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  • Same thing happened to me but, after I glided to the side of the road, the car restarted and I did not encounter the problem again. I have since sold the V8V but must admit that I sometimes miss it. But, not on long trips. I now have a Mercedes S63.
  • lizbobjlizbobj Posts: 2
    I have spoken to a few U.S. Aston Martin factory trained mechanics and came away with the impression that they did not believe that there were any design issues with a V8 Vantage clutch. However, many of these technicians have not seen many high mileage cars. Most V8 Vantages in the U.S. have less than 20,000 miles on them.

    Next, I spoke to a technician in the UK who had seen a number of cars with mileage well in excess of 20,000 miles. He agreed that there is no design flaw with a V8 Vantage clutch. He has seen some cars do 60,000 miles with no problems. In his opinion, it all boils down to whether the clutch has been abused by owners who either ride the clutch pedal or who try to do F1 style starts from a stand still. Because the V8 Vantage is a high performance car, owners tend to punish their clutches more than those in more mundane transportation.

    The UK technician felt that clutches with 20 - 30,000 miles on them may be prone to failure in the not too distant future if they have had a rough life. He also said the same is true for Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other exotics. The difference is that the clutch on Italian exotics will cost a lot more to replace than the clutch on an Aston Martin.

    The UK technician identified the following warning signs of imminent clutch problems:
    1. A heavy clutch pedal.
    2. High bite point.
    3. Bad smell.
    4. Clutch won’t stall engine when brakes are applied firmly.

    The UK technician also said that a V8 Vantage clutch can be fine one day and then fail the next. He also said that it should take about 10 hours of labor for an experienced technician to replace the clutch.
  • stang011stang011 Posts: 1
    do you have any contact name and numbers for aston? thanks
  • lizbobjlizbobj Posts: 2
    Sorry, I don't have any names and numbers. I simply called some of the biggest dealerships in the U.S. and UK and asked to speak to a service technician. I didn't take any names because I had no intention of quoting the person "on the record".

    I didn't want to get a service technician in trouble for providing an opinion to me.
  • Hey CarDude67 -- just saw your post from '09 after searching for Vantage 2007 Clutch. Mine burned out on the fwy yesterday and left me clutchless, more or less as you describe. Car's still waranteed but Service is trying to tell me it may be "normal wear and tear" and charge me $5,200. I have 28k miles. How did you deal with your dealer? Thanks -- Andrew
  • Just purchased a 2007 V8V Auto with 25k miles. Car went into neutral at a red light and could not be place into gear. After several attempts, the vehicle went into fault mode and would not re-start. Has anyone had or heard of this experience?
  • Did the message screen in the odometer read: "fault gearbox reduced function" ?
  • yes, it turned out to be an ASM pump. $1,700.00 after two weeks of ownership. The AM dealer knocked $700.00 off because they felt sorry for me.
    Running fine now.
  • omegadentalomegadental Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    Did you fix the problem right away or you waited until it got worse?
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