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Acura TL Electrical System Problems



  • I'm having the exact same issue in my 2004. Have you found a solution?
  • My 2004 just started the door and seatbelt thing today. Any solution? It's getting very frustrating?
  • My solution was some idiot running a stop sign and broadsiding me. Changing the flasher module fixed the majority of the problems but did not fix the ABS and traction issue
  • I drove my car a couple of miles, parked it for about 2 hours, drove 1/2 mile, parked 5 minutes, got back in and it wouldn't start. Ideas? it is 2010 TL with about 78 K miles. First battery defective and replaced under warranty around 45k miles ago. Absolutely no warning indicators.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Hi - in order to help others narrow down what the problem might be, giving a few details about what happens when you try to start it would help. Is there just a click when you turn the key, or does it try to start but not turn over?


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  • I've had my 2005 TL for over a year and never had an issue with the battery or electrical. Today it won't turn over at all; everything is silent; all lights are out; even the trunk latch won't operate! I am stranded! Any help??
  • Hi. I have a 2003 TL-S I bought from a dealer two months ago. One day it just would not start, like the battery was dead. No clicks, nothing. I got jumped, replaced the battery, and things were great for a couple weeks. Then one day same thing. But, I noticed when I opened the door, the light came on. I closed the door and it started like nothing was wrong. However the clock and radio needed to be reset, so it is clear there is some funky disconnect going on. The battery is fine. This happened again today and I cannot get it going this time, but the lights come on now and then, so I know the battery is providing power. Needless to say I am bringing this to the dealer tomorrow. I will post the solution when I know what they did.
  • Did you find the answer to this question? I have a 2008 TL and went to get in it today and it did the exact same thing. No lights, bells, trunk will not open, absolutely nothing. I thought, maybe my 5 year battery needed replacing so I went and bought a $115 battery today and still nothing. I am figuring it has to be a main fuse? If you have the solution, please send me an email at Thanks.
  • yoyooneyoyoone Posts: 9
    I used to have a 2008 tl type s. Similar battery deadness issues ..after 3 rd battery replacement..I drove and turned off ac.and radio ..I heard a fan going. I pulled over ..turned off fan was still on..went to dealer told them...they told me ac fan relay switch wasn' t switching off..this was causing battery to die..
    They changed relay...problem solved...all good in the land.
    With these electrical issues..turn off radio and listen to the car and hear if there us a sound of something that isn't turning off when the car is off..
    I think Acura has a problem with relay switches not turning off and staying in the on open position
    .start with the relay switch.
    ..then lights..inside lights..trunk lights etc..

    Good luck

  • Hi there. I am having the exact same problem with my 2004 TL. Did you ever find out what it is??
  • I have a 2006 Acura TL. I am having the same problems listed except my battery dies within a couple hours of cutting the car off. I disconnected the HFL fully charged the battery, tested the alternator, tested the battery, bought a new battery and the battery is still draining that quick. No lights on the dash. Any Idea?

  • Good Day All,

    My 99' Acura 3.2TL has powered off while driving once or twice. I still have electricity; but no engine. It will take anywhere from 5-30 minutes for the car to even turn over. Anyone have any similar experiences or know what I need to fix?

    Thanks for reading and (hopefully) giving me an answer

  • indy34indy34 Posts: 1
    jesseb106 Did you figure out what was causing the drainage? I have the same exact issue. I have a 2007 Acura TL type S with 120,000 miles in it. The HFL is completely disconnected and it has a new battery. The alternator is good. It used to drain the battery over night..but now its not holding a charge during the day. Any ideas? Thank you in advance

  • I have a 96 acura tl that alternator went out and had to be replaced 3 times. It would work for a few days or weeks then battery light would come on. Alternator has been fine for a few months now but just recently if I run the a/c the battery light will come on, if I turn a/c off, it goes off and stays off. Im afraid to leave air on in case it totally drains battery! Someone said this could be a relay or fuse problem? Help, getting very frustrating!
  • I have a 99 Acura TL. I recently replaced the alternator and battery after my car stalled on me. I took it to the dealership and they claimed it was my alternator. I just had it replaced and once it was replaced, it ran fine for about 20 minutes or so. Now the car won't turnover and all of my dashlights come on, just like it did when it stalled. Whats wrong with this car? Anyone experiencing the same problem? 
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