential (G80), except with 4-wheel steering (NYS) which requires Heavy-duty limited slip rear differential (G86)
      (NE1) Emissions now include Massachusetts, Maine, New York or Vermont state requirements
      (PDZ) Heavy-duty trailering equipment now identified as RPO (Z82)
  • rjn20rjn20 Posts: 1
    shieatt, Where did you get this deal, rebates plus 0% financing?
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    2001 Denali XL and love the vehicle. My daughter with two little children and a 1999 Tahoe needs more room to haul around strollers, etc and wants the Denali. I am considering the YUkon XL 2500 with most of the goodies available on the Denali. I like the idea of the 8.1 liter engine. I am surprised that it is not available with the Quadrasteer, wonder why?

    Does anybody have a new 2500? And what will i notice that is different from my Denali? As i said, I am getting most of the goodies, suspension, 6 cd changer, etc. My major concern is that the ride may not be as smooth as the Denali XL.

    Any input would be appreciated,
  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    ...did you get a deal of over $12K off MSRP... sounds like you w*rk for GM or have a GM supplier's discount or some such 'thingy'..

    like to know what dealer is giving that much off??...
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    the 2004 Yukons be hitting the dealers showrooms.

    Unless a "really" good deal can be made for a 2003, it might be wise to wait for the 04's

    What is the opinion of the group?
  • shieattshieatt Posts: 75
    rjn20: I may have been somewhat unclear. I know that if you take the 0% you lose $3,000 rebate. But when we purchased you still got $500 cash bonus, plus $695 OnStar rebate, plus $500 Conquest rebate. Those are the ones to which I was referring.

    larry91: I think the answer to your question depends on how long you are willing to wait. If you want to buy in the next several months, I would definitely go for an '03 and take advantage of all the incentives/rebates and 0% financing, which are not being offered on the '04s as of yet and no guarantee they will be offered in the near future. Also, there are no material differences whatsoever between the '03s and the '04s, so no real reason to hold off. The only exception is the ability to get both the RSE DVD and the Sunroof together, which you can't get on an '03 (you have to choose one or the other).
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Do u know anything about the difference in ride quality between the Denali XL and the Yukon 2500 if one takes the optional Suspension package?
  • shieattshieatt Posts: 75
    larry91: I'm not completely sure the answer to that question, actually, but here is my guess: The Denali, which comes standard with Autoride, will give you a better ride. The Denali and the 2500 YXL have the same, bigger, engine, but I am pretty sure the 2500, even with the optional Autoride suspension package, has heavier duty leaf springs which give a firmer ride. Of course, I believe that same firmer suspension will allow you to tow a bit more, so you may want to give up a bit of ride comfort for more towing capacity. At the end of the day, unless you are planning on towing something big and heavy, I would go with the Denali. Not only smoother ride, but also more luxurious, and with full-time AWD and Stabilitrak (great safety features).

    I could be wrong in my analysis... anyone else want to jump in on this?
  • degcpadegcpa Posts: 1
    what should i expect to pay for an '03 chevy suburban LS, with leather seats and second row captains chairs. local dealers are offering the usual 3500 rebate/0% switch. i am in south louisiana
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I thought it was available on all 2500 SUVs.

    There will be a ride difference between the DXL and 2500. Try both and seehow much. Make sure the 2500 has autoride and 4 wheel steering (if you want it) and check the tire pressures furst.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    i just need some help with a PCM for a 2000 suburban. i was asked to get this part and i'm just trying to find out what the following numbers mean and if anyone know how much would this part cost, approx.? is this a dealer item only or i can buy this from any parts store?

    CMUF-09360615, SERVICE # 16263494 WHITE
    86CMUF3491462EUL BLACK
    CMUF-2531527 (308587)

    thank you.
  • 4burb4burb Posts: 55
    "Denali and the 2500 YXL have the same, bigger, engine"
    If I'm not mistaken the engine breakdown goes like this.
    Sub/YXL 1500 - 4.8 or 5.3 liter
    Denali and XL - 6.0 liter
    Sub/YXL 2500 - 8.1 liter
  • shieattshieatt Posts: 75
    Actually, I think the 6.0 liter is the standard engine on the 2500s, while the 8.1 liter is optional. But, good point, you can't get an 8.1 liter engine in the Denali.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    understand the GMC designers way of thinking.

    The 8.1 liter engine IS NOT available with the Quadrasteer. I would think that is the combo it was designed to be used with, towing???
  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    larry91: I agree. I loved the Quadrasteer on our test drive vehicle, but mainly for its fantastic parking lot maneuverability. I wish it was available on a 1500 (of course without the rear fender flares and the cab roof lights). Probably better that it is not available since I think I would choke on the $4500 price!
  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    Note the equipment changes on the 2004 LT models (trailering package, cargo package and XM are all now standard). I'm not sure how this will be reflected in the price, though.

    Also the standard Suburban wheel will be the 5-spoke cast aluminum wheel from the Avalanche (and that is optional on the Silverado).

    The GM Online Ordering site now has pictures of the new colors (silver birch, new red, new blue) and the wheels

    errerr: thanks for the website address!
    (see his earlier post)
  • glsableglsable Posts: 77
    stakeout: I got $11,000 off MSRP and have no connections to GM. The dealers (both GMC and Chevy) here in No. Virginia were advertising $10k of ANY Suburban/YXL in stock, so getting to $11,000 wasn't that hard. Now that the rebates are up another $500 plus $695 for Onstar (and military and recent grad rebates are additional) I would think the dealers would pass these along since they come out of GM's pockets, not theirs.

    You could also get the $10k off the base LS models too, which theoretically is a better deal.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    the pricing is pretty hefty.

    I have a 2001 Denali XL with 32000 miles, and am thinking of letting my daughter have that vehicle( that's her suggestion, not mine) and getting an XL 2500 with all the goodies. The more i think about it tho the LESS I like the idea. Sooooo, I will probably just stick with the Denali, which I really enjoy driving, tho the 8.1 liter engine has a lot of appeal to me. Think I will take a cold shower and let it pass. The depreciation on that type of vehicle is Staggering. Of course, all these GM incentives don't help keep the value up either.
  • jvigiljvigil Posts: 2
    Just today I was driving my Denali on the freeway and it just died. I had no power or anything. I coasted down the off ramp and made it to a safe spot. Has this happen to anyone? The tow truck driver thought maybe it was the fuel pump. Any advice would be great. It is at a shop right now and they are going to look at it in the morning. Thanks!
  • moznickmoznick Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 (old style) Tahoe that simply died on me several times--always in cold weather. After several futile trips to the dealer, something in the transmission was changed and I have had no more problems. The dealer who fixed it said there was a bulliten on it. I don't know if that helps you at all, but hope it does.
  • Has anybody heard if 04 will bring a Duramax Diesel/Allison Burb? has a blurb about it, but I'm locked out with password problems and can't access it. It'd be nice to have a tower, that'd actually fit in my garage.
  • lbcmanlbcman Posts: 2
    Just picked up a Yukon XL Denali last week in L.A. County. $3100 below invoice with no other price incentives; opted for the 0% financing rather than the $3K rebate (figured that I might as well use the General's money for free). No haggling; that was the sale price offered by the dealer. My wife just loves it, especially when compared to the piece of **** Windstar that she had been driving the previous three years (don't blame me, it was her choice). After experiencing the power of the 320 hp engine, she can't believe that she had gone without a V8 her whole life. If I am lucky she just might let me drive it once in a while.
  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    driving my wife's '01 Suburban( I also have an '01 Z71) about a month or so ago on a limited access highway not too far from our house.. same thing happened..

    called my local dealer's svc mgr..he said it most likely was fuel pump.. said to call Chevy Roadside assistance.. what a waste of time..after 10 minutes of giving info on the cell phone , said their computers were down.. why bother.. luckily we are AAA members .. called them.. had a local AAA tow out there within a half hour.. towed me home then to the dealer.. AAA to the rescue..

    before I made the calls I tried putting in a new fuse .. blew that one too... the dealer replaced the fuel pump.. said he's heard of it before..

    not a good feeling moving along at 60+ mph and all of a sudden .. nada.. luckily not a busy highway that morning..

    looks like one of those defects that Chevy won't acknowledge until there are a bunch of accidents... :(
  • dxccp140dxccp140 Posts: 6
    I'm interested in purchasing a 03 ykxl Denali, and have been reading your post regarding at or below invoice deals. What are the names of the dealerships you all have been using, because my local dealer is telling me nothing below $1k over invoice.
  • mredickmredick Posts: 1
    I have about 5K miles on an 03 Z71 and when turning the wheel at low speeds (like pulling in and out of a parking space) I occasionally hear a "whining" noise. Not like a belt but more like "metal on metal" that needs lubricated. Not being very mechanical, I was unable to properly explain to the dealer and of course they could not replicate the problem. Anyone else having this?
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    the same noise and have had it for 33,000 miles and 27 months of driving the vehicle. I don't know what it is, but they tell me it's not serious, and I am ignoring it. Suggest you do the same :-)
  • openydopenyd Posts: 6
    I can't seem to find a dual exhaust system that will exit behind each of the rear wheels. I have only found systems that exit on the passenger side only. If anyone has any info, please let me know.
  • gogolfgogolf Posts: 2
    I have noticed that the fog lights on my truck shake a lot when driving over even small bumps. I thinks this makes the truck look cheap. I've noticed the same issue with other Burbs and Tahoe's. The lights appear to be spring loaded and the dealor said it was normal. Has anyone come up with a fix? Any suggestions would be helpful
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