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Toyota Camry Hybrid Electrical & Lighting Questions



  • bbillinbbillin Posts: 11
    Hi there,

    Can you please tell me how AAA jump started your vehicle? My Camry Hybrid is totally dead. You push the power and it is green but nothing goes on. No dash lights, window don't work, no radio.

    I called service (I'm in Europe) and they were going to start from the front under the hood. But the manual says to jump start it with the 12V in the trunk. So, I decided to wait.

    Can you please tell me how they jump started the car??????


  • bbillinbbillin Posts: 11
    It's me again. I had this problem before. I have been driving the car but not enough. Now, I went out and no dash lights go on. So, it must be the 12V. I read in the manual that if the battery dies, the smart key system can stop and you might not be able to open the trunk. So, I opened the trunk, in order to jump start the 12V. Is this okay, or am I causing more damage. I know we need to jum start the 12V in the trunk. There is no radio and no dash light. Also the windows don't go up.

    The dealer here told me to call road service and have them jump start it from under the hood and bring the car in. But the manual says to jump start from the 12V in the trunk.

    Please help. I don't want them to cause more damage.

  • bbillinbbillin Posts: 11
    I just had my TCH jump started as my 12V went dead. I drove it to the dealer to re-charge the battery. He said maybe I needed a new 12V battery. It has been there 3 hours and the battery has now charged 40% and he told me to leave it until tomorrow.

    The 12v was jump started per the manual and everything was working fine, I just went to get the battery re-charged.

    We are in Europe and they said to import a 12V for the TCH from the states is 700E. They said maybe the battery will die again, and we should get a new one.

    Is this really necessary?????

  • Under the hood there is a fuse box. Take it off and look for the red square with a + sign. unlatch this and pull it up. That is where you "jump" the car. Place the positive there and the neg on the left hand side on a engine mount bolt.

    hope this helps.

    If you do not have any clue about what to do, call AAA. ;)
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