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Ford Escape



  • Try another key--might have dropped it's code.
  • 1 General rule for all cars... Inspect all fuses and relays associated with the problem. key thing is a good idea... or bad solenoid/starter. :confuse:
  • I just bought a 2004 Ford Escape and the steerling wheel vibrates when I am stopped at a red light. The dealer tells me it is an idle and a tune up will take care of it, but it only has 55,000 miles on it and really should not need a tune up til 100,000 miles. Some tell me it is also charastic of the vehicle. Not sure what it is or who to believe but it is annoying...
  • I actually went in to a dealership by myself and laid it all down on the line. I told the salesman I was a single recent divorced mom. What I was looking for, how much I wanted to my car payments to be. I knew what the car should go for...I did my research before I went. I believe in the end I got a good deal and was not taken advantage of. I even got more for my car that it was worth even in retail. That was my first experience in buying a car by myself and I believe it actually went well.
  • rapidrickrapidrick Posts: 70
    " just bought a 2004 Ford Escape and the steerling wheel vibrates when I am stopped at a red light. The dealer tells me it is an idle and a tune up will take care of it, but it only has 55,000 miles on it and really should not need a tune up til 100,000 miles. Some tell me it is also charastic of the vehicle. Not sure what it is or who to believe but it is annoying..."

    Put it in neutral at the light. Keeps the tranny cooler over the long haul and will get rid of your vibrating wheel.
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    Do you know the history of this vehicle? It is very likely that something was ignored if it was a lease vehicle and the previous driver knew that they were going to turn it in after the lease expired. Human nature being what it is dictates this.
    Did you test drive the vehicle or have it inspected before your purchase?
  • glen_05glen_05 Posts: 1
    My 2005 Escape XLT, with 45,600 miles, has been experiencing engine cut off''s
    when at a corner or a stop, with no other notable signs of trouble. Yesterday
    the dealer was able to determine that the torque converter was "toast". Car was
    new when purchased as it was the last on the lot for that model year, with little
    dealer miles.
  • Where in the car is this OBD2 connector located? I have looked all over the drivers side compartment and under the dash and so far I do not see it.
  • ccfupdateccfupdate Posts: 1
    I too have a 2005 Ford Escape Limited which experiences the same problem of no power. It will slowly ramp up to full speed. Did you ever get an answer to what causes it?
  • I also had this problem. I took it to a friend who owns a mechanic shop and he replaced my idle control valve. Now my 01 Escape runs like new! :)
  • drgumsdrgums Posts: 51
    Should I buy a used 2001 ford escape 6 cylinder 4 wd with 57000 miles on it for my daughter?

    Any issues?

    dealer asking 8k...i would offer much less...5K

    should i move on?

    thank you
  • I bought my wife a 2001 Ford Escape new in 2001. The reliability has been pretty
    good. Not perfect. We gave the car to my daughter to use for her internship at college and now that she has a job we gave it to her, My wife bought a new 2008
    ESCAPE Hybrid . Perfect car. The 01 Escape needed a brake booster and rear shocks t 94k The Maryland inspection station said they were leaking. Besides that nothing except normal maintenance. My daughter is even surprised how the 01 Escape has held its value. I feel that the car is solid, I saw one in an accident a month ago, the airbag went off and the girl walked out. Check out values on edmunds or kelly blue book and than make an offer. I also have a Saturn, that has been reliable. The saturns book value drops dramatically after a few years so you can probably get a great deal. The Escape runs great at 96k. would buy it again. Good Luck
  • drgumsdrgums Posts: 51
    Thank you for your help
  • vrdr9vrdr9 Posts: 4
    hi, just purchased an escape and already are having some noise issues. at low speeds there is a loud whine like tires . but as the speed gets higher around 65 or so it becomes more pronounced. it sounds like wheel bearings. anyone have any thoughts. thank you.
  • 2001-2007 Escapes are notoriously road noisy in general. We have a 2004 Limited 4WD and it came with the crappy Continental tires which were horrible from the begining. A week into owning our Escape we had the dealer re-balance and rotate the wheels and the noise improved a little bit, we even took it back to have them check the wheel bearings, but to our surprise they were fine. We continued to accept the noisy cabin due to the tires for the next 30k miles when they finally got about half worn and the noise coming from those things was short of a houling wolf at speeds above 35mph, just imagine traveling at highway speeds. I chucked those pieces of crap and replaced them with a set of Goodyear Wrangler tires, which were far more quiter and confirmed that the real noise proble was indeed the tires and not the bearings. I cannot say that our Escape is now nice and quiet, because it is not. I think it is just an aspect of the truck to be a bit noisy, but changing tires out (if you have the crappy Continentals) will definately improve road noise, unless of course you do have bad wheel bearings.
  • vrdr9vrdr9 Posts: 4
    im taking it back to the dealer on friday. thank you for your input. ill let you know what i find
  • vrdr9vrdr9 Posts: 4
    another issue i was having is my 4x4 light comes on every minute or so on dry pavement at highway speeds. can anyone tell me if this is normal? if not what might the problem be? thank you.
  • Usually a 4x4 light comes on under two circumstances. 1. the 4WD system is on and engaged (working) or 2. malfunctioning or overheated.

    I see that your Escape is a 2005 which is the first year Ford changed over to their "smart 4WD system" which essentially turns on by itself whenever it senses loss of traction on the front wheels.

    This is actually the only reason (and the great rebate as well) I opted to buy a 2004 model rather than an 2005. We bought our Escape in Sept. 2004, so they were only 4 2004 Escapes left in the lot, 2 of which were Limited 4WD and out of the two only one was the color we wanted- Dark Shadow Gray/Black (call it luck).

    2001-2004 Escape have the so-called "smart 4WD system" (although back then Ford did not call it that, who knows why since it works the same way as 2005 and up) as well, however, in addition to that it also has a rotary knob on the dash where you can select 4x4 and lock it on constantly. I loved that feature rather than not having the option to do so on the 2005 and up Escapes.

    I would have the system checked, unless it only goes on when your driving over slippery roads (black ice, water, etc.) then if thats the case it should be normal and its letting you know that the 4x4 is engaging. If you still have warranty, it would not hurt to get it looked at. Good luck, let us know what you find out.
  • in 2005-2008 models the 4x4 light on the dash only comes on if there is a problem with it (overheated usually). there is no way to manually lock it in 4 wheel, and no notification light to tell when it's engaged. this is a MAJOR design flaw, and i wouldn't have purchased this vehicle if i had known this. You should get it checked out asap.
  • ...there you go vrdr9. Light operation clarified. So you should definately get your 4WD system checked out.

    twoplankr22, sorry about your misfortune, like I mentioned earlier, that was the only reason I chose to buy the 2004 model rather then the 2005. IMHO, if your going to get 4x4 vehicle, then you should also have full control of when to turn it on. I dont want to rely "only" on sensors and electronics to determine when I should have 4WD on or not.
  • vrdr9vrdr9 Posts: 4
    thanks. i appreciate everyones input.
  • I have a 2003 2WD Escape with 30,000 miles. I just replaced my automatic transmission for $4200. Note that this car was never driven in adverse conditions, on-road only, no towing, etc. Complained to Ford and the response was, 'sorry, out of warranty'. So, since apparently Ford is ok with transmissions failing at 30K miles, I will buy from a more reliable manufacturer next time. Ford buyers beware!
  • I hope someone out there can help me! For over 3 1/2 yrs. I have had the lock feature that auto locks when I reach about 5 miles an hour. It just stopped operating, and has been to 2 dealerships, put on the diagnostic computer, and now I am being told I NEVER had these locks! The email I got from Ford claims that feature was not on vehicles between 2001-2005. How could I have had it and now do not? Ford says to refer to page 78 of owners manual which is the luggage rack page?! I followed the instructions on page 86 for reactivation of the locks but to no avail. So did 3 of the service mechanics. All the salesmen at my dealership agreed that I have this feature. It is a HUGE puzzle to all of them, as well as to me and everyone that has driven in and driven my car. I LOVE this feature and miss it...will anyone be able to help me? Please!!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,930
    i have never heard of an escape having this feature, but maybe it does exist.
    try escape.central.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • our 2001 Ford Escape XLT loaded did not have this feature. Check the manual
    of your 2005
  • Thank you for answering. I have never done this before, but I am desperate. I have checked the owner's manual and have had this feature for 3 1/2 yrs. since I bought the car.
  • ...really??? WOW, ours is a 2004 Limited 4WD with all the bells and whistles and it has never had that feature. Maybe it's part of an aftermarket alarm system you have???

    I know that higher end Ford vehicles have this feature, but Escapes as nice as they are, are still an entry level small SUV. Nevertheless, mine has never had it...although it would be nice if it did.

    Let us know what you find out.
  • Thanks for responding...I have never come to this site before this happened but am at my wit's end. I did not have an aftermarket alarm system put on the car. On the test drive, the doors locked and I asked what that sound was. The salesman told me it was the doors locking automatically and that it was a standard feature on the XLT. I really liked that idea and the feature has been working for over 3 1/2 yrs. until it just stopped. How could I have it and then it go away? The dealership service manager told me that when the car was built, the assembly line may have run out of "wiring harnesses" for that model and had to use a "higher end" harness. He claims that Ford always goes up for parts, not down. I feel that if this happened, maybe the computer does not recognize that my model has the upgraded "harness" and that is why it cannot diagnose the issue. I got an answer from Just that is very technical and refers to a "smart junction box" and what to do to diagnose and replace the box. I replied to them with another question before I got back to the service department, and am waiting for an additional answer. Thanks again for caring!
  • Is there any way I can get control of my door locks? First of all, After about 30 seconds of running in drive, all doors lock. I do not want that as I feel it is dangerous and do not want to be in a crash, unconscious, and my rescuer cannot open the doors.
    Additionally, every time I get out and then want to open a back door or rear door, I have to go back and hit the unlock button on the driver door panel. Some one told me that can be over ridden with a code entered on the radio dial.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    What year is your Escape? I was able to delete this frustrating item om my 2007 Escape and our new 2009 Escape. The procedure is in the owner's manual. Good luck.
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