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Suzuki Aerio Acceleration Issues

kato007usakato007usa Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Suzuki
Hello, I am experiencing acceleration lag in my 2003 Suzuki Aerio SX Wagon - 5 speed manual. The car has less than 36000 mi but is past its 3 year mark, thus void of any warranty. I recently noticed this problem in 5th gear stepping down on the gas pedal (attempting to pass). My revs went up, but car went no faster. It is now noticed throughout the gears. The clutch grabs just fine. However, while in gear and especially noticeable on an incline (driving uphill) I notice this. And there's a burning odor after the fact at rest, defiantly part of the clutch assembly, though unknown as what part specifically is defunkt. Is it a flywheel gone bad or something else? And cost, anyone guesstimate what I can expect when I take it into the shop? Thank you in advance for your help / suggestions. - going nowhere fast


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    dog8dog8 Member Posts: 4
    I can help you out - Trade it in on a domestic car now. I am in Canada and was experiencing the same thing you are talking about and then one day the car died. At 100,050 - With a bill for 2000.00 plus dollars to take apart the engine because the bone head mechanics at the dealership shop had no idea what they were doing. I did some testing my self and found there was no spark from the spark plugs. So is is either the timing cap on the side of the engine or the crankshaft sensor. Well it took 10 plus hours to find out it was the crankshaft sensor. At $85.00 and hour. The Part $750. They first came back to me with The engine had low compression and backfiring in the exhaust. Thats nice but that is not why it doesn't start or run - you bone heads. I am strongly considering trading it in for The Ford Focus the other car I was considering at the time bought this crap. All Cars are crap but at least you can get parts to fix it yourself.
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