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Choosing between G35x and Sport Models

mrg2mrg2 Member Posts: 29
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
I’ve had a tough time choosing between the versatility of the all wheel drive G35X and the additional sporty feature/looks of the Sport Model that you can’t get on the X. If I lived in a very snowy climate, it would be an easy choice for me, but I live the DC area where we get some snow, but not too much.

The advantages of Sport Model to me are the sportier wheels and front grill, better performing tires (in summer), sport seats and steering wheel, lighter, better gas mileage, paddle shifters, better brakes, suspension, lower cost, less things to break, lower insurance cost (don’t understand that one). The downside to the Sport is having to swap out the tires in winter, not being able to rotate tires (different sizes), less traction in bad weather.

The tires was initially a deal breaker for me, but after thinking about it, I'm OK with swapping out the Summer Tires for the first couple of years, and then just leave all season tires on it.

Anyone else thought about this? Any flaws in my logic?


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    myboynoymyboynoy Member Posts: 6
    mrg2, I was on the same boat as you. I ended up choosing the G35x over the Sport model (just bought it today). I live in NJ and get heavy snow and rain every once in a while. I also bought the G35x because I believe that it fits my driving style and personality. I don't push the car to its limits all the time, but I still wanted a car that had some kick to it. I'm also not a car-junkie so though I will be spending a lot of time with this car, I don't see myself adding to it other than keeping regular maintenance and keeping it clean.

    From what you have stated, you sound like you are willing to work on your car. What is your driving style? Are there open roads in DC that will allow you to utilize all of what the Sport model has to offer? How are the cops down there? If you are buying the Sport model just for looks, it might not be a good idea to go that route. Also consider the extra expenses that you will be putting into the car. A set of tires already puts you above an extra grand, etc.
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    mrg2mrg2 Member Posts: 29
    Thanks for the feedback myboynoy. I agree the G35x probably makes more sense in New Jersey. I'm not leaning toward the Sport just for the looks -- it's also the performance and some of the features I listed. I do like to push the car sometimes, but probably will seldom push it to it's limits.

    As far as the extra expense for the tires, the way I look at it, it's only the cost of changing them out. After roughly 5 years, I will have gone through two sets of of tires either way - I'll just be swapping them each Winter and Spring until the Summer tires wear out (probably a total of four times). I realize though that the summer tires will wear out a little sooner.
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    kring5kring5 Member Posts: 144
    I'm in CT which gets more snow then NJ on average and I decided on the sport because when it comes down to it, are you buying a car for the 10 days it snows and the other 40 days a year it's crappy out... or are you buying the car for the 315 days a year the AWD doesn't do anything for you.

    What's your job like? I have the ability to work from home anytime I want so if the weathers really bad I just don't drive. I also happen to have a Jeep in case we do need to go out and the weather is bad.

    And since your smart and are getting snow tires if you get the sport, it actually handles amazingly good, it's not AWD, but it's just as good as FWD with all-seasons on. The summer tires will last you 30-40K miles easily even if you have fun with the car (excluding lighting up the tires) after that go with the all-seasons. of if you are concerned about the summer tires, ask the dealer to swap them out for all seasons. I've seem many posts where dealers did this at no charge. I personally kept them because I too plan on doing Snows in the winter. I just picked the car up last week so I think I'm far enough through the winter that it's just not worth doing it this season.

    Ulitmately the paddle shifters are amazing, I'm still in my break-in period but I am finding that I'm doing about 60% of my driving with the paddles, the 40% is when I'm just cruizing on the highway. There were many nice additions the sports model gives you over the X.

    Keep in mind that if your getting the sport with additional packages you'll probably have to order the car and wait 3 months, sports are very popular and for some reason dealers aren't ordering many.
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    bruceomegabruceomega Member Posts: 250

    I also live in the DC area. The problem I find here is ice, sleet, and freezing rain are as much a problem as snow. This is compounded by drivers inexperienced with winter conditions clogging up the roads, and a density of traffic that limits your options when driving in inclement weather; e.g., forced to come to a stop on a hill, and having to start from a standstill on an incline.

    FWIW, I personally like the assuredness of AWD so I don't feel hostage to road conditions. If everything else is equal; e.g., same tires, then I feel AWD is better than RWD in winter conditions.

    I have an AWD sedan (330Xi) and in the snow this past weekend I found that if I stepped on the gas too hard, the car would lose traction and slide a little, so I don't think stability controls are a panacea. But the good news is the rear end did not slide out and I quickly regained control by letting up a bit on the gas.

    Not sure how much any of this is a factor in your decision, but it's my $0.02 worth.

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    shreddermanshredderman Member Posts: 1
    For example, if you want to pull into traffic quickly, you have a much less chance of losing the rear w/ AWD. I think it's better for overall safety. That being said, I'm still a fan of RWD, but you're comparing the two, and the comparos should not be limited to bad conditions.

    FWIW, I'd get an extra set of wheels and tires. Tirerack has come awsome deals. In the long run, it will cost pretty close to the same.
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    99rams99rams Member Posts: 19
    Has anyone drove or test drove the Sport and the X and seen or feel a change in the pick up. From the 0 to 60 time?
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    scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Love these questions posted to numerous threads ;)

    The S model is a little more throttle "touchy", but they 0-60 runs are very, very close.
    The X weighs a little more, but has signifigantly more grip (WOT) off the line, so runs are very close.

    I don't know of any dealership that let's people take an X and an S out for numerous 0-60 beat runs... although my testdrive in the X was very fun.

    If you're choosing between the X and S models and have no worries about winter weather, you'll need to compare more than just 0-60 times.
    Do you like the paddle shifters, do you want a 6MT, do you want RWD or AWD, which seats do you prefer, and which ride do you find more comfortable.
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    tigarddavetigarddave Member Posts: 4
    OK Guys:
    I bought the "X" and last month had to over the mountains in the snow (around 4-6 inches), I had no problems what so ever.
    Coming back home we were in white out conditions, snowing hard with 6-8 inches (and ice) already on the ground, glad that I did not have RWD!!
    PS: Living in Oregon the "X" handles great in the wet-which we have 300 days a year.
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    kring5kring5 Member Posts: 144
    If I had that type of weather, I would definitely get the Sport! Wait for the first nice day and drive south, never looking back at Oregon again :)
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    nos684nos684 Member Posts: 4

    I am looking into buying a 07 G35X, how much did you get yours for? I am also in NJ, so I wanted some insight on someone who lives in NJ also.
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    markie61markie61 Member Posts: 3
    What a difference an year makes. Now you don't have to chose - took delivery of my '08 G35xS last week! :shades: Now you can have it all! :D
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    sweendogysweendogy Member Posts: 1,310
    Real sport would be if they ever let you get the 6speed with the AWD.
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    landshark3landshark3 Member Posts: 7
    for those with the g35x with sport package:
    do you find the larger 18 inch tires/rims give a harsher ride than that of the stock 17's? if so, by how much?
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    paulo6paulo6 Member Posts: 94
    This is my story:

    I own a 2006 6MT and live in Michigan. Last year we had record snow fall here in Ann Arbor. I love the car, I love the feel of a RWD. I invested in USED snow tires from ebay (I have a 2 year lease that ends in 2 weeks) and these helped. Probably there was 3 or 4 days in TOTAL that I really could not drive this car...again record snow fall. With snow tires, the rest of the winter was manageable.

    But, now that my lease is over and the lease deals are not that attractive...I will pick up my 2008 G35x Sport in 2 days...I am buying that car with the 0.9% offer. Since I will be owning it I thought, I should go with the more dependable AWD, though I am getting the Sport package.

    So for a couple of years, go with RWD and enjoy!
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