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Ford Escape



  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    My 2005 awd Escape was great, better than my 2010 Escape. It had rear disk brakes, a full size spare mounted on an alloy wheel.

    The awd system was the equal of the old system on my 2001 Tribute.

    Threw on some Goodyear triple treds and it was better than both the tribute and the 2010 in the snow and rainy conditions. Besides there were a few times that I forgot to shut off the switchable awd button, not good!
  • Thank you for your input. I was told early on that you should never purchase a brand new brand of vehicle because the bugs need to be worked out. My gut for 4WD was the same. I found a 2007 with a bit more miles and the same price as the other two. At least it gives me options.

    What about the 'rough ride'. Is that something totally attributable to the brand of tires or is there a base 'roughness' because this is closer to a truck than a car?

    Thanks again.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    OK, let me clarify a little bit. 2001-2004 Escape and 2005-2007 Escape have essentially the same 4WD system. Except that on 2001-2004 model years you had the freedom of turning on 4x4 through a electronic switch on the dash. 2005 and newer Escapes (even current Escapes) do not have the switch and 4WD only turns on when the computer decides it is nessesary. If 4WD is not a big deal to you then either 2005 or 2006 or even 2007 model year will be fine. My wife and I personally wanted a little more control over our 4WD system and we bought a 2004 MY Escape even though the 2005 MY Escapes were available when we bought ours.

    On the rough ride...even though is not a body on frame SUV its also not a car based SUV, so it will ride a bit hard and rough ( alittle trucklike if you will). Also a point to note...Escapes (2001-2007) are not very quiet plush rides. They are very wind noisy and road noisy, specially when tires are at least 50% worn and it only gets worse as tires wear. I do hear that 2008 and newer Escapes are a little bit better as far as road noise, but I don't know if your budget can afford a current generation Escape.

    Hope this helps!
  • This helps more that you will ever know.

    Great information and I thank you very much.

    Very well said by the way....

  • Hello all, I have a 2010 Escape that was recalled for the powertrain control module recalibration. The dealer had the car for the day and told me they recalibrated whatever needed to be done. Problem is, the tranny still slips. I am going to take it back to them, but wanted to know if anyone had similar issues. thanks
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    I also had it done, transmision is fine, it was fine before, except for a few rough shifts when going into gear, they seem to have disappeared. Gas mileage seems to be a bit lower though.

    Do you have the rear "hoot" noise when accerating from a stop, I do.
  • I don't have any strange noises, it just slips occasionally, sometimes hesitates, I miss the days when cars were actually mechanical.....
  • I have a 2009 XLT 4WD, it was a gift given to me for my college graduation. I have always wanted to own a bmw 3 series, when I could afford it on my own. My escape is a year old and only has 7500 miles on it. I wanted to know when would be the best time to sell my escape, now or later?

    Any thoughts?
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    It depends on if you owe money (making payments) on it or not. If you don't owe money then now is better then later because time only depreciates the value of your Escape. However, if you owe money on it, then depending on how much you owe, it may be better to wait to at least get what you owe on it and don't go upside down on it.
  • Fortunately we bought the car outright and nothing is owed on the vehicle. I am thinking about selling it come winter time since it is a 4wd model and will have more demand then. The bmw wont have much demand then and I can get a better deal out of it.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    Well, that mentality may only apply if you are selling it to someone in the street. If you trade it in at your BMW dealer, weather will definately not play a role in the price they give you for it.

    On a separate note, the best time to sell a vehicle to someone in the street would have to be probably March - May because the people that get a refund in their income taxes will be able to buy vehicles. JMHO.
  • When you find what you want, thats the time. Fords don't hold their value. Declining assets especially when you owe nothing, are never worth more tomorrow than what they are worth today. SELL MY MAN. Depending on the year, the BMW will have slower depreciation, thereby a better (losing) investment.
  • I want to change the plugs for the first time on my 2005 Escape (4 cylinder) with 100k miles, and I have 2 questions.

    Should I consider using a liquid penetrant, like PB Blaster to facilitate removal of the plugs which have been in place for 7 years, or in your experiences is this not necessary? If the answer is yes, are most of these products safe for the oxygen sensors and catalytic converter, in case a small amount makes its way into the combustion chamber?

    Secondly, the plugs have the long rubber boots with the individual coil packs sitting atop each one. The slot in the valve cover doesn’t’t allow enough room for me to get my fingers around the edges of the rubber boots to pull up on them. Am I suppose to pull directly upwards on the coil pack to remove the coil and boot together? Will the coil pack separate from the top of the rubber boot if I vigorously tug on it, or will they come out as one piece? I have not done this procedure before and any advice that I can get will be very helpful to me.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I'm heading to the dealership on Saturday to order a 2013 Escape Titanium, Ginger Ale Metallic, FWD, 2.0L EcoBoost, 401A, Titanium Technology Package (included) and the Parking Technology Package. The Job 1 launch date is 4/9/2012 and retail scheduling will begin 5/10/2012. I'm pretty psyched! I'm lucky to have a friend who works for Ford and will get X-Plan pricing. I'm not sure what the final numbers will be, but it prices out at $30,865. I read somewhere it's a champagne vehicle on a beer budget. I'm calling it the poor man's Edge. A similarly optioned Edge goes for around $38,000. No offense to all you 1st and 2nd Gen owners, but I would not have considered an Escape before the redesign. I love the sleek, modern look.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    edited February 2012
    If there is anyone out there, I ordered my 2013 Escape today. It turned out I got better than X-Plan pricing. It ended up $1861 under retail or $30,544 after an ad assessment and fuel charge was tacked on. I still have taxes, registration and fees to pay, but I'm very happy with the price I paid. Now I wait...
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    We're out here, and happy for you. Post a picture when you get it - and let us know how it is. I have owned, lets see, um..... 9 of them, still have 3 of them, and they've all been amazing. Maybe not the prettiest, but definitely the best value for the money for a fleet car. I run them 100,000 miles, and STILL sell them for $12,000.
  • Congratulations tim156!
    I am considering ordering a 2013 Escape. I am unclear on the differences between the Titanium and the SEL? I know from talking to a salesperson at the Cleveland Auto Show that I have to get one of these two models in order to get the rear view camera. Does anyone know the differences between the Titanium and the SEL? Also, does anyone know which engine is best for reliability, the 1.6 or the 2.0? Thank You in advance for any help.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    edited March 2012
    The SEL comes nicely equipped, but to get the rear camera, hands free lift gate, keyless start and some other neat features you have to upgrade to the 302A with the Parking Technology Package. If you are planning on getting the 2.0L EcoBoost is a better deal to go with the Titanium. The 1.6L EcoBoost is a new engine design and hasn't been proven on the street, but I'm sure it will be a winner. The 2.0L has been out for a couple of years in the Edge and Explorer and is a good design. The 2.0L is getting 30 mpg highway in the Edge, so with the Escapes new aerodynamic design and lighter weight, it should get in the 32 mpg range. I saw a video of a Ford rep at the Chicago Auto Show stating the 1.6L will get 33 mpg and the 2.0L 28/29 mpg. My guess is both engines will get a little better tan that.
  • Thank You for all of the great information. I think I will chose the 2.0 EcoBoost engine mostly because of its proven track. It just might be more reliable, but I guess that is to be seen.
    Would you know the answer to this question? I am having trouble figuring out the leather seating in both the SEL and the Titanium. Do you know if the seats in the SEL are all leather or just leather around the perimeter of the seats and cloth in the center? The Titanium offers leather trimmed seats as standard eqipment but then has an option for leather seating at around $895. Do you know what type of seat covering comes standard on the Titanium?
    Thank You for any information that you can provide.
  • They had an SEL and a Titanium side by side at The Cleveland Auto Show. They were not allowing people to get very close. Anyway, the SEL had 18"chrome wheels and the Titanium had 19" silver painted rims. I liked the looks of the chrome rim and was wondering if 19" chrome rims could be ordered on the Titanium?
    I also am getting X-Plan pricing. Exactly what does that mean?
    Thanks so much for any help with these questions.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    The Titanium comes standard with a leather/cloth combination seats. There is leather on the bolsters and a small section at the front edge of the seats. Full leather is an $845 option. The SEL comes standard with partial leather seats which means leather on the seat and seat back portion and simulated leather on the bolsters, backs of the seats and sides. Good choice going with the 2.0L. I went with that engine not because I doubt the reliability of the 1.6L, but because I know it wont be under powered. Here's a good gallery of pics showing both interior styles.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    edited March 2012
    Same thing at the Minneapolis Auto Show. They said it was because the car was a pre production model and things weren't perfect. Close examination showed uneven body panels and interior gaps. At least they had the doors open and were demonstrating the hands free lift gate.
    I also had an X-Plan PIN but negotiated a better price than X-Plan, so don't assume that will be the best price you can get. This may not be totally accurate, but from what I understand, X-Plan pricing means you pay 4% above A-Plan, which is what employees pay, plus a maximum $100 documentation fee, plus title tax and registration. There's info on the web explaining better than I can, just Google X Plan.
  • Thank You so much for your help. The links were also very helpful. I am kind of a big guy and want to physically sit in the driver seat before ordering one.
    Do you know when they might start showing up on Ford dealership lots?
    My Dad worked and retired from Ford so I was always eligible for the A/Z plan pricing which is wonderful and so easy. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away in 2008. My uncle retired from Ford so I can get an X-Plan pin through him, however the plan doesn't sound nearly as good. I have heard that it is about the same as invoice price. I am wondering what your technique is to get a better than X-Plan price?
    Again, thanks so much.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    A Ford Rep at the auto show said they should start showing up around late April, early May. The Job 1 build date is April 6th for dealer orders and retail orders will begin to be built on May 10th. I found on Edmund's and NADA the dealer invoice price and gave that as my starting point. It was accepted and I ordered the car, then an advertising assessment and fuel charge was added to the price. A good approach is to do your research and go in with two or three prices you are willing to pay. Don't hesitate to get up and walk away, there's a good chance they will call you and want to negotiate.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    edited April 2012
    Did a little searching on Ford's inventory site for the new Escape, found a couple on order showing up & it had the EPA mpg numbers. The new 2.0 ecoboost with awd was 28/21 and another with the old 2.5l had a 31/22.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    And the FWD 2.0L is at 22/30. Not bad for 270 ft lbs of torque and 240 hp with premium fuel and 231 hp on regular. I can't wait to get mine.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Seems like there is some excitement about the 2013 Escape but I have some concern regarding the Transmission. Please tell me that Ford has changed from the awful 6F35 trans. My 2011 has the F35 and it is almost as bad as the trans. I had in my 2010 Fusion. I have heard that some folks like the 6F50 thats in the Edge (not many are complaining). So did Ford finally change from the 6F35? I hope they finally admitted the problems. We can only pray eh?
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I don't know any specifics, but they must have made adjustments since 2010. I too had a 2010 Fusion and I experienced flares fairly often, that and the sloshing sound is the reason I traded it. You're right, other than the Fusion forums and all from 2010 owners, you don't read about any problems with the 6F35. Once companies become aware there's a problem, they make adjustments and create TSB's pretty quickly. This trans is a major player in the Ford lineup, so it better be right
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